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We are a team of highly skilled and highly experienced event managers, who are passionate aboutevents and thrive on the challenges they bring. We offer a full end-to-end Event Management Service,meaning we will take care of every stage of the planning and execution of the event, from sourcing thevenue, right through to on-site event delivery. We also offer services on an individual basis, meaningyou can outsource certain elements to us whilst keeping others in-house. Whichever approach youdecide to take we will ensure you are kept in the loop every step of the way. We believe in essentiallybeing an extension of your team and will work tirelessly with you to bring your brief to life, ensuringevery element has been covered, and that the event delivery is seamless.Who we are & what we doOur co-founders Cheryl and Roxana bel ieve in putting you at the heart of everythingwe do. Our ethos is that we will manage the planning, logistics and stresses of theevent, whilst never losing sight of the fact that it is Your Vision, and Your Event.07932 191 938 www.yourvision-events.comCheryl DonaldsonCheryl@yourvision-events.comRoxana

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I have worked with Cheryl and Roxana for years to stage the Association of University Engineers annual conference. This hasincluded concept, planning, delivery and post conference reporting and budgetary management. During this time, I have found themto be consistently highly professional, innovative, and very attentive to client requirements and they have played a significant role inproviding successful events with very positive delegate and sponsor feedback.Paul Richards,Principal Mechanical Engineer, Keele UniversityAUE director and TreasurerThe team at YourVision Events are a pleasure to work with. My colleagues and I have liaised directly with members of YourVisionEvents on numerous higher education conferences over the years. They ensured that we had all of the information that we neededin advance, to be able to successfully host our exhibition stands at these events and conferences. The team also provided excellentcustomer service by answering all of our queries, no matter how small. Our stakeholders were impressed with the smooth runningof these events when they attended. I would highly recommend YourVision Events; we have really enjoyed working with the team.Raneem Dayoub,Marketing Executive,Warwick Employment Group (University of Warwick)

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At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to physically meet,we are seeing more and more clients turning to digital solutions. A virtual event is agreat alternative that allows you to continue to network and share importantupdates and ideas, when this is needed more than ever. If approached andmarketed in the correct way, we believe a virtual event can be just as impactful andmemorable as a live event, whilst offering some distinct advantages. For example:• Global reach – attendees will not be limited by travel! Most people are reporting higher attendance figures for virtual events• Lower operational costs • Lower carbon footprint If you are considering hosting a virtual event, there are several options you maywant to consider. You could opt for a webinar with limited audience participation, ameeting with lots of audience participation, or you may wish to opt for a fullyintegrated and bespoke event platform which includes ample opportunities forsponsors and fantastic networking facilities. We can support in guiding you to findthe best fit solution to meet your requirements.Virtual Meetings & Conferences

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• Registration (setup and management) • Budget Management• Delegate Management • Programme & Speaker Management • Sponsor Sourcing & Management • Digital Platform (setup and management, and ongoing liaison with the team)• Event App (setup and management, and ongoing liaison with the team)We hear some people ask why they would need support to run avirtual event? The answer is simple. If you have previously hadsupport running your live event, the likelihood is that you willbenefit from having support for your virtual event. Eachcomponent of the event is still an area that needs to be nurturedand managed. Most virtual events can be broken down into thefollowing elements:

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Some elements may even require additional support. Forexample, even the most experienced speakers may requireadditional guidance in the virtual environment. We can offerthis assistance, providing detailed instructions and tips inadvance of the event, and even giving 1:1 tutorials ifnecessary.We also like to think of the “Digital Platform” as the “EventVenue”, and would treat the management of this in the sameway we would treat the management of your venue,ensuring everything is exactly right to meet yourrequirements.As well as assisting with any of the above-mentionedelements, we work with a range of suppliers that offer avariety of exciting interactive options, which help you tailoryour programme, engage your attendees, and create a fully-immersive, highly-effective virtual event.If you would like a free consultation to discuss ideas for howto bring your event online, please do not hesitate to get intouch -

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We are seeing an ever-increasing demand for hybrid events,and options for this are continually being developed andimproved. A format that is proving extremely popular for thistype of event, is all attendees joining the event virtually, withevent organisers and speakers being together at one centralcontrol point. This is an ideal setup if your programme includesa live awards ceremony, live entertainment or panel sessions.The great thing about this format is that it allows you to retainthe stage rapport between speakers or entertainers, withoutthe increased risk of having attendees on-site.If this is something that you would like to consider for yourevent, then you may want to think about broadcasting from afully customisable virtual events studio. This will certainly addto the overall attendee experience, bringing a professional,polished, and fresh look. If you would like a tour of the studio,please feel free to get in touch with us, we would be more thanhappy to arrange this.We are also partnering with various venues across the countrythat will allow for safe, socially distanced hybrid events,meaning that some of your attendees can be on-site and otherscan participate virtually.HYBRID EVENTS

