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Your Mamamorphosis

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Copyright © 2021 Nicole ObenshineAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission ofthe copyright owner, except for the use of brief quotations ina book review. To request permissions, contact the publisher paperback edition January 2020.Edited by Nicole ObenshineCover art by Ximena VasquezLayout by Sarah ElleYour Mamamorphosis1675 Breakers DrManahawkin, NJ

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To you, mama. Now part of my village,You are about to embark into the unknown.The most beautiful, raw, empowering uncertaintyyou have ever imagined. Lean into it. Trust yourself,and don't let anyone coerce you into thinking thatyou are anything less than a fierce warrior. It may seem scary now, but I promise you it is allworth it. I have complete faith in you, Mama. It is time now to grow, in all levels of yourself.Let this be your guide, define your journey, andtrust the path set forth.With light,NicoleSometimes life will catapult you into theunknown knowing you are the only personperfect for the job. Do not waste this precious transformationdoubting yourself or fearing what is in store foryou.You are giving life to the highest version of lovein the universe. Surrender to yourmetamorphosis, mama. You were made for this.Love always,SarahTo my Soul Family,

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Hello and Welcome to this Miraculous Journey!Please allow this planner to guide you, support you, and nurture you during this trulyempowering time in your life. It is no secret that pregnancy, birth, and having a newborn is atime of transformation in every woman's life. It is a little scary, mostly exciting, and most of all,full of uncertainty. So give yourself grace and set realistic expectations. Let this planner act as a guide and an outline for you. Our intention is to give you space tocollect your feelings, thoughts, and all the things that come along with this transformative time. Let this information empower you to make your own choices, to let go of age-old conditioning about birth, and allow yourself to fully step into your light and power asyou embark on the greatest journey of your life. Thank you for making yourself a priority. It is the most important decision you can make. Ahealthy and happy mom is the most crucial thing that a baby needs to flourish. Remember that.There are a ton of resources within these pages. Consider us part of your village because thebirth of your child will take one.To my dearest __________________,With light,Nicole & SarahWelcome toMotherhood" I F A W O M A N H O L D S T H E P O W E R T O C R E A T E L I F E , S H EA L S O H O L D S T H E P O W E R T O C R E A T E T H E L I F E S H E W A N T S . "he l lo @yo ur m am amo rp h os is. co m www .yo ur mam amo rp hos is. co m @yo ur m am amo rp h os ishe l lo @my wo m bl igh t. c omhe l lo @th eb u tt erf ly e ff ect pl a nn er. co m

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She experienced vast challenges and triumphs throughout both of her perinatal journeys.From fertility to postpartum she knows the highs and lows that come with Motherhood.She is now on a mission to support and empower the maternal community and does so inmany aspects. She is the founder of the Womb Light® Energy Academy, Published Author of Mama Bare:The Grizzly Truths of Motherhood. Holding multiple certifications in healing modalities suchas EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Yoga, along with various other projects, including thisplanner- her vision is to raise the vibration of the maternal community through Energy,Education, and Empowerment. She loves spending time in the sun, anything that makes her laugh, and connecting withher higher self. Traveling is a passion as well as reading, creating, and occasionallypainting. You can learn more about Nicole at or in addition to following her on Instagram @womblightenergy or @mamabarebook.Nicole Obenshine is a mother of two boys.A Little Aboutthe AuthorsSarah Elle is an aspiring mother.For now, she is the author of a multitude of personal development resources atTheButterflyEffect Planner. As she embarks on the journey of fully immersing herself in themind and spirit of a mother, she fills her days writing and healing all areas of her life. Sarah is a young soul, ready to share her wisdom by partnering with individuals across theglobe to create workbooks as well as programs to inspire and educate her readers todefine the life of their dreams. Her efforts with Nicole are to learn the truths and enigmas of motherhood so she may helpwomen realize that there are infinite ways of living a life unique to our dreams and that weeach hold the power to create the life that we desire.You can follow her journey online by following her on Instagram and@thebutterflyeffectplanner or simply visit her website

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No matter How you got HereYou are Perfect for PregnancyPracticing SurrenderSelf-First is not SelfishWhen does it get Easier?Lean on Each OtherLet's talk about Sex, baby.FIRST TRIMESTEROur goal for this planner was to give youthe information to make the decisions ofhow YOU want your birth and postpartumexperience to be, but also prepare you forwhat may arise during the process.The intention was to give you a little extrasupport, gentle reminders, and a sacredspace for you to pour your thoughts andfeelings into. This is a record of reminders,questions for your providers, and justgeneral to-dos so that you can declutteryour mind and focus on the most importantthing…. yourself.We sincerely hope this journal brings youpeace and power during this beautiful,miraculous journey in your life. Take a peekbelow to discover what lies ahead! Your friends,Nicole & SarahTable of ContentsBe GentleBellies & BumpsYour Registry EssentialsWhat's a Pelvic Floor?Choosing YOUR BirthImagine a MamaThe exception, not the rule.SECOND TRIMESTERThe Feeling is MutualThe Need for NestingCommunication is KeyMaster ManifestorThe First Forty DaysWhat’s a PMAD?Patience and TrustTHIRD TRIMESTERYour Permission SlipFeeding FrenzyFinding your FlowYour New YoniSleep is Your SaviorSix-Week Milestones & Myths!Better than BeforeKeep your Village closeNourish yourselfDays are Long, Years are ShortDon’t Worry about the Next OneYou are a CreatorPOSTPARTUMRESOURCES & GRATITUDE

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Simple, babe. However the F*** you want!Think of this as a guide but not an obligation. Do not allow yourself tofeel guilt or disappointment if every page is not filled. It is here for youwhen you need it. It won’t be offended if you ignore it for a few daysor forget to return a text.Use this theology in Motherhood as well. Release the expectations,guilt, and need to be perfect. It’s not realistic. You are enough exactlyas you are in each moment.How to Use this Workbook:This Workbook:CANINCLUDESEducational and Empowering Information, Stories, andArticlesValuable Information for every stage of your journey.Journal Prompts to work through your fears andfeelings.Birth Plan options, guided but your intuitive choices thatare best for your family.Postpartum Plan Template to help you define clearboundaries and avenues of support.Pages for your own Birth Story to be written andcherished.Tear out Affirmation page for your Birth Space.Special Womb Light® Healing Meditation Practice andoffer.Balance your life during this miraculous transformation.Grow into a Guide for Motherhood filled with Grace andCompassion.Be a Sacred Space for your Birth Story and all the importantmemories you make along the way.Be an anchor when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

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No matter how you conceived this littlebundle of miraculous cells, your body iscurrently undergoing major shifts. You arepossibly feeling an array of miserablesymptoms in addition to increased nervesbecause you are now responsible forkeeping another human being alive, withyour own body.But please, do not panic. You were made forthis. Lean into the symptoms and remindyourself how they are temporary and all partof the ability to create another human beingwithin. Feel immense gratitude for your bodyand even yourself as a whole as this newjourney begins.The first few months are usually a “waitinggame” for getting into the “safe zone.”However, try to shift your mindset and feelthe light inside. Stay in the moment and trynot to let that worry or anticipation takeaway from the right now. Right now, you holdwithin your Womb the most intricate creationon the planet. Congratulations to you, Mama.There are many remedies for the symptomsyou may be experiencing. Listen to yourbody. Rest, hydrate, slow down and nourishyourself during this time.Know that you are supported at the highestlevels and supported by Mother Earth.Connect to her energy when you feel out ofsorts, she is full of abundance and warmth.Download an app like Glow or What toExpect to follow along week by week. But,this planner will focus on more than whatfruit your baby may look like, however, bothare equally important. A due date is only an estimation. Do notcling to this date but know that two weeks,before and after, are a good range of whenyour baby could arrive.You are in the driver’s seat- not yourdoctor, not your spouse, not society.You can say NO to any test, any treatment,and anything you choose to.You can ask for more information and choose not to decide until you are satisfiedwith your answers.There are options, you deserve to knowthem.There are endless resources for supportduring pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.You are not alone.Your family means well, except they don’tknow what they don’t know. Accept theiradvice gratefully and then do whatultimately feels right for you anyways.You are strong, capable, and made for this!Listen to your intuition and your body ifsomething is off.It is OKAY to ask questions and seek help.Try to not dive into all the stories of otherwomen. There’s a bad scenario out therefor every situation, that doesn’t have to bepart of your story.Most of the time, it gets easier in thesecond trimester.Take those belly pics, share those bump-dates, and do anything that FEELS good toyou!A few kind reminders tokeep by your side, as youbegin your gestationaljourney:Welcome, mama.

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You may have an exact vision for yourpregnancy, birth and newborn, or you mayhave no idea what to expect at all. Both aretotally fine. Use this space to get all your thoughts out-words, paragraphs, doodles. We've givenyou a few writing prompts to inspire somethought and allow you to dig deep into whatyou believe about pregnancy. Just allow your answers to flow.What are you fears aroundpregnancy at the moment?How do you feel about your changingbody?Explain your vision (if any) for yourbirth?Who can you lean on if things get abit overwhelming?What baby décor themes have youthought about? What kind of “cute stuff” are you mostexcited about?Gender reveal, yes or no? Talk abouthow you’ll feel if it’s a boy/girl.What are you most excited about?Baby bump, pregnancy glow, etc. How are you feeling? What remedies do you know or canyou look up for these symptoms?What emotions is pregnancy stirringup within you?Confronting your Fears aroundPregnancy:And, now for the fun stuff:How is pregnancy interacting with yourbody?1st Trimester Writing Prompts

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I am not speaking foreveryone, but what I havefound is that pregnancy istreated as a weakness ordisability, birth is looked atlike a medical emergency,and moms are expected totake on the role ofeverything the moment they“deliver” a baby.In reality, women are themost important element inthe world. Without us, andthe power of birthing life-the world would not exist. Conception is a miracle.Pregnancy is your time tofeel empowered anddiscover all the beauty andstrength that resides withinyou. And birth is theembodiment of the creatoryou are. Motherhood can bemagical, but it is not easy.We must allow ourselves torecover, heal, and ultimatelytransform beyond thewoman we used to be.So much goodness liesahead for you and, for some,this may not be your firstjourney. All that you willdiscover within this plannerwill prepare you for whatyou have yet to encounter.Don’t let it overwhelm you.Let it excite and exhilarateyou for what is to come.Know that you aresupported, you are capable,and that you can do it (nomatter how many times youwill doubt yourself.)Make a promise to yourselfto create a list of prioritiesand put yourself on topeach and every day. With the right mindset, theright information, and theright village- yourexperience will be what youhave always dreamed of.You are here. Right now, in this moment. Let’s focus on the present. I certainly hope you arefeeling well. If you are not, please know that all the feelings of unease, uncertainty, andunwell are just temporary. Be gentle with yourself and your body in these first few weeks asyou adjust to the influx of hormones and magic that is happening within you.Try your best to release thestruggles you may havefaced, the uh-ohs that mayhave occurred, or anythingthat keeps you in the past sothat you can focus on rightnow, where you are, readingthese words, and gracefullygrowing life inside of you.Begin to feel how capable,strong, and miraculous youare. Your body is creatinganother life.I feel that, in society,as part of thepatriarchal energythat we have livedwith for the last fewthousand years -women, pregnancyand all thingssurrounding birth andmotherhood aresubject to aperception that isquite the opposite ofwhat it truly is.hereNo Matter How you Gotor, what it took for you to get pregnant...

