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Wirral Today - November 2020

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Wirral Community Campus
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YMCA Wirral
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Merseyside Police
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Rockpoint Community CIC
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New Brighton RNLI
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Kickstart Scheme
Rough Sleepers Support
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The Martin Gallier Project
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Claire House
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Anti-Bullying Week 2020
Become A Magistrate
Funding Opportunities
LCR Community Environment
“We are investing significantly in developing a HQ for
our Community & Business leaders to collaborate and
grow. We passionately believe that our private and
third sector can make so much more of an impact when
they work together. This has been evidenced by the
fantastic collaboration to support our most vulnerable
people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
"We have the drive and ambition to help shape a more
socially focused economy in Wirral, working in direct
partnership with Wirral Council and key political
leaders. I am confident we will deliver it.”
Community Action Wirral, Wirral Chamber of
Commerce and The Lauries have teamed up to create
Wirral’s first Community Campus which will be a HQ
for Wirral’s Community & Socially Focused
The Community Campus project is transforming
The Lauries Centre in Birkenhead to create a modern
space for community organisations and businesses to
collaborate, inspire, relax and get work done.
From executive-level training & conference facilities,
office space, mezzanines full of break out space,
refreshments and ideas boards to a home from home
lounge area with TV’s & retro music facilities. You’d be
forgiven for thinking Google had opened a centre in
central Birkenhead.
The Community Campus at The Lauries Centre has
grown from strength to strength and will support
existing community & socially focused businesses.
From charities, businesses and social enterprises
already based here including Whitechapel, Kareplus,
Wirral Supported Living, ReachOut Support, JF
Recruitment, VIGO IT Solutions, EXCEL Housing,
Life Long Learning and many more.
Putting social justice at the heart of our local
economy has become a major priority for Wirral & the
wider city region. Wirral Chamber of Commerce &
Community Action Wirral have been trailblazing on
this for years.
Wirral Chamber and Community Action Wirral have
been working hard to bridge the gap between our
private & third sector and have made significant wins
from the development of a sector board, cross-sector
networking and the pooling of resources to share
expertise and the delivery of support.
Warren Ward, Director of External Affairs & Social
Economy at Community Action Wirral & Wirral
Chamber said: “This new space will help transform our
community business sector in Wirral, providing a
platform for socially focused organisations and
businesses to collaborate and grow. We want to grow
this space further and potentially role out this model
across Wirral and beyond.”
The two organisations have formed a powerful
coalition, collectively representing the voices of tens
of thousands of organisations and businesses in
The woman behind all of this change is Wirral
Chamber’s CEO Paula Basnett, she wants to support
businesses and socially trading enterprises to bounce
Greeted with a friendly smile and heartfelt welcome
before being shown to your table, you are attended to
at all times with incredibly friendly and helpful table
service throughout.
In terms of the food and drink, it's almost impossible
to pick the stand out seller. The coffee is consistently
delicious, the artisan menu is exquisite and the
homemade cakes are divine. Everyone has their own
favourite treat. If you're looking for the full Popsy's
experience then look no further than their amazing
afternoon tea package, containing a selection of their
scrummy sandwiches, cakes and savoury pastries. You
might even indulge in a glass of bubbly to truly treat
Along the Hoylake promenade you will find Popsy's
Licensed Coffee Shop and Bistro, a hidden gem
located in The Parade, Hoylake's Community Centre.
Ran by husband and wife team, Terri-Jane & John
Beckett, Popsy's surprises from the moment you step
inside. From its hanging flowers and twinkling lights
to its super soft sofas, this coffee shop is your home
away from home, warm and welcoming in both design
and from the team.
Opened in memory of Terri-Jane's late father, Paul
Emmings, Popsy's embodies family and home comforts,
from delicious locally roasted coffee to incredible
artisan pastries and heavenly homemade cakes.
"We called the coffee shop Popsy's as it was my dad's
nickname. He was a family man who loved his grub and
a well made cuppa," explains Terri-Jane. "He was the
most wonderful man who put family above all else. This
is his legacy, a place where families and friends can sit,
relax and enjoy being pampered together."
On a sunny day, there is even a garden overlooking
the prom where you can enjoy the food and drink,
including a carefully selected range of gins, spirits,
beers and wines.
