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Be Persuasive, When You Can't Be There.

Realtime Notifications So You Can Take Action

We'll let you know in realtime as your customer interacts with your Simplebooklet. You'll receive emails with insight into which Simplebooklet was opened, at what time, and from where. Armed with this kind of insight, you'll be able to engage with your customer at the right time.

But it doesn't end with real time reporting. We'll send you scheduled analytics digests on the activity of your Simplebooklets and your entire account. Reports you can share with team members and stakeholders as needed.

Learn How VIPs Find You

Every Simplebooklet provides the deep dive analytics you need to know how well your content engages. We'll give you access to reports based on date ranges, that show you what devices your audience use, where they came from before opening your Simplebooklet, and what buttons they click on your landing page.

We even provide per page tracking and analytics so you can see what links are clicked, what videos watched, and what actions a customer takes. All parsed by date range and page.

Use our various integrations (like Google Analytics) to export your Simplebooklet activity into your favorite reporting tools. So you'll know your data can be used to drive action in your organization.

Calculations That Show Clear ROI

Not only do we show you activity data on your Simplebooklet pages, but we provide you tools that help interpret your engagement. Learn how much you've saved in your communications and outreach budgets with paid channel comparables. Show your stakeholders how you've increased reach while lowering overall costs.

Be on the same page, when not in the same room.

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