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2020 Tequila Offerings

Alacran Tequila
Amaras Tequila
Unconventional tequila with a
modern twist, Alacran was
launched in 2010 and is made
from 100% blue weber agave.
Mezcal Amores (Or Amaras as it's known in the U.S.)
focuses heavily on terrior and it shows in their
product. Mezcal Amores believes that humans should
benefit from the ecosystem by keeping it in balance.
As of 2017, they had over 145,000 agave in their
nurseries and they have a goal of planing ten agave
for every one agave they harvest. They also promote
horizontal growth of their mezcal production across
several different producers and they provide micro-
loans to mezcaleros who wish to upgrade their
Bandero Tequila
Cantera Negra
Old world characteristics of bold flavors
and authentic leather bound canteen
bottle embody the fearless resistance of
those who rebelled against injustice and
fought for their beliefs.
Bandero Blanco is radical in flavor and
style, bringing new meaning to the phrase,
"el espíritu de la revolución," or, "Spirit of
the Revolution."
Cantera Negra was founded more
than 40 years ago, after Don
Alberto Becherano spent more
than a decade perfecting his
proprietary method for making
what we believe to be the best
tequila in the world. Today, he
and his family own and operate
Cavas de Don Max. In the United
States, Cantera Negra is
distributed exclusively by Two
Sons Imports.
Cabrito Tequila
Cabrito tequila is made using 100
percent Agave. It is distilled in
Mexico’s prestigious Arandas, Jalisco
tequila district. Made the traditional
way, without cutting corners,
Cabrito offers both Reposado and
Blanco Tequilas.
Cactus Jack Tequila
Campo Bravo Tequila
Meaning “Brave Field”, Campo
Bravo was created by agave
farmers with a mission to create
a tequila that over delivers
character, quality, and tradition.
100% of our Blue Weber Agave
is Estate Grown by us. We pick
the best agaves from our farms
to control the quality that goes
into each bottle.
Centinela Tequila
Tequila Centinela was established
in 1904 and was the first distillery
located in Arandas, Jalisco.
Centinela combines tradition with
technology to make their unique
products. This tequila is made with
100% agave that is hand-picked. It
is then rounded in barrels,
previously used for maturing
bourbon, before it is bottled.
Chinaco Tequila
Authentically Mexican, Chinaco
Tequila embodies Mexico like no
other tequila can – three
generations of family tradition
go into producing the finest
artisanal tequila possible.
Chinaco was the first and is still
the only tequila distillery in
Tamaulipas. To this day, Chinaco
utilizes the same exact formula
as it did in 1978, and is dedicated
to creating a handcrafted
product with the highest
standards of craftsmanship that
have been its trademarks since
its inception. It is with good
reason Chinaco Tequila truly
stands apart from all other
Cincoro Tequilas are uniquely
made with Weber blue agave from
both the highland and lowland
regions that have been cooked and
distilled separately then artfully
blended together into a single
exceptional tequila.
Born from a passion to create
the finest tequila.
Clase Azul Tequila
Coca Pura Tequila
From the superior tequila, to the
unique & beautifully handcrafted
bottles, Clase Azul is 100% authentic in
every way. In the small Mexican town
of Santa Maria Canchesda, over 100
artisans dedicate their time to creating
each bottle one at a time.
Kosher, low sugar and zero carbs. This
"pure thing" or "COÇA PURA"
(pronounced cosa pura), is distilled
w/o any caramel or sugar coloring.
COÇA PURA is rested for no longer
than 2 months before being bottled,
for a smoother & mellow tequila on
the palette, making our 90 Proof sip
like an 80 proof while keeping true to
our signature ABV.
Conciere Tequila
Corralejo Tequila
Conciere Tequilas are crafted in their
birthplace, Tequila, Mexico at a historic
family owned distillery. Distilled from
the blue agave grown at the foot of the
Tequila Volcano and pure Mexican cane
sugar, Conciere Tequilas are clean and
smooth, yet traditional, perfect for
modern cocktails or poured straight.
Far from being just a company, Hacienda
Corralejo's reach extends to many parts
of the world. Its attractions include not
only tequila, but also history, culture and
learning. At the start of the Hacienda
Corralejo tour, a welcome sign reflects
the company's human warmth. Visitors
can satisfy their curiosity and excitement
about the processes used to make
tequila. The atmosphere is a delight to
both sight and smell, as exemplified by
casks for aging tequila located in
beautiful cellars and filled with a
suggestive and captivating aroma that
evokes the honey of cooked agave.