Popsy's is the real deal - a coffee shop that goes that
little bit further to give you and your loved ones a
proper pamper that will keep you coming back for
"Our tagline is 'Because together
is a wonderful place to be' and
we strive to deliver the best
experience to everyone who
walks through our door."
Terri-Jane continued, "We love Hoylake and we are all
about the local community, so it’s very fitting that we’ve
opened in Hoylake Community Centre. We have a great
space in here and the outside garden is gorgeous.”
Visit the guys at Popsy's Licensed Coffee Shop And
Bistro, Hoylake Community Centre, 31 Hoyle Road,
Hoylake, Wirral CH47 3AG
F O R 1 4 6
On 6th June 1844, 22-year-old draper George Williams
joined 11 friends to organise the first ever young mens
Christian association, a refuge of bible study and prayer for
young men seeking escape from the hazards of life on the
streets of London.
Today, the YMCA has grown to serve more than 65 million
people in 120 countries, regardless of age, race, gender,
sexual orientation, or socio-economic background.
2020 officially marks the 146th anniversary of the founding
of Birkenheads YMCA on Wirral, an organisation that has
had a huge impact on our community over the past century
to keep Wirral a pleasant place to live and work.
Wirral's very own YMCA first officially began in the
technological revolution back in 1874, an era of rapid
industrialisation, with major developments in iron, steel,
electrical power, and telephones enabling Birkenhead to
grow and thrive.
Fast forward to the 21st century, YMCA Wirral (formerly
Birkenhead YMCA), has seen many changes and even with
the establishments history and tradition, they now have a
modern approach to addressing the local needs of the
Located at 56 Whetstone Lane in Birkenhead,
today, the charity organisation is still as durable
as ever. It now serves as a homeless prevention
support and accommodation service that meets
some of the highest and respected quality charter
marks in the country.
In 2018 alone, YMCA Wirral provided 4,869 bed
night spaces to a total of 377 individuals,
housed 147 people in supported accommodation,
re-engaged 63 residents with their families and
moved 61 people into independent living,
with 4 going into employment.
They deliver a number of ground-breaking
services that help prevent homelessness.
This ranges from their Wirral Overnight Safe
Refuge for Rough Sleepers (WORRS) initiative,
to quality support including hostel
accommodation and move on housing.
YMCA Wirral work hard to keep rough
sleepers sheltered through the night,
with the principle of their WORRS initiative
to prevent loss of life and suffering that comes
with living in brutal cold temperatures.
Any of Wirrals rough sleepers that are in need
can access WORRS. They are offered warm
overnight shelter, warm food and drinks,
re-cycled clothes and toilet and shower facilities.
They also receive with guidance, advice, and
support from a dedicated member of the Night
Duty Staff.
This accommodation can act as a means of
support until residents are able to be moved on
into permanent accommodation. Nonetheless, the
delays and difficulties in finding suitable move-on
accommodation can be awfully damaging to a
persons motivation and wellbeing.
This is why YMCA Wirral has begun a
properties acquisition programme. Over the
next 10 years the charity will acquire move-on
accommodation for residents who are ready to
move into their own property, with the added
comfort of knowing they have dedicated
continuing support from the YMCA during their
move-on and beyond.
Nigel Hughes, Chief Executive of YMCA
Wirral, said: YMCA Wirral's key driver is the
provision of support and housing to homeless
persons and those at risk of homelessness by
being part of a pathway. Sometimes called the
Recovery Journey, individuals need to have the
opportunity to address their basic needs such as
getting regular meals, getting clean and having
some clothes to wear.
"Then come medium term challenges such as
getting involved in a treatment program or
learning to live with an ongoing mental health
issue. People experiencing homelessness are
significantly more likely to suffer some form of
mental or physical health problem and this can
impact in critical areas, such as acute NHS
services; data indicates that the number of A&E
visits and hospital admissions per homeless
person is four times higher than for the general
public. This is estimated to cost a minimum of
£85m per year.
We meet once a week to chat about a chapter
in the current book that is being discussed.
Welcome to Wirral's own Book Club.
"The longer people remain without a stable and
safe place to live, the more these problems multiply
and the harder they are to overcome. The cycle of
these factors, such as unemployment, debt, poverty
and homelessness work to compound over time and
make it difficult to improve health outcomes in
"Access to appropriate accommodation has been a
growing problem for people at all stages of their
recovery journey during the last 15 years.