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We would like to share a few journal prompts with you to help you recognize your currentconditioning around pregnancy, and support you in identifying the beliefs you might havepicked up about how pregnancy and becoming a mother can be for youYou get to choose your own beliefs around motherhood and yes, girl, you get to do this yourway. If you confront a few limitations around what you think you have to do or how this mustgo down for you, we're inviting you to think beyond your programming and consciouslydefine a new paradigm for yourself and your journey into parenthood. My own definition of MotherhoodWhat has been your perception of pregnancy in others and now for yourself?What has society taught/conditioned you to believe about this time in your life?What beliefs may need to be shifted so that you can feel completely confidentand empowered right from the beginning?

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Actually, there is no such thing as perfect and it’s best to learn that right now. Learn to embrace your imperfection, flaws, chaos, and uncertainty. Because you areenough. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually... and all the ly’s remotelypossible. There is no height you must be to ride this ride. There is no weight limit to take this trip.There is no minimum requirement or certification you need to be a good mother. Sodon’t let anyone, including your medical team, tell you otherwise. Even if they are themost qualified professionals available, if you feel like they are treating you a certain waybecause of your age, background, relationship status, (or worst of all) size- find yourself anew provider. You can switch once, twice, or as many times as you need to in order to feel completelysupported, encouraged, and informed. You deserve to be seen and honoured exactly asyou are. You have the right to be heard when something doesn’t feel right. You deserve itall! Your body is completely capable of nourishing, growing, and birthing this baby. Yes, mama. You were made for this. Anytime you are feeling low about your ever-changing physical vessel, remember yourbeating heart and the trillions of cells in your body that work so hard for you. Allowyourself to relish in the ability you possess to grow an entire human being within you! You are utterly magical, babe. So yes, sweet friend, you are perfect for this pregnancy... exactly as you are.In the following page, we'll share a few journal prompts you can do to cultivate some ofthat confidence you need to speak up, own your body, and make the most of thisadventure at every step of the way. Feel free to think on these things!Y o u a r e p e r f e c t f o rPregnancy

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How do you currently feel about your body?How supported and educated do you feel with your current provider?How confident are you in asking questions, seeking more information and makingdecisions that you know are best for you and your baby?How can you feel gratitude and worth for your physical vessel right now?Perfect for Pregnancy Journal Prompts

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Let go of expectations, control, beliefs,fears, and tension. Letting go of your gripover the moment. I call it an “art” becausethere are many ways to infuse it into yourlife and master it but, of course, it takespractice. Pregnancy is different for everyone, every time. Birth is unpredictable. Babies have mindsof their own, and postpartum can be themost glorious or gut wrenching time ofyour life. I don’t say this to scare you, but toprepare you. After all, this is what we'rehere for. The best thing to do is staypresent in each moment and surrender theneed to control any of what is to come. Letthe flow take you where it needs to andtransform you into who you desire (and aremeant) to be as a mother. Now there is a difference betweenSurrender and Compliance.You are in control of a few things: yourdecisions, the information you choose todigest, and the choices you make foryourself and your baby. 100%. Do notcomply with what the traditional medicalsystem suggests if it does not feel rightfor you. However, I am suggesting that yousurrender the need to manipulate whatwill happen, how it will happen, and whenit will happen.Just allow it to unfold as it is meant to andsimply invest your energy into ensuringthat you are confident, supported andprepared for the situations that can occur,but not necessarily, will. Don’t overthink the "what if" scenarios.Leave those to the trained professionals. Lean into all the experiences that comewith Motherhood as they arise. In them,you find your innermost strength, beauty,courage, and power. Surrender to yourbody and its many changes. Surrender toyour baby and the knowing that what iswill be good enough. And, if you can beginto practice this now, by the time babyarrives, you will be a professional!Practice SurrenderComing from a control freak, this isone of the most crucial pieces ofadvice I can give you. During this time,early in your gestational journey, it iscritical that you practice the art ofletting go.

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your best birth, your best postpartum & your best baby! Surrender toWhat do you usually hold onto? (emotions, control, anxieties, resentment)How could you incorporate ‘letting go’ into a daily routine?What does your best birth look like right now? (Don’t worry, we'll dive deep into this later)Write about what surrender means to you?

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As women and mothers, we add all these layers ofperfectionism, productivity, service, altruism, andshame. For what? So that we can seemingly have it all together, andbe able to “do it all?” Well, F*ck that! You are human, but you are a freaking magical oneat that. You create life. You deserve to feel worthyof the world. You deserve to feel filled to the brim,ready to over-pour your love and beauty ontoothers. However, most of the time we are so deeplysunk into the guilt and expectations of holding up tosociety's perception of moms, that we loseourselves. For what? To steer clear of judgment, orunworthiness, or to avoid not feeling good enough?Well, mama you are absolutely inspiring andluminary! No matter how messy your house is, orhow many days it has been since you shaved.Never mind how many times you have felt guilty formaking yourself a priority over everyone elseincluding that beautiful baby of yours. Do not letanyone make you feel selfish for making yourselfyour top priority. Do you know what happens when you do that?EVERYONE BENEFITS! Do you know what happens when you don’t…. NOONE BENEFITS! Make sure you are holistically healthy and feelingwell. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually,sexually, environmentally, relationally - etc. In allaspects, fill your cup first. Self-first is what everymother deserves. Self-first creates a happy andhealthy family dynamic.Let’s stop holding ourselves tounrealistic expectations and thenfeeling like sh*t because wecannot live up to them. Change your expectations towhatever the hell works for you,without any concern to how itlooks on the outside. This may seem harsh, but as amom you deserve to give zerof*cks about anyone’s opinionbecause you are the only onewho knows what is best for you,your babies, and your family. This is your permission slip."Mom Guilt isbullshit." To quoteRachel Hollis. "That reallyresonated withme. It’s powerfulbecause it isabsolutely true."Self-First is not Selfish

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You are pregnantand you arepowerful. You arebold and you arebeautiful. Trust your body tobirth and knowthat the collectivepower of womenworldwide will bewith you.”What expectations are you trying to live up to?What is one thing you can do today to fill your cup?What are other ways that you can make yourself a priority?What can you do to shift the perception of “super mom”?Self-First is not Selfish Journal Prompts

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That is when it gets easier. Once you findyour center and allow all else to flowthrough you. You will own yourself as awhole, no matter what it looks like on thesurface and enjoy your unique journey ofpregnancy however Life intended it foryou.Undoubtedly, there will be days that testyou. That's life. In the moments yourawareness is consumed by the pain ofgrowth, the emotions of multiplyinghormones, and during the difficultmoments of fear or anxiety, come back toyourself and become ultimately presentwith the life force that is dwelling andexpanding inside of you. Don't evade the fears that arise, for theywill guide you to cultivate unconditionallove for yourself and the child you arebringing to life. Face them withcompassion. And, instead of ignoring thepain you will undoubtedly encounter, feel itand allow it to pass through you as life'sessential way of creating more life.Maybe, instead of focusing on when it willget easier, let yourself grow stronger with it.There has been some heavy (butnecessary) information passed down toyou in the last couple of weeks, so here isyour reassurance that it does get easier.Eventually, you do feel more empoweredand capable of handling it all... at somepoint. That point is different for everyone.However, you get to decide! The physicalsymptoms of pregnancy can certainly feeloverwhelming, but don’t worry (most of thetime) they go away by week 14-16 andreality feels a little more “normal” again.So the best thing you can do right now isgive yourself grace, take time to rest,honour what your body is telling you as itgoes through these internal shifts.Pregnancy is so much more than thefantasies and highlight reels we see onlineof the adorable bump-dates, nursery decor,and baby doo-dads that fill your timeline.Trust me, that stuff will come. Don't getdiscouraged. But remember to embracethe reality of this miraculous process, inwhichever way it presents itself to you.Within the mood swings, discomfort, andyour ever-changing physical body, you willfind your true self and you will let your innerlight shine all the way through!When does itget easier?

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How can I lean in to bliss during thedifficult parts of my pregnancy?How will I ask for help when I need it?How will I handle matters that are outof my hands?What would make my life easier duringthis pregnancy?What can I do to naturally relax duringthis major transformation in my life?Let's makethis easier...

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As pregnancy becomes your new routine, there maybe some days where you just need some extra love,compassion, and empathy from your partner/spouse.Tensions may rise as your belly grows. "Annoying" seems to bethe lingering word when thinking about your other half. Thoughtsof why you are dealing with all of this and they are not. Feelingsof jealousy, resentment, and disgust can even occur. Giveyourself grace when this happens.Know that it is common. It is a hormonal and emotional time foryou and unknown territory for them. The best thing you can dowhen this happens is to acknowledge that it's happening and tryto communicate kindly and proactively.Maybe you use an emotional “safe word” for the next fewmonths when you need to just “be” there for each other withoutany expectations, or when you need to just vent how you arefeeling and let out the emotions when you are feelingoverwhelmed.Also, permit them to not know how to help in every moment.Return to the foundation point of your love and your life together,and find that common ground when you're feeling out of sortswith one another.Pregnancy, babies, and parenthood can change so much, butnothing changes the mutual reason that brought this little beingto you.Lean on that.Lean on Each Other.Lean on each otherM A K I N G I T T H R O U G H D I F F I C U L T I E S T O G E T H E R

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Think onThink on these things...these things...Have you experienced any annoyances in any of the relationships in your life right now?Talk about your emotional safe word and when will be the right time to use them?What can you do to be mindful of those moments when you need a little extra love?Journal Prompts to think on during those difficult times...

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All your life you’ve dreamed of a little boy or girl and your spouse (probably has dreamed ofthe opposite, maybe not). And you now have this little bundle of joy in your belly and thebiggest question you have (besides the obvious health ones) is, what gender is it? The anticipation has been excruciating, but the moment is finally here. You either are at yourdoctor’s appointment or you are about to cut a cake (or pop a balloon) in front of family,friends, and Facebook, and... it’s not what you’ve been hoping for. It is OK to feel sad if the “winning team” wasn’t yours. Most people will tell you “As long as it’s healthy” and of course that is true. Of course, you willlove him or her no matter what. Those are not the point. The point is, you are human and youhad a dream, fantasy, or vision of your little boy/girl since you were little, and now is themoment that you find out it is not exactly how you imagined it would be. Mourn, grieve, and even cry if you have to. You will not love your baby any less. You are not abad Mama for wishing things could be different. It will all be okay and you’ll look back andforget you ever felt this way once that little nugget is here and smiling up at you!But right now, at the moment you discover out it’s not what you were hoping for, allowyourself to feel whatever you need to feel. Process it and allow it in. No judgment, no shame. We get it. It’s not “just sex.”Let's talk aboutSexSexbabySo, there’s something that is RARELY discussed, howeverhappens probably more than we think… maybe it’s even safe tosay 50% of the time. Gender disappointment.

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Have you thought about a gender reveal? Jot down your ideas here.What gender are you hoping for? How will you feel if it’s not that?Have baby name websites flooded your browsing history yet? This can be a challenge to findthe “perfect” name for your bump. Take some space to write out your top ten!Let's write about Sex, baby.

