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August Parent Newsletter

A college education is one of the greatest transformative
experiences in a young persons life, and we are deeply honored that
you have chosen to trust us to provide that experience for your child.
It is the great joy of all the members of the Office of First-Year
Experience (OFYE) to have a positive impact in the life of young
adults here at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and we look
forward to doing so in the coming semester! We are immensely
aware of the love and energy you have invested in your child to get
them to this point in their life, and we are dedicated to serving both
the students of this university and you, their parents. We are proud to
be RaginCajuns and we are proud that you and your child have
chosen to be members of our UL Lafayette family. We look forward
to building a relationship with you which will provide the support
your child needs to be successful in college. We hope to see you on
campus over the coming months. In the meantime, you are more than
welcome to let us know how we can help you and your child.
Office of
August 2017
Inside this Issue:
Welcome to College 1
What is OFYE 2
Being a College Parent 3
From Parent to Partner 4
The Red Dot Discount 4
Support Your Cajuns 5
Direct Deposit 5
Family Weekend 6
Fall 2017 Calendar
Aug 25 Last day to add/
drop classes withOUT a W
Sept 4 Labo r Da y holiday
Sept 22-23 Fam ily
Oct 4 Last day to drop
classes with a W
Oct 5-6 Fall Break
Oct 16 Academ ic Advising
for Spring 2018 Begins
Nov 23-24 Than ksgivin g
Dec 1 Last Da y of Classes
Dec 4-5 Final Exams
Dec 6 Mid Exam Study day
Dec 7-8 Fin al Exam s
Parent Newsletter
Associate Director:
Dana Bekurs
Associate Director:
Clay Weill
First-Year Experience
Ericka Haynes
First-Year Experience
Denetria Brooks-James
First-Year Experience
Christine Williams
First-Year Experience
Jessie White
Instructional Support
Program Manager:
Michelle Fournet
Communications Graduate
Megan Borel
Living Learning
Graduate Assistant:
Nick Jarrett
The Office of First-Year Experience (OFYE) is pleased to support
your student during the exciting and challenging transition period of the
first year. OFYE supports freshmen in a multitude of ways.
Academically, we offer the UNIV 100 course, which allows students to
gain or improve skills needed for success in the higher education
environment. We collaborate with the Academic Success Center in
offering a safety net to students through the Grades First reporting
system (more on that in the September newsletter).
OFYE is also committed to the personal development and
enrichment of our newest RaginCajuns by offering and promoting
many opportunities for engagement. You can help promote your
studentsengagement in campus life—whether your student is a
commuter or campus resident. Encourage your student to attend campus
activities and explore student organizations in the first semester. If your
student is living in campus housing and within driving distance of home,
encourage him or her to stay for a weekend or two during the first month
rather than drive home every weekend. This encourages making friends
on campus by giving them time to socialize.
If your student is a commuter, he or she can be very engaged in
campus life. Encourage your student to stay on campus for at least some
late afternoons, even if the class schedule ends earlier. Mid-to-late
afternoon is when many student organization meetings are held. This
also allows time for students to attend tutoring, participate in study
groups, and visit professors. Students who are engaged in their learning
and in campus activities are more likely to finish their degrees and to
graduate with a higher GPA than those who are not engaged.
Starting college is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience for every
student, whether they like to admit it or not. Freshman year is finally the time
where we give our children the reins to their own lives, with some supervision.
Unfortunately, letting go is often harder for parents than it is for students.
Information: Busy college students tend to minimize the amount of
information they share with their parents. Accordingly, parents turn to the
university to inquire about their childs progress. Unfortunately, as our
students are typically over the age of 18, UL Lafayette is mandated by federal
laws such as FERPA and HIPAA to protect the privacy of its students, even
from their parents. Though the university does all it can to assist parents, it
tends to be a frustrating situation for them. Talking to your child will always
be the most direct way to know how they are doing in school.
Challenges: Your child will face many challenges in college, whether it be
with a teacher, a classmate, a roommate, or a friend. They best way to help
them learn how to deal with these situations is to support them from afar. The
UL campus provides numerous resources to help students in each of these
types of situations. Allowing them to learn how to resolve conflicts at the
beginning of college will be one of the most important skills they will need
for the rest of their degree.
Grades: The type and amount of information students are tested on in
college is considerably more difficult and comprehensive than in high school.
It takes time and experience to learn the appropriate study and test taking
habits students need to succeed. Dont be alarmed if grades arent exactly
what they were in high school in the beginning. Offices such as the Academic
Success Center specialize in helping students adjust to the academic difficulty
of college.
Maturity: Remember that development takes time. Pr ofessor Mar shall Duke
of Emory University produced an informative video on parenting
college students where he stresses that freshman are not quite college
students, merely high school students in college. They will act much like they
did in high school and make many of the same mistakes. It wont be until
somewhere in their sophomore year that you may see intellectual changes in
your child, where they are mature enough to face college as a true adult.