The provision of emergency accommodation such as
our own supported housing or our emergency
winter beds are crucial to get people off the streets,
but the provision of longer-term accommodation is
also vital. People need to be able to move out of
hostels and into more independent accommodation.
"With this in mind, we have been developing more
permanent housing. Over the last 4 years we have
purchased move-on properties which enable people
to move into their own shared tenancy with one or
two other friends and begin to put down roots for
their futures.
YMCA Wirral also provide a 'Voluntary Work
Programme' for residents that forms an important
part of their supported accommodation.
The Voluntary Work Programme has been
designed specifically to enable residents to
access real workplace situations and give them
the opportunity to experience a work ethic and to
learn how to work safely and responsibly in a
working environment. This programme gives
rough sleepers a chance to build their confidence
and get back into the flow of working life.
YMCA Wirral support our local community in
many ways through volunteering, including
regular litter picks like Operation Sparkle and
town tidy days to keep Wirral a clean, safe and
positive environment to live and work.
For more information about YMCA Wirral or to
get in touch with any queries, visit their
website, or call:
0151 650 1015 or get in touch through YMCA
Wirrals social media platforms.
Its no secret that homelessness can lead to a loss
of confidence, self esteem and create an over-all
negative outlook on life which is exactly why
volunteering is a positive way to help residents
regain confidence, learn new valuable skills, make
a difference in society, be a part of a community,
meet new people, take on new challenges and
eventually find their way back into work.
Merseyside Police have joined forces with
Birkenhead BID and Hype Urban Bikes to deliver a
highly successful Bike Registration event in
With support from Wirral Youth Zone, Wirral
Council and The Hive, Merseyside Police were able
to stage a two-day operation on Grange Road, where
cyclists could bring their bikes for a courtesy health
check from HYPE mechanics and have their bikes
permanently marked and registered with the police,
free of charge.
The event proved to be a success in the town centre
and was met with positive feedback from many local
residents and businesses who attended to support
the team, as they encouraged the safety of cyclists in
the area.
This collaboration follows a rise in bike related anti-
social behaviour in the town centre. The aim of this
event was to engage with young people and educate
them on the negative impact riding at a brisk pace in
largely pedestrianised areas has on businesses and
members of the community, especially the elderly,
people with disabilities and young children.
Merseyside Police were able to register a total of 23
bikes over the two day event whilst aiming to keep
Birkenhead safe from anti-social behaviour.
"We also wanted to engage with the more mature
riders taking up cycling for the first time. We have
got courses available in Birkenhead park so if we can
divert them to there, they can be taught riding
etiquette and filter the good and bad parts of cycling
down to their children."
Following its success, Birkenhead BID, Merseyside
Police and all parties involved are keen to work
together in hosting more events like this, not only in
Birkenhead but across the whole of Wirral.
Pete added: “Merseyside Police’s relationship with
Birkenhead BID is fluid, even though BID are a different
organisation, I treat the team like colleagues, that’s how
close we work together. We are all paddling in the same
direction and want the same things, all for Birkenhead.
"We aim to announce further dates and locations for
future events soon."
Pete Hanson, Community Policing Constable
for Merseyside Police said: “The audience we
wanted to capture is the young people who are
riding bikes around Birkenhead causing anti-
social behaviour. We want to give them the
opportunity to give the bikes in for a safety check
before educating them on what they should and
should not be doing in pedestrianised areas.
We have several projects for all ages currently being
developed some of the projects that we want to get
underway soon is our ‘virtual’ walking tours for those
that are unable to leave their house. You will be able to
‘rent’ our iPad and VR headsets and watch our
personalised walking tours that will be filmed, edited and
‘toured’ by Rockpoint Community and the Devils Nest,
another local CIC that have a keen eye for history. Some
of the tour that will be available will be: ‘The History of
New Brighton’, ‘The Slave Streets of Liverpool’ and
‘Wallasey Blitz’ among many more. This exploration of
the history of our local area will allow those who are
unable to feel like they are being transported through
time and place from the comfort of their own homes.
This project will be a 6 week martial arts and real life
case study project for ages 8-16. We aim to engage with
young people who are in danger of being subject to
county lines, and criminal activity. This project aims to
engage young people to use physical exercise, positive
engagement, real life case studies, Q+A sessions and
ongoing support and signposting services. The
#CHOICE project will be an exploration of the young
person and how we can engage with them both
physically and mentally. The martial arts sessions will be
led by Damion Wood, who is a MAI Black Belt Hall of
fame World Champion, WKS & WJKA European
Champion, WUKF World & European Silver medallist,
International and British Champion.
