Version 9.0
Simplebooklet works across all modern browsers,
on all devices. Tap the page turn buon to see
what Simplebooklet can do for your content.
The simplest way to turn your markeng and communicaons
collateral into engaging, lead generang online content.
Catch and hold your
customer’s aention
When you turn your markeng and communicaons
into a Simplebooklet, your content comes alive.
Simplebooklet / Featured Highlights
Enhance your pages with buons and link hotspots that trigger
fullscreen images, slideshows, videos and interacve content.
Simplebooklet / Featured Highlights
Even embed a video to play directly in your page.

with animations

Make your content


5Simplebooklet / Animations

Enhance your pages with these amazing animations. Add flair to your text, buttons, images, and videos.


Hover over the text above to see it in action.

Build trust and
condence in your
Brand your booklet
Simplebooklet / Branding

A custom background

And even your own  domain.

With your logo

Encourage Engagement
Make it easy for customers to reach out to your business with
our in page form builder, business cards, and messaging tools.
Simplebooklet / Engagement

Form Builder Example

9Simplebooklet / Engagement

Messaging made easy for your customer.

Be with your customer when you can’t be there.
Simplebooklet / Narration
Keep Their Aention
Guide customers through your Simplebooklet
with video narraon. You’ll keep your customer
engaged and focused on the relevant parts of your
content. Automacally ip to the next page when
your narraon is nished to keep your story going.
Manage Access
Simplebooklet / Manage Access
Set mulple passwords, display a popup to capture leads, or
add a paywall to charge customers for access.
It’s your content, you control how people access it.
You can restrict access at any
point in your Simplebooklet.
Simplebooklet / Manage Access

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