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Jean Childs Young Media Center Teacher Orientation

L. D. Gaither, Media Specialist


  • Teaches information literacy and research skills.
  • Offers resources that include informational texts, online databases, and audio-books.
  • Provides computers for research, project-based learning, and independent study.

The Media Center

The mission of the Jean Childs Young Media Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to empower students to think critically and solve problems by developing information literacy skills.

Media Center Mission

 The media specialist & teacher collaborate on lessons that:

  • align AASL Literacy Standards & GA Standards of Excellence
  • teach information literacy skills
  • integrate technology
  • support project-based learning

Media Specialist and Teacher Collaboration

    40 ELMOS

  21 Chromebook Carts

    5 Mimios

Media Center Technology

            4 Computer Labs

  13 Document Cameras

   5 iPad Carts

  • The Media Center operates on a flexible schedule and offers equitable access to information and resources.
  • Classes can be scheduled for checkout, research lessons, and computer use. 
  • Reserve Media Center in advance.


Scheduling Media Center Services

Independent Study

Students can checkout books, take AR Quizzes, work on Reading Plus, research/type or read independently during lunch or any of their regularly scheduled classes.  Students must have a hall pass from their teacher.  Teachers may send up to 5 students at a time.

 If you have issues with your laptop or Box Light/LED board, or if you need a pen, remote, charger, or VGA/HDMI cord, please contact Client Support x 1000 or put a ticket in through Nimbus.

Technology Issues

Jean Childs Young Media Center

I'm here to help!

If you need assistance, please see your media specialist.