Conquistador Tequila
Jose Cuervo Tequila
For over 250 years, Jose Cuervo®
has been making tequila from the
largest agave holdings in the world.
The journey begins in the fields on
the skirts of the Tequila Volcano.
After seven years of maturation, the
agave plants are harvested and their
cores, or “piñas,” are sent to the La
Rojeña distillery. There, they are
roasted, grinded, and smashed. The
resulting extract is placed into
fermentation tanks. Finally, it is
distilled and aged to perfection in
toasted barrels.
Made in Mexico from the finest 100% blue Agave. Its
clean crisp flavor make it an excellent choice for
margaritas and cocktails, or straight with or without
salt and lime.
Deleon Tequila
Don Anastacio
DeLeón® Tequila is made from the finest
100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced
from the rich earth of the Los Altos region
of Jalisco. DeLeón® achieves astonishing
depth of flavor in just two distillations –
allowing the tequila to retain the unique
character acquired during the fermentation
process. Our master distiller artfully cuts the
beginning and end of the distillation,
allowing only the absolute best portion, or
Corazon, to find its way into every bottle,
creating a subtle taste profile with unrivaled
Cava Don Anastacio
tequilas are highly
acclaimed, 100%
agave tequilas
Don Julio Tequila
Don Julio González revolutionized
the world of tequila by choosing
quality over quantity,
painstakingly planting each agave
further apart to allow proper
room to grow and fully mature
before harvesting. He would then
select only the most succulent
portions of the piña, before
steaming them for 72-hour cycles.
Dulce Vida Tequila
Making great tequila means we
start with the finest ingredients.
The foundation of our tequila
differentiates us from the
competition: Organic. 100%
Blue Agave. Los Altos
(Highlands). Handcrafted.
Discover what happens when
we infuse our award-winning
100% blue agave blanco tequila
with refreshing all-natural
flavors: Lime and Grapefruit.
Durango Tequila
El Jimador Tequila
The Durango® family of products is
crafted to be exceptionally smooth.
The products range from tequila and triple
sec to coffee liqueur, ready-to-drinks and
non-alcoholic mixers.
Only quality spirits and ingredients are
used to produce Durango® that the taste
is great enough to be enjoyed from the
passionate consumer to the new drinker.
In the field we stand: a band of
dedicated jimadores. Our coas at the
ready, carefully harvesting every
plant, knowing – by eye – which are
ready and which should be left for
tomorrow. Our passion, fused with
that of the master distillers is what
makes the difference. Grit, dedication
and spirit go into every drop, and
that’s why it stands alone.
El Mayor Tequila
El Tesoro Tequila
Over four generations, we have
been hard at work perfecting the
art and craft of growing agave and
distilling tequila. To this day, we
instill age-old processes and
values handed down from
generation to generation. Every sip
and every bottle represent the
continuation of the very legacy
we’ve worked so hard to create.
El Tesoro is a celebration of our most precious
asset: our blue weber agave. The agave we use
to make our tequila is grown on the Camarena
estate in the highlands of Jalisco, where the
mineral-rich red soil plants a more rounded,
fruity and floral flavor. We capture this flavor
immediately as it comes off the still and bottle it
in our Blanco tequila. We carefully age our
Reposado and Añejo tequilas in American oak
ex-bourbon barrels, which impart rich notes of
oak and vanilla, enhancing the agave flavor
without masking it.
Exotico Tequila
Ghost Tequila
BLANCO - Our perfectly clear Blanco has a
crisp, herbal aroma with spicy undertones
and a robust taste of fresh agave with hints
of pepper and herbal notes. Finishes with a
fresh wave of heat followed by a balanced
REPOSADO- The taste is a blend of vanilla, dry
fruit and spices, with a finish of oak and
vanilla as well as hints of caramel and
There’s no need to fear the Ghost. It truly is the
perfect blend of smooth, clean spice. The touch
of heat hits quick and then disappears without
a trace after a few seconds. Just splash some
Ghost into any cocktail and wait for those
irresistible tingles to set in.
Hussongs Tequila
Juarez Tequila
Pour a delicious paloma. Blend up a refreshing
margarita. Juárez®brings the perfect amount
of flavor to whatever cocktail you’re mixing up
tonight.Versatile, flavorful and affordable,
Juárez is the essential ingredient you need to
take any party or happy hour to the next level.