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Congratulations Mama! You haveofficially made it to your secondtrimester!You have gone through an entire “season”of pregnancy. How are you doing? Has it been tough orterrific? Has it been scary or sacred? The second trimester is known to bedifferent than the first.Most of the time the second trimesterbrings more energy, less sickness, andmore of the stability in hormonal-ness. Ifyou haven’t already found out the gender(if you plan to, of course), that time willarrive shortly.You can begin to plan the registry. You’llstart to “show” and even maybe begin tofeel those first flutters. "As you know, pregnancy is a different ridefor everyone, every time. Lean into theuncertainty when necessary."Begin to think about your birth plan, yourbirth team, who you want to support youthroughout this magical journey. Begin to think about where you want to bewhen you meet your baby for the first time.Start setting intentions for how you desireyour birth to be so you can step fully intothe knowing that it can unfold exactlywhat you want it to.Over the course of this trimester, we willexplore in-depth the various choices andopportunities you have to decide whatYOU want during your pregnancy, birthand beyond! The goal of this planner is to give you theeducation, the encouragement, andempowerment to create your bestexperience. Because, Mama, you absolutely deserve it.Anticipation and AnxietiesBellies & BumpsYour Registry EssentialsWhat's a Pelvic Floor?Choosing YOUR BirthImagine a MamaThe exception, not the rule.Belly starts growing and "showing"Baby starts growing hair, skin, andnails.Baby's digestive system begins todevelopSenses are beginning to develop aswell, specifically, he or she can hearyour heartbeatBaby's heartbeat begins to regulateCongestionMild swelling of ankles and feetSensitive gumsFatigueNauseaFrequent UrinationLeg crampsAches in the lower abdomenVaricose VeinsHemorrhoids Potential PreeclampsiaPotential Gestational DiabetesDuring this second trimester, you canexpect the following chapters and phases.Your second trimester is a time of furtherdevelopment for your baby. Some of thedevelopmental changes include:And, as much as we anticipate smoothersailing from here, there are symptoms youshould look out for and speak to yourdoctor about if they raise any concerns. Your body will adjust uniquely to thisprocess. You could skip out on thesesymptoms altogether. Become familiarwith how your body interacts with Round 2of your pregnancy.

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Have you noticed any changes from early pregnancy to now?What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?What is weighing on your mind?Take some time to reflect on the following journal prompts. Feel and express gratitude for your body as it begins to shift into exactlywhat it needs to for your baby to develop healthily.

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So things are beginning to feel “more real” as you make your way into more of the double-digit weeks! With that, you may begin having some increased excitement, nervousness, or aton of other emotions as well. This is your reminder to be gentle with yourself. Be kind, compassionate, and loving to theperson who needs it most…. You! You are probably thinking "easier said than done," right? Well, that’s what this planner is herefor... You! So here are a ton of suggestions for you to practice this gentleness, take what works, inventyour own, and leave what doesn't work for you. And, in the following page, you can take afew extra self-care coupons for when you need them and share them with your partner orspouse too. Breathe deep. Inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, pause for 4. Lather-Rinse- Repeat 10x.Take a short walk, feel the sun on your skin, connect to the wind and allthings nature. Do nothing. Get cozy in the most comfortable seat and just let go of alltension you may be holding.Shower, bath, or even just a face mask. Eat your favourite thing on theplanet (even if it’s on the “no-no” list)Find your favourite Album, Playlist, or Station and blast that shit.Take a scroll detox. Disconnect with all those overwhelming energies ofsocial media. Meditate or experience sound healing, search youtube for a guided oneand sink in.Shop, buy something you’ve been wanting without any guilt. Make a hot drink and cuddle up with your honey. Schedule a spa service (Massage, Womb Light™ or Energy HealingSession, Pedicure, Hair Cut)Watch your favourite movie or binge your favourite series.Watch some stand up comedy for a good belly laugh. (Maybe have apad on too, wink wink) Fill your soul with joy however that looks for you!Be gentle with yourself

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Say "Yes" toAnythingIt could be a date night, a l ate-night r un forsome weird craving food, or s imply "YES"to doing chores I don't want to do.Wild CardAnything I ask for, this coup on canbe used once by each member of therelationship. No matter the r equest.Kiss & Make UpI may have said something I d on'tmean, but this coupon is myforgiveness card to put thischallenge behind us.Let meWhineWhether I'm tired, emotional, cranky,or in pain. This coupon acts as aFREE pass for whining, crying , orcomplaining.Get Out ofOne ChoreI need help doing this chore. Thiscoupon acts as a get out of c horesfree card. One chore done by eithermember of the relationship.Dinner ofyour ChoiceIt's sometimes difficult to f ind theenergy while I'm growing this baby.This coupon allows me to requestone night off from cooking.One FREEMassageMy body is sore, babe. I'm us ing thiscoupon for a FREE massage. Eachmember of the relationship ca n usethis.Quiet/AloneTimeThis coupon acts as an emotional freebywhich allows me to take some time tomyself. This can be used befo re, during, orafter an argument.NO MA TTER THE REQU EST, SAY YES! ONE F REE REQUEST"I 'M SORRY, BABE"I NEE D SOME SUPPOR TDISHE S, LAUNDRY OR OTHER BREAK FAST, LUNCH O R DINNERANYWH ERE ON THE BO DYI' M O VERWHELMED AN D NEED TIME

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By now, you may be "showing" more prominently and even feeling your littleone inside you! This is such a magical time because (unselfishly) you begin tobond and connect with this little human before anyone else in the world does. This may, at first, feel out of sorts but I know that despite the drastic changes (and possiblediscomfort) you will miss the bump after your newborn arrives in this world. This bond between you and your little one starts in the womb. You will learn theirpersonality and discover what excites them as well as what calms them down. You aretheir home for the time being. You are clearly their everything. Undoubtedly, your belly is going to grow and stretch, and it may even leave a few marks ordiscoloration. This is but a small “price” to pay for the divine value you will receive at the endof your term. Embrace your belly and lean into gratitude for this miraculous expansion. Don’t compare your bump to others. It doesn't matter how they "show" versus how youcarry. Your unique way of nourishing your baby is perfect, and there's nothing more you areobligated to do. Now, please mama, don’t shy away from pictures or photoshoots if you want them either.You are going to wish for these memories when the time passes (and so will your baby asthey grow older.) Don’t allow Instagram or Pinterest pregnancies to discourage you. Yourvision and your body are beautiful, no matter who else posts photos. Take some deep, life-force breaths into your beautiful belly and feel all the appreciation,love, and joy in the world for it! You are a creator, after all. Your belly grows because you arethe only essence on the planet that is capable of creating a home within you for anotherhuman being. Divine, isn't it? Your bump shows just how incredibly powerful you are.Show it off, hold it tight, and never doubt how beautiful it is on you. Bellies & Bumps"Cherish every flutter, every kick, every nudge, and every hiccupyou feel in there. Nothing in the world compares to those feelings."

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How do you feel about yourbelly?Take a few moments to writeall the amazing things aboutyour body right now.In what ways can you expressgratitude for your body andbelly?Write about your first fluttersand kicks! You’ll want toremember this later!Moisturize with Lotion or Oilto minimize stretch marksTalk to your bumpSafe exercises to tone upduring pregnancy (optional)Buy or do anything thatprovides back supportListen to your bodyLet's journal:Bump Care:

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A PHYSICAL THERAPIST FORYOUR LADY PARTS? WHY IS THIS SUCH ASECRET!?"The first time I heard about a Pelvic FloorTherapist, I was intrigued why this wasn’t morewidely known. But after connecting with a localpractice and having them speak at an event I washosting, they wound up literally saving my lifeduring my second pregnancy. At around 15 weeks of my second pregnancy, Ihad this awful pain and weakness somewherebetween my hips and upper vagina region. It would come and go, but sometimes it would beso bad that I could not even lift my legs. This wenton until the 20-week mark when I finallyremembered this awesome resource I learnedabout. I made an appointment shortly after, andafter just one session, I was feeling so muchbetter. With that said, I continued to see her throughoutthe pregnancy and even during postpartum. Shehelped with a multitude of symptoms that Ihonestly believe most women just “deal with”during their pregnancy when we simply don’thave to. Pain, weakness, range of motion, andINCONTINENCE! They're all easy fixes when youhave a PFT.My posture was causing a lot of this internalstress. She taught me that by being mindful of it,and combining the efforts of some easyexercises, I would feel much better and peemyself way less!"What's a Pelvic Floor Therapist?PY T? HOW ABOUT PFT ?That’s right, Mama!If you have neverbeen a “leaker,”pregnancy is the timewhere you could start."It’s not because you don’t knowhow to hold it in, but simplybecause everything isexpanding. The baby is usingyour bladder for boxing practice.We all know this too well, theoccasional laugh, cough, orsneeze could be just enoughpressure to send some fluiddripping down your leg.No shame in this game, Mama.But, if you get yourself a PelvicFloor Therapist, you can get itunder control. Bonus round! My PFT was able to check meinternally after the baby too. She“cleared” us for intercourse evenbefore my 6-week postpartumvisit. I had did not tear and I actuallyhealed quickly. Over and abovethat, they will also support you inrecovering if you need longerthan that 6-week period. Eitherway, this is an essentialprovider to research!"

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How am I feeling about the strength, pain, incontinence, and my overall “lady area”right now?Just for giggles! If you’ve experienced your first “OMG, I peed my pants moment”write about it and make light of it. (If you haven't yet, leave this space for if/when ithappens) Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of it. It happens toapproximately 99% of women! Take a few minutes to research some Pelvic Floor Specialists in your area and writetheir names here in case you need them later on.How's my Pelvic Floor?

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However, you will quickly find how little youtruly need to survive those first few weeksof infancy, and yet how vital it is to invest inyour health and wellbeing! Building your registry can be incredibly funand exciting, but it may also beoverwhelming. In that case, we've providedsome basic categories and “favorites” foryou ahead of time! #ProTip: Look for all the “free goodies andboxes” and register with multiple stores toget them. Those samples are great travelcompanions to throw in your diaper bag orto keep in your car. Also, whether you planto breastfeed, combo feed, or formula feed-enroll in Enfamil and other baby formulaprograms as well. They always give a ton offree samples and stuff for you too. Alwaysgood to have on hand. And, if you don't endup using them, you can offer it as a gift tosomeone in need.There are so many options for yourBaby Registry in this modern world. Retailers like Target, Walmart, Buy BuyBaby, Amazon, Babylist, and Kohls arefantastic for reliable support, and the list oflocal baby shops could go on forever too. However, I want to talk about another typeof registry for a moment. A registry for you,that will be beneficial for the baby too.Before you gather all the “stuff” that isneeded, make sure you add your own listof support items! Mom-support ideas like a birth doula,postpartum doula, lactation consultant,pelvic floor therapist, birth photographer, oreven a “self-care fund” are crucial elementsyou can add to your registry as a priority. You may not have the option to "add themto cart" like your major retailers, but you canexpress your mommy-wishlist in the babyshower invites or simply let your loved onesknow. Your family and friends truly want tohelp welcome a healthy baby. In that case,they may be willing to contribute to thenumber one thing that the baby needs….. ahealthy, nourished, supported, and restedmother. Some items are crucial to have once yourbundle of joy arrives. You should consider acrib to sleep, a stroller, diapers, warmclothes and blankets, bibs and burp cloths,bottles and feeding supplies, a pacifier, bathessentials, some toys, a swing or pack-and-play, ointments and lotions, and a highly-recommended sound machine. "We're here to help you buildyour Baby Registry & MommyEssentials checklist. Invest in your top priorities,and refer to this list wheneveryou're ready for more."YOUR REGISTRY ESSENTIALS CHECKLISTWHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR MOMMY & BABY REGISTRY?