College is a time of change for students and parents. The Office of First-Year
Experience (OFYE) is here to help both you and your child make the transition.
For additional material, please read the Washington Posts 9 tips on how to be a
good college parent.
A tip for parents from last
years freshman parents:
Have a place for all of
your passwords that is
easily accessible to you.
It is difficult to remember
each username and
password on each site
(TOPS), and any other)
that you might need for
your student.
Starting in September,
OFYE will begin the
Freshman Spotlight. This
is a way to acknowledge a
freshman who has shown
academic and personal
success for each month.
This freshman must be
nominated by their UNIV
100 instructor or Peer
Mentor. Keep checking
our monthly newsletters
to see the Freshman of the
Freshmen Red Run is a
Ragin' Cajun tradition
where all members of the
freshman class get to run
out of the tunnel onto
Cajun Field as part of the
pregame activities. No
sign up is necessary and
this event is open to all
freshmen! Freshmen Red
Run will be Saturday,
September 2, 2017.
Freshmen will receive an
email with more details.
The Red Dot Discount Program was created to help students
become more aware of the many businesses that support the
University of Louisiana at Lafayette and its students, by offering
discounts and/or special offers. The Red Dot Discount Program is a
partnership between community businesses and the UL Lafayette
Student Government Association. The partnered businesses give
students and faculty a discount for products or services. In turn,
Student Government promotes and advertises for the company. It's
a win-win situation for all parties involved. To receive a discount,
the student must show his/her current identification card (Cajun
Card). Without their current I.D. card, students WILL NOT receive
the discount specified in the contract. For a list of all businesses in
Red Dot partnership, please click here. Encourage your son or
daughter to visit these business to save money and to support the
local community!
Partnerships of learning are an important part of the message we
give to students and parents during our annual New Student
Orientation programs. The idea of a partnership, that we all have a
joint interest in the success of our students, is an important one for
parents to think about as your son or daughter begins their first
week of classes at UL Lafayette. How will you partner with your
RaginCajun, as well as with our university, to ensure that your
student has optimal academic, social, and personal success during
their time here? The OFYE Parent Newsletter is part of the
universitys commitment to partnering with parents of our students
for their success. Our monthly newsletter will aim to give you
timely information on the university, your students adjustment, and
insights into how you can be a partner with us to ensure a positive
experience for your son or daughter. Contact us at any time with
your thoughts, comments, questions or concerns by email or phone
at 337-482-6599. During the first few weeks of school, it is
important to ensure that your child is achieving balance. Ask them
about their time management skills, what organizations they are
getting involved in, and how much sleep they are getting. For every
3 credit hours in which they are enrolled, encourage them to spend
at least 5 hours per week reading, studying, and completing
assignments. Students who are most successful completing a
full-time course load spend 20-30 hours a week on homework,
reading, and studying for tests.
Academic Success
Lee Hall
Rm. 115
(337) 482-6818
Writing Center
H.L. Griffin Hall,
Rm. 107-108
(337) 482-6447
Counseling & Testing
Saucier Wellness Center
O.K. Allen Hall
(337) 482-6480
Office of Disability
Services (ODS)
Conference Center,
Rm. 126
(337) 482-5252
Student Support
DeClouet Hall
Rm. 106
(337) 482-6828
STEP Computer Labs
on Campus
Student Affairs
Martin Hall
Rm. 211
(337) 482-6266
Encourage your student to take advantage of these free DIY workshops to
better their chances of getting that dream job or adding another skill set to their
toolbox to survive college!
Located at the heart of the campus in Lee Hall, The Learning Center (TLC)
is your students best resource for academic assistance in their toughest
courses. We understand that the success of our department depends on the
success of our students. The TLC tutors and staff assist UL students in making
progress in their difficult classes, increasing student retention, and helping
students graduate on time. Appointments are not required for many sessions,
but recommended for one-on-one tutoring. If your student has a question and
does not know where to find the answer, start with a tutor in The Learning
We provide FREE tutoring services; including Individual Tutoring,
Supplemental Instruction, Study Groups, 24/7 online tutoring, and several
online academic resources. Click here for more information, subjects for
tutoring, and schedules.
TOPS Tuesdays is one of
the sessions covered as a
part of The DIY Workshop
Series, which covers a
variety of topics geared
towards academic success.
These workshops are
hosted by a professional
staff member(s) from the
Academic Success Center
and the Office of First Year
Experience. The DIY
Workshops are offered
weekly throughout the
2:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m.
*located in FGM 105
Click here for the full
DIY Workshop
These optional sessions
offer tips to students to
help them keep their
Tips on how students can write a paper
that makes a good first impression!
