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Working With Tilcor

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INTRODUCTION Many homes are facing leaking roofs and damage from age hail high winds fires and other natural disasters caused by extreme climate conditions Consumers demand quality and or concrete tile to stone coated steel sustainability they want to know and our range of Tilcor profiles and what s in the products that make up colors meet the demand for the their home and where they come traditional look that homeowners love from So if you re in the roofing industry All this is creating demand for better and are looking to switch or diversify roofing systems that are more energy to a high performance roofing system efficient durable and easier and faster that provides a better value to to install homeowners and more benefits to the contractor read on to learn more This is why roofing contractors are about Tilcor Roofing Systems and how turning to stone coated steel as the you can start using Tilcor products roofing material of the future With today Tilcor it s an easy switch from asphalt 4

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Section 1 Why Stone Coated Steel Roofing Products such as asphalt roofing shingles and concrete tiles once the roofing solution for many homes are being pushed aside in favor of the more reliable longer lasting cost effective and attractive stone coated steel roofing system Let s have a look at the advantages that stone coated steel has over other materials 8 9

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Outstanding Lifetime Value When a homeowner has their house re roofed with stone coated steel it is most likely that they ll only need to do it once in their lifetime saving money in the long run NUMBER OF TIMES A RE ROOF IS REQUIRED OVER 50 YEARS Material Stone Coated Steel 1 1 66 Wood Shake For homeowners this means they can far longer lifespan than traditional be assured of the quality of their roof materials Standard asphalt shingles almost over a lifetime in their home have a lifespan of 15 18 years where this attractive selling point creates Tilcor Roofing Systems have a lifespan customer demand and is a benefit and warranty of 50 years contractors can capitalize on 2 15 Concrete 2 5 Asphalt 0 Stone coated steel roofs have a 1 2 3 4 Number of roofs 10 11

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Durable and Hard Wearing in Extreme Conditions Stone coated steel roofs provide prolonged protection in the harshest of conditions At Tilcor we know that our roofing weather condition testing allowing system needs to be capable of us to meet all building codes even withstanding extreme weather in the harshest weather conditions conditions that many North American Our products are designed to be regions experience high winds fire used anywhere in the world without heavy rain snow fall hail earthquakes changing a thing and hurricanes For this reason our roofing systems go through rigorous 12 13

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Profiles and Colors Consumers Love Available in a wide variety of profiles and colors a stone coated steel roof suits any house and design type whether it s a new and contemporary style or a heritage home The huge advantage being that although they can be designed to look like more traditional roofing materials they won t burn curl split crack or rot as traditional materials do 14 15

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Sustainable Not only do stone coated steel roofs perform better and last longer than other materials they also do their part to help the environment During the installation of a stone coated steel roof there is less waste that ends up in landfills as all steel wastage from the installation process can be recycled With innate heat absorption characteristics stone coated steel roofs help to mitigate the heat island effect a phenomenon now known to be a key contributor to green house issues in urban areas Stone coated steel roofs are 100 recyclable unlike asphalt which takes over 100 years to break down in a landfill And with Tilcor our roofing system meets the World Health Organization standards for water run off asphalt begins to bio degrade after 6 years making water run off not only unusable but chemically dangerous 16 17

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1 Stone coated steel roofs perform in the most extreme weather conditions 2 A stone coated steel roof is highly durable even in extreme weather conditions Concrete tiles crack and break in freeze thaw areas meaning they are not suitable for cold climates Stone coated steel roofs have a longer lifespan Stone coated steel roofs have an average minimum lifespan of 50 years while asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 16 20 years and concrete 20 25 years Average Roof Life Cycle in years 50 STONE COATED STEEL ROOF 30 CEDAR 20 Weight Comparison CONCRETE WEIGHT OF STONE COATED STEEL 15 WEIGHT OF ASPHALT SHINGLES ASPHALT SHINGLES WEIGHT OF CONCRETE TILES Stone coated steel roofs are lighter ED TRADITIONAL O T M STONE COATED STEEL S IAL ER AT 3 18 COM PA R Stone coated steel roofs are 50 lighter than asphalt shingles and 75 lighter than concrete tiles In fact concrete tiles require additional structural work to support their weight A Tilcor roof can be installed in any weather and are water shedding making them suitable for all marine environments backed by our warranty Concrete tiles require underlayment to be water tight and most underlayment do not have a warranty 4 Stone coated steel roofs are water tight 19 without the reliance on underlayment