Page 33

Bottles + Milk storage bagsFormula (#ProTip: formula dispensermachine)Bottle CleanerDrying RackGas Drops/Gripe WaterBoppy/Nursing PillowHigh-chair (for future essentials)Diapers (Newborn & Other) Baby WipesButt Paste/OintmentChanging Pad & CoverChanging TableDiaper BagBathtub/Lotus Flower for SinkBody Wash, Shampoo, LotionWater spout for easy rinsingBaby Towels and washclothsBassinet and/or CribBeddingSwaddlesBlankets (Muslin for Summer)Noise Machine/Night LightPacifier (Avent Soothies are a favourite)Small Sensory ToysSwing or MamarooVibrating Bouncer/Rocking SeatFeeding:Diapering:Grooming:Sleeping:Playing/Learning:Photo ID, insurance info, hospital forms andbirth planComfortable Clothes (slippers or 2-3xsocks, robe, your own pillow)Medications & Toiletries (lip balm, hair brush,toothbrush & toothpaste, lotion, deodorant,shower essentials, prescribed meds)Phone + charger, camera (if applicable)earbuds, misc (like books, magazine, playingcards)Water bottle, non-parishable snacksBirth Doula/Birth KeeperPostpartum Doula/Lactation ConsultantBirth Photographer (Optional but you’ll behappy you did)Pelvic Floor Therapist Fund (if not coveredby insurance)Self Care Fund/Date Night Fund - you’llneed this laterApproved infant car seatPostpartum panties/padsBreast Pump, nipple butter, nursing pads,milk storage bagsNursing Tops, comfortable loose clothes,nursing bra, flat shoesNewborn diapers, swaddles, newbornblankets, newborn clothes (several to fit)(Pain relief) Padsicles, FridaMom Ice Packs,Sitz BathBefore Baby Arrives: Hospital BagSupport and Wellbeing:After Baby Arrives:MOM & NEWBORN REGISTRY CHECKLISTESSENTIAL REGISTRY IDEAS FOR MOMMY & BABYFOR YOU: FOR BABY:

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Please do not let anyone tell you that the way youbring your child into this world lies out of your hands.This is entirely your choice. Everything from yourbirth team to your birth location, and all the decisionsin between, your birth is your choice. There may be times that you feel you are beingswept down a stream that could potentially lead to atraumatic or unpleasant experience. But, honey, youdo get to choose your birth.This week, we want you to reflect on who you desireby your side, who will be supporting you (medicallyand otherwise,) where your labor will take place,what kind of location you want to give birth in, howyou will push, how you want to be treated afterarrival as well as how your team will care for thebaby, who is privileged to be in the room, who getsto visit, and who will be allowed to touch and holdyour baby. These are your decisions and I highlyrecommend you get ultimately clear on thesechoices (as well as how you will express them.) Write down your decisions so that you have a clearindication of your boundaries and a record of yourexpectations. Anything less than that will not betolerated, and if these terms are not respected, youcan find a team of people who will. We often associate doctors with a hospital setting. Ifyou do not feel comfortable with your designatedprovider, you can opt for a different professional.Hospitals are also not the only places you can givebirth. There are freestanding birth centers,attached birth centers, midwife units, home births,freebirths, and more. The choice is yours, mama! You can choose your provider according to yourown needs and intuition, and switch at ANY time ifyou feel like they aren’t fully supportive of you andyour ability to birth the way you want to. As for your birth team, doulas, midwives, nursepractitioners, photographers, family members,and/or doctors are all options you have at yourdisposal that lie beyond an obstetrician. This listmay be long and uncomfortable, but it is your rightto feel safe during this transition into motherhood. This is where you are allowed to step into yourpower. You are allowed to make the choices thatserve you. I am not implying that the possibility ofcomplications and medical interventions will notarise. But they should not be your primaryexpectations. They should simply beacknowledged and allow you the power to chooseyour team wisely. I have a secret: Birth is NOT a medical emergency.You were made for this. So choose a provider thatfully supports you and honours your preferredmethods of birthing. Hire a provider that gives youall the information you demand, and not just whatis convenient for them. If you hear the words"induction" or "surgery," make sure there is a damngood reason for it and ask for a second opinion.Trust me, you will not regret making the rightchoice for you and your birth.C H O O S I N GY O U R B I R T H“Using an OB/GYN for a low-risk birth is like using an oral surgeon to clean your teeth.”

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List all the potential birth locations in your area you'd be interested in.Define who you want at your birth supporting you. (Professionally, support-wise, andin terms of your immediate circle present at birth)What does your ideal birth look like, if you could imagine it for yourself? (It’s okay tonot really know at this moment. We will dive deeper into this in the next trimester.)"Y O U AR E WOR T H IT A ND C A PABL E OF M AKIN G THES E CHO I CES"

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Our l o v e lett e r to y o u .Imagine a mama who is fully supported, who never has to question the intentions of her team.Imagine a mama who is fully encouraged, who always feels seen, heard, and understood.Imagine a mama who is fully capable, who makes the decisions she feels are right. Imagine a mama who is fully embraced, who never doubts the magic inside of her.Imagine a mama who is fully empowered, who confidently meets each surge with her breath.Imagine a mama who is fully informed, who knows exactly what possibilities lie ahead. Imagine a mama who is fully guided, who leans on her higher consciousness for the right path.Imagine a mama who is fully energized, who nourishes herself on all levels. Imagine a mama who is fully nurtured, who has an abundance of love, compassion, and beauty.Imagine a mama who is fully ignited, who allows her womb light to shine so bright.Imagine a mama who is fully secure, who is unapologetic and true in her being. Imagine a mama who is fully present, who does not dwell on the past or project into the future. Imagine a mama who is fully appreciated, who feels gratitude from the inside, out.Imagine a mama who is fully forgiving, who meets herself with grace instead of guilt. Imagine a mama who is fully deserving, who absolutely knows her worth. Inspired by Patricia Lynn Reilly’s "Imagine a Woman in Love with herself"Written faithfully by Nicole ObenshineI m a g i n e a m a m a . . .I m a g i n e t h a t m a m a i s y o u .

Page 37

A powerful message to myselfm a m a a f f i r m a t i o n sU S E T H I S S P A C E T O A F F I R MY O U R W O R T H A S A M O M

Page 38

You’ll hear about every variety of them throughout the 9-months of your term. Gestational Diabetes, PreeClampsia, Placenta Previa, Breech Babies, Hypertension, RetainedPlacenta, Hemorrhages, PreTerm Labor, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Iron Deficiencies, GeneticAbnormalities, just to name a few. But what if we shift our consciousness from the “what if” scenarios to focusing on the facts that thesecomplications happen on an "exception" basis. Birth is natural, birth is raw, birth is endurance, birth is strength, birth is beautiful. Birth is notcomplicated. People make it complicated. Our medical system makes it complicated. Our culturemakes it complicated. Insurance Companies make it complicated. This isn't to say that there aren't any risks. There can be red flags, but in the end, your story can be freeof complications. Allow yourself to carry this as your truth. Let's leave the “what if” burdens to the medicalprofessionals and to the moments when difficulties actually do arise. Otherwise, just lean on yourintuition and surrender the rest.Nicole was misdiagnosed with Hypertension and Gestational Diabetes. She was told at every stage of her pregnancy that her term would end in surgery. "I didn’t believe that bullshit and then I found a provider that didn’t believe it either. And guesswhat, I had an empowering, unmedicated water birth with no monitors, no IV, and no interventionwith a completely healthy baby, no complications to myself, not even a tear. Delivered my 9 lbs ofpure joy standing up, fully capable, and empowered to birth the way I was born to. Shift your stateof mind, right now. The rule is that birth is natural and your body was made for this! The rule is thatyou are strong, that babies come on their own divine timing, not when they are "due." Do not let a ticking clock persuade you to begin a process that will (most likely) end in anexperience that you would not have chosen. Listen to your body, your baby, and your intuition.That is the rule. You are the rule, not the exception that you hear about all the time.This is the time when you should follow the rule.COM P L ICA T I O NS H A PPE N .

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How do you hope your (ideal) birth plays out? Name some of the methods/positions you desire for your labor.How will you respond calmly if complications arise? (You are entitled to a second opinion too)THE E XCE P T I ON, N OT T H E R U L E."You have been in yourbody for your entire life. Nodata or labs can make upfor the knowingness thatyou possess within. Listen to her."- Your friend, Nicole

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Welcoming the Third TrimesterThird TrimesterWhat emotions are comingup for you as you enter intoyour last trimester ofpregnancy?What are you most lookingforward to right now?How can you settle in whenthings get uncomfortable?What information do youstill need in order to makethis a beautiful experience?These journal prompts willassist you to face thefears that still needfacing and support you inidentifying what stillneeds to beaccomplished beforeyour baby arrives. G O O D B Y E P R E G N A N C YH E L L O B I R T H & B E Y O N D

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Shit is about to get real, ladies.The fun is about to get real. The nerves are about to getreal. The bump is about to get real. The power is about toget real.The third trimester is like the last two minutes of abasketball game, it all comes down to that. Anything youhave been putting off or waiting to do, the time has come. The decisions that are still floating in the air are about tobe solidified. The nesting phase will creep up sooner than you think. The reality will sink in that this baby has to come out ofyou somehow, some way, and at some time... sooner orlater. Don’t worry mama, we got you!This may bring up extreme anxiety or extremeexcitement, but most likely, you will feel a mix of both. Over the next 12-14 weeks, you will be educated,encouraged, and empowered to dig deeper within thanever, and you will discover the amazing power that youpossess. This is all you will need to have the most beautiful birth andpositive postpartum experience.The time is here, momma. The flutters have turned into full-fledge somersaults. The bump is now a hump. The miraculous essence growing inside your body isfinally looking like the tiny human that you will meet shortly. You will begin to learn their personality traits, and you willofficially lose the words to describe the connection youhave together. Lean into this excitement, lean into that joy. Getting through theThird TrimesterThird TrimesterT R A N S I T I O N I N G F R O MP R E G N A N C Y T O B I R T HThe next few chapters willprepare you fully for theupcoming arrival of yourbundle of heaven. The Feeling is MutualThe Need for Nesting Communication is KeyMaster ManifestorThe First Forty DaysWhat’s a PMAD?Patience and TrustBirth PlanPostpartum PlanBirth Story... and onwards!

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It’s a sensation that you cannot explain until youexperience the flutters, kicks, and all themovements that you will endure in the comingweeks. This is a connection you will certainlymiss once your bump is no longer there. With every single breathe you take, you arenourishing your baby. With every meal, everyounce of water, every movement you make,they experience it with you. But also, the counterreigns true as well. Every part of their being isfelt in your body too. Their motions, theirheartbeat, even their hiccups are felt in yourbody. They grow to become part of you. Your womblight saturates every atom in, both, you and yourbaby. So cherish this time while it lasts. Relish ineach little nudge from your child, no matter howuncomfortable they get towards the end. Allow yourself to get centered, stay grounded,and direct your awareness inwards as often aspossible. Explore your connection. Let themcommunicate with you and share importantmessages and wisdom with you. Surrender toyour baby as they teach valuable lessons aboutwhat they need from you during this lifetime.The love that your baby intrinsically feels foryou is unconditional love and gratitude.These feelings are also felt within you, thelove for yourself, your life, and your bundleof goodness.Feel the gratitude for your womb space,growing and nurturing this wonderful homefor a baby. Feel the appreciation for yourplacenta. It's an organ that your body grewfrom nothing to sustain and nourish anevolving soul inside of you.Feel the love for your body. It is the onlyvessel that sustains life for you and worksso hard to harbour life for a child at eachmoment of this pregnancy.Allow yourself to feel the feelings. Don’t letthis time go by without sinking into themoments and movements. As painful as itmay become, you won’t regret enduringevery last feeling once your child leavesyour belly and enters this new world in yourarms. T H E F E E L I N GI S M U T U A L"Bonding with your babywhile they are nestled tightand cozy in your womb isprobably the most magicalfeeling you’ll ever experiencein your life, never mind justyour pregnancy."

