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Lost Kingdom Of Zarpio

By a trollface

         A long long time ago, there lived a king named Zagros.  He was the king of Zarpio, a wonderful wealthy kingdom that was prospering.  Zagros was a very powerful wizard which granted him to be king.  He knew many spells and invented little trinkets of magic that aided him in his battles.  


         One day the king felt sick.  This meant that Zarpio was in danger.  The king went to his army and gave them some of his trinkets.  This would help the army battle on even if Zagros died.   He had also been training an apprentice to become just like him.  He told his apprentice,” If I fall take my place and help Zarpio prosper.” The apprentice nodded and felt very proud of himself.


         The next morning, the king received a letter.  It read:

Dear Zagros, 


Your kingdom is very wealthy.

May we please have some resources?

If not, we will start <WAR>

Please respond in the next week.


From, Froki    


Chapter 1