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The Monsters Rise

Dedicated to: My Whole Family

School Name St.Jerome Catholic School

Date: May,23 2017

One day Sawyer came to Yathu's house and Yathu and Sawyer played hockey. The score was 30-30. It was a tie

All of a sudden Godzilla and King Kong appeared. They chased us and we hid in a bush. We were eating the grapes and we were in the rain forest. 

So Yathu said "we need to walk very carefully so the monsters don't get us". So Sawyer and Yathu walked very very carefully. Then we saw an apple tree. So Yathu and Sawyer climbed up the tree and got apples. 

So they both jumped off. They got 77 apples and then they ate and ate and ate until they were very very very full. So they stopped eating.

So Yathu had some  weights in his bag so they lifted 72 pound weights. So they lost all of that stuff. So they ran a mile

Godzilla and King Kong were running behind Yathu and Sawyer. So Yathu and Sawyer looked behind them and they screamed!!!

So they ran as fast as they could. Then Yathu and Sawyer lost them. Sawyer asked "do you have a flashlight"? Yes I do. Then get it!

They at least had a flashlight. So they saw those muddy monsters! Then they went to the tree they called the happy tree. 

Then they laid down under the tree. Then They both slept for 2 hours. Then Yathu woke up and built a wall to keep them safe.  

They lived happily ever after or so they thought datdatda the END

About The Author

Name: Yathuseagan Sivapalan

Age: 7

What I Like to do most is: Play Video Games

My Favourite book is: Diary of a wimpy kid long haul

My Best Subject at School is: Science

Because: It's fun

Hobbies: Playing Hockey

When I grow up I want to be: Psychologist