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Use this space to write about your connection, your bond and all the littlenudges you have been feeling over the last few weeks. Express the gratitude for your body, your womb space, and yourself.What can you do to incorporate more quiet time for just you and baby whilehe/she is still within? E X P L O R I N GT H E F E E L I N G"With every twinge inside, there was a twinkle in my heart. I always got absolutely giddywhenever I felt their movements. Every single time was just as exciting as the last."

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You may have heard of the term “Nesting” and might think that it’s a cruel ploy by thecleaning materials industry to suck you into making a sparkly clean house before babyarrives. This takes away your attention from the real intention of nesting, forcing you tocompulsively clean your environment instead of putting together your authentic nest. In truth, nesting is actually instinctual for us mamas. We want to ensure that we arebuilding the perfect home for our newborn outside of the womb because they have beenin the most perfect home in the entire universe for the last nine months. This urge or jolt to clean, organize, and finalize all the loose ends during the late thirdtrimester can be consciously exciting or overwhelming the senses with the chemicals youthink you need to bring a baby into your world. Please, follow this reminder. If you do not feel the urge to super-clean everything in yourhouse because you are tired, maybe uncomfortable, or more focused on rest, do notoverextend yourself or guilt yourself into doing it. Listen to yourself, mama. Nesting isn’t about making sure your home is lemony fresh, butmore about feeling safe, comfortable, and optimal for the release of endorphins andoxytocin of all the family members.Allow yourself some help if you feel the need to reorganize (or clean.) You don't need to doit all or do it alone. Be mindful of overcompensating, overworking, or obsessively doingcleaning too. This is not the time to keep up with the Joneses. This is the time to sink into those final few weeks before baby enters your house andleaves his/her home in your womb. This is also a great time to practice communicatingyour needs, asking for support and help, and giving yourself permission to receive it. On the creative side of nesting, this is one of the most exciting and inspiring times to makesome changes in the household. If you would like to rearrange some things, clear upspace, or make some empowered renovations (I've met so many women who choose thelast 3-4 weeks of their pregnancy to start home-renovations and projects,) feel free to doso. This is your natural instinct. Follow your intuition if you desire a more aligned home-environment for your new family. Don't do all the heavy lifting, but remember that it's amama bird's natural tendency to put together the most beautiful home she can for herbaby birds. THE NEED FOR NESTING

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BUILDING MY NESTWhat’s on your Nest-List? (Nursery, playroom,master bedroom, bathroom, backyard, etc.)Who can help you with it so that you are makingsure rest is a priority? Have you asked them yet?If you haven’t felt the urge to clean, have younoticed any other sensations or yearnings?

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CommunicationCommunication is a topic that has been sprinkled throughoutthis planner thus far, but as we get closer to the time of arrivalspeaking up becomes even more crucial. We're hoping that this week's segment will inspire morecomfort in you to communicate your boundaries and needs, ask your questions, make your decisions and that you are certain that the people close to you knowwhat you want this birth to look like in case you become too tired or distracted to do so.First and foremost, communicate consciously with your partner or your “person.” Ensure that anypotential visitors, family, friends know your wishes and the protocol you have established for visitingrights and support. (Refer to your Postpartum Plan in the following pages)Then it’s time to disclose your intentions with your birth team. Make sure they are all on the same pageabout your ideal birth and the course of action you are and are not comfortable with.Decide what constitutes an emergency and what will be discussed if it should arise.Stay in tune with your highest self and your baby to ensure your connection is activated for thistransitional time. Communicating with your baby during birth is a beautiful way to guide them throughthis transition out of the womb. They will feel safe, comfortable, and protected as they make their waythrough to the new world.Express yourself confidently, clearly, consciously, and compassionately. This will ensure that yourmessage is received as well as possible by all receiving parties.Not feeling heard by your birth team professionals is a red flag that you should not ignore. Discuss yourfeelings even further with them, or replace your providers altogether. It is never too late, mama. Youdeserve someone who absolutely resonates with your desires and willing to communicate with youequally. That should include laying ALL the information on the table (and not just what they deemnecessary) as well as being receptive to your questions, concerns, and decisions. Of course, you may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but your provider should intrinsically be open toall that you have to say and give you the options or answers that support the truth and your highestoutcome. Allow yourself to open your throat chakra by including the color blue into your life. Do some neckstretches, and yoga poses that incorporate the neck. Use crystals like angelite, sodalite, and lapis lazuli. Receive energy healing or try a bija mantra “HAM”. is key

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Communication is self-love. Communication is self-compassion.Communication is key.Begin establishing all your boundaries, non-negotiables, visitor protocols andmore in your Birth and Postpartum Plans in the next couple of days.What are you struggling to express? Is there anything you want to say or tell out loud that you've been holding back?How can you effectively communicate with your providers and birth staff during your birthing process?In what ways will you guide your baby during his or her transition of birth?

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Stop believing that you don't have a say (or control)over how you birth will unfold.You are a master manifestor, a full-on divine creator. Ifyou don’t believe this, look down. Bring your attentionback to that beautiful belly you've created fromliterally nothing and a sprinkle of love. That is yourcreation. That is the collective manifestation of twopeople and divine love. So why would you leave yourbaby's birth to the hands of chance?My darling, you can have an intentional, purposeful,intuitive, empowered, sacred, and beautiful birth... Ifyou believe that you will. (Refer back to "The rule, notthe exception" if you forget this now and then.)As opposed to writing out the long list of laws (ofattraction) that may overwhelm you and confuse you,we want to guide you to manifest your empoweredbirth RIGHT NOW, YOUR WAY!There are several ways you can align your mind toyour desires for an empowered birth, and use yourenergy to magnetize all the right peoplecircumstances to unfold your most beautiful labor andmotherhood.MasterManifestorMantras (& Affirmations)Let these invokethe emotionsyou would liketo feel duringthe rest of yourpregnancy, labor, andmotherhood. Each affirmationis expressed to calm you,reassure you, and empoweryou. "I was made for this.""Each surge brings me closerto my baby." Write down somemantras of your own.Visualize your IdealBirth/LaborImagining yourbirth before ithappens allowsyour brain toexperience ascenario as if it were in reallife. This then primes yourmind to allow the unfoldingof like-minded experiencesin your life. Imagine thedetails. How would you likeyour birth to take place?Immerse yourself in the ExperienceThe key tomanifesting is tobecome such anenergetic matchfor your desiresthat they have no choice but totranspire in reality. What wouldyou see, hear, and feel duringthe experience of meeting yourbaby for the first time? Expressyour emotions and feelingsBirth can bepeaceful and pleasant.

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Practice Labor BreathingWhether you'reexperiencingcontractions at ten-secondintervals or oneminute intervals, labor breathingis your key to draw awarenessand healing back into your body.The exercise is simple. Breathein for 10-seconds and push outfor 10-seconds. Focus on slow,conscious breaths and envisionthe life-force from your breathsfilling each space of the pain.Leave your Ego at the door.Let your soultake the lead.Afterall, she'sgotten you thisfar, hasn't she?Your ego-personality is madeup of all your past experiencesand beliefs, good and bad. Weurge you to leave yourattachments behind andfollow your higher selfbecause the miracles you willopen yourself to come fromthe realm of the unknown.Binaural Beats, SoundBath, Guided MeditationsRelaxing is thekey tomanifestingyour labor withease. Envelop your senses with calming,restful, and peace tones so thatyou can get into the vibe of apeaceful birth. Allowing yourselfto follow guided meditationscan assist you in relaxing morefully and embodying the energyof a tranquil birth." The thing always happens that you fully believe in" Mantras, Visualizations, SensoryExperiences and Conscious Breathing.Here are your labor resources:

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Take the first few weeks to practice full and unapologetic grace foryourself and all the expectations you have for motherhood. You need tobe healthy and happy so that your baby can be healthy and happy…THAT’S IT!Someone else can cook, clean, pay the bills, make sure the dogs are fed,and everything in between. And just before you think it, no, this is not aluxury; it is a necessity. You are not high maintenance for needing time to heal. You just birthedand created a human being with your body. It took 9 months to get here,so let yourself have (at the very least) a few weeks to recover.During the first forty days, days will turn into nights and this will feel likean endless cycle of feeding, burping, changing diapers, and trying to nap.In the meantime, lean on your support system. Turn to your village, family,friends, and postpartum doulas. Establish boundaries for those whocome to visit. Take up space, be heard. Prepare meals before your birth.Ask your circle to help prepare a meal and chore train so that thesetasks can be done without you.Do what you can now to make sure that the first month does not haveany added stress. And, remind yourself at all times of this transition thateven though things seem difficult right now- things are going to change.THE FIRST FORTY DAYSH E Y S O U L M A M A S , “The process of becoming a mother, coined by Dana Raphael, Ph.D. (1973), is adevelopmental passage where a woman transitions through pre-conception,pregnancy, and birth, surrogacy, or adoption, to the postnatal period and beyond.The exact length of matrescence is individual, recurs with each child, and mayarguably last a lifetime! The scope of the changes encompass multiple domains -biological, psychological, social, political, spiritual - and can be likened to thedevelopmental push of adolescence.”In other words, you too are being born. This phase of life is entirely unchartered territory to you, andyou absolutely deserve to be nourished, nurtured, and cared for during this time of recovery, healing,and transformation.Stay in bed, let people help you in every way. Make yourself a priority. You are NOT a burden. You arebleeding, sore, exploring a new job as a nutrient source for a newborn baby, not sleeping much. Do you really believe that you need to do anything more than rest? The answer is no, you don't.HONEY, I LOVE HIMBUT THIS IS HARD...