Another project we are very keen to get underway is our
over 50s intern program. This will be an ongoing project
for those individuals who are not ready to ‘settle’ into
retirement life. We plan to work with partners to give
our interns “projects” whether this be volunteer work,
consultancy or day to day running of a business.
This project inspiration came from the introduction of
the Kickstart scheme for 18-24-year olds. There are so
many opportunities for young people to explore the
careers they want to do. Why not give those that have
years of experiences the opportunity too.
‘Virtual’ Walking tours
Over 50s Intern
If you want to get in touch about future projects or if you
have an idea that you think would be a great project
within the New Brighton area, please get in touch with
Shelbie on 07450671433 or Email:
Rockpoint Community
New Brightons busy Lifeboat station is one of
238 lifeboat stations across the UK and Ireland,
staffed with a volunteer crew that are dedicated
to saving lives and positively impacting our
The current RNLI New Brighton station has been
functional since 1990 and operates a B class
Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat, powered by two
Yamaha 115 hp engines that give it an impressive
top speed of 35 knots.
The nationwide RNLI charity is renowned for
saving lives at sea, with volunteers providing a
24-hour search and rescue service around the
United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland coasts.
There has been an RNLI lifeboat calling the shores
of New Brighton its home since 1863. The station
has been responsible for saving the lives of many
Merseyside residents over the years, being
awarded with 27 medals and numerous foreign
awards for its work.
Ian Thornton, Lifeboat Operations Manager, said:
We are called out to a wide variety of incidents.
This year we have attended a lot of incidents of
people being cut off by the incoming tide. We also
have attended broken down vessels, kyakers in
difficulty, kite boarders in difficulty, people stuck in
mud. The list is endless.
This year has been a record-breaking busy year for
us with in excess of 70 call outs. We have been
accredited with having saved three lives this year
and ten last year."
The RNLI charity is completely reliant on public
donations to continue saving lives at sea.
The cost of running the New Brighton Lifeboat
station is approximately £100,000 per year and
are currently being funded by Orsted over the
next year, a Danish multinational power company
that operate the Burbo Bank Windfarm off
New Brighton.
The lifeboat station is openly looking for donations,
with Covid-19 stopping the charity from hosting
the popular fundraising events that usually keep
the station going throughout the year.
Volunteering at the station is unavailable at
present, however RNLI New Brighton are always
on the lookout for future crew.
If you can help or for more information on the RNLI lifeboat station and advice on future volunteering,
contact them on 0151 639 8000.
There is a total of 28 crew members operating the
lifeboat, all coming from varied backgrounds,
including police officers, crane operators,
teachers, paramedics and even a doctor.
Over 5000 children across Wirral, Cheshire West
and Chester and Halton benefited from a range of
exhilarating activities and free healthy meals this
summer as a result of The Edsential Summer
Holiday programme.
Ran by Edsential CIC and Partners, and funded by
the Department of Education, the programme
offered children the choice of over 100 holiday
activity clubs with 34 throughout Wirral alone.
Due to the implications of the Covid-19
pandemic, the project was originally delayed and
Edsential did not officially receive the funding for
the project until June 29th, with projects starting
just three weeks later.
Edsential and partners worked tirelessly to
deliver the summer project to children across the
borough in such a short timeframe, despite the
complications that came with the pandemic and
did so successfully reaching out to thousands of
children and families across the area.
A total of 37 charities, schools, clubs, and
organisations were funded through the Holiday
Activity and Food Fund 2020 (HAF) to provide a
safe and welcoming experience for children
where they could enjoy themselves and make
new friends.
They used a variety of methods to allow as many
young people as possible access to the project,
giving them the opportunity to partake in either
a range of physical activities, diverse enrichment
sessions or use online resources if families had
chosen to self-isolate.
One method was direct delivery, where 18
partners delivered Covid-19 safe, face to face
activities to the children. This ranged from
schools delivering the projects themselves with
brought in providers, to a few private activity
providers delivering targeted projects, but most
Community Organisations opened their
doors in a new, different and careful way.
