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Your Personal Year

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Lauren Kruczyk A month by month guide through your personal energy shifts in 2021 PSYCHIC CYNTHIA BECKER cynthiabecker com

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BIRTH DATE June 29 1986 BIRTH NAME Lauren Elizabeth Kruczyk CURRENT NAME Lauren Elizabeth Kruczyk 2020 PERSONAL YEAR from January 1 to December 31 ESSENCE from January 1 to December 31 PERSONAL MONTH in June PERSONAL MONTH in July PERSONAL MONTH in August PERSONAL MONTH in September PERSONAL MONTH in October PERSONAL MONTH in November PERSONAL MONTH in December

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2021 PERSONAL YEAR from January 1 to December 31 ESSENCE from January 1 to June 28 ESSENCE from June 29 to December 31 PERSONAL MONTH in January PERSONAL MONTH in February PERSONAL MONTH in March PERSONAL MONTH in April PERSONAL MONTH in May

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MAKING THE MOST OF OPPORTUNITIES At various times in your life you ve probably had the feeling that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want to do At other times you ve undoubtedly experienced the feeling that hardly anything is going right and that you can t find a satisfactory outlet for your capabilities By using the science of numerology though you can recognize the specific influences and opportunities in your life at any given time and the areas in which they re likely to happen You can determine in advance the times of greatest opportunity and you can also foresee difficulties and the areas in which they re developing This profile describes the influences and opportunities you can expect in your life during the time span shown The profile also includes suggestions for resolving any difficulties as well as for making the best use of coming opportunities

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JANUARY THROUGH DECEMBER 2020 A TIME TO RELAX AND ENJOY LIFE TO EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY AND EXHILARATING ENTHUSIASM Your 3 Personal Year The year 2020 may be a special lighter year for you It can be time to experience happiness and pleasure at its best and to express the exhilarating enthusiasm of the joy of living It s a time too to expand and develop opportunities often involving your creative and imaginative talents Coming as it does after the often slow moving and frequently emotional 2019 this year sometimes seems to bring the best of exciting and fun filled times

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If you re lucky enough not to be overburdened with responsibility in 2020 there ll be ample time to enjoy yourself and appreciate the cheerful optimistic environment you find yourself in Cultivate the society of some of your old friends and enjoy the many new friends you can make as well Expect a very active social life You ll probably have lots of invitations and a desire to organize social gatherings of your own There may be some exciting romantic interludes Enjoy travel during this year and enjoy the pleasures of art and beauty along the way Have fun

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IN PARTICULAR make time to enjoy your children this year no matter what their age If you especially like young children you also may want to spend time with youngsters other than your own You may want to plan expeditions to interesting museums shows or concerts Travel to some unusual places could prove a high point for all of you Keep your superficial and frivolous activities to a reasonable minimum Enjoy the happiness that comes your way but recognize that selfindulgence or extravagance may get in the way of some of the deeper pleasures available to you Don t lose sight of money matters with all the activity that s going on Some of your ventures from the last two years may begin to flower or reach constructive conclusions in 2020 Develop both the new opportunities that come your way and your older ventures as far as they can go Place considerable emphasis on your creative talents Make use of the imaginative and inspirational aspects of your character Look for possibilities for advancement recognition and perhaps much improved finances Emphasize creative projects involving words writing lecturing singing or acting among others Spend time improving your appearance You may enjoy shopping for new or special outfits or take pleasure in improving your physical fitness and the appearance of your hair and nails This is also a good year to move to a new residence

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Take care not to scatter your energies recklessly Try to complete one project before starting another Although there s much in the way of exciting social life make sure not to neglect your various ongoing ventures and your new projects too so that you can end the year with feelings of satisfaction accomplishment 2020 can be an exceptionally joyous year Make the most of it Try not to waste your energy or resources Keep your worrying to a minimum Stay away from gossips Avoid blaming others and enjoy other people s good fortune rather than being jealous Handle your emotions carefully and constructively Stress optimism cheerfulness and enthusiasm in all your activities Make the most of others delight and spread your own contagious joy and vitality at every turn

