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A Note from the Superintendent
Time passes quickly and already it is November. Soon the days
will get shorter, the beautiful leaves will fall, and Thanksgiving will
be here.
I want to take a moment to reflect and express my gratitude for all
the people who work to make our District such a great place for
our 663 students. Every day, our teachers, support staff, and
administrators work together to help students learn and grow in a
safe and nurturing environment.
Teachers are participating in high quality professional
development in math, STEM, and literacy, and significant
progress has been made in integrating technology in the
curriculum. I am truly inspired by the incredible devotion of our
staff and their unique ability to teach and inspire our children.
I am grateful for the amazing support from our parents, our
community and our Board of Education. Our continuous
partnership is vital to our success as we prepare our children for a
successful future.
With my best wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving!
Dr. Beth Flores, Superintendent
11/8 Non-aendance for
students - Teacher
Instute Day
11/11 Schools closed -
Veterans Day
11/16 Classrooms First
Steering Commiee
11/21 Parent Conferences
11/22-25 Schools Closed -
Thanksgiving break
12-7 1/2 day aendance for
12-26-1/6 Schools Closed-Winter
1/6 Resume classes
1/16 Schools Closed—
Marn Luther King
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
At the October School Board meeng,
Dr. Steven Shadel, CFC K -12 Mathemacs
Director, shared an overview of the work he is
doing with our teachers. He explained that all
teachers meet regularly with him to plan
lessons, discuss instruconal methods, and to
design dierenated lessons.
Professional development for teachers will
connue regularly throughout the school year
during team meengs, early release, and
instute days. Addional professional
development will be provided during the
November 8
Instute Day by Eureka Math
trainers on solving word problems and
using diagrams.
Dr. Shadel highlighted the Eureka Math website
that provides resources for teachers and parents
as an important feature of the Eureka Math
program. hps://
Parent partnerships are an integral part of a
childs educaonal growth and success in
Understandably, it can be dicult to determine
how to support children when they come home
from school needing help, encouragement,
or celebraon.
The parent support website includes videos
with worked out homework and problem set
quesons for parents, along with homework
helper worksheets that help parents ask higher
level quesons when working with
their children.
Parent Resources
Parent Website (
Homework Helpers
Lesson Videos
Worked out problems
Student Ebook
Zearn—an interactive platform where children
can practice math problems, watch videos, and
play math related games (
Kate Molitor
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Literacy Leadership Team is
One Strategic Plan goal is to review, revise,
and expand the English Language Arts and
Humanies curriculum. The Leadership Team
is comprised of two teachers from Golf
Middle School and three teachers from Hynes
Elementary School.
The District 67 representaves will join
District 69’s elementary and middle school
representaves and be guided by Classrooms
First Literacy Director, Jennifer Laughlin. The
team is charged with developing the ELA and
Social Studies curricula. The Leadership Team
will serve for approximately 3-4 years as a
joint curricula collaboraon among the CFC
member districts.
English Language Arts/Humanities
Literacy Leadership Team Goals
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Hynes Elementary School
The fourth grade students
recently participated in a
Revolutionary War Debate as the
culminating activity for their
American History unit. The students
became Loyalists and Patriots as
they debated the Boston Tea Party,
Boston Massacre, Intolerable Acts,
and the Declaration
of Independence.
First graders look forward to
working in Hynesnewly
remodeled Media/Tech Center.
Here, they are working in groups
on I Spy and Wheres Waldo.
Each week, the students arrive
eager to check-out books and
listen to read-a-louds.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
This years 3
and 4
grade music fesval focused
on music from around the world. Students learned
about the dierent countries and cultures that the
selecons represent, what makes the countries
music unique, and why it sounds the way it does.
Crisna Brown shared, In a me where there is
much conict and division all over the world, music
truly serves not only as a universal language, but
also as a common bond that makes us
human. Students were encouraged to be curious,
to have an open mind, to ask quesons, and to
share with each other throughout our
learning process.
In this way, in our classroom, we were able to
share in the dierent cultures represented by the
music, as well as all the cultures of our students
and sta that make our school special and unique.
What we discovered is that our music has a lot in
common, even though it may sound dierent, it
may use new instruments, or even be in an
unfamiliar language. Music is used to celebrate, to
come together, and to create something wonderful
that wasnt there before.Ms. Brown and her
music students shared this joy with Hynesfamilies
on October 19
Hynes Halloween Parade
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
Third and Fourth Grade Music Fesval
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf Middle School 6
grade students explored the
power of the sun and green cooking when they built solar ovens. Student groups
explained the challenge and worked through a process to design solar ovens. Then, on a recent
sunny day the students tested their ovens. First they tested heang water and then they baked
biscuits. They found that the water heated nicely and while the biscuits cooked some, too much
heat was lost from the oven to nish baking the biscuits throughout.