Edsential also
had 11 activity
resource pack
providers across
the borough,
delivered by groups
who did not have the
building or outdoor
capacity to deliver face to
face. This allowed groups such
as Gautby Road Play and
Community Centre, who would ordinarily
reach up to 200 children across a normal
summer, to deliver hot and cold food and
activity packs to 650 children.
The programme also aimed to
target children with special
educational needs and
disabilities, including
social, emotional,
and mental health
concerns reaching
1046 Wirral
Adam Mellor, Coordination at Wirral Holiday
Activity Fund, said: Wirral has really stepped up
to deliver this project - community groups have
stepped up to the plate and delivered a fantastic
project reaching the best part of 5000 children
across summer under hard conditions and the
outcomes have been fantastic considering.
Feedback from families was
overwhelming and the legacy
of this project is that
Wirral is once again
mobilised to deliver
holiday activity
projects to a
larger group of
children and
people that
vitally need
This proved to be a huge success with numbers
generally exceeding their initial target, but all
within social distancing guidelines.
8 delivery partners used a mix of 3 different
delivery types; direct delivery, activity
resource pack hampers and online delivery.
Positivitree, who empower parent-carers with
self-care tools and experiences which improve
wellbeing, used all three methods:
Edsential CICs plan was to reach those
children who receive free school meals and
assist as many low-income families as possible
during this economic crisis. The project in
Wirral reached a total of 5256 children over the
They provided face to face support with their
Wirral Health Project, online yoga
demonstrations with mats and hard copy
guides supplied, and hamper deliveries of hot
and cold food to families.
Over 90,000
meals were
provided to
with a total
of 56,683
boxes delivered.
Community groups
across Wirral have shown
huge amounts of determination and
resilience in the face of Covid-19 to deliver
this provision.
You can contact the team at Edsential at:
or visit their website:
Everyone involved worked extremely hard and
did so to support families and residents of
Wirral during these tough times.
Twenty months since first opening up to the public,
The Martin Gallier Project remains a safe haven for
Merseyside residents struggling with thoughts of
suicide that are searching for help and somebody to
The charity, based at 57 New Chester Road,
New Ferry, have, and continue to work tirelessly to
end the stigma that surrounds suicide and support
people when they are at their lowest.
There has been a huge rise in people suffering from
mental health issues due to the complications of the
Coronavirus pandemic, and though the physical
effects of Coronavirus have devastated the nation,
many people are struggling to cope with these
lockdown restrictions that have resulted in many
losing their jobs, and having their livelihoods and
normality taken away from them.
With this being said, Jessica Gallier, CEO of The
Martin Gallier Project and her team, are determined
to spread positivity through local residents, fight
the battle with them and uplift them through their
darkest moments.
Jessica originally began the charity back in 2017,
following the devastating loss of her father to
suicide. From this, she put together this one-of-a-
kind project to tackle the areas she thought were
lacking throughout her Dad's journey with mental
The team at The Martin Gallier Project consists of
staff and volunteers that mainly have been affected
by suicide and wish to help others get through the
hard times. Every single one of them are fiercely
devoted to preventing suicides, breaking down
stigmas and supporting families throughout the
North West.
The project aims to provide families of vulnerable
individuals with a much-needed set of skills that
will allow them to save lives. They can offer
accessible and cost effective/funded 'Applied
Suicide Intervention Skills' training to those
above the age of 16 to provide them with the skills
they need to identify when their family members
are at risk and act to safeguard their immediate
The Martin Gallier Project has introduced and developed several
services since Covid-19 began within the project to support
those in suicidal crisis such as:
The Man Cave - Male peer support group for men who are or
have been affected by suicide.
The Buddy System - A telephone service to accommodate
those in crisis who are isolated or unable to leave their home.
Working Well - Wellbeing and employment support for
those in crisis.
The Self-Care Movement - Female peer support group for
women who are or have been affected by suicide.
Movement for the Mind - An exercise programme
specifically designed to support individuals to manage mental
health and wellbeing.
Domestic abuse and Healthy Relationship support - Support
for those in crisis due to relationship breakdowns, domestic
violence and/or domestic abuse.
Person-centred Postvention support for those following
suicidal ideation.
The charity has spoken out about the impact lockdown has had on
the mental health of local residents, with more than double the
amount of people approaching the charity with suicidal intentions
since February than the previous year.
From February 23rd, 2020 to present, the charity has completed
an outstanding 869 lifesaving suicide interventions, as well as 400
between February 2019 and February 2020. Those interventions
don’t include the families that they have supported, or the regular
support shown for people with low level mental health issues.
