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This booklet is about that you can wait about texting and driving.

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By: Zach Williamson

MADD was founded in September 5, 1980 and has dropped the deaths of drunk Driving by 50%. All 50 states have raised drinking at 21 years or older and made it illegal to drive with a BAC at 0.8%. And as of 2016 over half of the country is covered by all-offender interlock laws. There focus is to save people from drunk driving.   

Over 290,000 people are injured every year and out of the 290,000 over 10,000 are dead. And MADD campaign has four steps to stop Drunk Driving. 1. Support more high-visibility law enforcement. Now there is DUI check points have reduced the deaths of Drunk Driving by 17%. 2. Ignition Interlocks for all convicted Drunk Drivers. Ignition Interlocks provide a sober breath sample before you can start your car. If this was worldwide a additional 1,000 lives would be saved each year. 3. Advance Vehicle Technology.  In some states they have sensors in cars that will tell them if you can eligible to drive. 4. Public support.  Against a Drunk driver always buckle up. Madd support believes in zero Victims of Drunk Driving.        

What MADD is trying to convince us is not just have nobody be out Drinking and Driving but also stop more accidents there one goals is to have Zero Deaths, Zero injuries, Zero families impacted by impaired Driving. And we can do this by donating to MADD and helping there cause from more people Drinking and Driving. Just by donating thirty-seven dollars you can save one reckless life.    

All of my pictures came from Google and all of my information is from MADD

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