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Three Simple Plans


Annual Month To Month

Basic Annual

Present with impact, share anywhere.

Starts at:

$3.50 USD/mo

$42.00 USD billed yearly

Get Basic Annual
  • Start With 1 Active Simplebooklet
    Add more as you need.
  • Add Your Own Logo
    Brand your content by adding your logo to the navbar, menus and browser tab.
  • Embed Anywhere
    Use our Embed Code to add your Simplebooklet to any site or web page.
  • Offer Downloading To Readers
    Let your audience download as a standard PDF file (does not include page flip transition).
  • Remove Watermark From Last Page
    Remove the watermark overlay that appears on the last page of your Simplebooklet.
  • Access Basic Reports
    Start to understand how your audience is engaging with your Simplebooklet.

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Pro Annual

Enhance audience engagement.

Starts at:

$15.00 USD/mo

$180.00 USD billed yearly

Get Pro Annual
  • Start With 10 Active Simplebooklets
    Start with 10 active Simplebooklets you can update, replace, and distribute everywhere. Add more as you need them.
  • Lead Gates, Passwords, And Paywalls
    Turn your Simplebooklet into a lead magnet, restrict access with passwords, and even charge a fee to access your pages.
  • Use Your Own Domain
    Use your own domain so your Simplebooklets are displayed under your trusted brand. Apply multiple domains to different Simplebooklets.
  • Add Your Own Videos
    Upload to your page video files right from your computer or device. Set them to autoplay when your page opens.
  • Link Accounts
    Connect and collaborate with other Simplebooklet users to create, copy and transfer Simplebooklet's between accounts.
  • Backgrounds, Buttons And Themes
    Add your own background, calls to action, and save themes to make it quick and easy to apply your professional presentation to multiple Simplebooklets.

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Business Annual

Unlock every feature in Simplebooklet.

Starts at:

$40.00 USD/mo

$480.00 USD billed yearly

Get Business Annual
  • Start With 200 Active Simplebooklets
    Start with 200 active Simplebooklets you can update, replace, and distribute everywhere. Share them with your team accounts.
  • Unlimited Team Member Accounts
    Add an unlimited number of team accounts (for co-workers or clients) to your account at no additional cost, with role based controls for collaboration or read only.
  • Audience Access Control
    Manage access with passwords, verified and approved emails, paywalls and even lock access to a specific webpage location.
  • Use Your Own Code
    Add custom code and elements to your pages to integrate with other services and platforms you use.
  • Zoom and Chat Support
    Get live one on webinars, voice and chat support when you need it.
  • Business Level Reports
    Get detailed analytics on what's happening on each and every page, from what's getting clicked to how long people spend on the page.

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We offer annual discounts to non-profits and education. Check out our flexible refund policy.

Plan Features

Making A Simplebooklet Free Basic Pro Business
Maximum 1 Start with 1 Start with 10 Start with 200
25 mb 75 mb 250 mb 350 mb
Managing Existing Simplebooklets Free Basic Pro Business
Audience Preview Free Basic Pro Business
Professional Presentations Free Basic Pro Business
Page Enhancements Free Basic Pro Business
Record And Narrate Free Basic Pro Business
Sharing And Distribution Free Basic Pro Business
Unlimited domains Unlimited domains
Unlimited domains Unlimited domains
Access Controls Free Basic Pro Business
Reports And Analytics Free Basic Pro Business
Notifications Free Basic Pro Business
Collections Free Basic Pro Business
Collaboration Free Basic Pro Business
Canva Integration Free Basic Pro Business
Adobe Express Integration Free Basic Pro Business
Advanced Features Free Basic Pro Business

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Content Can I Upload?

Use Simplebooklet to distribute marketing, customer success and communications collateral like brochures, catalogs, newsletters, flyers, magazines, lookbooks, bulletins, product sheets, presentations, and more. You can upload your files in the following formats: PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PAGES, KEYNOTE, Google Docs, Slides, and sheets.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Digital Brochure?

Upload your file and we'll do all the hard work of turning it into an interactive digital brochure. Choose a theme, then start publishing. It will take less than 5 minutes to have your first Simplebooklet ready to distribute in email, on social networks, and across the web.

Can I Switch Plans?

Yep, you can switch between plans at anytime. We'll credit your new plan with any remaining credit on your current plan. You can also cancel anytime, and your plan will not auto renew at the end of the current subscription period. We do not refund month to month plans. You may request a refund on an annual plan up to 15 days after subscribing.

What If I Need More Simplebooklets?

Each Simplebooklet is its own mini website, or microsite as we call them. If you hit your limit of Simplebooklets, you have options. You can delete an old, unused Simplebooklet and get your space back to make a new one. You can also purchase additional Simplebooklets to add to your account. Each additional Simplebooklet is $1 per month ($12 a year) and you can purchase them in increments of 1.

I Need To Hide Simplebooklet And Use My Brand?

Our PRO plans and higher let you use your own custom domain, logo, and custom layouts to make sure your trusted brand is front and center when your Simplebooklet is shared and flipped through by your audience. As well, embed your Simplebooklet in your own web properties.

Do I Need A Website?

No. We host all your Simplebooklets on our cloud based servers. You can install your Simplebooklet as an offline brochure using our PWA enabled tools.

Are There Usage Fees?

There are no additional fees above your monthly or annual subscription. The more traffic you can generate to your Simplebooklet, the more return on your investment you get. Try that with print collateral.

Will You Help Me Use Simplebooklet?

Yes, we provide live chat in the app that you can ask for help as you make and promote your brochures. Our BUSINESS plan includes zoom support and help in converting and enhancing your brochures.