Despite the rise of mental health issues across the North West,
the charity has been magnificent in succeeding the fight to save
lives through the kindness and compassion of not only the
project’s Suicide Intervention Workers and volunteers, but by
bringing the community and families together to battle the stigma
surrounding mental health issues and suicidal ideation and come
out of this pandemic stronger than ever.
Jessica Gallier, CEO of The Martin Gallier Project, said:
“The dramatic increase in referrals we have received during the
pandemic has been extremely challenging with limited funds
available. The sheer passion, dedication and hard work of our
suicide intervention team have enabled us to drive forward
our pursuit to normalise the experience of those facing
suicidal ideation, and, in turn, saving as many lives as
possible. To date, 100% of the individuals who have accessed
our services have remained safe from suicide and not ended
their own life. This is an incredible achievement we strive
to continue. “
If you are seeking help or are worried about a family
member or friend, contact the team at The Martin Gallier
Project through:
or call
0151 644 0294
Gillian Nove, Director of Income Generation at Claire House Children’s Hospice explains how your
donations make a difference.
“Our charity shops help fund the amazing work the hospice does to support seriously ill children and their families. It’s
been a hard year, but the local community have been very generous. We really value our place in the community and
couldn’t do what we do without local staff and volunteers.
"Whilst some things are different, what hasn’t changed is the lovely, friendly welcome
you get when you visit one of our shops. It’s something we’re really proud of. Safety is
a big priority for us, so we have hand sanitation stations and ask everyone to wear
masks. All donations are quarantined for 48 hours, so we know they are safe to shop.
"We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers and if you’d like to join us, you can
learn new skills, meet new people and have fun while making a difference. We also
always need good quality donations, whether that be furniture, clothing or
"It’s hard to say what the future holds but I believe people still want to shop and
support Claire House, and we look forward to that.”
Mum, Gemma, explains how your donations help her son.
Sheila a volunteer at the Claire House Donation Centre and
Liscard shop, explains why she got involved.
“Soon after Jacob was born, he was diagnosed with Non-ketotic Hyperglycinemia, a condition
which causes brain damage as well as Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and developmental delay.
Why did you sign up as a volunteer?
“Lockdown was a very hard time for people like myself living alone.
I found all my usual outside activities had stopped. A friend
suggested I volunteer and assured me it was Covid secure.”
What do you enjoy about your role?
“Sorting the donation bags, as you never know what you will find.
I love talking to customers and laughing with the other girls.
Working as part of a fundraising team for poorly children feels
What does volunteering mean to you?
“Volunteering has given me my life back after Covid. I have a focus
to my day and even a new social life.”
"We knew it would be difficult caring for Jacob, but we muddled through the long
sleepless nights, seizures and countless medications.
"When Jacob was two-years-old we were told about Claire House.
Everyone was so welcoming. It was lovely to just be Jacob’s mum
without worrying about his medications and to spend time together as
a family.
"We got to play in the light room which Jacob loved, and got involved in
arts and crafts and all the games.
"We’ve been able to create memories as a family which we
would never have had the chance to do.
"Now, we still have the long sleepless nights and
terrifying seizures to deal with, but knowing
Claire House is there makes things a bit easier.”
To make a donation or find out more visit
Call 0151 346 2965, text ‘CH shops’ to 66777 or visit our eBay shop at:
The Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) has worked with over
300 young people and 100 members of school staff to
develop the theme of the week.
The Anti-Bullying Week 2020 has a manifesto for
change: “This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the
positive power that society can have when we come
together to tackle a common challenge.”
“Anti-Bullying Week is no different. Bullying has a
long-lasting effect on those who experience and witness
it. But by channelling our collective power, through
shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce
bullying together. From parents and carers, to teachers
and politicians, to children and young people, we all
have a part to play in coming together to make a
“We’re all a piece in the puzzle,
and together, we’re united
against bullying.”
Many young people that the Anti-Bullying Alliance has
spoken to have said that they feel as though our
society is divided and that this is having an impact on
the actions of children. For years children have seen
Brexit arguments, angry debates in parliament,
arguments on football pitches etc. One young person
said “It’s like adults want us to behave better than
they do sometimes”.