It all began in 1892, in the oldest and best-
known cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, where
Juan Hussong served his own handmade
tequila and the classic margarita is
rumored to have made its first known
appearance. Over 120 years later,
Hussong’s Tequila carries on the rich
history and legacy of the Hussong family
KAH Tequila
La Arenita Tequila
Designed to pay reverence and honor
to Mexico and its peopleIts bottle and
spirit are reflective of the Day of the
Dead, the 3,000 year old Meso-
American ritual honoring deceased
loved ones. The KAH® taste profile has
received many compliments from
tequila connoisseurs, which is
confirmed by numerous international
Because it is a blanco with a touch of añejo the
aroma is superb. The lower ABV also
contributes to great aroma and richer flavor.
Herbal and Sweet tasting. One of the best
bargains for both mixed drinks or plain shots .
Los Arango Tequila
Lunazul Tequila
From deep within the heart of Mexico
came a tequila revolution. Los Arango.
Created in a time when regimes were
conquered, and trouble roamed the
lands, a master tequilero produced an
authentic tequila using an artisanal
recipe and poured it into a beautiful
hand-crafted bottle. It was to be a gift for
the revolutionary Doreto Arango, better
known as Pancho Villa, who protected
his fields from aggressors, and from that
thankful gesture, the Los Arango Tequila
range was born. Today, Los Arango is a
world-class drink, made from blue agave
with an 8-year maturation.
Blanco: The palate is semi-viscous and
peppery with ripe fruit tones giving way to
crisp citrus notes and a hint of vanilla.
Reposado: Lush caramel with layers of
semi-sweet vanilla, fruit and spice evolving
to subtle oak and vanilla notes.
Anejo: Full body and mouthfeel with a
subtle sweetness emerging from the
toasty oak, and a peppery note
Primero: Full body and mouth with
cooked agave, oak, aniseed, citrus,
caramel, cinnamon, and eucalyptus notes.
Pleasant and smooth on the palate.
Matador Tequila
Color: Gold
Nose: Light musk
Palate: Agave and stalky flavors
Finish: Hot, ethanol finish
Milagro Tequila
Partida Tequila
It started with two friends who wanted a
tequila that bridged two worlds — the
deeply rooted integrity of traditional
tequila, and the vibrant, creative culture
of modern Mexico City.
Tequila Partida is the World’s
Highest-Rated Tequila made from
the freshest agave that is artisanally
distilled like the finest single malt
and aged beyond expectations.
Patron Tequila
Agave ripens slowly: Every eight or so years. So our skilled Jimadors take great
care to find and uproot only those Weber Blue Agave with optimal sugar
content. Using a sharp tool called a Coa, they strip away the leaves to reveal the
heart of the plant, the piña.
After being hand-chopped, our piñas are baked in small brick ovens to ensure
they’re cooked evenly. Then, they’re crushed by a two-ton volcanic stone
Tahona wheel and a roller mill.
The resulting mixture is fermented for three days, distilled and, in some cases,
aged in handmade barrels. Two months at minimum forPatrón Reposadoand
all the way up to ten years forExtra Añejo 10 Años, our oldest tequila.
Peligroso Tequila
Prospero Tequila
After countless trips chasing swells,
surfers Keith Ross and Bruce Beach set
out to create a drink that embodied
memories made on the dusty roads and
beaches of Baja. Made the traditional way
in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico
Peligroso® is that drink.Inspired by the
pursuit of big breaks and good times
south of SoCal, Peligroso® is crafted for
those who seek a life traveled off the
beaten path. For those who make their
own rules. Those who push to live every
moment to the fullest. For those hell bent
on fully experiencing the ride. For those
born to rattle the cage.
Born of the lush, volcanic soil of the
tequila valley, the majestic Blue Agave
infuses the landscape from which
Próspero Tequila is created.Designed
by Stella Anguiano, one of Mexico’s
premier female Master Distillers,
Próspero is a hand-crafted spirit that
offers an unparalleled flavor with a
smooth, elegant and perfectly
balanced finish. Exquisite care is taken
throughout the production process to
ensure that each bottle reflects pride
in the spirit – inside and out.
Qui Tequila
Separating itself from the rest, QUI Tequila,
the world’s first platinum extra añejo tequila,
embodies the beautifully rich flavor, aroma,
and character of extra-aged tequila, but with
an incredibly smooth finish.After aging for
more than three and a half years in American
Whiskey and French Bordeaux barrels, QUI
undergoes a proprietary filtration and
distillation for the smoothest finish in the
world.With notes of vanilla, butterscotch and
a hint of oak, QUI won the Gold Medal at the
Spirits of the Americas Competition, as the
best extra añejo tequila judged.
