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Holiday Magazine 2022-2023 1.13.23

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Winter 2022-2023As we gear up for a busy holiday season, we pause to givethanks. We are grateful for those that farm, harvest,produce, and serve the foods featured here, and for ourloyal and devoted Dole & Bailey family. The passion thisteam brings to their work is truly an inspiration, fuelinginnovation as we evolve in a rapidly changing world and acompetitive market. We are proud to be named change-makers and leaders in shaping the culture of food andgrowing healthy independent food systems by Best &Brightest Companies to Work for, The Boston BusinessJournal, The Boston Globe and The Women's Edge!Next year, Dole & Bailey will celebrate 155 years as the lastremaining Independent Butcher Shop & Purveyor in theNortheast. A part of the Northeast’s agricultural legacysince 1868, we add value to clean, healthy meats, seafoods,carbon-reducing proteins, plant-based proteins, ethnic andartisanal ingredients. Our clients value us as a resource forinspired menu creation, new products, and plate-costinnovation, while also looking to us for market updates andpurchase opportunities that keep menu offerings relevantand diverse. We hope this Winter Guide stirs your creativityand encourages you to make use of our talented team.On behalf of the entire Dole & Bailey family, we thank youfor your repeated business. We are privileged to continueproviding you with exceptional food and service, and wehope to be a part of your success for many years to come.Warm thanks and love to you and your families,Nancy Matheson-BurnsCEO/President3Seasons GreetingsFrom Nancy

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High on the columns of Boston's historic Faneuil HallYou can still read the Dole & Baileyname - a reminder of Cyrus Dole - a homesteader from Acton MA, and Frank Bailey - a farmer from West Burke VT, who formed apartnership at the Boston Farmers'Market inside historic Faneuil Hall.Livestock was driven from theNorthern and Western NewEngland states into Boston, andslaughtered/ dressed in Brighton;then distributed by horse andwagon or train. Dole & Bailey alsofeatured fancy maple syrup, finecreamery butter and artisan farmhouse cheeses as well as locally-grown poultry, eggs, and fresh caughtseafood from the Boston Pier. Asmembers of the Boston Fruit andProduce Exchange they had access to the freshest fruits and vegetablesthe market had to offer. Mr. Bailey'snephew, Clyde Smith, was the secondgeneration to take over the reins, and through his church family inWatertown MA he began to developthe talents of the young Bud Mathesonwhose parents were immigrants fromPrince Edward Island. It was under Mr. Smith's tutelage that Bud becamethird generation Dole & Bailey and a Master Butcher. Shortly after Bud would trade hismeat cutter's apron for a suit tocultivate and grow new and oldpartnerships with chefs, farmers,fishermen, and suppliers of qualityingredients throughout all of NewEngland, across the country, andaround the globe. The growth ofthis business meant moving into andoutgrowing three facilities withinthree years. Now in operation forover 150 years, the Dole & BaileyFood Hub is owned by NancyMatheson-Burns and located inWoburn, MA, where the fifth andsixth generations of purveyingteams are being trained up.4

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Dole & Bailey has been family-owned and operated since 1868. We are a CertifiedWomen-Owned Business striving to offer more women jobs in the food industry wherejobs for women are usually scarce. Because of our efforts and the efforts of the hard-working, way-paving female business leaders at our plant, we were named one of theTop 100 Women-Led Business by The Women's Edge and the Boston Globe in 2020,2021, and now 2022! Three years in a row! This year we were also name a Boston'sBest and Brightest Company to Work For!Our Master Butchers have at least four generations of experience and expertise. OurFish- and Cheese-Mongers source the world for the finest local and imported seafoodand dairy products available. We pride ourselves on possessing the ability to sourcedelectable, hard to find products. Our Sales Team come from a wide variety of backgrounds- restaurants, hotels,bakeries, catering, and retail- and are here to expertly answer all your questions on our incredible products and programs. Our Transportation Team are professionallytrained drivers and food experts. They put your needs first delivering your orders onour fleet of 25 State of the Art trucks to ensure peak quality entering your kitchen.We love sharing new products, beautiful chef creations, and insider specials on our Instagram page. Follow us on any social media platform at @doleandbailey. While we love to post about out food,we also LOVE to talk about it. Callus at 781-935-1234 for any of your food needs.Dole & Bailey is proud to be yourindependent butcher and purveyor.5

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Winter 2022-2023

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KuroAmericanWagyuThe definition of luxury beef! Dole &Bailey is proud to partner with Kuro to bring the finest American Wagyu to the Northeast. Curated by the leader ofWagyu genetics in the USA with over two decades of creating the best herdsavailable. These cows are 50% BlackWagyu and 50% HOJO (Holstein JerseyCross,) 100% All Natural, raised and fed atperfect rate for deep consistent marbling;growth promotents are never used. The ultimate indulgence! Much like French wines Wagyu is identified by the region in Japan where it is raised — the Prefecture. Dole & Bailey has thegreatest selection of A4 and A5 authenticJapanese Wagyu from multiple JapanesePrefectures. Offered FRESH through outpre-order "Air-Program" (1-3 days notice.)Quantities are limited to what is importedweeklyTradirionalJapaneseWagyuWagyuDole & Bailey consistently sources boutique Wagyu and heritage breeds.Call sales to inquire about t his week's offerings. Wagyu simply means Beef Cattle in Japanese. We proudly offer both American and Traditional Japanese Wagyu.

