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St Marys Newry Prospectus

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2 St. Mary’s High School Newry St. Mary’s High School UNICEF Rights Respecting School Upper Chapel Street, Newry, County Down, BT34 2DT Tel: 028 3026 2851 Fax: 028 3026 7138 Email: Web: Twitter: @StMarysHSNewry Principal: Miss Denise Crawley B.Sc. PGCE, M.Sc. PQH (NI) Chair of Governors: Mrs Patricia Cunningham MBE Approved Enrolment Number: 580 Approved Admissions Number: 100

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3 Principal’s Welcome Dear Parents and Students I am delighted to warmly welcome you to St. Mary’s High School and trust that our prospectus will give you an insight into the very rich and varied life of our school. St. Mary’s is an all ability 11-18 school, which encourages every student to enjoy learning, in a caring and supportive atmosphere. Our students have many opportunities to meet new friends, enjoy learning in a multimedia environment, explore their talents and abilities through our broad and balanced curriculum and enjoy a range of academic and pastoral successes, as they work to achieve their full potential. We are very proud of our school, its child centred approach, its excellent record of academic and creative attainment and its progressive vision. We have strong links with our Primary School Partners and along with our excellent pastoral support system we will ensure that the move from Primary School to St. Mary’s is seamless. We are committed to the education of the whole child and our dedicated and caring staff inspire, nurture and support the girls as they move through these formative years. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, we promote dignity, self-esteem and respect, as we foster the faith of all students within a happy and caring environment, built on positive relationships between staff, students and parents. Our child centred approach to learning and teaching ensures students reach their potential and are fully supported by our dedicated staff. We are proud of our excellent teacher-student relationships, and we encourage students to join the many Student Voice Groups and make a real difference to the life of our school and the local community. We pride ourselves in developing strong working relationships with parents and firmly believe that when students, parents and staff work in partnership, young people will achieve success. We are very proud to be a school at the heart of the community and have established positive links with many local businesses and schools across our Area Learning Community. This has allowed us to enrich our curriculum, extra-curricular activities and career opportunities for our students. I feel privileged to be Principal of such a vibrant and progressive school, one where students and staff live up to our motto, Optimum Semper Facere – ‘Always To Do One’s Best’, as they learn in our positive and happy atmosphere, one which cultivates success at every level. If you choose to send your daughter to St. Mary’s, be assured that we will support and encourage her to realise her potential and ambitions. With best wishes Miss Denise Crawley Principal

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4 Mission Statement OPTIMUM SEMPER FACERE ‘Always To Do One’s Best’ ‘We will work in collaboration with other educational institutions and in partnership with parents, students and teachers to maximise the academic and creative potential of students, enabling them to achieve the highest educational standards, thereby enriching their lives, the community and the economy.’ Our Vision Our vision is to educate, empower and support the pupils in our school to reach their full potential, by focusing on their holistic development and as a Rights Respecting School, embrace the opportunities of living according to the Catholic Faith and celebrating diversity. Aims of St Mary’s ❖ To promote the value of education, through the celebration of achievement and personal endeavour ❖ To engender a love of learning as a lifelong process and an appreciation of its relevance in everyday life ❖ To provide young people with learning opportunities which meets their individual needs, interests and career aspirations ❖ To provide students with the opportunity to develop competence and confidence in e-learning ❖ To maximise the academic and creative potential of students by challenging them to be independent thinkers and lifelong learners ❖ To prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and equip them with the skills to manage their career development ❖ To foster the personal and social development of students as responsible members of society