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YourVision Events assisted with the delivery of whatwe hope will be the first of many virtual events. Wewere quite apprehensive about engaging on thevirtual platform as it was very new to us. YourVisionassisted with the process from start to finish,including providing detailed joining instructions forboth speakers and attendees, running a full speakerrehearsal pre-event and operating the tech andsupporting the speakers and attendees during the liveevent. Their expertise was invaluable and we were alldelighted with the outcome with positive feedbackfrom our presenting clinicians, staff and participants.Sally Czabaniuk,Engagement Manager – Communications & Engagement TeamNorth East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS)"We could not have found a better partner than YourVision Events for our first virtual conference. The event was hugely successful and the YourVision team were responsive, professional, creative and 100% reliable. I'd recommend anyone considering a virtual event to contact them."Nicholas Johnston,Chief Executive,ECC

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Making connections and staying in touch with people is key to nurturingbusiness relationships. With more and more people working from home, anddigital interactions increasingly becoming the “norm”, this is harder than ever todo in the traditional sense. To make things a little easier, we are introducing ourcorporate gift and send service.Whether you are trying to stay in touch with customers or members, reach outto potential clients, or incentivise employees, we can take care of the entireprocess from start to finish. Based on your brief we can provide you with avariety of gift options to choose from, which can be either branded, and / orpersonalised and bespoke to each recipient. We will take care of the packagingand delivery, with an option to include a personalised thank you note orintroductory letter.Corporate Gift & Send Service

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App & Web DesignGot your event management sorted but need help withsoftware setup? Then we’ve got you covered! Assistancewith setting up your bespoke event registration websiteand / or event app is something we offer as part of ouroverall end-to-end event management service; but we canalso offer these options as standalone services. We workwith a broad range of software providers that offer eventapp and registration solutions, so we can take the hassleout of this by managing the setup on your behalf.

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Conferences are our bread and butter, and we appreciate that no two are the same. We havevast experience of working on a range of conference sizes and budgets, whether it be a smallone day event taking place within one room, or a huge conference spanning the course of aweek, with multiple concurrent breakout sessions and different tiered sponsors and exhibitors.Whatever your requirements we would be delighted to assist with the delivery, and to offer ourexpertise in all areas. As mentioned above we can either take responsibility for the entire projector run individual sections of the project management - the choice is entirely yours.CONFERENCES

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I have had the pleasure of working with Roxana at twohigh-profile, large-scale conferences in the UK HigherEducation sector, where she engaged me as conferenceMC and panel moderator.Roxana is thoroughly capable, calm, and courteous towork with. She is expert at making complex events flowsmoothly, while remaining accessible to participants, witha smile on her face at all times. She's both professionaland personable, and I would not hesitate to work withher again.Philippa ThomasBBC News presenter and Executive Coach at philippathomas.comTo say that Your Vision’s support for our five-day virtual conference was brilliant is an understatement. Cheryl and Roxana’s in-depth knowledge of the virtual events environment, including their technical ability and comprehensive management of things to ensure the smooth running of the event, is absolutely second-to-none. They are highly skilled and talented at what they do, not to mention an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend them highly enough and would encourage anyone embarking on a large-scale event to work with them – you will not be disappointed! Jen SummertonExecutive DirectorHigher Education Strategic Planners Association

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Exhibition & Sponsorship SourcingIf clients do not require full event support, a common elementto outsource is the Exhibition and Sponsorship Management.Organising an exhibition requires a great deal of logistics andcan encompass a variety of elements such as:• liaising with the venue• shell scheme builds• marquee builds• scale exhibition plans• electricity and lighting supply• signageWe can help with any or all of these aspects depending on yourrequirements. We also have extensive experience managingand nurturing sponsor relationships, so we can work with youto establish the sponsorship offer for your event, and toidentify any additional opportunities whilst maximising revenue.

