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Specialist Automotive Tool Clearance

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Specialised Automotive Diagnosis &
Repair Tools for Diesel vehicles
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Professional “T”-Handle Gear Tap Wrench Set
Air Conditioning Clutch, Seal And Bearing
Replacing Tool Kit - 34 PCS
Mid Year Clearance
Specialist Tools Australia
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Item# SA-6268A
Price $35.20
Remove and Replace the injectors on BMW 524 TD, Ford, VW
and Mercedes diesel.
Special cut-away slot allowing access to remove and replace
injectors without damage to fuel-lines.
1/2” Dr x 27x78mm
12 point
Injector Socket - Oxygen Sensor Socket
Injector Socket - Oxygen Sensor Socket
Remove and Replace the injectors on diesel.
Special cut-away slot allowing access to remove
and replace injectors without damage to fuel-lines.
1/2” Dr x 28 x78mm
12 point
Item# SA-6270A
Price $38.55
1/2” DR x 29mm x 6PT x 90mmL
7mm slot
Item# SA-6262
Price $69.20
29mm Vacuum Switch Socket
Camshaft Central Valve Tool For VW, Audi
Contains set of 3 sockets
—3/8” drive, outside diameter 34mm.
For installation and removal 4/3-way central valve for
camshaft adjustment.
Applicable with 4-cylinder gas direct injection ,
1.8 liter, 2.0 liter , 4v, TFSI engine with chain.
Also used for 3rd generation 4-cyl. 1.8l, 2.0l 4V
TFSI direct injection engine which across all brands
and platforms for VW group.
Audi A3 2003>, A4, Q5 , VW Passat/Passat CC 2006>,
Golf 2003>, SEAT, Škoda with engine above.
Audi TT 2006>, Audi A4 2008 >, Audi A5 2008 >,
Audi Q5 2008 >, Audi A3 2012 >
Item# SA-2060C
Price $96.45
Mid Year Clearance
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Mid Year Clearance
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Re-Seating Tool For Compression Leak
Diesel Fuel Injectors Mercedes, Mazda, Jeep, Ford Transit, Land Rover etc (8PCS)
This is also one our most popular seat cutting tool sets. (Same as SA-3636D but includes 2 more
cutters) This specialised tool has been developed to clean carbon from the injector bore and
rectify injector seat non-conformity.
Identify injector “blow-by” exists (The leaking of combustion gas from cylinder through the
injector seating washer, the blow-by causes starting symptoms and poor running, excessive
smoke, tar build-up, loss and noise of compression).
To use tool
Item# SA-3636G
Price $348.90
1: Gain access to the injectors and remove them
(you may need injector removal tool).
2: Select required reamer onto pilot post and
tighten internal hex screw.
3: Place assembled cutter into injector recess.
Using the T bar and socket supplied: apply only
a small amount of pressure whilst turning the
cutter in a clockwise direction only. Use a small
amount of light lubricant whilst performing the
cut to reduce chattering and help to give a at
cut. Do not over cut the seat, only remove
enough metal to form a good seat
4: Thoroughly clean the seat and remove all
5: Fit injectors using new heat shield washers
as per manufacturers’ instructions.
Engine Timing Tool Set for Ford Focus / C-Max
Kit covers timing belt replacement on Ford 1.6 Duratec engines with variable
valve timing.
Camshaft, crankshaft and ywheel pins are also suitable for many
other petrol and diesel Ford engines.
This ve piece set is essential for replacing the Cam belt on Ford Focus
and C-Max.
Petrol Engine 1.6 Ti-VCT (2003-2007), Engine Code HXDA
Diesel Engine 2.0 TDCI (2003-2007), Engine Codes G6DA / G6DB / G6DC
NOTE! Camshaft Locking Tool 303 1097;
when tted to the engine, ensure the arrow is facing upwards,
with the rectangle on the left and the circle on the right.
