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YD Training and Ed Opportunities

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Page2of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities Prime Time Palm Beach County   Free  Site-Based  Three Hours To access trainings, click What We Offer, select The OST Professional and choose Trainings.  Active Learning  Ask-Listen-Encourage  Building Community  Cooperative Learning  Global Graffiti Wall: Exploring and Embracing Our Uniqueness  Homework Help  Navigating the Lesson Plan  OST Leadership Series  Planning and Reflection  Program Self-Assessment (PBC-PQA Basics)  Progressive Too: A Deeper Look  Quality Coaching  Raising the Cultural Vibration in Out-of-School Time  Reframing Behavior Management Series  Reframing Conflict  SEL 101 and Morning/Afternoon Meeting  STEAM Initiative Training  Structure and Clear Limits  The Magic of Learning in Out-of-School Time: Science and Reading  The Progressive Afterschool Practitioner  Well-being Tools for Practitioners and Youth Series  Youth Voice Children’s Services Council Palm Beach County   Free  Site-Based  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Training Calendar and enter the keyword.  Cultural Bias: Recognizing What You Bring to the Interaction  Combatting Compassion Fatigue  Supporting Families and Children with Special Needs  Cultural Humility, Solidarity and Responsiveness  Introduction to Racial-Equity  Trauma-Informed Care  Introduction to Mindfulness Palm Beach State College   Free (Prime Time scholarships are available to cover course and book fees)  Instructor-Led  10-40 Hours To access courses, select Register For Classes and enter the Course ID/Number.  HEV0803: Part 1 School-Age Certification  HEV0804: Part 2 Foundations of Advancing Youth Development Principles  HEV0194: School Age Professional Certificate Module I  HEV0195: School Age Professional Certificate Module II

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Page3of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities Palm Beach State College (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)  HEV0123: 10-Hour Special Needs Appropriate Practices  HEO0106: Child Care First Aid and CPR  HEV0003: School Age Appropriate Practices  HEV0004: Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practice Florida Department of Children and Families   $10 Each  Online  Two -12 Hours To access trainings, click Services, select Child Care and choose Training and Registry Login.  Child Care Facility Rules and Regulations  Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect  Health, Safety, and Nutrition  Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practice  School Age Appropriate Practices  Achieving and Maintaining Quality in Afterschool Programs  Special Needs Appropriate Practices  School-Age Program Quality Standards and Self-Assessment  Supporting Literacy in School-Age Programs  Supporting Children with Developmental Disabilities  Trauma-Informed Care for Child Care Professionals  Challenging Behaviors Awareness and Prevention  Effective Communication for Child Care  Quality in Child Care Setting  Obesity Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles  Basic Guidance and Discipline  Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness  Playground Safety  Transportation Safety  Water Safety in Child Care Programs  Performance Reviews: A Tool for Professional Development  Tips for Selecting the Right Staff  Computer Technology for Child Care Professionals  Guide to Record Keeping Florida Office of Early Learning   Free  Online  One -Two Hours To access trainings, click Statewide Initiatives, choose Health and Safety and select Early Learning Florida Health and Safety Modules.  Health and Sanitation  Safety in the Environment  Precautions in Transporting Children  Safe Sleep Practices  Child Safety and Prevention  Planning for Emergencies  Preventing Child Abuse and Supporting Children in Trauma

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Page4of12Venue  Website/Cost/Location/Hours  Example Training Opportunities Florida Office ofEarly Learning(CONTINUEDFROMPREVIOUSPAGE)Supporting the Social-Emotional Development of: Mixed Age GroupingsAcademy forCompetentYouth Work
 $25  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, select Online Training. 
 Ethics for Child and Youth Care Practitioners  Telling The Story: Documentation for Child and Youth Care Workers