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Special Focus for This Year The year 2020 is a time to experience much in the way of pleasure and happiness Take advantage of the many opportunities to enjoy the freedom you love Remain disciplined enough however to make something significant out of the many possibilities There ll be exciting experiences many stressing joy and delight There ll be plenty of chances to display and expand your creative talents Have fun in your work Make use of your intuition and inspiration to attract attention to your many gifts Use your facility with words in particular You may want to look into acting singing or lecturing or any other activities that stress your verbal abilities Dress up to look as sprightly as you feel If the spirit moves you shop for new clothes or become more involved in recreation and sports

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Enjoy all the people who come your way in 2020 Take advantage of all the parties you attend to see your many friends Make the most of that wonderful romantic interlude as well Be open and clear with your emotions Don t be self indulgent or waste time on superficial activities Take advantage of opportunities for travel a number of short but delightful trips may be scattered throughout the year Take care of your work whenever necessary however so that it doesn t come back to bother you later Spend some happy times with your family friends and colleagues

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Your 13 4 Essence January 1 through December 31 While the above described Personal Year indicates the best approach for you to take for growth and development during 2020 the Essence points out the likely events to take place during the period that it is active Knowing the probable events that will happen and the preferred approach to those events will help you to get the most out of your experiences The events and opportunities of this period emphasize hard work and organization This is the time to put a solid foundation under any business venture you may be involved in If you are not involved in a business use this time to manage and bring order to your personal affairs Deal with financial matters with a sense of economy Be as practical and realistic as possible Do the required work and maintain your discipline and determination You may at times feel overwhelmed with the amount of work there is to do and the overall slow progress being made The intensity of this period often leads to strong feelings of limitations and restrictions You must learn to accept the responsibility for the work and complete it or the restrictive feelings will become even more intense Often the work goes much easier by changing your point of view rather than avoiding the work Take care of health matters when necessary

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Because your Essence for this period points in a very different direction than the Personal Year you may find that things do not go as easily or as smoothly as you d like Your desire for creative self expression and social activities at this time conflicts with your need for bringing system and order into your home or workplace You may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable balance EGAYOV 5 EGAP It s possible too that you may try to avoid one of these energies all together You ll find though that it resurfaces no matter what you do Sometimes a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy then the other If at all possible try to find an approach to the events and opportunities during this period that allows both energies to work together This isn t always easy but it can provide the best use of the potentials available

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Monthly Highlights For 2020 The Personal Year is an important yearly influence This influence though is expressed with a somewhat different emphasis each month Be sure to take the monthly emphasis into account too when considering the best approach to take to each month s events Monthly highlights for 2020 are given next followed by detailed descriptions for each month There s an exciting social time for you in February along with some important creative opportunities You ll be enjoying close friends and possibly some romance in March Stay alert to important business situations starting in July but be ready to travel in September Expect a rollicking good time in November with a chance for many gettogethers In December you may want to spend the holiday with family and close friends JUNE 2020 Your 9 Personal Month Some matters may be reaching a conclusion this month You may for example complete the preparations for some creative venture to make ready for new or expanded work A business affair on which you ve been working may end at this time A friendship or association may terminate as well possibly around June 9th or 18th In all these situations expend the effort to keep your feelings and other peoples feelings under control Emphasize understanding tolerance and compassion When matters are ending try to let go of them in a positive spirit When a conclusion takes place even when you previously fought against it look for a new freedom that you wouldn t have expected Later in June sometime around the 24th you may find yourself involved with some romantic interludes Although you may gain some satisfaction the relationship probably will fade quickly With the month drawing to a close you re likely to feel an invigorating sense of release and anticipation

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JULY 2020 Your 1 Personal Month A feeling of verve and enthusiasm is likely throughout much of the month The feeling that you have to wait for the right time is completely gone It s full speed ahead now The throttle is wide open New opportunities may open up around July 7th or so They ll continue or expand the progress of some of the activities you ve been developing for the last six months Longtime friends may help create promising potential sometime around July 9th Friends you ve met during the last few weeks also may be instrumental in pushing matters forward on July 13th or thereabouts Exploit your creative talent imaginative approach and verbal skills to maximize your possibilities Radiate an electric sense of joy and optimism wherever you are Take advantage of the many delightful social activities that come your way But be careful to keep your energies focused If you act too impulsively you may not consider all the possibilities