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Cheryl worked with me over three years on UHR conferences, which are the flagship annual event for HR professionals inhigher education. Cheryl was responsible for managing sponsorship and the exhibition, as well as other aspects includingbudgeting and delegate services. She is a pleasure to work with, very professional and experienced, and dealt with everythingpromptly and efficiently. I felt completely confident in her grasp of all aspects of our event management, and this left me freeto concentrate on my own role. Exhibitors and delegates alike warmed to Cheryl and valued her services highly.Helen ScottExecutive DirectorUniversities Human Resources (UHR)I have been fortunate to work with Roxana on the delivery of the Universities Safety and Health Association Conference,Exhibition and Annual Dinner. Roxana was the consummate professional guiding us effortlessly through the challenges ofdelivering a complex event. Expert project management, creative thinking whilst keeping a close eye on the budget meant thatwe were easily able to deliver a great event.Roxana was always keen to make sure both we, as a customer, and our exhibitors and delegates were well informed and happy.I very much hope that I will be able to work with Roxana and her colleagues on future events.Professor Neil Budworth Chair Universities Safety and Health Association

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Brand & Product LaunchesIf you are launching a new brand or product, you will want to ensure you make a memorable and lasting impression. What betterway to do this than with a launch event? We can work with you to create a buzz around your new brand or product in the lead up,building our way up to an imaginative and impactful reveal on the event day. This will help to ensure your new brand or productenters the market with a bang and will be much more likely to be remembered by those who attended.

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In our experience of Event Management, we have found that securing the right venue and location is often key to thesuccess of the event. If your chosen venue doesn’t quite fit your requirements then you are on the back foot from thestart, as you are trying to tailor your event to fit the venue rather than the other way around. We have worked in manylocations across the UK, as well as overseas, so we can use our expertise to find the right venue to meet yourrequirements. We will take the pain out of the process by having the initial discussions with venues, ruling out any thatare not appropriate, shortlisting the best options, and completing site visits on your behalf. If we are not working on theevent, we will simply hand over all the information to you once the preferred venue has been established. And don'tworry, if you can't find the perfect venue, we have extensive experience in managing marquee builds, as well as a varietyof trusted suppliers, so we can always create one. Simple!VENUE FINDING

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IncentivesWhether you are looking for a quiet retreat in the English Countryside oran action-packed overseas adventure, we will work with you to puttogether the perfect trip to incentivise your team. We are very fortunateto work with a well-connected travel agency partner (ATOL and ABTAprotected), ensuring you will continually receive access to the best dealsand discounts on the market. We also have close working relationshipswith many overseas Destination Management Companies who would beable to host your team on location, giving you piece of mind thateverything on the ground is covered.

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Looking for a team building activity? Then look no further!We will work with you to create a range of options for yournext team building session, tailored to suit varying budgets.From city scavenger hunts to murder mystery nights,nothing is off limits!TEAM BUILDING

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Award Ceremonies & DinnersWhether an intimate low-key dinner or an all-out bells andwhistles extravagant affair, we can take the stress out of yourevent by managing the process from start to finish. With anAwards Ceremony or Dinner we understand that the devil is inthe details, and so from sending out the initial invitations tostaging the venue on the day, no aspect will be overlooked. Wehave extensive experience with dinner theming and can offer awide range of options, as well as an exhaustive list of trustedsuppliers, hosts and after-dinner speaker contacts. We will workwith you to transform your brief into a memorable event thatyour guests won’t forget in a hurry!

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Roxana organised several events for me whilst I wasChair at the British University Finance DirectorsGroup. Her professionalism, knowledge, andexpertise ensured all events were a huge success,and that all objectives were met. I was particularlystruck by the sense of calm she brought to dealingwith unforeseen issues and the vision and creativityshe brought to the table was incredible. Every eventorganised was unique, targeted, and exceeded myexpectations due to her creative solutions. I wouldhave no hesitation in recommending Roxana toanyone who wants to run a successful event.Phil McNaullFormer Finance Director at University of Edinburgh and Chair of BUFDGCheryl has worked with us on three Associationconferences. I found her to be incredibly wellorganised, conscientious and hard working. She wasvery client focussed, always thinking of better waysof doing things and coming up with creative ideas forovercoming problems. During the conferences, sheprovided an excellent service to us and attendeesalike. Nothing was too much trouble and any issueswere dealt with in a calm and professional manner. Ihave no hesitation in recommending her.Catherine WebbExecutive SecretaryAssociation of Heads of University Administration

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People often underestimate the amount of work and planning that goes into running a private event; so why not let the experts take care of this for you? We can assist you with any aspect of the planning from venue sourcing and catering, to theming and logistics, ensuring we work within your budget to create an event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. All that is left for you to do is turn up and enjoy yourself!Private Parties

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It’s never too early to think about Christmas! Whether you’re considering a traditional get together or a Virtual Christmas Party to enjoy somefestive cheer with your team, we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you with this. We can take care of everything from the invitationdesign and entertainment, to drinks, catering and gifts.Or, if you would simply like to send your co-workers, clients and/or business partners a special something to thank them for their hard work overthe year, we are also offering a corporate gift and send service. We will provide you with a variety of options, which can be branded and/orbespoke to each employee, and will take care of the packaging and delivery, with an option to include a personalised thank you note.Jingle & Mingle

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