Act for Youth

 Free  Online  30 Minute Modules To access trainings, selectYouth Work Professionals, click PYD 101 Online Courses and visit  Principles of Positive Youth Development  Puberty and Adolescence  Youth and Technology  Youth Development Programming  Youth Voice and Engagement  Youth Work Ethics American CPRCare Association  $25-$36  Online and Blended Learning (online only modules may not meet OSHA requirements for workplacecertification) Hours Vary To access trainings, click Certification and choose select “Start Course” for the topic.
 CPR/AED and First Aid  CPR/AED Certification  First Aid  Bloodborne Pathogens American HeartAssociation

  $15 and up (*Certificate Fee Varies) Online, Site-Based and Blended Learning Courses (online onlymodules may not meet OSHArequirements for workplacecertification) Hours Vary To access trainings, click CPR, select Find a Course
and chooseCourses. 
 Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED  Heartsaver® CPR AED  Heartsaver® First Aid  Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens American RedCross

  $30 and up (*Certificate Fee Varies) Online, Site-Based and Blended Learning Courses (online onlymodules may not meet OSHArequirements for workplacecertification)To access trainings, click Training & Certification. 
 Adult, Child And Baby First Aid/CPR/AED  Child And Baby First Aid/CPR/AED\  Basic Life Support  Bloodborne Pathogens Training  First Aid  First Aid For Severe Bleeding 

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Page5of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities American Red Cross (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)  Hours Vary  First Aid, Health And Safety For Coaches  Anaphylaxis And Epinephrine Auto-Injector Anti-Bullying Alliance   Free  Online  30 – 45-Minute Modules To access trainings, click Free CPD Online Training.  What is Bullying?  Bullying and the Law  Bullying and SEN/Disability  10 Principles to Reduce Bullying  Preventing Bullying  Responding to Bullying  Cyberbullying (Online Bullying) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   Free  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, select Search Courses and enter keyword.  Principles of Prevention  Bullying Prevention  Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention CEU-Hours.Com   $12-$45  Online  One -12 Hours To access trainings, click CE Course List.  Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Introduction  Demystifying Trauma: Pathways to Healing  Disaster Response With Children  Helping Children Cope with Trauma  Suicide: Risk and Prevention Child Care Lounge   $6 Per Hour  Online  One -10 Hours To access trainings, click Child Care Training and select Individual Classes.  Proud to be a Professional  The Anti-bias Approach  Caring for Yourself as a Child Care Provider  Becoming Part of a Professional Team  Recruiting Child Care Staff  Bullies: How to Manage and Prevent Their Behavior  Autism in Your Child Care Setting  Every Child is Unique  Excellence in Customer Service

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Page6of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities Child Care Lounge (CONTINUED FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE)  Principles of Child Development  Theories of Child Development  Mentoring Methods  Understanding and Responding to ADHD in the Classroom  Where Everyone is Welcome  The Best Ideas on Staff Management  First Friends  Cooking Up Some Fun  Communication and Conflict  Preventing Misbehavior  School-Age Development  Social and Emotional Skills Spell School Readiness  The Impact of Violence on Young Children  While Children Play: Your Role  Promoting Family Partnerships  Nuts About Nutrition Mental Health First Aid   Free-$30  Site-Based and online  Eight Hours To access trainings, click Take a Course, select Find a Course and enter your location.  Mental Health First Aid (FREE)  Mental Health First Aid Online Re-Certification Mindful Continuing Education   Free  Online  One Hour To access training, click Courses and select Free CE.  The Effect of Child Maltreatment on Brain Development National CPR Foundation   Free (*Certificate fee $20 and up)  Online (online only modules may not meet OSHA requirements for workplace certification)  Hours Vary To access trainings, click All Courses.  Standard CPR/AED  Standard First-Aid  CPR/AED/First-Aid  Bloodborne Pathogens  Basic Life Support (BLS) PBS TeacherLine   Free-Low Cost Per CEU Hour  Online  One Hour and Thirty Minutes - Five Hours To access trainings, click Course Catalog and search by keyword.  Using Shared Reading to Teach and Engage All Readers  Classroom Video Production  K-2 Science Tips: Animal Adaptations  K-2 Science Tips: Energy & Motion Quantum Units Education   Free-$3 Per CEU Hour  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Online CE Courses and select a category (or search for CE Courses).  Increasing the Effectiveness of Suicide Prevention Strategies

