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Jean Childs Young

Media Center Orientation 


                                              The Media Center
  • Teaches information and research skills.
  • Provides computers for research and publication.
  • Offers resources that include books, audio-books, and on-line databases.

Media Center Rules



The Media Center opens at 8:35 and closes at 4:00.  


•The Media center is open until 5:00 on Wednesdays.
•You may work in the Media Center during homeroom, lunch, or after school. 




Upon entering the Media Center, sign in at the circulation desk.

Media Center Rules



If you wish to visit the Media Center during one of your regularly scheduled instructional classes, you must have a pass from  your teacher.

Media Center Rules


Students may work independently or read silently in the Media Center during their lunch period.

Independent Reading




When using the Internet, obey the school's Technology Policy.  Students who violate the rules will lose computer privileges.

Media Center Rules



Computer games, e-mail, online shopping, social media, music and non-academic websites are not allowed on any of the school's technology devices.

Media Center Rules

Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working/studying.

Media Center Rules

Media Center Rules



You may check out one book at a time.


•Books may be checked out for two weeks.  

Fines & Charges

  • Overdue notices will be sent to your homeroom teacher.

  • You must pay full price for lost or damaged books.

Visit the Media Center webpage for more resources and information related to the Media Center.

  • Media Center Website

If you have any questions, please see your Media Specialist, Ms. Gaither!

JCY Media Center