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 Ten Most Evil People Who Ever Slithered the Earth

THeir Wicked Legacies Live On

By: Yu-Chen Lung

Ten Most Evil People That Ever Walked the Earth


By: Yu-Chen Lung

Ten Most Evil People That Ever Walked the Earth


By: Yu-Chen Lung

Dedicated To

 the classmates that helped me in making this book.  

Intro          ---------  6    

Vlad Dracula   ---------  7-8  

Joseph Stalin  ---------  9-10 

Adolf Hitler   ---------  11-12

Osama Bin Laden---------  13-14

Saddam Hussein ---------  15-16

Kim Il Sung    ---------  17-18

Emperor Nero   ---------  19-20

Leopold II     ---------  21-22

Pol Pot        ---------  23-24

Maximilien Robesspierre - 25-26

Conclusion     ---------  27   

About the Author--------  28   

Table of Contents 

     Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler? Osama bin Laden maybe? Whether or not these people sound familiar, I can tell you that they were truly evil. Nobody wants to meet an evil person, but in this book you will get to know some of these monsters. Besides that, these articles might just change the way you think about these people, instead of just the leader of the Nazis or the cause of 9/11. And now, from deadly dictators to terrifying well, terrorists, these ten terrible beings will be made clear to you.




Vlad Dracula/ Vlad the Impaler 

     Our first nightmare is Vlad Dracula. He was the Prince of Wallachia. The name Dracula is often associated with the blood-sucking and black cloaked vampire, however, that is just a myth. Fabricated by the author Bram Stoker in his book Dracula, the story was based on the real person. The actual Dracula (also known as Vlad the Impaler) was born in 1431, Sighisoara [sig-hee-shwara], Romania.

     His parents were Vlad II Dracul, Cneajna of Moldavia. Bad guys have parents too! During his younger years, his family  was captured by the Ottomans invaders of the Ottoman Empire and the rest of his family was killed, leaving him and his brother. During captivity, Dracula and his younger brothers were tutored by the Ottomans. In fact, he grew to be a good horseman and warrior under the Ottomans, but according to others, he was also imprisoned and tortured for some of that time, but he was emancipated (freed) when he grew up. In 1453, Vlad successfully defended Wallachia from an invasion that threatened all of Europe, and became its leader.

      Now the violence comes leaping in. Even though he was ruler of Wallachia, his lands were in ruin because of constant fighting and revolts, so he invited hundreds of people to a banquet and he had them killed. Thus, exterminating many of his opponents. Then, Dracula started a killing rampage, given that he liked killing and had brutal ways of slaughter and torture. Now that’s evil. Anyway, Dracula’s nickname was Vlad the Impaler. This was because that his favorite method of killing was impaling. Impaling is when the victim is stabbed with a long pole, sometimes not sharpened and the pole was lifted upright. What a gruesome way to die! His reign of terror ended in 1476, while marching into battle against the Ottomans, he was ambushed, and beheaded, probably deserving it.

     In his quest to destroy the enemies in his country, many people had to die. Specifically, Vlad killed about 80,000 to 100,000 people. That’s around 20% of Wallachia’s population! Vlad Dracula was a horrific man, and he will always be remembered as the blood-thirsty, black haired, vampire.

Born:1431,Sighisoara, Romania


Fun Fact

There were rumors that he liked to drink blood and dip his food in it!





Joseph Stalin 

     Secondly, we have Joseph Stalin. Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1922-1953 and like most dictators, was bad to the bone.  During his childhood, he contracted smallpox, a contagious disease spread by viruses that usually leaves abiding marks. He was left with permanent scars and his left arm was slightly deformed. Growing up, Stalin was a bank robber, an agitator which is a person that urges others to rebel, and an assassin. Then, In 1912, an exiled leader named Lenin appointed Stalin to serve on the first Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party made that was made up of revolutionists and in 1917 the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in a gargantuan revolt. At last, Joseph Stalin began his rise to power. One by one, he outmaneuvered his rivals after Lenin died and in 1922, gained control of the mighty Soviet Union.