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Page7of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities Quantum Units Education (CONTINUED FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE) (FREE)  Serving LGBT Youth and Adult Populations  Preventing High Risk Behaviors and Violence in Youth  Supporting Brain Development in Traumatized Youth  Prevention of Youth Violence and Risk Associated Behaviors  Bullying Prevention and Response  Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Evidence-Based Practices  Applied Developmental Perspectives on Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress  Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress - An Applied Developmental Perspective  Cultural Competencies for Counselors and Other Clinical Staff  Counselor Competence for Treating LGBT Clients  Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach  Trauma Awareness  Leadership Management: Building Trust Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools   Free  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, select Take a Virtual Training and under the Online Courses section click View Our Course Topics.  Developing Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) K-12 101  School EOPs In-Depth: Developing a Bereavement and Loss Annex  School EOPs In-Depth: Planning for Large Events   Free  Online  One Hour and Thirty Minutes To access training, click Resources, choose Training Center and select Bullying Prevention Training Courses.  Bullying Prevention Training Course TeachME Professional Development   Free-$4 Per CEU Hour  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Courses.  Violence and Bullying Among School-Aged Youth (FREE)  Psychosocial Problems Facing School-Aged Youth  Substance Abuse Among School-Aged Children  Understanding, Supporting, and Engaging Newcomer Students and Their Families  Depression in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults  Advancing the Well-Being of At-Risk Youth  A Whole School Approach to Promote Social and Emotional Well-Being  Appraising the Progress of IDEA in Educating Children with Disabilities

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Page8of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities TeachME Professional Development (CONTINUED FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE)  Classifying and Mediating Attention Problems in Youth  A Brief Guide to Addressing Equity of Opportunity for All Students  Developing Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance in the Learning Environment  Supporting LGBT Children and Their Families  Innovation in Stem Education  Update on Children's Exposure to Violence, Crime and Abuse  Aggression and ADHD  Classifying and Mediating Attention Problems in Youth Texas A&M AgriLife Extension   Free (*Certificate Fee Varies)  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, select Courses. Recommended course topics include Child Care and Family. Child Health and Safety  Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs  Emergency Planning for Child Care Providers Child Abuse and Neglect  Child Maltreatment: A Guide for Child Care Professionals Nutrition and Physical Activity  Age-Appropriate Physical Activity for Children  Healthy Interactions: Promoting Lifelong Nutrition Including Children with Special Needs  An Introduction to Inclusive Child Care for Preschool and School-Age Children  Activity-Based Support for Children with Different Developmental and Functional Needs  Activity-Based Support in Inclusive Preschool and School-Age Child Care  Emergency Preparedness for Children with Special Needs  Establishing a Healthy and Safe Environment for Preschool and School-Age Children with Special Needs  Strategies for Caring for Preschool and School-Age Children with Challenging Behaviors  Strategies for Caring for Preschool and School-Age Children with Sensory Integration Issues  Strategies for Helping Preschool and School-Age Children Develop Self-Help Skills in the Inclusive Child Care Setting  Strategies for Partnering with Families of Children with Special Needs  Strategies for Partnering with Parents of Children with Special Needs  Supporting Positive Peer Interactions in Inclusive Child Care