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AUGUST 2020 YOUR 2 PERSONAL MONTH Expect a good deal of activity in August The ventures begun in July may continue through August 9th or so then slow down or be held up briefly probably until at least August 17th Use some of your unexpected free time and creative input to cooperate with friends or colleagues who need help with their own ventures The good will that follows will stand you in good stead when you need assistance down the line Be very sensitive to others needs and feelings throughout the month If you or your colleagues prove oversensitive it may impede your progress Throughout August try to spread the delight you feel and if you can help friends and associates lighten the load they re carrying If you ve gained some spiritual insight recently this month may be a good time to share it Enjoy the love and romance that comes your way particularly around August 22nd or 27th Enjoy the time you spend with your children too

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SEPTEMBER 2020 YOUR 3 PERSONAL MONTH September probably will be a very exciting time filled with an ongoing social life and many expanding ventures Enjoy new friends and renew the acquaintance of some longtime friends you haven t seen in a while Take advantage of the many parties entertainment and other get togethers Spend time enjoying music art plays and the like Be ready to travel on a moment s notice possibly to out of the way places possibly on September 2nd or 11th Look for new and unusual opportunities to expand your horizons in unexpected directions on any trips you make Keep on top of your ongoing projects as they move ahead at a sprightly pace There ll be many chances this month particularly around September 18th or so to develop your creative side as well as your verbal skills Concentrate on developing your expressive powers Explore singing or acting writing or any related fields that come to your attention Focus on significant activities so that you don t scatter yourself over too large an area

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OCTOBER 2020 YOUR 4 PERSONAL MONTH There may be a good deal of social life and some interesting creative opportunities available this month Your interests will be far better served though if you concentrate a considerable part of your energy in solidifying the progress you ve made so far this year Take care of all the details and loose ends Strengthen some of the weak areas that previously have been neglected possibly starting on October 13th or so Begin or if possible complete the foundations that are necessary before some of your significant ventures can move ahead Set projects up so that they can proceed comfortably next year Keep your finances clearly in mind particularly on or about October 18th Make time at regular intervals to take a break from what on occasion may be a heavy workload Try to spread the joy and delight you re feeling so that everyone around you feels optimistic and enthusiastic Go to a party or give one sometime around October 19th or 28th

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NOVEMBER 2020 YOUR 5 PERSONAL MONTH There may be as much opportunity for excitement travel adventure and creative advancement in November as any time this year There also will be no end of exhilarating social activities throughout the month After the work accomplished in October you may feel restless and impulsive Proceed with a considerable measure of self discipline About November 9th or 16th focus on new and progressive opportunities that can be developed in the new year If you recognize new interests that appeal to you particularly around November 18 try to organize them so that most of the work will take place a few months down the line Enjoy some socializing but keep a sense of proportion Allow enough time to continue any of the work started in October or any additional work needed on ongoing ventures If you forgo some of the excitement around you and take care of the work you ll be in a much better place when the new year gets underway

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DECEMBER 2020 YOUR 6 PERSONAL MONTH The merriment joy and enthusiasm you ll experience in December generally will center around your home family and close friends This can be an extremely satisfying time with many feelings of closeness and happiness within your immediate family circle Try to devote a good deal of time to your children this month particularly around December 5th or 21st Enjoy the pleasure of romance with your spouse or lover particularly on December 18th or so The more affection and love you give this month the more you ll find returned In addition to the holiday activity you ll also have to concentrate on the responsibilities of domestic life during part of the month Be prepared to take care of some significant family need on or about December 27th It may even be necessary to put others needs perhaps those of the young elderly or infirm before your own As the month and year reach their conclusion you may get some sense of the serious and practical nature of much of the activity during the coming year As 2020 draws to its close continue to display your creative talents in your ongoing ventures If you find some interesting opportunities that will allow you a chance to act sing or write you may find that you have a particular flair for one of these kinds of expression