Also required – Flywheel locking tool and adapters
Item# SA-8315
Price $99.50
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Mid Year Clearance
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Specialist Tools Australia
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46mm Six Point Oil Filter Socket
This special six point oil lter socket ts the lter housing
cap when removing and replacing the AD Blue® lter on
Mercedes Benz
Size: 46mm x 6 point
3/8” x 46 x 30mmL
Item# SA-3216-46
Price $41.80
Air Exhaust Fume Extractor
Item# SA-5325
Price $787.10
The height and elevation is adjustable
Designed to go anywhere, extractor is
mounted on a robust metal stand with
simple and easy to adjust height and
suction settings
The unit is powered by air
Working pressure of 5-8 bar
Unit supplied complete with total of 7.5M of
ducting to take fumes outside
Item# SA-1062
Price $159.30
Multi Channel Noise Finder
Key Specications/Special Features:
-Listen to 4 under chassis locations
-Super-sensitive stethoscope with test probe
-Suitable for detection of faults in: engine, transmission
-Kit includes headphones and 4 alligator clips
The multi-Channel automotive noise nder is a portable
piece of equipment to diagnose a defect within a vehicle.
Plug the head-phone connector into the head-phone jack,
then clip the four dierent colour alligator clips around the
defect area of the vehicle.
Based on the colour and position of clips, select the
relative channel.
Switch on the amplier and tune the volume to hear the
sound from the vehicle.
A technician can diagnose the vehicle issue based
on the frequency & pitch of the sound.
Mid Year Clearance
Only one of each left – we won’t be restocking these items
This modern, portable, compact exhaust gas extractor is designed to
operate in any size of workshop and is an ideal alternative to xed,
space consuming, expensive systems.
Suitable for use on cars, vans, motorcycles, light commercial vehicles.
It allows the garage mechanic to work on the vehicle with the engine
running, without causing pollution to the air or contravening the current
workshop regulations.
Mid Year Clearance
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Fuel And Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Set 6 Pcs
Item# SA-6678
Price $94.60
Suits a variety of ttings. Separates spring lock hose couplings.
Suitable for separating ttings on: EFI fuel hoses, Transmission
oil cooler lines, power steering & A/C ttings
High Quality Tool 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”
Item# SA-7755AB
Price $51.90
2 x Forcing Screws for axle drive shaft
VW, Audi & Skoda
For separating by force the outer joint of the axle drive shaft on VW,
Audi, Seat or Skoda when, for example replacing axle boots
The outside hexagon is 21mm as well as the inside Square
(12.5= 1/2”) allowing exible application of dierent
operating tools.
Brake Cylinder Groove Cleaner Tool
Item# SA-5269
Price $78.55
T-Shaped dicephalus cutter head to clean all angles of the
brake cylinder with 2” wire wheel to clean surface dirt
Item# SA-5005
Price $78.55
C.V. Joint Boot Remover/Installer
For GM front wheel drive vehicles
Designed to install and remove CV Joint boots and retaining rings.
Fits all GM and front wheel drive cars with stamped retainer rings.
Length 14 inch (355mm)
Mid Year Clearance
last one left - some items at less than cost price
Specialist Tools Australia
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Fuel System Test Kit for vehicles tted with Huei Diesel Injection System
Ford F100 - F250, Isuzu and Jackaroo
Suited to testing Ford- Isuzu engines,
4JX1 Isuzu engine etc (Huei Injection Test Kit - Ford, Isuzu
Jackaroo, etc.)
This specialised tool has been developed to assist with
accurate diagnosis of injection system faults on diesel
engines equipped with the Huei Unit Injection System.
It is used to measure the pressure of both injector driver
oil pressure and fuel pressure at the same time while the
vehicle is running or if it will not start.
This gives you the ability to conclusively identify a faulty
injection system.
This information is necessary when diagnosing
starting/running problems.
• Sturdy quality metal case and components
• Clip on pressure test hose with adapters for
individual engines.
