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How Ford use the nine marketing functions to sell or promote their product.

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Ford knows that they are selling to the young generation with the different makes and models they make every year. They want their costumers to like the styles and features they put into their cars. 

Market Planning

Marking-Information Managment 

Ford would use real regular people to show that it doesn't matter who you are anybody can own a Ford car. 


Ford would use their finance budget to make different adverisment from build boards to tv commercals. In the tv commercals they'll be paying for the background and making the cars to sell.

Product and Service Managment

Ford has many different designs, colors, makes, and models that they can sell to everyone. Ford tries to meet everyones needs and wants in every car.

Ford task risk when they try to change or add different features to their vehicles and some of these changes consumers might not like. This will cause Ford to loss sell and money.

Risk Managment


In Fords commercials they show how fast their vehicels can go or how fule effecient they are. By seeing that most people are willing to pay the price to get their vehicels.

Ford tries to price their cars at a reasonal price for all buyers. The newest cars are around $30,000-$45,000, and they would lower the prices for older model cars. the value would only drop a few thousand for every year and if its new or used. 



Ford distribute their cars all over the world in different location. Some places have car lots with in a few hundred thousands of miles from each other. So everyone that needs a new car will be able to find their nearest Ford car lot and get their new car.

Ford car sells men show his/her costumers a variety of different makes and models in different colors and features. They try to sell the costumers to buy the car that they are looking at.