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5 Principal Vice Principal Senior Leaders Year Tutor Pastoral Care As a Rights Respecting School, our core purpose is to foster an inclusive learning environment, where all pupils and staff feel safe, supported and valued. This environment is based on respect for self and others, where diversity is cherished and promoted. We acknowledge the importance of our pastoral role in the welfare of all young people and through our mission and ethos, every member of our school community is treated with respect. Education in St. Mary’s is rooted in the Christian values of respect, love, truth and justice. Through our pastoral structures and Counselling Support, we have developed a highly supportive learning culture. The Personal Development Programme allows pupils to explore key issues within their personal development including; self-concepts, self-esteem, health and wellbeing, relationships and personal safety. Form Teacher Supporting Every Child Rights Respecting School Council The Council act as role models for the younger pupils and lead many Student Voice Groups Year Tutor The Year Tutor has overall responsibility for the academic and pastoral needs of pupils in the Year Group. Form Teacher The Form Teacher has responsibility for the care and support of the pupils in their Form Class. The Form Teacher is the first point of contact for parents. Senior Teachers The Senior Teachers have responsibility for the overall academic and pastoral development of the pupils Vice Principal The Vice Principal has lead responsibility for Pastoral Care and is the Designated Teacher for Child Protection School Chaplain The School Chaplain supports the spiritual development of all pupils School Counsellor The Counsellor supports those pupils who wish to seek additional emotional and personal support

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6 Key Stage 3 (Years 8, 9 and 10) The KS3 Curriculum empowers students to reach their full potential and make informed decisions as an individual, a contributor to society and a member of the local and global economy, as outlined in the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Key Stage 3 Subjects offered School Uniform KS3 School Uniform ❖ Pink and white check blouse ❖ Maroon pleated skirt ❖ Maroon clip-on tie ❖ Maroon jumper with school crest ❖ Maroon tights ❖ Summer blouse (Term 3) ❖ Flat black soft-soled shoes ❖ Maroon blazer with school crest ❖ Coat with school crest (optional) N.B All coats worn to school must be black Physical Education Uniform ❖ Laced Trainers and Socks – supportive trainers with grip soles ❖ Black School Leggings with School Crest (O’Neills) ❖ School Jersey (O’Neills) ❖ Half Zip or School Sweatshirt with school crest (O’Neills) ❖ Black Skort (Netball Teams only) Art and Design Citizenship Drama Employability English French Geography History Home Economics Information Technology Irish Mathematics Music Personal Development Physical Education Religious Studies Science Technology and Design

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7 Key Stage 4 (Years 11 and 12) Curriculum provision at KS4 is broad, balanced and flexible to meet the needs of individual students and ensures appropriate progression opportunities supported by a comprehensive Careers Education Programme. Key Stage 4 Subjects offered at KS4 Art and Design Business and Communication Systems Business Studies Careers Education Design and Technology Double Award Science Drama English Language English Literature French Further Mathematics Geography Health and Social Care History Home Economics : Food and Nutrition Learning for Life and Work School Uniform KS4 School Uniform ❖ Pink blouse ❖ Maroon pleated skirt ❖ Striped clip-on tie ❖ Maroon jumper with school crest ❖ Maroon tights ❖ Summer blouse (Term 3) ❖ Flat black soft-soled shoes ❖ Maroon blazer with school crest ❖ Coat with school crest (optional) N.B All coats worn to school must be black Physical Education Uniform ❖ Laced Trainers and Socks – supportive trainers with grip soles ❖ Black School Leggings with School Crest (O’Neills) ❖ School Jersey (O’Neills) ❖ Half Zip or School Sweatshirt with school crest (O’Neills) ❖ Black Skort (Netball Teams only) Mathematics Music Occupational Studies Business Occupational Studies Environment and Society OCN Level 2 in Applied Science OCN Level 2 Childcare OCN Level 2 in Information Technology Applications OCN Level 2 in Religious Studies Performance Skills Personal Development Physical Education Polish Preparation for Adult Life Prince’s Trust xL Certificate in Personal Development Religious Studies Single Award Science