Stalin ruled the Soviets with an iron fist. Anyone who displeased him, voted against him, or just make negative moves against him would be killed. Furthermore, he liked people who worked and followed his orders instead of people who loved him and treated him like a god! (Those people were also killed. Not a good idea!) Like all leaders, he wanted his country to expand and become a powerful and industrial nation. However, he did this by forcing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people into brutal slave labor, and worked them to death. One time, Stalin kissed a small girl in public and treated her family well, giving them the impression that he liked her, only to kill her parents after.

      Approaching World War II, Joseph Stalin lifted the Soviet Union up into the Nuclear Age, creating nuclear weapons. Furthermore, he allied with the Germans, who were under the control of the infamous Hitler at that time. Stalin made a non-aggression pact with Hitler that ensured peace between the two nations, ignoring the warnings from other countries and his own advisors! Consequently, the Soviet Union wasn’t ready when the Germans broke the pact and invaded their country. They struck deep into the heart of the land, reaching the capital city Moscow. Nevertheless, fighting back with a colossal counter attack, the Soviets drove the intruders out of their homeland, narrowly escaping being conquered. Stalin then moved to the Allied side, which eventually emerged victorious. Similarly, a couple years later, he joined forces with North Korea, and helped them invade. However, the U.S sided with the South, and together, they drove the invaders out in the Korean War. Towards the end of this conflict, Stalin died of a stroke, thus ending his time on Earth.

     Overall, Joseph Stalin killed 20 to 60 million people, many of them worked to death. Also, he wished to make his country strong enough to rival the U.S! If the Soviet Union was indeed stronger, he would want to fight a war. Cruel and heartless, Joseph Stalin has without a doubt, earned his place as one of the most evil people that ever walked the earth.

Died:  March



Born: December 18,1878,Gori,


Fun Fact

Joseph Stalin was very handsome when he was young.

Young Stalin



Adolf Hitler 

     Every kid learns about him in school, and veterans have fought against him. This man fought in two world wars and he is one of the Jewish people’s greatest enemies.  This man was chancellor of Germany from 1933 - 1945. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Adolf Hitler.

     Maturing, Hitler was a good student in school and was often rewarded and praised by his teachers. His family moved constantly because of his father’s job, so he attended the school in the region where his family was. However, they eventually settled down in Linz, Austria. Later, as a young man he moved to Germany and joined the German Army, and fought in the first World War. However, they surrendered, and lost. As a result, Hitler became bitter, thinking that if Germany hadn’t surrendered, they would have won. Thus, Hitler joined the German Workers’ party and eventually gained control with passionate speeches.

    The party eventually changed their name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party aka the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei which stood for the Nazis.  Equally important, he gained much fame with his zealous speeches, spurring him on to run for president, only to come in second. Instead though, the newly elected president Hindenburg was forced to appoint him as the chancellor due to his extreme popularity. With his high position, Hitler started to take over the government, eliminating his opponents; in 1933, he gained full control of Germany, a year before the death of Hindenburg. With Nazis in charge, they started anti-smoking, meat, and alcohol campaigns. However, far more sinister schemes were yet to come.

    The Nazis also necessitated racial hygiene, starting the maltreatment and killing of Jews. As a matter of fact, the Jews were one of Hitler’s main targets, one of his main attacks on them being the Holocaust. He had Jews tortured and killed. Moreover, these harmless people were forced into concentration camps and had to work until they died, which started during the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was also a main cause of WWII. He joined forces with Italy and Japan to make the axis powers and starting to conquer other countries, opening a whole new can of worms. Other countries started to get involved, such as the U.S, the U.K, and other world superpowers. This force proved too much for the Axis side, therefore they were defeated, and Hitler committed suicide, allegedly by cyanide poisoning and a gun. Considering all this and his fame in present day, Hitler is truly one of the most evil people.

Born:April 20,1889,Braunau am Inn,Austria

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Fun Fact

Hitler was Born on Easter Sunday!