Item# SA-2526
Price $985.50
Air Conditioning Clutch, Seal And Bearing Replacing Tool Kit
very comprehensive - 34 PCS
34PC - This specialized tool includes all the tools
necessary to replace seals, clutches and clutch
bearing on Diesel
Kiki (Zexel), Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nippondenso,
Seiko-Seiki and Sanden 505, 507, 508, 510, 575,
708 and 709.
Set is packaged into a heavy case.
Set includes instruction manual.
Item# SA-7561
Price $971.00
50% off
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Mid Year Clearance
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Mid Year Clearance
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Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit
Contents and application
# 0: Needle Type Thermometer
# 1: Manual Pumping Set.
# 2: Truck, GM (Cadillac)
# 3: Benz, Ford, Truck, Japanese 123 Series, GM (Buick), Jeep
# 4: Peugeot, Japanese 124 Series (Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda,
Toyota, Subaru, Inniti, Geo, Suzuki, Isuzu, Lexus)
# 5: Japanese 125 Series (Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi)
# 6: Opel, VW, Ford, BMW 245, Saab, Jaguar
# 7: Volvo, Saab, Audi, Citron, Renault, Fiat, Peugeot, Alfa, Jeep
# 8: New VW
# 9: VW, T4, New Audi A4, A5, A6, BMW 345
# 10: BMW
# 11: Audi, VW
# 12: Ford, International, GM, Rover
# 13: Benz
Item# SA-7230K
Price $415.00
Item# SA-2856
Price $196.00
UV Fuel Leak Detection Flexible Light & Dye Set tool
Flexible UV light used for detecting leaks in Fuel system.
Dye is added to a fuel source at the rate of 5-10mls to 5
litres. When the dye is exposed to UV light it has a very
obvious uorescent glow. This exposes the leak point
without confusion from previous leakages.
Dye has no adverse eect on components and can be
safely left in the system.
Note : Also available with dye supplied for oil an coolant
applications (please inquire).
Contents :
• 300mm exible UV light.
• UV light bulb and LED light bulb.
• Optic bre light 175mm.
• Light holder with strong magnetic base.
• 30ml bottle of detection Dye
Oil Filter Cutter Tool
C2156 Oil Filter Cutter (60mm to 140mm)
Designed to cut oil lters for inspection and
aid in recycle of waste oil and to inspect oil
for contamination components.
The tool bolts to the bench to hold lters
securely and the two roller bearings
allow the lter to rotate easily.
The cutting blade is SKH9 material for sharp operation. Long alloy plate
allows for cutting lters from 60mm to140mm.
Capacity: 2.3/8” to 5.3/8”(60mm to 140mm) Length: 11”(280mm)
Item# SA-4462
Price $109.60
Mid Year Clearance
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Specialist Tools Australia
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3/8’’ DR. Tap Holder Socket Set
M4 ~ M8, M10 ~ M12, M13 ~ M14
Item# SA-2985
Price $143.70
3/8” (9.5mm) Tap Holder Socket - set of 3
Attach to any 3/8” Ratchet Wrench or T-bar to use.
Professional “T”-Handle Gear Tap Wrench Set
Item# SA-6587
Price $185.25
Excellent quality Includes
Reversible Ratchet handle
3/8 DR x 135mm T-Handle Ratchet x 1pc
3-8mm x 90mm Tap Wrench x 1pc
5-12mm x 90mm Tap Wrench x 1pc
3-8mm x 230mm Tap Wrench x 1pc
5-12mm x 230mm Tap Wrench x 1pc
Universal Thread Gauge set
Gauge allows quick identication of thread pitch or
threads per inch.
Identify bolts, ttings, pipe threads and spark plugs
with either Metric or Imperial threads.
Soft aluminium won’t damage threads of ne parts.
Holes in gauge allow easy identication of component
sizes, thread pitch and diameter.