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TO Water collected o a stone coated steel roof is drinkable according to the World Health Organization s Clean Water Runo requirements Water runo from asphalt shingles do not meet those requirements Asphalt shingles are made with non renewable petroleum products and take more than 100 years to decompose once they reach a land ll Stone coated steel is 100 recyclable 7 20 Stone coated steel is 100 recyclable LS RIA 6 Stone coated steel roofs are walkable and are Class 4 Impact Resistance A RE D TE PA Drinkable runo water COM 5 STONE COATED STEEL T R A DITI O N A L M Concrete tiles are not walkable once installed and homes re roo ng to a concrete roof require a structural engineering report While asphalt shingles require impact resistant shingles for lower insurance premiums stone coated steel roofs are Class 4 Impact Resistance without the need for special products Asphalt shingles require special granules to qualify as a cool roof Stone coated steel installed on battens results in a cool roof regardless of color 8 A stone coated steel roof quali es for a cool roof regardless of color 21

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Section 2 About Tilcor Tilcor is manufactured by the Ross Roof Group who has been involved in roofing since 1942 Our stone coated steel roofing systems incorporate cutting edge Zincalume protective steel which gives the products a significantly longer service life than typical galvanized steel and our products provide a more visually pleasing finish and exceptional long term durability Our Auckland New Zealand based ISO 9001 accredited factory manufactures products suitable for all climates and environments around the world Installed in over 80 countries the Tilcor Roofing Systems product range offers exceptional strength and durability in the harshest climates 22 23

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High Quality Steel Originating from the black ironsand of New Zealand s volcanic coastlines the high quality New Zealand steel means that a Tilcor roof is made from the purest forms of steel in the world This black ironsand was formed 2 5 dunes of over 290 feet high containing million years ago from rock deposited mainly ironsand titanomagnetite and on the coast by volcanic activity in the lime soda feldspars region Over this extensive time the 24 heavy dark ironsands have been carried This unique and valuable resource once by ocean currents along the coast and refined delivers us with superior base deposited on beaches in the form of components for our panel manufacture 25

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The Mark of Quality It s important to look at the origin of the steel used in your steel roofing as not all steel is the same Far from it It might be surprising to know that many manufacturers can t tell you where their steel comes from and if they can it is often mixed with recycled low grade steel and impurities When you re dealing with a high quality The quality of our stone coated steel steel like the New Zealand steel used roofing panel can actually be seen on in Tilcor products you know you can the underside of the panel trust it to perform New Zealand steel has a global reputation for its strength All Tilcor panels are printed with the and reliability and is manufactured Ross Roof Group logo batch number under strict quality control conditions date and certification markings for Unfortunately this is not the case with ultimate traceability inferior and recycled steel of often unknown origin that lacks in toughness and durability 26 27

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Tilcor Profile Range Natural Stone Granules The stone coating on all of our textured roofing products consists of natural stone granules which have been formed over millions of years and then ceramic coated and fired at over 1800 F Antica Bond Classic The graceful features of the Mediterranean Smooth flowing curves for a timeless appeal Make a statement with strong bold lines Craftsman Shake Royal Tudor The rustic charm of traditional shake The unique form of Royal Traditional style of old Europe 29 Due to their natural properties of durability and stability our panel coatings will retain their pigment and color intensity for the lifetime of the roof Click here to view the full Tilcor range New Tilcor Concealed Fastening Profiles CF Shake 28 CF Shingle CF Slate 29