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What are three things you can do before baby arrives to make thingseasier for you once you bring him or her home?Who can you count on to help without feeling like a burden? What are your major rules & boundaries for all things home-life, visitors,expectations, and other? (you will have a chance to write these again inyour Postpartum Plan, but start to brainstorm here).Speaking of postpartum plan, please begin to look ahead and make sureyour birth and postpartum plans are fully established between weeks 35-37 MAKING THE BEST OF THE FIRST FORTY DAYS

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More commonly but inaccurately known as postpartum depression… this topic is too often avoided byproviders, but crucial information for any mama-to-be. You need to be informed because if it happensto you, it can be completely devastating. And, with this prior knowledge—it could save you a ton ofstress and heartache.A majority of mothers will experience “Baby Blues” for two weeks proceeding birth. You may feeloverly emotional, cry for no reason, have mood swings, become overwhelmed, etc. This is verycommon due to the shift in hormones and adjustment your body needs to do.But, ladies, anything after two weeks is not the baby blues.Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) can show up in various ways. It is a spectrum ofdisorders that Mothers can face, and they are the number one complication of childbirth. Depression,Anxiety, Panic, Rage, PTSD, OCD, and psychosis all appear on the spectrum. There are multiple riskfactors and symptoms that go along with each. Here is what you need to know.Become aware of those feelings of extreme sadness, feeling detached, disoriented, shaky, or angry. Ifyou are having trouble bonding with the baby, feeling hopeless, or experience thoughts of harm ordestruction- speak up to a professional as soon as possible.Feelings of anxiety, thoughts intruding your mind (they are literally called intrusive thoughts,) andmoments of terror or deep-seated guilt for having awful visions cross your mind are most likely OCD.Although it is the most dreaded feeling ever to experience without prior knowledge, you will NOT acton anything.Postpartum OCD is not talked about much but is very common on the anxiety spectrum. Intrusivethoughts can be relevant to anything you really care about, but mama, remember, they are intruding(not invited.)Psychosis occurs in every 1 out of 1000 moms. It is even more common if you have a history of bipolardisorder or any mental illness.Please don’t be afraid to talk about how you are feeling if you end up experiencing any of the above.You're aware of the possibilities now, and you will have all the resources you need to step out of yourmind and ask for help.No need to feel guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed for having any of these feelings or thoughts. Pleasedo not feel like you failed or that you're not a good mom if you encounter a PMAD. It happens to thebest of us. With enough compassion, awareness, and support, you will overcome these difficulties andbuild a life founded on joy and courage, and grace. But, please do not suffer in silence if these issuesarise. Unfortunately, OB/GYNs, Paediatricians, PCPs, and Psychiatrists do not fully understand thescope of these disorders. However, there are plenty of providers across the country who do. You are worth enjoying your motherhood. You are worth being at peace with yourself as a mother.What's a PMAD?

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There are many resources to take advantage of if you begin to experience anything out of sorts, at any moment during your postpartum journey.If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to our suggested support organizations, please reach out toour author Nicole. She will research and personally connect you with a trusted specialist that knowshow to handle these specific disorders. Contact her directly at hello@empowermamas.comPostpartum Support International is a global non-profit organization that trains providersspecifically on PMADs and has an entire directory of support professionals in your country, state orprovince. They have local coordinators and a helpline you can call at any time. Postpartum.netWe highly recommend familiarizing yourself with their platform if you are looking for top-rated mentalhealth providers specialized in postpartum support in your area. You can also do your own research to find local mental health associates or connect with apostpartum provider (of any sorts) in your country, state, or province. We would love to recommend some social accounts you can follow for tips, support, and furtherresources. These pages will fill your timeline with wisdom, ideas, and group support/resources for your growth as a mother. @motherhoodunderstood@postpartumstress@betterpostpartum@empoweredbirthproject@momsmaternalhealth@maternalmentalhealthutah@stopcensoringmotherhood@birthwithoutfear@takebackpostpartumCreating a Postpartum Plan that includes tailored information for how you will balance your life afterbirth will serve as a vital reference point if you happen to encounter any PMADs once your babyarrives. At the end of this trimester, we will guide you to develop your own Postpartum Plan.For now, just know that you have the information and resources if they should become necessary. Youwill be prepared if something occurs. But, don't get overwhelmed with the possibilities and "what if's." Simply set your intention for a beautiful, empowering, and joyful postpartum journey!Your PMAD Resource Guide

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Focus on your breath. Focus on your body. Focus on the now.Most of all, have Patience and Trust."Babies come when they do, not when they are due."The due date is like a “best by” date at the grocery store. You “need” to have one for compliancepurposes, but it’s a very general guide. To make matters a little more accurate, why don't we say"a due month" instead of a due date.Understandably, you may be getting uncomfortable, anxious, and READY for your baby to arrivebut the best thing you can do is lean into the unknown. This is where the best birth stories comefrom. He or She will transition Earthside at the perfect moment. Try not to doubt that. Lean into that natural, cosmic intelligence that has grown your baby up untilthis moment, and trust that it will also carry your baby through at exactly the right time to birth.Doctors may try to convince you to induce or give you a “deadline” but know that the decision isYOURS! Know that most inductions do not end in favor of the mother. A majority of inductionsstories come with more pain than necessary. Know that inductions lead to further medicalintervention.So, unless there is an absolute emergency (in which case, induction probably isn’t the preferredchoice anyway.) Please practice patience and Trust your body. Trust your baby. Trust your divineself. Enjoy the very last moments of your bump and this powerful time in your life. Make the mostof all the discomfort and the time in between. The best thing to do is to keep yourself grounded and relish in all the time youhave left with your bump. Even when it gets really uncomfortable. Even if things happen earlier than expected. Moresowhen the contractions begin. Especially when you are in the first stage of labor.Know that it can be days or hours before that sweet bundle of joy arrives. So do your best tofocus on the present moment and stay deeply connected with the life force that is getting readyto make its grand entrance. Patience & Trust

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Go for a walk.Watch your favourite funny movie.Curl up with a good book.Take some photos and selfies to remember these timesPaint, make something with your hands, do a craft.Have sex. (with your partner or yourself- the orgasm is what’s important)YouTube puppy videos or cute baby videos (get the oxytocin flowing)Make a cup of tea (Red Raspberry Leaf specifically helps with labor)Get a foot massage (With some clary sage essential oil (and of course a carrier oil) There arecertain acupressure points around your feet and ankles that can get things moving.Take a bath and relax some moreGet moving and/or dancing, or do some yoga (if your body permits it.) Have sex, yes again. More Orgasms=more oxytocin. Remember this can include yourpartner or not.Give yourself a breast massage (Nipple stimulation can support naturally inducing labor)Sit tight and just be patient babe!Being patient is easier said than done! Here are some ideas that may help. Of course, you know your body better than anyone. Think of some things you would like to do to keep busy (and/or distracted) before your baby isready for the next step in your journey. This can be something on your bucket list that you'vealways wanted to do with a bump, or some last minute activities you have yet to complete. No pressure though, this is your time.

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MeditationReflexologyStandard epiduralTENSWalking epiduralWearing my own clothesTo wear my contact lens the entire timeMy partner to film and/or take photosMy partner to be present the entire timeTo stay hydrated with clear liquids & ice chipsTo eat & drink as approved by my doctorBirth Plan Options Labor, Birth, Golden HoursOptions Available to me during Labor:Playing my own music playlistLights dimmedThe room as quiet as possibleAs few interruptions as possibleAs few vaginal exams as possibleHospital staff limited to my own doctor & nurses(No students, residents, or interns present)Standing upLying downWalking aroundIn the showerIn the bathtubAn enemaShaving my pubic areaA urinary catheterAn IV OtherContinuousIntermittentInternalExternalPerformed only by DopplerPerformed only if baby is in distressFirst attempted by natural methods such asnipple stimulationPerformed only if baby is in distressPerformed by membrane strippedPerformed with prostaglandin gelPerformed with PitocinPerformed by rupture of the membranePerformed by stripped of the membraneNever to include an artificial rupture of themembraneAcupressureAcupunctureBreathing TechniquesCold therapyDemerolFirst Stage of Labor Fetal MonitoringLabor StimulationPain ReliefDistractionHot therapyHypnosisMassageMeditationNothingOnly what I requestWhatever is suggestedUse people for leg supportUse foot pedals for supportUse birth bar for supportUse birthing stoolBe in a birthing tubBe in the showerBirth OptionsSquatSemi-reclineLie on my sideBe on my hands and kneesStandLean on my partner

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Immediately after birthAfter suctioningAfter weighingAfter being wiped clean and swaddledBefore eye drops/ointment are givenPush spontaneouslyPush as directedPush without time limits, as long as baby and Iare not at riskUse mirror to see baby crownTouch the head as it crownsLet the epidural wear off while pushingHave a full dose of epiduralAvoid forceps usageAvoid vacuum extractionUse whatever methods my doctor deemsnecessaryHelp catch the babyLet my partner catch the babyLet my partner suction the babyOptional EpisiotomyA Second opinionTo make sure all options have been exhaustedTo stay consciousMy partner to remain with me the entire timeThe screen lowered so I can watch my birthMy hands left free so I can touch my babyThe surgery explained as it happensAn epidural for anesthesiaMy partner to hold our baby as soon as possibleTo breastfeed in the recovery roomThe umbilical cord to be cut only after it stopspulsatingMy partner to cut the umbilical cordTo hold my baby for as long as possibleTo bank the cord bloodTo donate the cord bloodTo deliver the placenta spontaneously andwithout assistanceTo see the placenta before it is discarded(Not to) be given Pitocin/OxytocinAs I am giving Birth, I would like to:If a C-section is necessary, I would like:Golden Hours for ParentsImmediately after birth, I would like: I would like to hold baby:I would like to breastfeed:As soon as possible after deliveryLaterNot at allGolden Hours for BabyBaby's medical exam & proceduresMust be done in my presenceOnly after we've bondedDone in my partner's presenceInclude a heel stick for screening tests beyondthe PKUInclude a hearing screening testInclude Hepatits B vaccinePlease don't give my baby:Vitamin KAntibiotic eye treatmentSugar waterFormulaA PacifierBaby's first bath given:In my presenceIn my partner's presenceBy meBy my partnerI'd like to feed baby:Only with breastmilkOnly with formulaOn demandOn scheduleWith help of a lactation specialistI'd like baby to stay in my roomAll the timeDuring the dayOnly when I'm awakeOnly for feedingOnly when I requestCircumcision upon birth of a boy:Yes or No

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My Birth PlanMy Birth TeamFirst Stage of Labor Fetal MonitoringLabor StimulationPain ReliefBirth OptionsFull Name: Partner's Name:Birth Location: Expected Due Date:

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As I am giving Birth, I would like to:If a C-section is necessary, I would like:Golden Hours for ParentsImmediately after birth, I would like: I would like to hold baby:I would like to breastfeed:Golden Hours for BabyBaby's medical exam & proceduresPlease don't give my baby:Baby's first bath given:I'd like to feed baby:I'd like baby to stay in my roomCircumcision upon birth of a boy:YES NO LATER

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RATE YOUR WILLINGNESS TO TRY THE FOLLOWING:Be Prepared for PostpartumYour Peace of Mind After BirthMy go-to "person"My support structureWho makes up my "village"?Local resourcesVirtual resourcesAnything elseDEFINING MY SUPPORT SYSTEM:MY TREATMENT TREE:OB/GYN Primary CarePeer GroupsTherapySupport System Partner/My "Person"MeTake MedicationHolistic MethodsGet AcupunctureDo Meditation/YogaReceive Energy HealingFill Your Cup First

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Be Prepared for PostpartumYour Peace of Mind After BirthMy boundaries:SETTING & COMMUNICATING MY BOUNDARIESCommunicating my boundaries:My needs: Communicating my needs:Visitor protocols & rules:Define what the following mean to you:Recovery:Healing:Support:Overwhelm:Exhaustion:Village:Grace:Self-Care:

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Your Birth inYour WordsTake this space to relish in your power.Add your picture here.