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JANUARY THROUGH DECEMBER 2021 Your 22 4 Personal Year A Time of Marked Achievement and Major Undertakings Work for the Benefit of Others The year 2021 can be a time of marked achievement You can make progress on ventures with the potential for a significant broad influence especially if your work will benefit others When you choose to move forward on enterprises of this magnitude you can expect a strong and profound impact on your life Approach these high level endeavors only if you re feeling mature idealistic and extremely capable In order to be able even to start out you will need a significant power potential and a strong desire to contribute to the general advancement of humanity If your sole purpose is personal financial gain or improvement in your own status or reputation this will tend to hamper your efforts If you can operate from a selfless point of view you may achieve considerable fame and fortune but most likely only if they re not your primary goals Recognize that the work you set out to do in most instances will take much longer than a single year Be prepared to maintain your ideals until your venture reaches completion Be prepared to deal with a heightened level of nervous tension too at least part of the time If you feel qualified this is the year to move forward with all the energy at your command This is your chance to begin making your significant contribution to the world If on the other hand you re still developing your skills to reach a high potential it may be more useful for you to turn your attention to some of the ongoing material ventures you ve been working on for the last few years and help move them along

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Accept the workload you find and prepare to meet your obligations Be practical rational and businesslike to achieve the best results The schedules you have to meet are likely to be tight and the pressure of the work likely to be more than you find completely comfortable Complete the work though so that it doesn t come back to bother you at a less opportune time You ll receive considerable satisfaction as you reach the conclusions of your various tasks Be prepared to stabilize any shaky ventures and establish secure bases for future development Take care of the details and clean up all the loose ends that have been around too long Start or continue to build firm foundations for enterprises that are likely to be around for a number of years If your progress is sometimes slow remember that the work is important and keep at it Be economical in financial matters Make sure you establish good business foundations for the future too If you aren t interested in keeping watch on monetary affairs and attempt to bypass this responsibility you may have cause to regret this down the line Take care of any buying selling or trading Oversee building or remodeling as well Be sure to handle agreements contracts and other legal matters with care Don t look to luck to help you out at this time No matter what you re working on in 2021 make sure you understand the purpose of the work and your specific role in the venture Don t spend time even a short period if you feel you re in a rut or feel that you re not going to make any progress Figure out how to restructure the work in which you re engaged or how to get a clearer or different point of view so that your ongoing pursuits become meaningful When you feel any sense of tension because of the workload take some short breaks to relieve the pressure Rest play exercise or meditate to remain calm

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Special Focus For This Year In 2021 you may want to use your imaginative and creative powers to advance some particularly meaningful ventures Your versatility and resourcefulness can always be very helpful Your enthusiasm along with your ability to interest others in your broad scale projects can play a large role You generally prefer a great deal of excitement and freewheeling activity You ll have to focus your energies and attention this year though in order to involve yourself in the type of significant projects you re probably looking for You ll have to guard against restlessness impatience or impulsiveness since they ll only get in the way A good deal of work is involved in 2021 whether you choose to work on humanitarian charitable ventures or a project primarily devoted to satisfying your own personal ambitions Spend part of your time taking care of details that must be attended to Expend some effort too firming up foundations for future work Take a trip when you need it in order to relieve any tension brought on by your workload Allow time for family and friends Look to those you re close to for the support you may need throughout the year

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ESSENCE Your 13 4 Essence January 1 to June 28 Your Essence during this period is the same as the one described for last year Expect the same kinds of events opportunities to occur as you have already been experiencing Make sure though to use the approach of the new Personal Year as you encounter the events that unfold at this time

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ESSENCE Your 19 1 Essence June 29 through December 31 During this period be ready to encounter events and opportunities that have a strong impact on your life that lead to your becoming more independent Before you can obtain the independence you ve been looking for though you must first change the limiting situations that are currently holding you back Your achievement of independence will take much effort on your part as you work to overcome the obstacles and problems in your way As you make the effort you ll find a new understanding and awareness that leads you towards the independence you seek This can sometimes be a difficult period full of important lessons that can help you to grow and develop Only after working to become freer can you obtain the advancement you desire Because your Essence for this period points in a very different direction than the Personal Year you may find that things do not go as easily or as smoothly as you d like Your need for independence and self centered attainment at this time conflicts with the potential for substantial material achievement that can occur when your motivation is to help others You may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable balance It s possible too that you may try to avoid one of these energies all together You ll find though that it resurfaces no matter what you do Sometimes a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy then the other If at all possible try to find an approach to the events and opportunities during this period that allows both energies to work together This isn t always easy but it can provide the best use of the potentials available