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How Tilcor Roofing Panels are Made As pioneers in product innovation research and development is at the heart of what we do and it s led to our advanced manufacturing processes and products With this in mind Tilcor panels are This dedicated process includes the first pressed and cut into dedicated application of Zincalume based steel panel sizes from premium coils of New on both sides priming on both sides Zealand steel in our Auckland factory application of an acrylic base coat the From there 300 metric ton presses natural stone granules and then it s create uniform panels in our signature followed by a pure acrylic over glaze ACRYLIC BASE COAT eight layer process Once oven baked and hardened this PRIMER process offers one of the most durable and reliable roofing systems on the market ACRYLIC OVERGLAZE NATURAL STONE CHIP ZINCALUME BASE STEEL ZINCALUME PRIMER 30 31

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Section 3 Installing Tilcor Panels Tilcor Roofing Systems revolutionize traditional roofing methods Our panel design combined with a top down process on a battened roof allows for faster easier installs This means fewer laborers are required per job and each job is quicker to install which means you can do more jobs per year with a smaller less skilled workforce And with our groundbreaking new concealed fastening installation method you can now offer homeowners the world s first fully concealed fastening system that protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable watertight and durable than ever before This system has been designed specifically for the North American market to replace traditional direct to deck methods 32 33

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The Tilcor Installation Advantages Tilcor profiles are installed as panels instead of individual tiles making the process faster The panels are installed in a simple cut nail or screw and interlock system which means less skilled labor is required to install them and less labor is needed overall Our innovative no bend accessories makes the installation safer and faster to install because there are less trips up and down a ladder carrying panels that are traditionally cut and bent on the ground With this faster and easier method of installation more jobs can be completed per year with the same labor force This all contributes to a more profitable outcome for roofing contractors 34 35

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Weather Woes At Tilcor we understand that your biggest concern as a contractor is the weather Not only the weather conditions when you re installing a roof but also the long term water tightness post installation Tilcor Roofing Systems answer this concern Stone coated steel can be Tilcor installation system installed in any weather ensures that our roofs are because they re not reliant extremely weathertight with on a seal strip to bond panels a cleverly designed water together like asphalt shingles shedding system And the combination of our Homeowners want a high quality durable steel weathertight roof and Tilcor panels and our interlocking delivers at every level Did you know Most homeowners don t realize that asphalt and concrete roofing systems aren t watertight they rely on the underlay to keep water from soaking through to the deck This leaves the house at risk as over time the underlayment will break down if it is exposed to water 36 37

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Installing Tilcor Roofing Systems with the Batten Method The light weight of Tilcor panels combined with innovative design allows for a top down batten installation approach This makes for a faster and safer installation on roofs with a high pitch What is Sol R Skin Underlayment Sol R Skin is made up of three products synthetic underlayment fiberglass mat insulation and reflective foil Meaning that Sol R Skin is three products in one water barrier insulation barrier and a fire barrier 38 39

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Introducing our Fully Concealed Fastening System in Tilcor s New CF Profiles CF Shake Tilcor has recently launched the world s first truly concealed fastening roofing system Designed specifically for the the elements our unique CF North American market this wrapping method leaves none new concealed fastening of the fasteners unprotected system completely covers any making roofs more reliable screws or fastenings keeping watertight and durable than them 100 protected from ever before CF Slate the weather These genuine concealed fastening direct to Our concealed fastening deck steel profiles are a cut roofing system is also above comparable market combined with an innovative products Unlike other tile interlocking lapping system fixing systems which leave that can be installed direct to gaps and screws exposed to deck The CF system is available in three stylish profiles CF Shingle 40 41

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About the Concealed Fastening System As the diagram displays the back fastening tab on our CF system folds over itself which provides strength and a secure area to fasten the panels The next panel conceals the fasteners Recent test results prove that the to ensure they are not exposed to the 3 1 2 side lap and long back fastening weather As this is a new and unique tabs ensure water tightness and can feature our CF panels are attracting withstand the highest wind loads the attention of roofing professionals with less fasteners than competitor worldwide Although other products products 1 may claim their fastening systems aren t visible they are however still exposed to the elements making them subject to deterioration 2 3 42 43

