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Love and Motivation

Elektra is a great friend I have known for a few years.
She studies the universe as a scientist at a space observatory.
One day, while visiting with me, Elektra began to explain
the relationship which exists between the sun and the earth.
Not just the earth, but all the other planets.
Elektra said to me as she showed me a picture of the solar
system. She said:
Yin, look at this beautiful picture of the solar system.
Now, assume for a second you were a little child looking out
your window and you saw this image at night. Assume
nothing else was visible in the darkness of night except this
image glowing in the horizon.
What is the immediate thing that comes to mind? The first
thing you probably think about is oh that small blue ball
called earth must be the favorite of them all.
I see a hot glowing ball in the center, ostensibly, the leader
of the group. I see all other balls moving around the big red
ball. All the balls look rugged and sickly. They produce
nothing, for the boss must not care for them. Except that little
blue ball. That ball must be getting all the love the other balls
are denied. Look how beautiful and sparkly and full of life
that blue ball is.
You are thinking this to yourself because you are not aware
of a few things.
What are you not aware of Yin? As the little child staring out
of your window, you are oblivious of the fact that the
‘beautiful blue ball’ which is sparkly, full of life and
beaming with joy has been dealt a very heavy hand by the
The big boss in the center does not give the blue ball any
more favors than the other gloomy and dead balls.
Let me explain further.
The big boss in the center spews out the most dangerous
radiations; powerful enough to obliterate the beautiful blue
ball very quickly.
What does the blue ball do? It gently uses its magnetism to
ward off the toxic radiations, so they do not harm her or the
loved ones within her. The boss in the center burns with
unimaginable heat and fury. Heat, capable of burning the
beautiful blue ball into oblivion. What does the beautiful
blue ball do?
First, she chooses the right distance to be away from the
toxic heat of the hot boss. She then goes the extra mile of
circulating around the hot boss in a manner that affords her
a 360-degree view of the boss so she better understands his
unusual outbursts.
While circulating around the hot boss, she also spins herself
gently, so she is neither too hot, nor too cold.
Just perfect. Her strategy works. She beams with beauty. She
glows with joy. Her existence is full
of life.
She is the envy of all who see her.
Those who do not know the heavy hand she has been dealt
by the boss, continue to gossip regarding how she is the
favorite of the boss.
Some even say she sleeps with the boss, the reason she has
all good things coming to her.
Let them talk. They have no clue what the truth is. Let them
continue to wallow in their gloom and doom while the
beautiful crystal glows through time and space.
Elektra went on to explain the relationship between the
beautiful blue crystal and the red-hot boss in the center as an
example of how to love a difficult-to-love person while not
destroying yourself.
Elektra explained that love should never destroy the one who
claims to be displaying love. She said, if the actions which
constitute your display of love towards the one you claim to
love, only contribute to that person’s delinquency, or worse,
destroys you the giver of the love, then let it be known to you
that what you are practicing is everything else but love.”
Elektra did not stop there. She shifted gears to explain a few
more things. She said
Yin, we sit in a room full of light. Do you know how that
light is produced?” I naively answered, “yes, it is produced
by turning on the switch.”
My answer gave Elektra an uncontrollable laugh. She
laughed so hard she had to run to the bathroom.
When she returned from the bathroom, she continued by
saying “that was a good one Yin.”
I think she was giving me more credit than I deserved. She
was acting as though I deliberately answered her question so
foolishly in order to elicit a good laugh from her. That was
not the case. That was my honest answer.
Elektra continued, “The light we see is obviously not
produced from turning on the light switch located on the
The light which luminates this room is produced when
electrons in the outer orbit of an atom deexcite from an
excited state.
As the outer electrons deexcite, they emit radiation which is
known as visible light. We call it visible light because for
lack of a better word, it is visible. Not exactly, but they
reflect colors and textures that allow us to see.
The same atom also has electrons in the inner orbit. The
electrons in the inner orbit also get excited and deexcited just
as the electrons in the outer orbits do.
But there is a difference. The inner electrons do not emit
visible light when they deexcite. They emit something
much more powerful and a lot more difficult to stop than
visible light.
They emit X-rays.
X-rays are not visible to the human eye but travel a lot farther
than visible light. You can stop visible light with a piece of
Good luck trying to stop x-rays with the same piece of paper.
Why am I talking to you about atoms and electrons Yin?
The reason I do so is because of the strong correlation
between radiation emitted by outer electrons, inner
electrons, and the way we behave as human beings when it
comes to matters of love and motivation.
Similar to radiation emitted by outer electrons, love and
motivation which are not deep rooted can easily be stopped
by the least setback.
Shallow rooted love and motivation enjoy making public
spectacles for the entire world to see.
Just like visible light, they display themselves with much
noise and fanfare, and yet, all it takes is a piece of paper to
stop all that glow and shine. The noise.
In the same manner, deep rooted love and motivation, just
like the radiation emitted by electrons in the inner orbit, are
hard to see.
As a matter of fact, they are seldom seen.
But just like X-rays, they go on, and on, and on, and on ad
infinitum. They are unstoppable.”