Item# SA-6493
Price $31.95
Super Specials - stock clearance
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Mid Year Clearance
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Super Specials - stock clearance
Item# SA-3238
Price $121.80
8 Pc Stud Extractor/Installer Socket Set
Short body with hole through the socket
this is to allow the stud to be gripped at
the bottom and a spanner used to drive
the tool.
CR.V Steel
3/8” DR 6-8mm &5/16”- 1/”
1/2” DR 10-12mm & 3/” - 7/16”
Item# SA-2123
Price $59.00
5 Pc Straight Flute Screw Extractor Set
This top quality 5 piece Chrome Molybdenum screw extractor
set s the ideal tool for screw, pipe, bolt & stud extraction by
working to wedge rather than twist the broken o screws.
Item# SA-8010N
Price $98.50
Split nuts to remove without damage.
Grease Filled hydraulic Ram
Hydraulic Ram 5t
SW 7-22mm
Nuts with thread M4-M14
Splitter Blade HRC 60
Mechanics Hydraulic Nut Splitter
Consists of 5 sizes of extractor with
the correct drill sizes stamped on
each corresponding extractor for
quick and easy use.
Specialist Tools Australia
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Top Quality Injector Removal Socket Tool Set
6 point & 12 point (6 Pc)
6PC Diesel Injector Socket Set
Injector removal socket set
1/2inch DR , CR-V
27mm x 12PT x 78mm Long
22mm x 12PT x 78mm Long
22mm x 6PT x 110mm Long
28mm x 12PT x 78mm Long
21mm x 12PT x 78mm Long
28mm x 6 PT x 90mm Long
Item# SA-6282A
Price $183.00
less than
4 Piece Common Rail Injector
Solenoid Socket Set
Removal of Injector
Solenoid To allow Removal operation.
4 piece 1/2” drive primarily for Bosch and
Siemens injectors.
Also suits restricted space in Peugeot and Citroen
2.0 litre engine. Designed to t over the return
ttings onto the solenoid hexagon.
Item# SA-5171
Price $149.50
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4PC Bosch & Delphi Diesel Injector Removal Tool For Extremely Sized Injectors
Item# SA-4027
Price $211.50
Suited to Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Peugeot, etc
Note : This tool is utilised when all other methods of removal are exhausted and it is necessary to
damage the injector to remove it.
Specically designed for removing Delphi/Bosch diesel
injectors using a Slide Hammer with 5/8” UNF thread.
Set of 3 adapters. Adapters can also be used with an
air tool to loosen the injectors by vibration.
Includes : The special tool for removing the internal
part of Bosch injectors so as to t the puller.
Includes the Injector ball valve lapping tools and guide.
Applications include Bosch, Denso and
Siemens injectors.
Internal xing removal tool for Siemens
CR injector.
3 x Injector ball valve lapping tools
10mm Hex x 7.6mm
Denso CR Injector valve seat removal tool
8 sided socket for Bosch CR Injectors
Common Rail Injector Tool Kit
Special tools to loosen and remove the injectors internal xings.
Item# SA-1618
Price $67.05
Impact Socket Wrench
Ideal for loosening extremely tight bolts.
Also used to the tighten screws and/or nuts.
Optimal 8:1 torque ratio.
360°rotating head.
Impact screw can be combined with all 1/2” drive sockets.
With one component handle.
Item# SA-6669
Price $185.20
Professional 4 Piece
Sensor Socket Set
Removes Oxygen Sensors from exhaust
- 3/8” DR x 7/8” (22mm) x 50 oset oxygen
sensor wrench
- 3/8” DR x 7/8” (22mm) x 80mm x 7mm slot
vacuum switch socket
- 3/8” DR x 7/8” (22mm) x 90mm x 20mm
slot oxygen sensor socket
- Oxygen sensor wrenches oset (2-1/8”) &
super duty 12 & 6 point socket.