Suerte Tequila
Tears of Llorona Tequila
Our Story Starts...
with a shared love of tequila between two
friends. One from Mexico City, the other from
Philadelphia. Both ended up in Boulder.
Through their mutual addinity for tequila,
Lance and Laurence would muse about one
day creating their own. It would have that
pure blue weber agave essence. It would have
modern, clean packaging. It would be made in
the traditional handcrafted way. And it would
be priced so everyone could enjoy it.
Tears of Lloronais an extra extra añejo tequila. It begins as 100% blue
agaves from high volcanic slopes in Jalisco, where growth is slow. Master
Tequilero Germán Gonzalez hand selects the agaves and has them
harvested late, increasing their starch and sugars. The piñas are roasted
slowly in the traditional way. His yeast is proprietary and fermentation is
slow. Distillation is by copper pot still and barreling is at very high specific
gravity.Tears is aged in three different barrels -- oak that has previously held
scotch, sherry, and brandy -- and brought together in very small batches to
create a complex fusion that is more like a cognac than a tequila. Germán
then bottles at 43% specific gravity to balance the flavors. This results in a
very high rate of osmotic loss - the “angel's tears” that are one reason for the
name,Tears of Llorona.
Tanteo Tequila
Tarantula Azul Tequila
Tanteo® Tequila is the original 100%
agave spicy tequila. Tanteo infuses
artisanal blanco tequila with fresh
peppers by hand in the hills of Jalisco,
Mexico. The result is an award-
winning artisanal tequila in a class of
its own.
Tarantula Azul is the ultimate shooter. A
smooth blend of premium tequila and crisp
citrus liqueur delivers an invigorating icy-
blue shot like nothing you’ve ever tasted
before. Obey the shot. Obey the flavor. Get
Bit and see where the night takes you.
Tres Agaves Tequila
Two Fingers Tequila
Whether you choose Tres
AgavesBlanco,Añejo, orReposado, all
are single-sourced, organic, 100% blue
agave Tequila. Our agavecomes only
from theTequila Valley, Mexico—the
mecca for ideal Tequila soil and
climate. It’s a unique place with a
special terroir (yes, there’s “terroir” in
Tequila) that gives our Tequilas a
luscious citrus, herbal quality.
A tasty gold tequila, this was produced in the Los
Altos region in the Jalisco Province. The distillery
is family run, and the tequila is made from
Mountain Blue agave plants which have been
aged for between 8 and 10 years.
Villa One Tequila
Volcan Tequila
Unlike other tequilas, Villa One sources
100% blue weber agave from both the
Highland and Lowland regions of Jalisco,
Mexico. This unique combination of
agave flavors combines herbaceous,
earthy Lowland notes with the sweeter,
fruity notes of Highland agave, resulting
in a distinct, rounded profile.
Our aromas come from the earth.
Meticliously developed over milennia,
basalt and iron have given birth to the
rich herbal nuances of fresh mint,
freshly cut grass, citrus tones, and
Volley Tequila
Yave Tequila
When founders Chris & Camila
realized what's actually in most
spiked seltzers, they decided to
make their own with only three
things. Organic juice. Sparkling
water. Premium 100% blue agave
tequila from the highlands of
Jalisco. That’s it.
YaVe, spelled "Llave" in Spanish means
"Key". We spell it phonetically so
everyone can pronounce and remember
the name.Keys represent access and
can unlock new potential. They are
something you touch every day and our
Founder set out on a mission to createa
Tequila that offers a unique variety of
flavors that unlock possibilities to create
drinks and special experiences amongst
Zapata Tequila
21 Seeds Tequila
From the Founder:
Hi, I’m Kat! I created 21 SEEDS because it’s
what I wanted to drink – something smooth,
simple and casual with fresh, natural flavor
that made drinking tequila as approachable
as a glass of wine or beer. Before it was a
brand it was just a couple of bottles infused
in my kitchen with things I had on
hand.Cucumbers, jalapeños, oranges, and
grapefruit all worked in tequila cocktails, so
why not just add them straight to the
We found one owned and predominantly
staffed by women – a perfect fit. We worked
on different infusions and got each recipe
just right.We came up with a name. Two
sisters, one friend, all natural: 21 SEEDS was