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MONTHLY HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2021 Although you find lots of new opportunities in January turn your attention only to the one or two that are most promising During April take advantage of any financial possibilities that seem helpful A new direction that presents itself in June also is worth looking into Be very sensitive to your colleagues and coworkers in July In August begin to make good use of that imaginative idea you ve been developing Accept the large workload in September recognizing that it may lead to an important break through in October

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January 2021 Your 5 Personal Month Be prepared for a lot of activity and excitement as 2021 gets underway Expect a good deal of social activity and perhaps some romance Spend time with your friends but limit your socializing if necessary so you have enough time to investigate the many new possibilities that come your way Some new input is likely to help move your ongoing ventures ahead during the week of January 7th Between January 17th and 26th some sparkling new opportunities are likely to come to your attention with what appear to be significant influences with dynamic potential Carefully investigate the projects before you Make sure you can carry out the tasks involved Move ahead only when you ve established to your own satisfaction that the promised potential has a reasonable chance of developing Don t be surprised if these ventures point in new directions or involve an unusual spiritual emphasis Take on only as much as you can handle comfortably

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February 2021 Your 6 Personal Month Although you re anxious to make progress on your new and long term endeavors a number of interruptions keep getting in your way this month Around February 3rd or 9th domestic matters that need immediate attention crop up Some quarrels or misunderstandings possibly in regard to a romantic interest must be resolved too particularly on or around February 12th Legal tax or insurance affairs related to your home or other family property also must be taken care of Important family get togethers are likely to require your attendance as well as your help in preparation during the weeks of February 14th or 23rd Be very patient and keep your feelings under control Try to avoid being resentful Recognize that some of your relatives have an interest in you as well as the ability to open important doors Although it may appear that you re marking time throughout much of February a few subtle actions probably initiated by relatives or close friends are apt to add up to substantial forward movement

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March 2021 Your 7 Personal Month You have lots of matters to work on in March You may want to spend a good part of the month on your own Make sure though that your colleagues and friends are aware that you need the solitude so that they don t feel annoyed or ignored Be sure to allow the time necessary possibly during the weeks of March 8th or 22nd to maintain the closeness of your relationships During the time you have by yourself between March 3rd and 18th contemplate your options and develop your plans for the rest of the year In particular study or research an important idealistic venture that you ve been considering Make preparations to launch your efforts on this project sometime in April Also expend some of your effort to set up a regular exercise or meditation program to give you the kind of relaxation you ll need to go along with the heavy work schedule you re likely to be carrying March 27th may be a good time to get a general health checkup

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April 2021 Your 8 Personal Month In April strong forward strides in several directions are possible Your ongoing business enterprises should advance around April 9th although a good deal of organization work probably will be required to move things along Take care of the financial matters that come to your attention particularly if they re likely to open doors in the near future If you completed plans last month to get an especially significant venture moving prepare to launch that new enterprise at the favorable moment this month most likely during the weeks of April 14th or 23rd Complete the required contracts agreements and other legal matters by April 29th If the venture involves humanitarian causes be ready to devote an amount of your current effort to making a strong start Don t be surprised if you have to take time from personal affairs to do the work properly

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May 2021 Your 9 Personal Month An enterprise or a phase of work may conclude during the week of May 6th You also may reach a parting of the ways with a colleague or friend between May 9th and 15th Either or both of these endings are likely to give you a good deal of freedom you hadn t anticipated by removing some restrictive tendencies Handle these matters and the other situations you re dealing with this month with extreme sensitivity Chances are you ll have to face a considerable amount of emotion Take precautions to keep matters on an even keel particularly between May 18th and the end of the month Express your feelings as clearly as you can and help others do the same If a misunderstanding occurs clear communication on both sides will be helpful in preventing damage to a friendship Keep your important enterprises moving ahead despite all this distracting activity Take time too to maintain your close relationships Handle romantic matters with great delicacy

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A Last Word The information contained in this profile can be remarkably helpful Read it once or twice when you first receive it Read it again when important opportunities come your way You may learn as many people have to benefit by making the most of the described possibilities by preparing beforehand Read the profile too when you feel stuck You may benefit by figuring out how to deal with the difficulties in a better way If you see a problem coming a re reading may show you how to prepare for that problem before it actually occurs You may be surprised and delighted at the many times that the information in the profile contributes significantly to your life