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Bring yourself back to elementary school when you were going on a field trip or participating in anextracurricular activity. Before you could take action, you needed to get a “permission slip” signed byyour parents. That simple task has conditioned us to need approval, validation, and authorization for somany things. Well, Mama. This is your permission slip...To do WHATEVER THE F*CK YOU WANT. You are fully authorized, safely approved, and 100% validated to “MOM” however you see fit. You areallowed to rest, heal, recover, relax, bond, nourish, sleep, and do whatever fills you up. You do not needto seek the “okay” from anyone. You have permission to do exactly what feels right for you, and do ityour way.Just take a moment to feel total acceptance for yourself and the miracle you just birthed fromyour divine feminine body. You are allowed to embark on this journey knowing you are fullyguided, supported, and protected. You have permission to do as you please, raise as youplease, and take what you need. Signed, Sealed, Delivered.Your biggest fans,Nicole & Sarahwhat I need to be for myself and my baby at all times. I am allowed to make decisions that Ifeel are best in each moment without any need for an explanation. I am able to rest, recover,and nourish myself as needed. I give myself permission to be enough for my child at alltimes, and allow myself to make mistakes as well as grow with the journey of being amother. I will give myself grace and compassion as I evolve with this role of becoming amother. I consent to taking it easy on myself and my loved ones as I navigate this journey. And, I givemyself FULL permission not to have it all figured out. Most importantly, I give myself permission to be exactly who I am, knowing well and truethat I am good enough to mother my baby and that my way is the right way for my children.To the new mama who just gave birth,T O B E S I G N E D B Y T H E N E W M A M A !I, NEW MAMA'S SIGNATURE PRINTED NAME, give myself permission to beDATEY O U R P E R M I S S I O N S L I P

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Two weeks into motherhood feels like an entire lifetime,especially when you are trying to feed a tiny human withyour body. Then try to figure out the schedule of bottles,the temperature of bottles, and the types of bottles. On top of that, you'll learn how a breast pump actuallystays on your boobs, what level of suction works for you,how to relax during the whole process, and how it's evenpossible to stop obsessing about your supply. NO MATTER HOW YOUR BABY IS BEING FED—it canbe challenging. I see you, Mama. This lesson is not aboutwhether you CHOOSE to feed one way or the other, orhow you can balance a combination of different feedingtactics. Let me give you the real deal here, the biggestsecret ever when it comes to feeding a baby is that it CANBE ALL THE WAYS. But, this isn't about that.The lesson is to make sure you are physically, emotionally,and mentally well while doing it, and that feeding should beenjoyable, nourishing, and a, overall positive experience. Not that any of it will be easy, but it should not be painful ordraining. Breastfeeding, pumping, or even bottle feedingshould not interfere with your health and wellness. It should be a way to ensure your baby is receiving what heor she needs to grow healthily while allowing you to bondwith them. However that looks for you is perfectly fine. The feeding logs in these pages should help you collectdata about your baby so you can effectively learn theirschedule and habits. It's not about dictating whichmethods you should be using but rather to track whatworks best for you and your child. Feeding FrenzyHere are a few more peptalks about feeding. There are many products out there.Some may work, others may not. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Breastfeeding should not hurt. There is help and support availableto you if you should need it. You (and your supply) are enoughfor your baby.Healthy & Happy Parents = Healthy & Happy Baby. Period.

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Week three may finally seem like you are getting a hang ofthis Mom thing. Or maybe it’s a slow process. No matter where you find yourself right now, give yourselfgrace in finding your rhythm. All babies have their own flow.You have probably noticed that ALL the (unsolicited) storiesand advice you have heard don’t seem to have any truth inyour case. That is because all babies are unique, and allmoms are unique in their transition. No one has all the answers. The best way is to trust your gut,listen to your baby, and keep the constant “chatter” in yourhead that is filled with doubt, worry, and judgment to aminimum. Co-sleep, cloth diaper, combo feed, bink it up, find a swingor a swaddle, do whatever works for you and your family. Stepping into your maternal flow is about doing what feelsright and leaning into that at all costs. Stop worrying aboutwhat others do, have done, or will do. This is your flow!Find the rhythm that will fast-track your recovery, supportyour fulfillment, and bring you ultimate joy! Develop yournew routine around being with your baby, honouring yourboundaries, and turning your intuition on high. Find your Flow, mama!The rest is "a little lesshustle, a little more flow."

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D I S C O V E R I N G & H O N O R I N GN O M A D I C | 2 4Did anyone tell you that even though you don’t get yourperiod for 9 months while you're pregnant, that it totallyfeels like it all was just sitting in there waiting for you tobirth your baby until it decided to come all at onceafterward? Were you aware that you would bleed for weeks afterbirth? That you will basically be in adult diapers for 4-6weeks after birth?No? Well, surprise ladies! You might have had some tearing and are finally feelingless torn, or a little less less sore down there… And youmay have stopped or at least lessened the bleeding bynow. So, it’s time to meet... Your New Yoni! Welcome your beautiful new lady part. Be kind to "her"and find love for her. She has been through a lot and the last thing she needsright now is any stress or judgment.From experience, I suggest you sit with her, maybe takea hot shower, or even treat yourself to a Yoni Steam. Wait! Let me rephrase that... Yoni Steams are not atreat, they are highly prescribed self-care rituals. They are imperative to recovery and balance for all yourfeminine needs. A lot of women desexualize their body after birth sincetheir lady parts have been transformed into a feeding-station or portal for bringing a child to life. They havebeen told to be ashamed of their vagina after givingbirth, but we need to rewrite that narrative and fullyembrace all that she is.Find strength in your new Yoni. Befriend her. Do notjudge or minimize her. Now is the perfect time to get re-acquainted or maybe even connect with your newyoni for the first time. Allow yourself to honor your body,practice new self-care rituals for tightening, healing,relieving, and priming your new yoni. Let's use this week to discover all the ways of bringinglife and femininity back to your yoni. After all, she did justdo the work of the divine and should be treated like thegoddess she is. Can you change the vibe down there?Buy yourself something that will restore the goddessessence to your vagina. Invest in your new yoni andrelease all the expectations you have of her as youemerge and empower new energy into your new yoni!YOURNEWYONI

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Even if, for now, it's just one or two 8-hour nights, it will completelychange your energy levels, your clarity, and your moodmiraculously.If you can, lean on your partner (when they're not too deprived) ormaybe a family member who offered to stay. If it comes down to it,hire a postpartum doula who can spend overnights. If there is any way you can get a decent night's sleep at least oncea week, it will change the way you feel all over. Five weeks of sleep deprivation can only be describedas One thing, extreme torture.So, please mama, take time to sleep. Make it a priority.It will make the world of difference in your ability to feelwell and take on the world of motherhood.Sleep is your SaviorLuckily, around this time in your postpartum journey, you may be on the brink of a better sleepingschedule for everybody. Longer stints of sleep for the baby means longer hours of rest for you. Takeadvantage of them. (Hopefully, you will sift through this page before the baby arrives so that you can plan for it. But, if not,you are reading this now and you will learn in perfect timing.) Sleep is truly one of the most important components of healthy postpartum recovery and a majorfactor in preventing any mood disorders or burnout from occurring. If you only have one non-negotiable during postpartum, it should be sleep. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Allow him or her to sleep however they need so that you can get somerest too. You will not spoil them by holding them during a nap or letting them fall asleep on your body.You are their safety. You are their home. Of course, they want to be snuggled up with you forever. Andif you need some distance, that is perfectly fine too. Some great tips for falling asleep on a whim (especially when the baby's sleep schedule is still all overthe place) is to make sure you're in a dark room. Start with that and do some breathing techniques torelax your body as much as you can. Surely, you can play relaxing music, curl up on the couch, or justmeditate until your eyes and body fall asleep. As long as you are resting in-between moments, you'llregenerate some of your energy back until you can get a fuller night's sleep.

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Who would ever put such a notion into place, knowing that every human body is different? Let’s takeone guess as to what might have put that in place…. Patriarchy. That’s what. A system governed bymen who have no idea what it's like to recover from birthing a child.There are so many countries in the world that view things differently. If you are lucky enough to live in acountry that honours matrescence and the time for mothers to heal and recover from birth, please feelgratitude for the rest of us.If, on the other hand, you live in the “greatest country in the world” (sense the sarcasm in my quotes),then this six-week milestone is actually an obstacle that you will have to face.So let’s debunk some of those Six-Week theories.You may or may not be ready to engage in sex again. Maybe you're both physically and emotionallyready, or you might still have a while to go until it all heals down there and you're feeling the sensualvibe again.You could very much be ready to return to work and balance on your “adult-life” connections again...Or, you may want to stay in your baby-bubble a little while longer.The point is, just because your insurance company, your doctor, or maternity leave deems a certainnumber of weeks sufficient for getting back "to reality," does not mean they know what is right for you.Don't listen to them. Instead, listen to your body.Screw what anybody has told you about how long it takes to recover and get in the groove of yournew reality. This is your time to listen to your body, your mind, and your soul.If it takes you a year to heal and feel good about having sex again, then so be it. If, like some mothers,you bounce back quickly and are ready to get jiggy with your partner again, all the power to you!Some mothers will crave the normalcy of their job after a few weeks (or months) while other mommiesout there will not want to return until they're fully ready. Honour both, and do what feels right for youwithout guilt or shame. In all cases, ignore the ticking time-bomb and just listen to your body.For some reason, the maternal community (in the United States especially) has thisnotion that in 6-weeks all is magically healed and you are ready to step back intoyour “normal” routine and reality. As if that "normal" would ever be the same again.Physically, emotionally, and mentally, sexually, work-wise, and socially; all your otherpotential "lly's" will never go back to the old "normal.""SIX-WEEK MILESTONE" MYTHS

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Raise your hand if you heardthe terms “Bounce Back” or“Pre-Baby Body.”Here is a serious question to those ladies. "Why on Earth would you want to go backward?"Why would you want to erase all the strength,beauty, and power that you worked so hard togather during your pregnancy, birth, andpostpartum? You have evolved beyond the old you. On all levelsof your being. It’s almost silly to wish to go “back.” It's time to rewrite the narrative that has corruptedso many women's desire to be a naturally beautifulmother by inspiring them to f*ck the unrealisticstandard of classified beauty.Let’s reframe the notion from looking goodpostpartum to actually feeling good in our skinafter birth. Stop robbing yourself of all the glory that is you!Naturally, unrefined, after birth... YOU! This is your evolution, you will never go back towho you were. Not physically, emotionally, sexually,mentally, or spiritually. You're not meant to.You are so far beyond who you used to be. Theold you doesn't have half the power and femininestrength it takes to be the woman (andMOTHER) you are now.And, for the mothers out there still comparingthemselves to the pre-baby version ofthemselves, or the edited impression of a M-I-L-F, let me remind you that there is nothingmore beautiful or attractive than a woman who ishappy in her skin. Fully, unapologetically,confidently in her body. If you think that a body will define your essenceas a goddess, you are sadly mistaken. Don't waste too much time wishing you could be(or look like) who you were before.Grasp and embrace your power now. Step intoyour body and shine your light; stretch marks, inthe flesh, after birth and all.Mama, don’t ever think you need to gobackward. You can be the new best version of yourself... asyou are right now. I like to call it... “Better thanbefore.”

