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 What the Wounded Warrior Project does

 The Wounded Warrior Project provides free programs and services focused on the physical, mental, and long-term financial well-being of this generation of injured veterans, their families and caregivers. The project is not exclusive to a certain branch of the military and provides support to all service-members of our age. Their origin lies in the days after the attack on September 11th 2001. The founders of the Wounded Warrior Project believed that for America's brave men and women to fight a war around the globe that they needed plenty of support at home. 

 Why you should support them

 The Wounded Warrior Project is the largest agency that provides support to our veterans. Everyday these brave men and women risk their lives because they want to preserve our way of life and safety.

 Why you should support them

 Many of our nation's veterans who suffer grave injuries during their time of service usually find themselves unable to work. The Wounded Warrior project provides them with the neccesary materials and financial aid to live. They raise this money through donations, races, dinners, and other competitions.

 Why you should support them

 Not every person who serves our country returns safe and sound. Those who have paid the ultimate price may sometimes leave a family behind. One of the main goals of the Wounded Warrior Project is to protect these familes and make sure they are taken care of. The project currently provides aid to almost twenty-thousand families nation-wide.