Item# SA-6256K
Price $204.52
Mid Year Clearance
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Specialist Tools Australia
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Timing Gear Cam Gear Diesel Injection Pump Gear Remover Tool
Heavy Duty Puller the removal of gears and pulleys.
Slotted plate which suits removal of fuel pump gears on many
vehicles, Japanese, European etc
Item# SA-3587
Price $333.00
Diesel Pump Sprocket Puller (Ford Transit)
The threaded holes in the current sprocket of the fuel pump have been omitted.
Item# SA-3757
Price $78.20
The new special tool is required to ensure the correct and rapid
removal of the fuel pump on 2.2L TDCI (puma) diesel engine in
Ford Transit from 2011.
The special tool consists of two special
hooks for holding the sprocket and a
compression thread for releasing the
fuel pump. Suitable for Ford Transit
(04/2011 and later) with 2.2L Duratorq-
TDCI (global puma) diesel engine, RWD.
6 Pc Diesel Glow Plug Pre-Heater Removal And Cylinder Head Repair Set
Mercedes CDI Engines
This tool reams out and cleans the bore between the glow
plug and pre-combustion chamber.
A: For pre-heater plugs with 10mm across ats (OM611, 612,
613 etc)
• for pulling out pre-heater plugs after they have been
unscrewed but are still located rmly in their holes,
• Length: 135mm; • Drive: 19mm hex.
B: For Mercedes 4 valve engines with glow plug threads
(OM604, OM605, OM606)
• Size: M12 x 1.25; • Drive: 13mm hex;
• Glow plug: 7mm
C: Important if the engine is dicult to start - Mercedes
CDI engines 4.5 & 6 cylinder OM611, 612,
613 with glow pug threads M10 x1.
• Drive: 10mm hex; • Glow plug: 6mm
3Pcs 3/8” Dr. Glow Plug Sockets - Size: 8, 9, 10;
Length: 83mm
These sockets have a universal joint for easy replacement and
removal of popular sized glow plugs.
Item# SA-1331K
Price $251.95
· Draw pulleys by the holes without causing any damage.
· Various angled slots adapt to dierent pulley diameters.
· Compact design for use with engine in vehicle.
less than
Prices slashed so we can clear stock
This specialised tool assists removal of stubborn diesel injectors saving time and money,
especially when injectors are dicult to remove.
Item# SA-2877N
Price $106.50
Universal mechanical Diesel Injector Puller Tool
(Suits Bosch, Denso etc)
This tool will suit any brand of mechanical injector with threaded top, almost
all diesel injectors use 12mm or 14mm fuel inlet threads.
This tool removes the injector by screwing onto the fuel inlet thread or return
line thread at top and using the slide hammer to remove the
injector without damage through levering or
twisting the injector.
• With M8 / M12 / M14 Adapters
• Length:230mm
• Includes a plastic storage case
• This kit also includes a universal adapter which
will allow you to adapt the puller to use other
thread sizes with the use of a hollow cap nut.
Highest Quality 1/2 inch Drive Flex Head Ratchet
D: 49mm
T: 41mm
L: 430MM/16-1/2”
G: 860g, PCS: 30
GW: 26/1.3 kgs
Item# SA-472GR
Price $49.50
Item# SA-3656
Price $63.75
This specialised tool has been developed for
holding the sprocket / chain in the place when
disassembling/removing the VP44 injection pump
and high pressure pump.
• Common rail tted to Land
Rover engines:
Land Rover / Freelander
(TD4) / Rover / 75 (M47)
Timing gear VP44 Diesel Injection Pump
Gear Remover Tool, Land Rover Freelander
Specialist Tools Australia
Ph: 02-6280 4334 Email:
Item# SA-6971K
Price $650.30
Crankshaft & Camshaft Seal
Remover And Installer Kit
Excellent Professional Camshaft, Crankshaft Seal Remover and
Re placer Tool.