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Allow yourself to become part of a maternalcommunity. You will find yourself building asoul family that extends beyond blood and intounconditional support, compassion, andmother-mindedness. Connecting with a group of moms and newfamilies, undergoing the same miracles andchallenges will allow you to expand yourperspective on motherhood and reach out forhelp to people who understand what you'regoing through.Allow your friends and family members to help.When you've been cooped up in your bubblefor too long, let your friends take you outwithout guilt or fear. You'll realize sooner orlater that your family will take on a newmeaning. Give permission to your parents andin-laws to help you take care of the house,meals, and the baby. They've done this beforeand it will relieve a lot of pressure to know thatthey can help you when things getoverwhelming. It may be tough, at first. Most women want to give more than they letthemselves receive, it’s in our DNA. But, this isnot the time to be Miss Independent. You'renot meant to be alone in all of this. It’s okay toaccept help from others, within yourboundaries of course. You're going to need it.The village that you establish sometimeshappens organically. The right people will enteryour new life at the right moments and theycome bearing very important gifts and lessons.They will become “your people”. You will takeon the role of parenting together. Each soul willbring a set of skills and valuable informationyou never knew you needed. Your village will look different than youimagined, so go with it. Accept each one thatgravitates your way, however they may come.Motherhood will change you over and overagain, and not in a negative way. It will give you the sixth sense to see throughpeople’s bullshit and inauthenticity at a greatersensitivity than ever before. Lean on thegenuine souls that you connect witheffortlessly and who resonate with your soul;no matter how they show up. So, mama, keep your village close. They can be in the flesh, or on the web, andeven in the pages of a book (or a planner- hinthint.) We are honoured to be part of yourvillage, in whichever way you need us.K E E PY O U RV I L L A G EC L O S EG R O W I N G Y O U R P O S T P A R T U M S O U L F A MThey weren't wrong. It really doestake a village to raise a baby.

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So, here is my advice to you.I know that whole, clean food, minerals, unprocessed everything, and bone broth are key componentsto balancing your body. I've come to understand that being mindful when you are eating and making sure you are hydrated arecrucial elements to healing your body. I've also discovered how freaking difficult it can be to care about any of this when you have a newbornbaby and are just trying to survive the day. I know how easy it is to order takeout. So, if you can find the time or energy to consciously nourish yourself daily, do it with one meal per dayor even just one day per week. It doesn't always have to be food either, which might make it a little bit easier to incorporate into yourbusy routine. You can turn on your favourite music and dance to get in a good sweat. You can take some extra timeto rest when you need it, and gaze into your baby’s eyes. You can good for a walk with the stroller, orjust sit on the porch for some fresh air. Make your shower-time a little longer. Nourish yourself, mama.Hello Mama, this is Nicole.Ultimately, just do anything that lights you up andnourishes your mind, body, and soul each day. It doesn't have to be complicated or time/money-consuming. It canstart with the conscious decision to do something that will benefityour health, and end with the extravagant deed of rejuvenating yourlife.Tiny leaps and extra effort to add more goodness in your body willresult in massive boosts in your energy levels and healing youroverall wellness. Nourishing your body always extends tonourishing your soul. You deserve it, mama. So nourish yourself.This is how you will nourish your world. I am going to be very transparent here. This is not my forte. Foodis forever my biggest struggle in life. I haven’t quite figured out theexecution of a healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis. However, Ihave dealt with this topic so much that I know all the stuff you“should” do to nourish your body.

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Maybe it feels so much longer than that. The days quickly seep into nights,but eventually, they will stabilize. Each week that goes by speeds up theclock for another month and, before you know it, you are planning theirfirst birthday. Okay. We won’t go there just yet! The purpose of this week's article is to remind you to stay present duringas many unfolding moments as you can, and not forecast into the futureor fall into the past. Even though time seems like the ultimate illusion right now, thesemoments are infinitely special. You won’t experience anything like it, soaim not to let them slip you by. Enjoy each moment as they arise, difficult or divine, and remember thatthere is no other goal but to be with your baby. Ground yourself into each day and set intentions to experience them asthey are, fully and presently. Things will be difficult but refrain from wishingfor the next phase or the next stage of your baby's development. A great way to ground yourself is to bring your awareness back to thebreath. Just breathe. Inhale all the goodness these moments have to offerand hold on to the time of being completely needed by your little one. As much as the days will trickle into nights, and life will feel like an endlesscycle, it's the moments that your baby will be sleeping or smiling at a gas-bubble that will restore the pure, infinite, and timeless joy that makesmotherhood.TH E D AYS A RE LO NG,TH E Y EARS ARE S HOR TA B O U T 1 1 W E E K S A G O , Y O U G A V E B I R T H .Y O U P E R F O R M E D A N A B S O L U T E M I R A C L E .J U S T B E P R E S E N T

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It’s amazing how soon after you givebirth people are compelled to ask youwhen you are having another baby. At this time, you may have even (already) encounteredthis question. Surely, this soon in your journey, youmay be so enamored by infancy and motherhood thatyour immediate feeling is “As Soon As Possible”... or,you might equally be thinking “Never Again.” Either way, you are entitled to your feelings and free tochange your mind. You do not have to decide rightnow, and more importantly, it’s none of anyone'sfreaking business. If the question has arised, you do not have to thinkabout if it will happen, when it will happen, or how it willhappen. This seems to be a trend for many newmoms that is rarely discussed. You can simply give an answer that feels right for you,or not at all. You do not have to please those who areblunt enough to ask you (not that they usually knowany better. They may just see you as a beautifulmother and are curious or inspired enough to askyou.)Let's use this week's insight to explorethe possibilities of some of your answers. If you are currently in the energy of wanting anotherbaby, feel free to lean into it, and ignore anyone whoresponds with “Oh, this is so soon!” Surely, if you'reresonating with having a baby in the near future, thiscould be a conversation to have with your partner (orperson) to see if they are on the same page. As longas you feel your body has been able to recover andadapt swiftly enough that you are ready for round two,do you Mama. (But you might just wanna ask papawhat he (or she) may think about it first.)If you are in the “NEVER AGAIN” mindset, it isperfectly acceptable to tell someone that you don’tknow and that you would appreciate not being askedbecause it brings up a lot of emotions. There is noshame in choosing to have a single child or instruggling to raise your only one. Be firm with yourboundaries but free in your truth to honour yourjourney of motherhood. On the other hand, this could also be aquestion you would like to explore a littlemore before giving anyone an answer. Ifyou haven't sat with yourself to ponderwhether you would like another baby, ornot, may you can set aside some time tomeditate on the matter. This can offer youtremendous insight on how you truly feelabout motherhood, if (and when) youwould be ready for another baby, or if youcould ever see yourself with more children.Know that whatever arises is valid andjustified to you. Your future will reveal itselfas it is meant for you, and there is no needto worry about it beforetime. Just enjoythis very moment with your beautiful baby,and let each moment unfold as they are.?????Don’t Worry aboutthe Next One

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You hold the power to create life, and therefore you also hold the power tocreate the life you want. What this means, at the deepest cellular level and even the most expansive energetic core, is that youare a creator. This is innately who you are. Start your days with this truth and notice how infinite you begin to feel while you journey throughmotherhood as an empowered creator. You can create life, hence the baby you are most likely holding in your arms right now, or who is atleast napping (or simply witnessing life) very close by. With the power to birth the life of a human from divine nothingness, you can create the life you wantjust as naturally. You have the choice to be who you want to be and decide how you want to show up in your newfamily-life. You can choose how you spend your days. You can choose what you invite into your life. You can create all the magic, all the abundance, all the health, and joy, and purpose in your life... if youjust ignite (and invite) these energies from the place of creation that you hold within your Womb Space. You made it this far, mama. You created an entire human from right inside you. Who is to doubt or question your intrinsic abilities tocreate an entire LIFE that you desire from the same space within you? This magic you hold is in everycell that makes up your body. It is the infinite light of life just waiting to be awakened, directed, andhonored. As much as you felt called to be a mother, there are other things in your life you will feel called toexperience. Honor them as the guides that will direct the new narrative of your life.The same light that, without your conscious effort, created an entire human being, and an organ tosustain it, made its way back to its original form. It's waiting for you to ignite it into any physicalembodiment. Whether that be the new nest you would like to create for your family or the purposefulcareer you've always wanted to have. If it's the energy of empowered motherhood that you want toradiate or all the love and abundance you can imagine. You are a creator, mama. And, this light of creation is within you... is called your Womb Light™. YOU ARE A CREATORT H E C O R E T R U T H O F M O T H E R H O O D

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Sarah and I want to express the deepest gratitude for every last one of you who brings this book intotheir life. This has been the journey of a lifetime, and a divine force in the making. Our initial hope was tobring a guide to becoming-mothers to change the narrative of pregnancy and motherhood.We've connected with the highest form of love and light to bring you the wisdom and insights that thisbook has offered. Women from across the globe have put their wisest quotes into the postpartumplanner to share their dearest experiences and advice for you. Gaia and God, themselves, had thebiggest influence in gathering the people and resources to make this possible, so this book serves asnothing less than divine guidance on your path.Putting it the pages of this book together was absolute bliss, and we are honoured that you havecoursed through this adventure with us. We see you and we know just how incredible you are! Words will never express how deeply gratefulwe are for every silent prayer, every courageous mama, every experience and wave of energy thatmade this book possible.Our wish is that you feel this same gratitude for yourself. Say thank you to your body, no matter what you've gone through up until this point. Feel appreciation for all levels of your soul and your spirit baby, knowing that you are enough. For the mamas who are reading this last page, knowing you may not have made it this far with yourbaby (bringing love and awareness to the mom's grieving miscarriages, abortions, or even suddeninfant death,) there is a special place for all of you in our hearts. Do not give up. There is a greater force orchestrating something beyond your wildest dreams. Express your gratitude for the lessons you arelearning from the baby who could not make it through, knowing that you are still a wonderful motherand that it is NOT over for you.If you would like to connect on any level, please feel free to do so. We would love to hear your stories,questions, and experiences.@yourmamamorphosishello@yourmamamorphosis.comThank you Mama. A LETTER OF GRATITUDEDear mama,Love always,Nicole Obenshine & Sarah Elle

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I wanted to share one more journal prompt exercise to help you reflect on the many ways your life haschanged throughout your mama-morphosis. Even if you're reading this page and haven't been able tomake it this far, please take some time to sit with yourself and witness the many transformationsyou've undergone since beginning your journey as a mother.Just wanted to say I love you, and I think you're doing great. Your soul sisters, Sarah & NicoleWhat have you gathered from this journey?In what ways have you evolved in your life?What are you MOST grateful for, being where you are now?

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We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for the creatives and divine feminine withwhom we connected with to launch this endeavour.It really does take a village, and we could not be any more privileged to have worked withsuch empowered women to bring this book to life. We are listing the names and credits of the individuals we have partnered with during thisamazing journey so that we can pass on their wisdom and gifts to the world.EveArtLoveis the feminist artist we've chosen to create the beautiful statement piece for our article "Better thanbefore." Her art expresses timeless beauty and postpartum body positivity. You can see more of herart at the following pages.@eveartlove www.eveartlove.comNicole Obenshine, Mama Bare: The grizzly Truths of MotherhoodMost of the quotes we featured in this book are gracefully presented in Nicole's first publication MamaBare: The Grizzly Truths of Motherhood. You can find more resources and guidance on her and @yourmamamorphosisTo our humble team,Ximena Vasquezis our beautiful friend and illustrator. We are deeply honoured to have worked with her to create thispowerful cover for your transformative journey. To follow her work and support her art, contact her at:María Ximena García Vásquezximena.garcia.vasquez@gmail.comThank you to the universe for bringing us together and supporting us in rewritingthe narrative of motherhood as we build the new world, one mama at a time. And, most of all, thank you to you. We commend you for your courage to become thebest woman and mother you can be. Thank you for supporting this evolution.T H A N K Y O U F O R M A K I N G T H I S P O S S I B L E .