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District Values

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Boise School District Values and Expectations Live the values of Respect, Dignity, Honesty, Responsibility, and Teamwork Respect - Be friendly, polite and empathetic ● Listen actively and consider the points of view of others ● Act appropriately in all personal interaction and communication ● Take pride in yourself, school, and community ● Acknowledge and understand the opinions and feelings of others Dignity - Act in a way that will be valued and respected ● Find value in others regardless of their differences and individuality ● Problem-solve constructively ● Use facts wisely ● Be gracious Honesty - Adhere to the facts, be fair and straightforward in your conduct ● Tell the truth ● Say what you mean and keep your promises ● Admit and correct mistakes, even if others do not notice ● Give credit for a borrowed idea Responsibility - Be accountable, reliable and trustworthy ● Show good citizenship through justice, wisdom, courage, and patience ● Accept the consequences of your actions ● Demonstrate digital citizenship through respect and personal accountability ● View mistakes as opportunities to learn Teamwork - Work together to achieve a common goal ● Be prepared, punctual, and ready to contribute ● Put the needs of the team first ● Work collaboratively and help others ● Ask and encourage others to participate and express their points of view