Osama Bin Laden

    Hearing his name, some people look away, some shudder in fear. But why is this man so well known? His story starts on March 10, 1957, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the newborn Osama bin Laden and his family. Of course, his father and mother would have to be very proud, but little did they know, this young child would grow to be one of the worlds most feared men. Growing up wasn’t easy for the young bin Laden. He and his siblings were treated but also dealt with like adults by his hard-working, wealthy, and highly respected father. His father was a good man, who was a highly skilled worker who donated much of his wealth to others. Although his family seemed okay, his parents divorced and he went to live with his mother and her new husband and children. Under his new family, bin Laden went to Al Thager Model School, a very good school at that time. There, he was taught of the importance of a pure islamic law.

    After graduating the school and forced to grow up very fast, Osama bin Laden  married his cousin at a young age. As well as this, he joined the resistance in 1979, when the Soviet Union was invading Saudi Arabia, and successfully fought them off. Thus, during the second attack from the Soviets, bin Laden led another group of defenders, this time with help from the United States. Again successful, he returned home a hero. Although he was living the good life, things were about to get bad. When he spoke out against the Saudi Arabian government, he was banished from the nation. Without further adue, Osama bin Laden formed the terrorist ring Al-Qaeda.

    The main goal of Al-Qaeda (otherwise known as the Base in Arabic) was to “right perceived wrongs under accordance of pure islamic law. How did they do this? Well, the group started violent attacks, mostly involving bombs. Consequently, bin Laden’s passport and citizenship to Saudi Arabia is taken from him, as well as his family’s loyalty. He began attacks on the U.S, including 9/11, trying to draw them into war, but without success. Instead, he was hunted down, and killed by the United States’ soldiers. Altogether, from bombings, to shootings, Osama bin Laden will always be remembered as one of the United States’ greatest enemies.


Born:March 10,


Saudi Arabia

The Attacks of September 11th, 2001

Died:May 2,





Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein’s childhood was sad, but he grew to be one of the most feared leaders around the world. As a child, Hussein’s father absconded and his older brother died of cancer, making his mother severely depressed and unable to take care of him. Hence, he went to live with his uncle. A few years later, Saddam returned to his mother, now living with a new husband. Unfortunately, his new father abused him, and like a yo-yo spinning back into its owner’s hand, he traveled back to his uncle again.

    After growing into a young man, Hussein joined the Ba’ath [Ba-th] party, whose aim was the unity of Arab states in the Middle East. So, on October, 7, 1959 Saddam Hussein and a group of other members of the Ba’ath attempted to assassinate the president of Iraq. Imagine if a group of people tried to assassinate the president of the U.S and later became the president! Anyway, their attempt failed and many of the would-be assassins were caught, but Saddam and a few others escaped. They fled to Egypt, where Hussein went to law school. Law school might sound a little, no make that extremely strange for someone who recently just broke the law, but his efforts would be rewarded.

    Hussein returned to Iraq after there was a revolution and the old government was overthrown. Despite this, he was still arrested for his actions in the Ba’ath party. In jail though, he continued to be involved in politics. In fact, he was appointed the deputy secretary of the Regional Command! Seeing that he now had a political position, he broke free from the clutches of jail. And, with this in mind, he continued to strengthen his power. Hussein quickly sprinted ahead of his political opponents. In 1979, Hussein gained the status of Iraq’s president by force. That day at a meeting, a list of 68 names were read aloud, and no, they weren’t going to get a prize. Each and every one of these people were removed from the room and arrested. 22 of them were executed. After this, hundreds of his political foes were dispatched without a thought.

    Furthermore, Saddam ordered war with Iran. Many countries supported him out of fear, and his action were clearly against the international law. Although Iran was outnumbered, hundreds of thousands of deaths caused a ceasefire to be ordered. After, he also ordered the invasion of Kuwait which turned into the Gulf War, however, the U.S was on Kuwait’s side. Consequently, Iraq lost the battle. Then, after the attacks of 9/11/03, the Soviet Union gave info to the U.S that Iraq was planning more attacks. Saddam Hussein was to blame, and was soon captured and turned over to the Iraqi government, in which he was hanged for crimes against humanity. As can be seen, Saddam Hussein truly deserves a place in the list of evil people.


Born:April 28,1937


The Gulf War took thousands of lives.