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Page9of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities Texas A&M AgriLife Extension (CONTINUED FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE) Settings  Supporting the Establishment of Strong Peer and Adult-Child Relationships in the Inclusive Child Care Environment Professional Development and Leadership  Establishing Positive Relationships with Families Child Growth and Development  Child Growth and Development from Infancy to School-Age Family  Rebalancing Work and Life: Be the Model  ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism: Practical Approaches to Child Psychiatry  Working to Balance Life  Recharging! Combating Compassion Fatigue  Communication In the Crunch  Overview of Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention The Care Courses School Inc.   Free-$50  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Care Courses by Title.  A Joyful Life of Caregiving (FREE)  Fun and Fitness: Addressing Childhood Obesity  Social-Emotional Development in Young Children  School-Age Children: Spatial Intelligence  Abuse and Neglect: a Caregiver's Guide to Child Abuse  Conferencing with Parents  Preventing Child Abuse and Helping Its Victim  Family Diversity  Witnesses to Violence: Helping Children Cope in a Violent World  After-School Programs  Children with Special Needs: Physical Disabilities  Understanding Each Other: Communicating with Families, Staff and Your Community  ADHD  Children's Challenging Behaviors  Let's Play Outdoors  Improving Staff Performance  Partnerships with Parents  Facilitating Staff Skill Development  The Workplace Environment  Active or Hyperactive

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Page10of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities The Florida Certification Board   Free  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Education and Training, select FBC Online Training and choose Click To View Courses.  Suicide Prevention  Leadership University of Maryland School of Medicine   Free  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Online Training.  Partnering with Youth and Families  Promotion, Prevention, and Early Intervention Strategies for Children and Youth  Child and Adolescent Development  The Adolescent Brain  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders  Youth and Problem Gambling  Suicide Prevention University of Minnesota Extension   Free/Low Cost  Online  Self-Guided Courses (3-6 Hours)  Cohort Courses (15-24 Hours) To access trainings, in the search section type Youth Work Courses.  Dilemmas in Youth Work: A self-study  Youth Engagement Matters: A self-study  Youth Work Matters: A self-study  Cohort Course: Leadership Matters  Cohort Course: Youth Work Matters Youth Development Institute   Free  Online  One - Two Hours To access trainings, click YDI Courses.  Adolescent Development  Age Appropriate Discipline  Child Development  Overview of Positive Youth Development Youth Intervention Programs Association   Member: Free  Non-Member: $30-$100  Online  Hours Vary To access trainings, click Trainings and select Live Online and Demanding Trainings.  Design Thinking for Dynamic Youth Work  Gender Literacy for Inclusive Youth Work  Youth DO Have Rights!  Using Behavior Interventions to Build Self-Regulation  Help All Youth Heal: A Journey Through Restorative Practices  Identifying and Addressing Depression in Youth  Less Stress with Move Mindfully® Interventions  The Incremental Strategy of Harm Reduction in Youth Work  Trauma Across Generations: Engaging the African American Community

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Page11of12Venue Website/Cost/Location/Hours Example Training Opportunities Youth Intervention Programs Association (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)  Conflict Resolution  Relationships, Girls, and Juvenile Justice Interventions  Helping Youth Make Healthy Choices  How You Can Help Youth Manage Anxiety  Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Makes a Difference  Equity and Inclusion in Youth Work  Positive Youth Development in Talking About Sexuality Topics  Teen Brain Development & Risk for Substance Abuse  What You Need to Know About Eating Disorders  Your Role in Retaining Great Youth Workers  Supporting Youth Living With Tourette Syndrome or Autism Spectrum  Engaging Youth via Pop Culture  Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)  Advocacy to the Next Level  The Trials and Tribulations of Adolescence  Ethical Dilemmas in Youth Work  Suicide Prevention Steps Youth Workers Need to Know  Text Me! Using Mobile Technology to Engage and Provide Training to Youth  Self-Sabotaging Behaviors  LGBTQ Foundations: Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills  Youth Violence Recorded  How to be a Good Advocate for Youth  Youth Empowerment For questions or inquiries, please contact: Nicole Tarsia Professional Development Scholarship and Incentives Specialist Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc. 2300 High Ridge Road, Suite 330 Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 Phone: 561-732-8066 ext. 117 Direct: 561-600-9527 Fax: 561-327-4882