High quality suits a wide range of applications
Quick and easy for both removal and installation work
• Ideal for both crankshaft and camshaft seals
• Quick and easy for both removal and installation work
• Master kit includes wide size seal installers
• Provided with 2 seal removers with dierent length
and angle, this kit ts a wide range of applications
• Angled blade seal remover is ideal for removing seals
in limited space
Hose Clamp Tool
Trapezoid shaped teeth allows hose clamps in
dicult places to be accessed and removed.
The teeth will not slip and allows access from
various positions.
Item# SA-1267A
Price $44.95
Adjustable Line Clamp Pliers - Aluminium Body - Angled Jaw
Size range: 18 ~ 31mm
Material: Aluminium
Dimension: 185 x 85 x 3 5mm
Weight: 170g
Quantity: 1pcs
Uniquely designed jaws have
smooth rounded edges to prevent
internal hose linings from damage
and special non slip tip.
Item# SA-2179
Price $27.80
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Camshaft gear Diesel Injection Pump
Gear Holding Tool
This a Very Heavy Duty Tool
Essential tool for Engine Timing or Timing Belt Jobs.
Counter-hold camshaft or injection pump sprockets and
allow release of retaining bolt with ease.
Applications: Ford Zetec, Renault twin cams,
Rover 2.0 diesel, VW, Seat and Skoda diesels,
Fiat- twin cams, Citroen/Peugeot engines and many
other applications. Very Universal
Item# SA-5542
Price $97.80
Item# SA-6629
Price $163.10
Universal Camshaft Gear Diesel Injection Pump Gear Remover Tool
Heavy Duty -Remove Hollow type camshaft
fuel pump gear
Application: Nissan, Toyota and other OHC engines.
Grooved pins hold the camshaft pulley stationary while
tightening and loosening the centre shaft bolt.
Great tool to use on Asian Over-Head cam engines.
Honda / Acura Crankshaft Damper Holding Tool
Tool allows the technician to hold the crankshaft damper when
tightening or loosening the crankshaft bolt on Honda and
Acura engines.
Item# SA-3142
Price $61.20
Honda & Acura Crankshaft and Harmonic Balancer Holder
Includes tool necessary to counter the rotation
of the crankshaft pulley/harmonic balancer
during removal and re-installation of the crank
1. Tool holder for Honda
2. Extension handle
2. Pulley holder
Item# SA-3884
Price $309.70
Mid Year Clearance
limited stock - some items at less than cost price
Specialist Tools Australia
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Ball Joint Service Tool & Master Adapter Set - 21 Pc
Set includes all the receiver tubes and removing/installing adapt-
ers needed to work on press-t upper and lower ball joints on
most 4wd vehicles and utility vans.
Includes the live centre for
forcing screw plug
Item# SA-4016K
Price $739.45
Air Inate to Unlock Vehicle Doors
Pump & release spreader bag with various applications
Inate to easily and safely separate vehicle door from body to
gain access when keys have been locked inside the vehicle.
Ideal for use with lockout tools below
Item# SA-4284
Price $19.10
Item# SA-2720
Price $11.25
Finger Saver Wire Piercing Guide
An ingenious device that eliminates stabbed ngers.
Quickly, easily and safely guides the pick point of any circuit tester into
the centre of all primary automotive electrical wire.
It also can hold the circuit tester in position to allow you to work with
both hands free.
Resists gasoline, oil, thinners, and other shop chemicals.
Nixie Display Circuit Tester
For use on 12, 24, 48V DC system,
Measured voltage: 0.3~60V DC
6”(1.8m) long heavy-duty dual leads with battery clips
Testing current < 10mA,
When the tester probe connects with positive voltage,
the Nixie light will display the voltage.
If the voltage is less than 0.3VDC, buzzer will activate and
green LED will light up.
If the voltage is greater than 60VDC,
the Nixie light will display “Err.
Item# SA-3424B
Price $68.20
Some items slashed to less than cost