Died:December 30,2006




Kim Il Sung

    Being the former dictator of one of the only communist countries left, people would expect Kim Il-Sung’s childhood to be one of luxury. However, that isn’t the case for him. For, example, during his boyhood, his family had to travel to Manchuria, which is near China, to escape the Japanese occupation in their homeland, North Korea. For this reason, Il-Sung mastered the language Chinese, which would come in handy. He then became a guerrilla fighter, or a member of a group taking part in fighting against a larger force by ambushing the enemy a little at a time, against the Japanese. Thus taking the name Il-Sung to honor a famed guerrilla fighter. Then, he relocated to the Soviet Union for special training and stayed there until WWII.

    After being away for two decades, Kim Il-Sung returned to North Korea in 1945 with the country divided and the North allied with Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union and Mao Zedong of China, all three having a communist government. Three years later, he came to be the premier, which is the leader, of the People's Republic of Korea or what is known as North Korea. Kim aimed to use the idea of economic self-reliance, but it probably didn’t work out given the state of his country now. Also, Kim killed all of his officers and rivals. Furthermore, people were forced into concentration camp or killed if they displeased him. Even if they just dropped a picture of him. Prisoners were almost always killed. Sometimes forced to kneel in a box motionless until they died. Despite this, his people still called him a “great leader’ even though he only made matters worse.

    In the summer of 1950, along with his allies Stalin and Zedong, Il-Sung launched an invasion on South Korea, who later gained the support of the U.S. This conflict that was known as the Korean War ended in a stalemate, with the deaths reaching 1 million. Afterword, Il-Sung died of a heart attack that was caused when he was arguing with his son who was the leader of North Korea, and yet was worse than his father. The current dictator is Kim Il Sung's grandson and is still a very bad person. Having heard all these crimes, Kim Il-Sung definitely was one of the most terrible human beings in history.


Fun Fact

There is a recent movie about assassainating his grandson, Kim Jong Un


Born:April 15,


,North Korea

Died:July 8,


,North Korea



Emperor Nero

    Most Roman Emperors were wise and fair people. They ruled over their land with strength and did good for their people, but boy, was this guy different. On December 15, 37 A.D in Anzio, Italy, the baby Nero was born to Agrippina the Younger. His father died when he was 11, leading his mother to marry her own uncle Claudius who was the emperor of Rome. Furthermore, she convinced him to name her son Nero as his heir instead of the emperor’s real son and also, she persuaded him to offer his daughter to be Nero’s wife.

    When Claudius died in 54 A.D, (probably poisoned by Agrippina) Nero who was 17 at the time, immediately ascended the throne. Like all parents, Agrippina tried to influence the life of her son, but to no avail. Consequently, Nero started spending recklessly and behaving inappropriately. Moreover, he divorced two of his wives, killing them after. After, his mother sensibly started supporting Claudius’s real son, giving up all hope with Nero, and so he had them both executed. Until 59 A.D, Nero was actually a good ruler like the ones described in the beginning, but after his mother’s death he went from odd to deadly.

    Emperor Nero started exterminating all opposition, including an army officer who criticized him at a party. In addition, in the year 64 (64 A.D), an immense fire ravaged Rome. It destroyed 75% of the city and lasted ten days! Although Nero probably started the fire to make room for a large villa or country house, he blamed it on the Christians like a naughty child. From here on, the persecution, killing, and torture of christians began.

    Meanwhile, after the great fire, Nero resumed the plans for building his villa. He sold out government positions, increased taxes, and took money from public areas such as temples, just to obtain money! Soon, common sense caught up, and the public turned against him, compelling commit suicide. This man only cared for himself and altogether he has found himself a seat in the hall of wicked souls.




Born:December 15,

37 A.D,Anzio


Fun Fact

Nero was said to have fiddled while Rome burned

Died:June 9,

68 a.d,Rome




Leopold II

    Out of the people in this book, Leopold II, King of Belgium was one of the most corrupted. He was the second king of Belgium and ruled from 1865-1909 after his father. Leopold wanted to make Belgium larger and more rich and powerful. So, when the news that the Congo Free State was independent, he jumped at the chance and in 1876, he established the International Association for the Exploration and Civilization of the Congo. The world was completely fooled by his lies of “helping” the Congo. Instead, he turned it into a country ruled by slave labor.

