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"Island Flavors"


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From the rainforest in Jayuya, PR - In one of the coldest mountains of the island one can catch the enticing aroma of sugar cane moonshine. This has become a destinationnow enjoyed by locals and visitors from all over...

Besides our "cane-shine" pitorro overproof rum named 106 and our rum grade Elite pitorro, PitoRico produces tropical inspired flavored pittorro and  our island favorite Pitorro based sangria.

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Our Pitorro Rum and natuiral fruit blends

  Our family centers on classic cane-shine and our pitorro inspired rum. All our other drinks and our  red sangria are made to represent these tropical flavor profiles that have been enjoyed for generations in Jayuya. From deep in the rainforest we bring a high end craft product that blends Puerto Rico and Pitorro - we call it PitoRico.

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Hand Made PITORRO - Sugar Cane Moonshine

A clasic pitorro elevated to provide a new spirit experience for those adventurous at heart. Great for infusions of "pitorro curado" or for cocktails this 53.0% Alc By Vol. 106° Proof spirit is proudly made island deep.If making an siland "Old Fasioned" or one of our signature coaktails ( this pitorro rum provides a fruity start, clean pallet, and warm inviting finish with sugarcane lasting end.

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the select and best is adequatly called ELITE- This Rum Grade Pitorro plays on the pitorro essence but is hand crafted to keep the roboust character of our cane-shine in a 40% APV spirit that can enhance fruit and aromatic accents. Crazy good in mojitos, fruit cocktails, or just on the rocks Elite higholights Puerto Rico. 

See some of our crowdsourced drinks at:


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An Island favorite sangria now comes with a Pitorro twist. We have found harmony between a cabarnet-savignion, island fruit, and our pitorro. This eolution of the island clasic sangria from the rainforest is made as a ready to pour enjoyable drink seen as a "Pitorro Charged Sangria”

Pitorro based ~ red sangria

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Our way to enjoy the simplicity of tropical passion fruit. From the texture and floral notes this infusiuon with our pitorro celebrates the harmony of tropical fruit with this island reborn spirit. 



Mezcla de Pitorro y fruta

Shake, pour over Ice, and Enjoy... or let your imagination loose... 

Parcha -

Passion Fruit

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A more island born blend doesn't exist. Coconut and pitorro brings a holiday favorite all year round. This creamy, sweet, and soft blend is being used right out of the bottle. Some say this is the star of the pitorro ready to drink family... what do you think?

Mezcla de Pitorro y fruta

Shake, pour over Ice, and Enjoy... or let your imagination loose... 


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For generatioins this sweet and tart body of the Tamarind has been used in pitorro, vinagretts, chutneys, and many syrups and sauses. We have kept is simple, fruit, pitorro rum, and some sweet loving to produce this most iteresting and versitile drink!

Shake, pour over Ice, and Enjoy... or let your imagination loose... 

Mezcla de Pitorro y fruta


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Mezcla de Pitorro y fruta

From memoriesof our youth where from grove oranges and pitorro mixfor any celebration, we bring this classic from the rainforestin jayuya. 

Shake, pour over Ice, and Enjoy... or let your imagination loose... 

China- Orange

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Brought by the aroma, many driven by curiousity, people come to the distillery every week to try this now-legal pitorro rum. Our distillery, home of PitoRico, is open to all who want to peak at this craft distiller. Come in buy one or two. If you want more you must promise to comeback!


Don José L. Cruz, founder and master distiller, will likey greet and walk you through the tour and store. After telling the story of how this spirit made it to public light he will invite you to taste, enjoy and share the artisinal small batch pitorro rum.


“Amazing… It is flavorfull and smooth!" said  Rosa M. Padín, as she tasted next to her husband Juan Ortiz Serrano who walked through the plant and admirfed "this is an elaborate and on point rum produciton"  as he witnessed the hand crafted character and quality artisan spirits we produce.

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