Boise School District Values and Expectations
Live the values of Respect, Dignity, Honesty,
Responsibility, and Teamwork
Respect - Be friendly, polite and empathetic
Listen actively and consider the points of view of others
Act appropriately in all personal interaction and communication
Take pride in yourself, school, and community
Acknowledge and understand the opinions and feelings of others
Dignity - Act in a way that will be valued and respected
Find value in others regardless of their differences and individuality
Problem-solve constructively
Use facts wisely
Be gracious
Honesty - Adhere to the facts, be fair and straightforward in your conduct
Tell the truth
Say what you mean and keep your promises
Admit and correct mistakes, even if others do not notice
Give credit for a borrowed idea
Responsibility - Be accountable, reliable and trustworthy
Show good citizenship through justice, wisdom, courage, and patience
Accept the consequences of your actions
Demonstrate digital citizenship through respect and personal accountability
View mistakes as opportunities to learn
Teamwork - Work together to achieve a common goal
Be prepared, punctual, and ready to contribute
Put the needs of the team first
Work collaboratively and help others
Ask and encourage others to participate and express their points of view