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K-5 Literacy Foundational Skills and the Common Core






Jamie O'Hara


June 22, 2016

Text Graffiti


- Take a moment to address the pictures,


quotes or questions before you



-In 25 seconds, using your color-specific pen, record your response simultaneously
     *Response can be a picture, a sentence, a paragraph
-Read the prompt and other responses
    *Respond directly to prompt or a colleague’s response

K-5 Strands

•Reading- Literature


•Reading-Informational Text


•Reading: Foundational Skills


     -Print Concepts


     - Phonological Awareness


     - Phonics & 
       Word Recognition


     - Fluency






 - Eliminates isolation / burden
 - Gain insight / support
 - Celebrate & recognize strengths
 - Pool knowledge & skill sets



 - Formulate action plan
 - Create roadmaps/blueprints with frameworks
 - Provide enrichment & intervention  activities



 - Promote bi-literacy
 - Integrated & Designated instruction
       -Small group
Use of multi-media, text, books

Innovation & Creativity


 - Tools
    * Internet, e-books, iPads, Chromebooks, 
      Storyboards, digital cameras, PSAs
 -Technological Innovation / Interaction
     * Community & Parents
        - Blogs, wide reading audience
        - Partnering with global classrooms
 - Engagement
     *Broader Range of Topics
     *Building experience for CCR employment

Interdisciplinary Integration




All components stretched across curriculum


Planning of content vs. time constraints




 - Shared Responsibility


 - Support


 - Success


 - Innovative & Inspiring


   Educational Practices


 - Parent & Community   




 -Lives Transformed by



The Future of Learning