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That you can email, embed, post, pin, and share everywhere your customers hang out.

The #1 way to distribute your marketing and communications collateral in email, on websites, and across social networks.

Impress People

Shouldn't your marketing collateral be this good online.

You only get one shot at making a great first impression. Make it count. Simplebooklet is all about making sure your customers are impressed as they experience your content.

Works brilliantly with all your marketing and communications collateral.

Hosting Included. No Coding Required.

Reach Your Audience. Everywhere.

Post, pin, email, share, embed, and install all from your very own branded weblink.
  • Stop boring people. Inspire with engaging, impressive content you can share with people in the digital channels where they hang out.
  • EmailNo one likes an email attachment. They are big, cumbersome, and prone to viruses. Use Simplebooklet to send professional looking emails that show off your content without requiring a download.
  • Social NetworksYou can't post a PDF on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linkedin. Use Simplebooklet to make branded posts that entice your audience to click on your marcom content.
  • EmbedPDF download links on a website are the worst. With Simplebooklet your content is displayed with all its interactive capabilities right on your website and impacts your audience immediately.
  • InstallPDFs use a generic boring app to present your content. With Simplebooklet, you can install your content as a branded, native-like app on any device, increasing access and engagement while maintaining the professional experience you've created.
Post, Pin, Share, Send, Embed and Publish To All The Online Places Your Customers Hang Out.

Engage With Your Audience

Make your content come alive.

People are busy. You need to catch their attention and hold it long enough to get your message across and encourage them to engage with you. We've got the features that do just that with drag and drop, one tap ease.

Pro Plan Includes

Start with 3 concurrent simplebooklets you can update as often as you want.


Use your own logo, domain, and more so customer's know the content can be trusted.

Page Narration

Narrate each page of your simplebooklet to give your audience context around your content.

Lightbox Media

Enhance your page content with videos, images, and captions that you can't do in print.

Interactive Buttons

Add contact information and engagement buttons to drive inbound leads.

Custom Layouts

Configure and combine 1000s of presentation layouts for your microsite to make it your own.

Multiple Transitions

Choose from dozens of page flip transitions that match your content presentation.


Use color, patterns, or royalty free photos to display your simplebooklet in all its glory.

Lead Gates

Capture valuable customer information before providing access to your unique content.

Native App

Allow readers to install your Simplebooklet as a native app on any device for offline access.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain to brand your Simplebooklet weblink and build trust with readers.

Business Plan Includes

Everything in the PRO plan, including 200 Simplebooklets, plus:


Send push notifications to subscribers to your Simplebooklet, even if they don't have your booklet open.

Secure Links

Use a secret key to make your Simplebooklet only accessible behind your paywall or secured login pages or intranet.


Use the services you already love to build even more features in your Simplebooklet microsite.

Analytics Reporting

Schedule email analytics reporting to any stakeholders, coworkers, and non-Simplebooklet account holders.

Team Accounts

Start with 5 additional accounts for your team to collaborate and publish Simplebooklets.


Embed products you sell on your favorite ecommerce platform right in your Simplebooklet page.

Form Builder

Add a custom form to your Simplebooklet page and send the results to multiple recipients.

A better experience that leaves your audience impressed.

Metrics That Makes Sense

Get the insight into your audience experience so you can take action.

Understand your customer journey

With detailed metrics on your marketing content's journey, you'll see how introductions become customers. Reach more customers with better SEO, organic search and social results, and more interesting emails. Understand what got them to engage with your business. Get customer engagement so you can close business.

You'll be reaching customers on all their devices in minutes.

Work With The Apps You Already Use

  • Send your marketing collateral with Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Email list services.
  • Wix, Wordpress, and embed code to add your marketing collateral to webpages and blogs.
  • Support customers with Shopify, Etsy and ecommerce integrations.
  • Make your new marketing collateral the destination for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  • One click posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more.

Try It Yourself

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About Simplebooklet

You've spent a lot of time and money investing in your print marketing and communications collateral. We built Simplebooklet to make it fast and easy to squeeze more value out of that investment. By turning your print content into interactive digital content, you can reach many more people across the digital channels they live their lives everyday.

Some of the 350,000+ organizations using Simplebooklet