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8 Post 16 Curriculum (Years 13 and 14) The Post 16 Curriculum enables students to choose a blend of subjects which best meets their interests and career aspiration. Students are provided with a range of academic and vocational based courses in collaboration with St. Mark’s High School and St. Colman’s College, enabling them to progress to University, Further Education and Employment. Subjects Offered at Post 16 BTEC in Children’s Play, Learning and Development BTEC in Sport Cambridge Technical in Business Cambridge Technical in IT GCE Art and Design GCE Biology GCE English Literature GCE Geography Career Guidance (CEIAG) Careers Education, Information and Guidance is central to the Post 16 Curriculum and plays a major role in helping to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. The programme encourages each student to develop a realistic and relevant Personal Career Action Plan based on their skills, capabilities and career aspirations. Students are provided with information and knowledge to make appropriate decisions about their future education, training and employment options and this equips them with the essential employability skills to become effective employees. The Careers Department offers the following opportunities to students: ❖ Work Experience ❖ Interview Preparation Workshops ❖ Mock Interviews ❖ University Visits ❖ Guest Speakers ❖ Apprenticeship Talks ❖ UCAS and CAO Application Support ❖ Career Ready Programme ❖ Attendance at Career Conventions ❖ QUB Pathways ❖ Careers Resource Centre Newry and Mourne Area Learning Community St. Mary’s High School is a member of the Newry and Mourne Area Learning Community. Curriculum planning is guided by current statutory requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Collaborating with sixteen other schools and learning providers, the community strives to offer greater choice and flexibility for all post primary students. St. Mary’s has extended its curriculum provision at GCE ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level through collaboration with St. Mark’s High School and St. Colman’s College, to offer students a broad and balanced curriculum. School Uniform Post 16 School Uniform ❖ Gold blouse ❖ Maroon skirt ❖ Maroon and Gold jumper ❖ Maroon tights ❖ Flat black soft-soled shoes ❖ Blazer GCE Health and Social Care GCE Mathematics GCE Performing Arts GCE Professional Business Services GCE Religious Studies GCE Sociology GCE Technology and Design

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9 Eco Committee The Eco Committee raises environmental awareness and promotes education for sustainable development. IT Ambassadors Post 16 IT Ambassadors, support KS3 students, to develop their skills in use of new technologies and software, to promote ICT across the curriculum. Learning Partners Learning Partners are a trained group of senior students who support Year 8 students through their transition from Primary to Post Primary. Liturgy Committee The Liturgy Committee assist the RE Department in nurturing the Catholic ethos of St Mary’s and promoting a greater awareness of the liturgical seasons and religious events in school and in the parish. School Nutritional Action Group (SNAG) St. Mary’s SNAG is a proactive group that encourages students to consume healthy food and water. Maths Mentors Maths Mentors support students in KS3 Maths lessons and students in local primary schools. They assist staff in helping students achieve a greater understanding and enjoyment of Numeracy. Senior Prefects Senior Prefects and representatives from Year 13 work with KS3 classes to motivate and encourage students in developing their skills and qualities. Celebrating Student Voice Rights Respecting School Council The Rights Respecting School Council is a proactive group, which represents the student voice in school. Pupils from each year group, work in partnership, to ensure there is a truly inclusive school community where everyone is valued and supported. Health and Wellbeing Committee The Health and Wellbeing Committee, raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and organise health and wellbeing activities and events for students.

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10 Physical Education Physical Education is compulsory for all students in St. Mary’s. We aim to provide a balanced, enjoyable and challenging programme of physical activity for all. Through participation in Physical Education our students develop an understanding of the benefits of exercise for good health and are encouraged to continue active participation in physical education on leaving school. Our programme of extra-curricular activities provides an opportunity for students to extend and develop their skills. Sports Available to Students: Aerobics Gymnastics Athletics Netball Badminton Orienteering Camogie Outdoor Pursuits Canoeing Wet Water Bouldering Creative and National Dance Table Tennis Cross Community Trials Tennis Gaelic Football Volleyball Enriched Curriculum We encourage students to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities which will develop not only their skills and talents, but also develop their sense of service to community. AMMA Centre John Paul II Award Art Gallery Visits Junior SVP Bright Sparks Club Lions Leadership Awards Business Enterprise Clubs and Seminars Local and National Charities Career Ready Programme Mentoring Concerts and Performances Netball Coding Club Projects – African School and Zambian Street Children Counselling Service Professional Artist Workshops Dance Public Speaking Drama, Speech and Music Theatre Visits Eco and SNAG Clubs Science Club GCSE Booster Classes School Choir Homework Club Traditional Music Group Instrumental Lessons xL Prince’s Trust

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12 St. Mary’s High School Upper Chapel Street, Newry, Co. Down BT34 2DT Telephone: (028) 3026 2851 Fax: (028) 3026 7138 Email: Website: