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SimplebookletMeetVersion 9.0Simplebooklet works across all modern browsers, on all devices. Tap  the  page  turn  buon  to  see what Simplebooklet can do for your content.The simplest way to turn your markeng and communicaonscollateral into engaging, lead generang online content.

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2Catch and hold yourcustomer’s aentionWhen you turn your markeng and communicaonsinto a Simplebooklet, your content comes alive.Simplebooklet / Featured Highlights

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3Enhance your pages with buons and link hotspots that trigger fullscreen images, slideshows, videos and interacve content.Simplebooklet / Featured HighlightsEven embed a video to play directly in your page.

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4Build trust and condence in your content.

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5Brand your bookletSimplebooklet / Branding

A custom background

And even your own  domain.

With your logo

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6Encourage EngagementMake it easy for customers to reach out to your business with our in page form builder, business cards, and messaging tools.Simplebooklet / Engagement Form Builder Example send

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7Simplebooklet / Engagement

Messaging made easy for your customer.

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9Be with your customer when you can’t be there.Simplebooklet / NarrationKeep Their AentionGuide customers through your Simplebooklet with video narraon. You’ll keep your customer engaged and focused on the relevant parts of your content. Automacally ip to the next page when your narraon is nished to keep your story going.

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10Manage AccessSimplebooklet / Manage Access Set mulple passwords, display a popup to capture leads, or add a paywall to charge customers for access.It’s your content, you control how people access it.

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11You can restrict access at any point in your Simplebooklet.Simplebooklet / Manage Access

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