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IST Multimedia assignment

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What is Text? 

Text is data in the form of words or alphabetic characters and is one of the most basic forms of data. Text is used to display information to the user and is used in most multimedia products. Text can be reformatted and resised to accomodate most needs. Text can also become hypertext and allows for interactivity.


What is the difference between Sans and serif sans fomts? A serif is a small tail or line attached to the end of letters. Serif fonts are believed to be easier to read. Sans-Serif fonts are simply text without these serifs. Sans-serif fonts are easier to read on a screen.



What is audio?

Audio is digital sound created by changes in air pressure, it is used in multimedia to create appeal and enhance the product. Audio can be used to describe something to someone, or to add music as interest or supporting material of a presentation. Audio is a commonly used part of multimedia.


What are Graphics?

Graphics are digital images. Graphics are used to create interest and can also be used as navigation tools as it is easy for the user to understand what the graphic button does. Graphics also can be used to provide information in an easily understandable way such as infographics. Graphics also can refer to the Computer Generated Imagery used in films and video games.


What is Morphing? 

Morphing is the gradual change of one image into the other via the use of computer graphics software.



What is Animation?

Animation is the illusion of movement, still images are rapidly displayed to create this illusion. Animation can be used to demonstrate how to do things, how things work or to prompt the user to do something. Animation is also used for entertainment or to create interest in a presentation.


What is Video?

Video is a continuous stream of data which is then later broken down and tuned into individual frames for viewing. Video can be used to easily show and describe to someone how to do something. It adds realism and interest to a presentation.


What is Interactivity?

Interactivity is the process of input and output. The user activates something on the product and then something changes. Hyperlinks are an example of this where the user can click on the link (input) and the computer will go to that location and display the data (output). Interactivity is used to maintain the interest of the audience and to have them engage with the product. Interactivity is useful for education in this way.