Throughout 2020 our lives have been turned upside
down in all sorts of different ways. Many children are
missing school…although some are relieved not to
have to attend! School and education are now a
different place to what we all knew. It was therefore
decided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, that this year’s
theme should appropriately fit in with the unity that
we as a nation have all been through.
They asked young people how the theme of ‘United
Against Bullying’ made them feel:
“It makes me feel like part of a community that stands
up for the right things.”
2020 has been an extremely hard year for many and
even with a significant amount of uncertainty ahead
we are constantly seeing examples of what can
happen when communities come together and work
towards a common goal.
"We all have a part
to play in combatting
bullying, no matter who
you are or where you’re
from – you can make a
difference to someone’s life.”
The Black Lives Matter protests have put a spotlight
on systematic racism and people from all over the
world have joined forces to say ‘no more’. It is
unfortunately heard of time and time again that young
black people have experienced racist bullying in
school, so the ABA will be more direct in their
approach to tackling this issue.
Sadly, the levels of bullying remain high with ABA’s
latest poll showing that one child in every classroom
is experiencing bullying every day. ABA are proud to
have the continued support of SafeToNet to help
bring Anti-Bullying Week to life.
SafeToNet is all about safeguarding and digital well-
being from online harms. This is a pioneering
technology with a smart keyboard that detects risks
in real-time and educates children ‘in the moment’ as
they use their device. The keyboard gives messages of
support and guidance on how to deal with the issues
of living in a digital world.
The Anti-Bullying Week of events will kick off on the
Monday with an ‘Odd Socks Day’ where children and
adults wear odd socks to school or work to celebrate
what makes us all different and unique.
The Anti-Bullying Alliance have developed lots of
resources for schools and other settings to help bring
Anti-bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying to
life. There is a primary and secondary school version
along with an Odd Socks Day pack HERE.
We all have a part to play this Anti-Bullying Week.
What will yours be?
Supported by local organisations Community Action Wirral, Involve Northwest, Merseyside Police,
North Birkenhead - Cradle to Career, Wirral Council’s Public Health and Birkenhead Constituency team,
interventions already identified have included additional alleygates, CCTV coverage, increased street lighting
and community murals to boost community pride. Wirral Council will also be supplying additional home
security devices later this year. Please keep an eye on Wirral Council’s social media for further updates.
The main purpose of this funding is to engage adults
(aged 19 and over) who are residents in Liverpool City
Region to provide them with the skills, learning and
development they need to equip them for work,
progression into further training or for progression into an
Apprenticeship programme. The funding allows AEB to be
flexible and to tailor programmes of learning around local
priorities and to help eligible learners engage/re-engage
with learning, help build confidence and enhance their
personal wellbeing.
A unique partnership between Wirral Council and North Birkenhead
Development Trust has been awarded £550,000 from the Home Office’s
Safer Streets Fund.
One of only 40 regions to be awarded funding, North Birkenhead will benefit from crime
prevention activities to reduce acquisitive crime such as theft of bikes, from the home and
from vehicles.
If you live in the area covered by the North Birkenhead Safer Streets Project, have your say by contacting the
team at
Age 19 or older as of 31st July 2020
Unemployed or employed earning less than
£18,135 gross annual salary
Not currently in educationRight to work in UK
Click here for the latest course list which
details each course currently scheduled
in, the method of delivery, the length
of the course and a short breakdown
of what the course entails.
Through the employment of a Community Organiser at North Birkenhead Development Trust, residents are
being invited to get involved and to have their say.
The Liverpool City Region Funding Authority have a
considerable budget to fund Adult Education Budget (AEB)
training courses for Interserve Learning & Employment.
The funding is open to both the unemployed and
employed and the eligibility criteria is as follows:
“The course will help learners to build their confidence, gain a
professional CV and get the necessary skills to look, apply and
gain employment”
- Helene Storey from Youth Fed
*This course has limited spaces due to COVID
restrictions but we do still have places available.
Some of it will be online and some face to face
(depending on government guidelines).
Don’t be put off if you don’t have a computer as
we can help to source one.
To book your place please email: ,
call 07985 235564 or complete this 1 minute form
Keeping Safe Online
Money Manager
Healthy Living & Healthy Relationships
Confidence building
First Aid - emergency first aid at
work qualification
Volunteering session
Celebration Event
Wed 4 Nov
Wed 11 Nov
Wed 18 Nov
Wed 25 Nov
Wed 2 Dec
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