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The Mechanics of
School for Spiritual Direction:
Spiritual Direction Supervision
Finding (or Keeping) Your Supervisor Post-SSD
Approach to Supervision
Not all supervisors approach supervision in the same way. As you
continue with your supervisor during this module, take note what you
resonate with, what is helpful, what you struggle with –regarding style,
theological/philosophical foundations, focus and orientation of
supervision, the use of the CRF, etc. This will help you discern in the
future as you look for your next supervisor or even as you consider
staying with your current supervisor, if that is an option.
Where to Look?
If you choose not to or are not able to stay with your current supervisor, where
do you go to find another one?
CQ SSD Cohort Commons (SSD Program Reference Docs folder) contains a list
of Approved/Recommended Supervisors trained under Together in the Mystery
Your current supervisor may be able to offer some referrals
Ask other spiritual directors
It is also possible to join an existing or start a new peer supervision group
Finding (or Keeping) Your Supervisor Post-SSD
The Supervision Agreement
At the start of the supervision relationship, an agreement is made
between the supervisor and the director being supervised.
This ensures that both parties are clear as to the focus and content of the
sessions, the nature of the supervisory relationship, the boundaries and
limitations to the relationship, and mutual adherence to the ethical
guidelines typically represented by those established by Spiritual
Directors International (SDI).
The Supervision Agreement
At the start of the supervision relationship, an agreement is made
between the supervisor and director being supervised.
The agreement also will often include the written goals and objectives of
the director, delineating what growth outcomes the director would like to
experience as a result of supervision.
Sometimes, the agreement may also include the agreed-upon fee and
frequency of meetings.
Preparation for A Supervision Session
You have experienced preparing for supervision by means of completing the CRF prior to meeting
with your supervisor.
Depending on your supervisor and their approach to supervision, they may have their own means
for you to prepare. For example, if they take a more narrative approach, they may have you
complete a Narrative Reflection Form.
Aside from a supervisor-specific means of preparing, you may have your own way to prepare for
supervision, but all, of course, involve some means of prayerful, contemplative self-reflection:
journaling, a form of Examen, focusing, art, walking the labyrinth, etc. Find the way (or ways) that
is conducive to your own process and that opens you the most to God’s heart and mind.