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Keen to know more Tilcor s CF roofing system is the most waterproof stone coated steel roofing system available having three 5 16 water channels and a side lap of 3 1 2 All CF panels have a continuous weather channel at the head check or back shelf The under nose is the same size across the panel The CF Shingle step looks like the nose so it s difficult to tell that it s a two course shingle All CF panels have large fastening tabs for random screwing no searching for pre punched holes which can be difficult to see Learn more about the availability of this innovative new Tilcor CF Roofing System Click here to contact us 44 45

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Installation Training and Support At Tilcor we provide initial job site installation training backed up by year round on call support As a roofing contractor you ll receive education job take offs and estimating initial onsite training whether it s for of materials Then a pre installation your whole team or as an individual meeting is held followed by job site The training is practical real world installation training with a technical guidance without any competitors support manager and finally post job doing the training with you support We re the only stone coated steel Being experienced in other roofing roofing manufacturer that conducts methods you re sure to have existing onsite training It s a far more effective roofing tools these will still be of use way to train being onsite at one and will be supplemented with specially of your projects rather than in a developed accessories to aid in the classroom setting where everything is speed and skill of your Tilcor roofing precut and staged installation On the first job where you use Tilcor your support begins with pre job 46 47

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Answering Customer Demand A key selling feature of Tilcor products is that they truly are the best on the market 48 In order for you to educate your can be used to educate customers customers we provide sales training during the in home sales process which explains how our roofing system When these are compared with other stands out from other systems on the products on the market it is clear that market with our superior quality and the preferred roofing solution is to use method of installation These benefits the Tilcor family of products 49

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The Benefits that Customers are looking for and Tilcor Delivers The ability to provide a traditional look with a choice of profiles and color choices which are unlimited by R values Limited Lifetime Warranty Tilcor roofs come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which can be for the life of the home Easy to maintain the durability of Tilcor Roofing Systems means maintenance is limited and easy Durable to extreme conditions such as fire hail and earthquakes Water tight safe from rain and wind uplift Ventilation reducing dampness and increasing thermal performance Energy efficient Provides peace of mind and comfort the occupant can rest assured that their home is protected by the best steel nature can offer Best thermal performance out of all roofing products with the advantage of Sol R Skin 50 51

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Section 4 Working with Tilcor Products We love working with roofing companies and focus on forming strong relationships with smaller operators who offer their customers a more personalized and specialized installation We re a privately owned family business which means we can operate on a personal level building strong long term relationships with our roofing distributors and contractors Our strong ethics underpin everything we do and position us as a trusted roof maker that will stand by our products for decades to come We re proud to have a great team of passionate people involved in the business Interested Find out more about using Tilcor products today Register your interest with us 52 53

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SUMMARY Not only are our products the best it s also easy to switch to Tilcor if you re already installing asphalt shingles or concrete tiles So are you looking to install roofs that provide customer satisfaction and offer you more benefits as a contractor We d love to hear from you We hope that this eBook has given you some insight into why stone coated steel is the future of roofing and why you should become a contractor utilizing Tilcor products Customers want and expect the and install a great roof that performs best especially when they re looking better than the other options out at a purchase as important as a roof there Tilcor products answer this It drives the need for you to supply demand Tilcor s the perfect choice for contractors because our panels are faster to install allow you to complete more jobs per year have less associated labor costs are made from high quality materials are extremely durable and weathertight come in a wide range of profiles and colors perfectly suited to North American homes are made by a company you can be proud to stand behind Interested in using Tilcor products for your next project Click here to register your interest Check out Tilcor s extensive product range Click to view the full range here Please note that the information provided in this eBook is of a general nature and should not be construed or relied on as suitable for your specific situation 2017 Ross Roof Group Ltd www tilcorroofingusa com 54 55


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