Catalogs You Will Actually Remember

Everyone use to have a favorite catalog that came through the mail. Now you can recreate that same tactile experience that leads to more engaged browsing online. PDF's won't cut it here. The power of the catalog is its nostalgia, don't abandon that.

Put Your Catalog Online In Under 3 Minutes



Upload the PDF version of your menu you take to the printer.



Customize the menu landing page with your own restaurant logo, background and weblink.



Start sharing your menu on social media, get the embed code to add to your website, and add it to your google maps listing.

Your Catalog, The Way It’s Meant To Be

You know you only get one chance to capture their attention. It’s why you’ve spent countless hours designing a catalog that reflects your brand. Why ruin it with a dull, unengaging online PDF or worse, a scanned image. With Simplebooklet, your catalog opens, flips and presents the way it was meant to be experienced. Enhance your catalog further with popup images displaying merchandise, videos showing your brick and mortor store, and even add your branding so your customers' knows it is coming from a trusted source.

Calls To Action That Work

Catalogs' on Simplebooklet have calls to action right in the page. Activate your phone number so a customer can call in and ask specific questions. Activate your address so your customer gets direction right on their device. Even provide links to other useful resources from your catalog back to your full website. If your online catalog doesn’t make it incredibly easy for a customer to reach out and engage with your store, you are losing customers.

Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime

People are using every possible imagined avenue to shop online. From guest blog posts to sponsored content, you need to be showing your catalog where your customers are.

Simplebooklet catalogs can be posted to social networks, embedded on blogs and websites, shared in email, and even installed as an app on your mobile phone. Print out a QR code so customers in your brick-and-mortar store can access your online content. You can even install your catalog as a native app on your company devices to show your products without relying on internet availability; great for conferences!

Simplebooklet applies the latest SEO techniques to get your catalog to appear at the top of search engines, so your catalog is easy to find.

Try With Your Own Catalog. Start With A Free Account.

Reach Your Customer,


Your new digital catalog is incredibly easy to get in front of your customer's eyes. Your digital catalog appears on a dedicated, branded URL you can use anywhere. Your customers will be so impressed you aren't wasting their time with another painful PDF.

  • Send it in email as a rich html message.

  • Share it across social networks with a preformatted, eye-catching post.

  • Embed a page-flipping version in your website or blog.

  • Install it as a native app on any device for offline access.

  • Download it to any device.

  • Regular Documents Look Lifeless

  • Post it on your Google map and search listing.