GSD, The Way To Be Title by Josiah Ridley  GSD  Story by Laurie Fiske To my children, Haylee  GSD  and Alec, and to all th...
My name is Alice. I have glycogen storage disease called GSD for short. It means that my body processes sugar differently....
This is my big brother Steve. He doesn   t have GSD. 2
Because I have GSD, I can not have treats made with sugar, but there are lots of treats that are sugar-free. 3
Like sugar-free cookies, sugar-free candy, and my favorite   sugar-free chocolate ice cream. 4
I love to run, swim, play soccer and basketball just like Steve. 5
Sometimes doing these things make me feel tired and yucky.  6
My Mom   Dad check my blood sugar levels to make sure I   m okay. 7
I take cornstarch mixed in water to help keep me from feeling yucky and to keep my blood sugar okay. 8
I get a check up once a year from my doctor. He makes sure my Mom and Dad know how much cornstarch to give me. 9
Even though I have GSD, I can do lots of things with all of my friends. 10
And just like them, when I grow up I can be a lawyer, a teacher, or even a doctor. 11
GSD doesn   t make me special.  I   m special because I   m me  12