Sixth Graders Experiment with Solar Ovens
Fih grade students were recently introduced to their 8
buddies. The buddies completed a get-to-know-you project in the
morning and ate lunch together that day. The 5
grade students were excited
to meet the 8th graders. In addion to seeing each other in the hallways, they will meet at various mes
throughout the year. This is a great way to make the 5
graders feel a lile more at
home and adds more to the 8
graders' leadership ability.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Ms. Joyner, 8
grade language arts teacher, shares...
Rachel Belkov, my co-presenter at the Illinois
Reading Conference, was a GMS graduate and my former
student. She currently teaches 8
grade LA at Heritage Middle
School in Berwyn, Illinois. The name of our September 30
was A Tale of Two Bloggers: Using Student Blogs to Strengthen
Wring and Foster Collaboraon.
My students have created their own blogs and have
been assigned blog buddies from her school (it's high-
tech pen pals). Student blogs can be accessed through
my blog:
All of this is possible with the support of the Golf
instruconal technology facilitator, Ms. Sara Molnar.
Ms. Belkov and Ms. Joyner
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Katie, a Global Messenger for Special Olympics,
spoke with 5
and 6
grade students on October 11
She explained how Special Olympics allowed her to
participate in team sports, which she could not do at
school due to her disability.
Being part of Special Olympics changed Katie's life
and helped her to develop self-confidence and a
sense of belonging.
Hynes Elementary and Golf Middle School students
recognized Unity Day on October 19
. Last year we all
learned that recognizing Unity Dayis a special way that
our students and sta members can work together
toward a common goal to STAND TOGETHER
This year, our message to students was how they should
OTHERS who are dierent than themselves. Each school
had a Unity Day kick-o assembly and students and sta
embraced unity in our schools.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
It was an honor to aend the Future Ready
Superintendent brieng on October 28
. This was
an excing opportunity for me to meet with 14
superintendents from across the country, as well
as members of the United States Oce of
Technology and Secretary of Educaon, John King.
Future Ready Schools builds on the momentum of
President Obamas ConnectED Iniave with the
launch of the Future Ready Pledge. Signing the
pledge means superintendents commit to foster
and lead a culture of digital learning in their
district and to share what they have learned with
other districts.
The brieng was informave and benecial. The
goals included opportunies to share resources,
and to learn and share feedback about new tools
and frameworks for implemenng a rigorous
digital learning environment in our schools.
Aending this event was truly an honor and
recognizes Golf School Districts commitment to
preparing all of our students for success in college,
career, and cizenship.
Beth Flores, Superintendent
Click for video
Dr. Flores with
US Secretary of Education, John King
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
District 67 Foundation
Trivia Night
(adults only)
December 3, 2016
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Thanks, Oberweis for your support of Golf District 67 students and families.
The PTA presented a check to Golf School District 67 for
$18,000 at the September board meeting. These funds were a
result of our successful fundraising efforts during the 2015-16
school year. The money will be used to purchase Chromebooks
and iPads for Golf and Hynes Schools. Thank you to the
families, staff, and community members who support the Golf
School District 67 PTA!
The PTA has had a great start to the 2016-17 school year and we hope to
donate even more at the conclusion of this year. We know with your help we can
reach that goal!
Language Stars is off to a great start! We were overwhelmed with the responses of over 70 students
wanting to participate in this valuable program.
We have many activities and events coming upJOIN US!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
New this year will be five 1/2 day in-
service sessions for teachers.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016
District 67 Board of Education
Mr. Richard Toth, President
Mr. Sam Barhoumeh, Vice-president
Ms. Samina Hussain, Secretary
Ms. Nada Ardeleanu, Member
Dr. Guy Hollingsworth, Member
Dr. Ashwini Kumar, Member
Mr. Jermaine Lindsay, Member
Dr. Beth Sagett-Flores, Superintendent
Mrs. Carol Westley, Principal, Hynes ES
Ms. Karen Chvojka, Principal, Golf MS
Mrs. Christine Hoffman, Business Manager
Ms. Lynn Kurokawa, Director, Student Services
The Golf School District 67 Board of Educaon meets monthly to review and
oversee the management and direcon of the school district. You are
encouraged and welcome to join us at these important and informave
meengs. Visitors are invited to speak before the Board both before and aer
the Boards deliberaons. Board meengs begin at 6:30 PM in the Board Room
at Golf Middle School. Scheduled meengs are:
November 10, 2016 December 15, 2016 January 19, 2017 February 16, 2017
March 16, 2017 April 20, 2017 May 18, 2017 June 15, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
The Illinois Association of
School Boards hosted the
North Cook Division
Meeting and Dinner on
October 19
. At this
meeting Board members were recognized
for receiving Master Board Member
Status or Maintaining Master Board
Member Status.
Congratulations to Golf School District
67 School Board President , Rich Toth
who continues to maintain
Master Status!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2016