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Your ChangeWorks! Journey

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Step 3 Action Planning Testimonials Some of the activities you ve chosen will plot in desirable areas on the ChangeGrid however many will miss the mark That s when a Stuck Spot Remover comes in handy For months I have wanted to start building my business however I was completely stuck not knowing where to begin When Shannon suggested I fill out a Change Works profile I was very skeptical Once you ve identified the activities that need special attention I will help you develop specific action plans to help you successfully navigate the necessary changes to reach your goals Tm so impressed when Shannon sat down with me the results showed the internal battle that had been raging around various elements of building my business I am now using the information to prioritize set goals and get started I no longer feel stuck and have a renewed sense of purpose and excitement Action plans are built from unique combinations of ChangeWorks Maneuvers which provide you with proven strategies and time tested techniques for keeping yourself on the fast track to success I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to take their business and their lives to the next level Shannon is a very gifted facilitator who has a wonderful way of explaining things Best investment in myself I ve made in a long time CJ Mannix Certified Hypnotherapist Pathways to Transformation Step 4 Guidance Keeping your forward momentum is the focus now Ongoing coaching sessions will support you by monitoring your progress refining your action plans and creating ways for you to maintain discipline and accountability We can also re administer your ChangeWorks profile to see how you are progressing Lack of motivation and willpower is rarely the problem what stands between you and your goals is a big stuck spot not taking consistent action Fortunately you have been clever and proactive in hiring a Stuck Spot Remover and I am here to guide you encourage you and nudge you whenever necessary Failure is not the falling down but the staying down Mary Pickford I truly appreciated my ChangeWorks session with Shannon It really helped me focus on my top priorities for changing my eating behaviors and consistently going to the gym Shannon gave me some excellent tips insights and suggestions after she evaluated my profile and also provided some much needed answers to clearly guide me on how to change my behaviors I highly recommend that you book a session with Shannon to speed up the changes you want to make in your life Andrea Lambert LMFT Founder Self Awareness Institute Successfully navigate change and achieve your goals with a personalized ChangeWorksrJourney The Problem Most people only dream about the changes they d love to see in their lives many of them have started on the path of making those changes occur some of them can actually see the results they wanted starting to happen but few will reach their ultimate goal The Solution If you would like to be one of the very few who consistently turn their dreams into their reality the ChangeWorks Experience is designed for you This 4 step journey will help you clarify your objectives inventory your readiness to succeed and identify and eliminate your stuck spots the obstacles that prevent you from getting what you really want Shannon Lee The Stuck Spot Remover shannon innerharmonies com Become a finisher in 503 873 2400 a world of starters

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