The purpose of Family Weekend is to give incoming freshmen
as well as their parents a sense of belonging in the RaginCajun
family. Family Weekend, held September 22-23, 2017, is a great
way to get parents on campus and involved in some of the same
activities as their kids in college. The university will be offering a
host of events including a movie night, Zydeco Brunch, and a walk
through the Hilliard University Art Museum! Other events include a
tour of the Tabasco Pepper Sauce factory on Avery Island, a taste of
Cajun Cuisine at Bon Appetit family reception, and more! All
events will lead up to the RaginCajun football game against the
ULM Warhawks, and a family tailgate will be held before—all at
Cajun Field! Other events offered by the City of Lafayette that
weekend include Downtown Alive! and the Lafayette Farmers
Market. In addition, there will also be time for you to explore Lafa-
yette on your own—maybe stop by your students favorite places
around town or find something new. There is always plenty to do
around Lafayette, a lot for free! For more information about Family
Weekend, please click here!
Click here to register for Family Weekend 2017!
Friday, September 22
5 p.m. - 7 p.m. | Check -in
& pick up your Family
Weekend Schedule in the
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Visit the
Paul and Lulu Hilliard
University Art Museum
7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. | Bon
6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. | Movie:
Beauty and the Beast at
Bayou Bijou
Saturday, September
8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. |
Mcllhenny's Tabasco Tour*
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Visit the
Paul and Lulu Hilliard
University Art Museum
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. | Zydeco
3 p.m. - 6 p.m. | Family
Weekend Tailgate*
6 p.m. - 9 p.m. | Ragin
Cajuns Football vs. ULM
*registration or fees
You can support your son or daughter and the University of Louisiana at Lafa-
yette by wearing red each Friday! Encourage your son or daughter to wear red on
Fridays as well—its a campus tradition that shows support for our university!
Still need that RaginCajun gear? Check out the wide array of apparel
available at the University Bookstore. Bookstore locations include the Student
Union, the Tent on St. Mary Blvd., and the Red Zone on Johnston Street.
Academic Success
Lee Hall
Rm. 115
(337) 482-6818
Writing Center
H.L. Griffin Hall,
Rm. 107-108
(337) 482-6447
Counseling & Testing
Saucier Wellness Center
O.K. Allen Hall
(337) 482-6480
Office of Disability
Services (ODS)
Conference Center,
Rm. 126
(337) 482-5252
Student Support
DeClouet Hall
Rm. 106
(337) 482-6828
STEP Computer Labs
on Campus
Student Affairs
Martin Hall
Rm. 211
(337) 482-6266
Get your students financial aid refunds and work study paycheck
FASTER by setting up DIRECT DEPOSIT. If your student uses checks,
he/she needs a voided check that is preprinted with their name on it. If your
student doesnt use checks, you can get the bank to give you a DIRECT
DEPOSIT FORM that has the students name, the type of account (checking
or saving), routing number, and account number on bank letterhead. The
account MUST be in the STUDENTS name. No starter or temporary checks
and no accounts in the parents name. Drop off at the Student
Cashier/Disbursement Center in the Student Union, Room 135. For more
information on direct deposit, click here, or call 337-482-6385.
Below are a few helpful links to UL Lafayettes calendars. Included are
athletic events, university events, and academic deadlines and holidays.
Academic Calendar
Athletic Calendar
Events Calendar
Contact Information
Visit us at our office:
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Lee Hall, Room 106
(337) 482-6599
Follow OFYE on
Social Media
During the month of August, students are excited and eager to start their college careers. They may
have just moved away from home for the first time and while this might be an exciting event to many,
others may be homesick or already missing their family and friends. The beginning of their college
careers has just begun, this may bring worry to your student. They might be feeling insecure about
meeting friends and fitting in, or they could be worried that they arent as smart as others in their
classes. Some freshman are very worried about their classes, while others might not worry because
they performed well academically in high school. College classes are typically much more difficult
than high school classes because college professors are not there to hold your students hand or remind
them about their assignments. This may be a difficult adjustment for you student.
Here are some tips on what you can do, as a parent, to help your student keep up with the new
stresses of college life.
1. Understand that your role as a parent is changing. Students needs to figure out much of their new
stage in life on their own, but assure them that you are there for advice and guidance.
2. Give them space and time to adjust to college life, try not to be a helicopter parent”.
3. Encourage your student to stay on campus or in town for weekends and Labor Day holiday; this is
the best way for your students to begin to feel comfortable in their new settings. Encourage your
student to get involved on campus by joining clubs and campus groups to meet new friends.
4. Stay up to date with UL Lafayettes resources and deadlines. UL Lafayette has many resources that
are can help your student when you cant. Gentle reminders are helpful when your student has new
responsibilities to keep up with.
Click here to see what freshman go through
during each month!