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Young@Heart :


Meet at our Centre in Appledore, where we will kit you out with the necessary equipment before taking you to the activity locations.  And if it is a water activity - don't worry about getting wet.  We will make sure there is plenty of hot water for showers after the sessions!
Our Young @ Heart programme starts in February and runs throughout the year on the first Monday morning of the month.  It is a programme designed specifically for adults who are looking to stay active, looking to learn different skills and whilst having fun with others!
2020 Programme

3rd February - River Kayak

2nd March - Open Canoeing

6th April - Archery & Climbing

4th May - Torrington Orienteering

1st June - Surfski

6th July - River Kayak

3rd August - Surfing

7th September - Open Canoeing

5th October - Rafting 

2nd November - Assault Course & Trapeze

7th December - Christmas Challenge 

Timings - 9am to 12.15pm

Costs - £25 per person

Book 6 half day sessions for just £130 per person 

saving £20

Call 01237 475992 to book your places

Skern Lodge




EX39 1NG

(01237) 475992