    In the Congo, Leopold had a whole operation going on. His men had captured the natives living there and forced them to mine and forage for goods such as palm oil, ivory, and especially rubber, then bring them back. In addition, his men tortured,whipped, and slaughtered the Congolese people, including the children. Furthermore, If someone didn’t bring back enough rubber, a severe punishment was carried out, mostly that they had their hand cut of! Villages were burned down. Millions of Congolese died. Some starved and some killed.

    Leopold II of Belgium is considered one of the greatest liars of all time, given that he fooled the world into believing that he was helping an innocent country but instead, destroying it’s land and people. In fact, Leopold did all of these things just to gain money. Equally important, he killed up to 10 million Congolese about half of the population. No wonder he is on the list of the most heinous and dirty people of history.


Born:April 9,



 Leopold Enslaved Hundereds of Congolese People

Died:December 17,





Pol Pot

    This man was one of the most cruel and uncaring people on earth. He actually ordered his whole country to be destroyed! Pol Pot was the prime minister of Cambodia from 1975-1979. His crazy goal was to completely and utterly destroy his own country, and turn it into a new age. It sounds like a scenario from a movie, but its true!

    Under his rule, all of his people were forced to work until they dropped. Even the elderly, pregnant women, and children were forced to work in brutal environments. Not to mention that most people had “no rights to eat” and people who were ill weren’t given food. Additionally, tanks and soldiers rumbled down streets in convoys, killing every living thing in their path. If a worker made a mistake, they were killed. Furthermore, anybody that had anything to do with Vietnam was executed. For example, if someone was married to a Vietnamese person, both were killed. By the same token, Vietnamese people or even people who looked Vietnamese were murdered.

    This man was either insane or just plain demonic. Pot killed at least one or two million people. He was the only man in history to order an official genocide or massacre of his own country! In fact, to him, his people’s lives weren’t just cheap, but worth nothing at all. For the most part, there is no doubt at all that Pol Pot deserves to be in this book.


Fun Fact

Pol Pot liked to keep the skulls of his victims.

Born:May 19,

1925,Prek Sbuav


Died:April 15,1998,

Anlong Veng district




Maximilien Robespierre

    Remember that looks can be deceiving! If he looks it or not, this man was one of the most psychopathic people in France. 6 years after he was born, Maximilien Robespierre’s mother died and his father left shortly after, leaving him and his sibling in the care of their grandparents. There, he was educated in Paris at Lycée Louis-le-Grand. Robespierre then took on a public role, calling for change in France, as were many people at the time.

    Maximilien quickly rose up in power, and successfully argued for the execution of the king. Not to mention that using words and force, he gained the status of the leader of the French Revolution which was what was going on in France. Furthermore, during this time, most of the suspected enemies of the Revolutions were killed, mostly by guillotine, which was a form of beheading where a wide blade was released between two poles; kind of like a chopping block. Fascinated by this newfound, power he started to murder more and more people, even after the revolution ended. This led to most people losing faith in him and he was executed ironically by guillotine.

    Maximilien Robespierre was demented and deranged. From his love of death and the fact that he was drawn to the power over life and death for many people, it is true that  he  is evil to the core. In conclusion, this person will wrap up our book of the ten most evil beings that ever walked planet Earth.


Born:May 6,1758



Died:July 28,1794




    Now, back to the questions in the beginning. Did you learn new things that you can tell someone about these gruesome characters that will make their jaw drop to the floor? Or, were you completely grossed out? Maybe you know something else about one of these people that isn’t mentioned. You could make your own book too! The only thing that matters is that you learned something new and maybe, that it changed the way you feel about these people. So, different or not, all these individuals can be considered truly evil, and their histories will forever, live on.

Yu-Chen Lung

is 11 years old and in 6th grade. He currently lives in Westchester with his family and goes to a middle school. He also plays violin and loves reading.


  Evil. It seems like a fantasy or a legend, but things are not as they really seem. Wicked people have slowly corrupted our planet through the centuries. Plaguing our societies with horrendous deeds. These humans have terrorized our world from the start, and this book will retell the tales of ten of the most feared of these horrific beings.