LoudDoc For Sales Professionals

Shorten sales cycles, build better customer relationships, and close more business by adding your most valuable asset to the documents you share - you!

Why sales pros use LoudDoc

Asynchronous Relationships Clear Communication Identify Warm Leads Reduce Confusion

Talk to your customer...
when they have the time to listen.

Conversational sales.

There's nothing persuasive when you send an attachment. By adding video notations to your materials, you bring clarity and confidence to the knowledge you are sharing when your customer is ready to hear it.

Outreach that impresses.

30% of your sales are lost because of poor quality presentations. Up your professional game. Using your brand, business URL, and a better presentation of your sales materials, you'll inspire confidence in your ability to deliver.

Reduce misunderstandings.

36% of deals are immediately disqualified when the buyer is confused by the materials. With you directing their attention and pointing out what's important, you deliver a clear message.

Instant, actionable feedback.

With realtime open notifications, per page engagement tracking, passwords and gated access, you'll know instantly which prospects are ready for your call.

Better sales outcomes compared to attachments

You might be thinking "I just attach my sales doc in an email when I want to share it, or give them a link on my website". Sure, that's easy for you. But what about your customer? Talk about an uninspiring relationship.

With LoudDoc, there are no file downloads, no accounts to create, nothing lost to spam filters, and no version control issues. You can share marketing and sales documents through a single link that customers can easily view on any device. Each time a piece of collateral is updated, each shared link is automatically refreshed.

Sales materials are meant to reinforce your story and move your customer relationship forward. It's time your document sharing caught up to today's asynchronous work environment.

Thought Experiment

Check out this sales brochure. Here it is as a PDF and as a LoudDoc.

Which one do you think builds a more confident customer relationship? Same brochure, so different an experience.

A better way to sell.

Where You Should Be
Links, Not Proprietary Files
Right Time, Right Place
Always Up To Date