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Winter 2022-2023

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Winter 2022-2023

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DoGood Carbon-Reducing Chicken ProgramDo Good Chicken is good for the planet. Their ABF, cage-free chickensare hatched, raised, and harvested in the U.S. on a diet made up of anutritious surplus of grocery foods. This means that when chef's cook DoGood Chicken, they become a part of something bigger- fighting foodwaste and climate change at the same time. Boneless & Skinless Random BreastsMedium Party WingsBoneless & Skinless ThighsMedium Clipped Tenders6oz Boneless & Skinless Portions8oz Boneless & Skinless Portions• 4/10lbs. per case • 520361• 4/10lbs. per case • 520377• 4/10lbs. per case • 520376• 4/10lbs. per case • 520379• 20lbs. per case • 544086DG• 20lbs. per case • 544088DGEach delicious Do Good Chicken stops approximately 4lbs. ofsurplus groceries from being disposed of, which reducesnearly 3lbs. of greenhouse gases.15Winter 2022-2023

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Winter 2022-2023

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12-16lbs • 4 per case • 52572016-20lbs • 3 per case • 52572120-26lbs • 2 per case • 525722Turkey Breast, Boneless, Skin-On6-8lbs • 2 per case • 5258706-8lbs • 7 per case • 525870722

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Winter 2022-2023Chef 's Signature ChickenDole & Bailey is dedicated to sourcing and stocking only the finest chicken inthe Northeast. We partner with prestigious chicken farmers in order to offerour customers an amazing assortment of options that are all guaranteed toenhance your menu.Do Good Chicken is good for the planet. Their ABF, cage-free chickens are hatched, raised, and harvested in theU.S. on a diet made up of a nutritious surplus of groceryfoods. This means that when chef's cook Do GoodChicken, they become a part of something bigger-fighting food waste and climate change at the same time. Do Good Carbon-Reducing Chicken ProgramBoneless & Skinless Random BreastsMedium Party WingsBoneless & Skinless ThighsMedium Clipped Tenders6oz Boneless & Skinless Portions8oz Boneless & Skinless Portions• 4/10lbs. per case • 520361• 4/10lbs. per case • 520377• 4/10lbs. per case • 520376• 4/10lbs. per case • 520379• 20lbs. per case • 544086DG• 20lbs. per case • 544088DGEach delicious Do Good Chicken stops approximately4lbs. of surplus groceries from being disposed of,which reduces nearly 3lbs. of greenhouse gases. Jurgielewicz Air-Chilled ChickenAir-Chilled Whole Broiler, 3.5lbs. • Indo-Cryo • 10 per case • 524336Air-Chilled Statler, 8-10oz • 4/5lbs. per case • 524347Air-Chilled Broiler, Semi-Boneless, 2.5lbs.• Indo-Cryo • 8 per case • 524339During air-chilling, each bird is individually chilled over thecourse of three hours. Birds are moved into carefully monitoredJurgielewicz’s slow-growing antibiotic free Hubbard Ross chickens areraised in large arena-style coops, free to roam with indoor and outdooraccess in Hudson Valley, NY. Their chicken is fed a natural corn diet,airchilled, minimally processed, and contains no artificial ingredients.temperature-controlled chambers where purified air cools them. Theair chilling process produces tender, succulent meat. Airchilling isthe key to making the perfect roast chicken with extra-crispy skin.Chef's Signature Commodity ChickenJumbo ABF Party Wings• 4/10lbs. per case • 522903Jumbo Boneless & Skinless Random Breasts• 40lbs. per case • 520331Prime Chix Broiler, 2.75-3lbs.• 14 per case • 515204Boneless with Skin Single-Lobe Breasts, 6oz• 24 per case • 639315Bell & Evans Thighs, Boneless & Skinless• 20lbs. per case • 52449423

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Gourmet House is a multigenerational family business built on fifty years of expertise All sturgeon farms are certified to ensure sustainability and farming requirements that produce same quality of caviar that rivals wild harvest Experts from the Shilat organization are responsible for the entire process and ensure quality throughout Once farm raised sturgeon are of age they are harvested and egg membrane are removed They are taken to a hygienic refrigerated harvesting facility where they are sieved and sorted by size and color Salting is supervised by world renowned Caviar master Mr Toufani Once meeting his specifications the caviar is packed in Mother Tins buried in ice and shipped to Gourmet House s NYC processing facility Here it is verified for quality and hand packed under full HACCP compliance and then immediately shipped to Dole Bailey One of the most renowned caviar the Oscietra sturgeon farmed in Poland The color ranges from brown and grey to grey and yellow The sizes vary from medium to large eggs with a smooth and velvety texture and a pleasant aroma of the sea The Oscietra Caviar offers rich and complex flavors that truly defines the original Caspian sea caviar Available in 30 grams 1 05oz 796501 125 grams 4 5oz 796502 250 grams 8oz 796503 Royal Baerii Caviar egg sizes vary from small to medium colors ranging from black to olive or brown Baeri offers beautifully intense flavors it depicts the essences of nuts and mushrooms with buttery tones Its luscious texture melts in your mouth leaving sumptuous aromas as temptations to indulge Available in 30 grams 1 05oz 796505 125 grams 4 5oz 796506 Many more flavors and origins available contact your D B sales representative to inquire about placing any special orders

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Winter 2022-2023

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Winter 2022-2023

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Introducing...Legumes are fabulous seeds.Sources of protein and fiber,they are ideal for abalanced plant-based diet. Legumes are the solutionfor sustainable agriculture.Did you know that theynaturally enrich soils?32Ready-to-Eat Organic & Plant-based FoodsHari & Co.'s MissionReduce The Carbon Footprint of Our Food Thanks to VegetablesRelocating Sustainable Agriculture in France That Respects FarmersNow Available at Dole & Bailey!3.17oz burgers • 40 per case9595213.53oz burgers • 36 per case959522Dole & BaileyUSDA OrganicGMO FreeSoy FreeAdditive FreePlant Based

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Winter 2022-202333Tribeca Stock ListReach out to your Dole & Bailey Sales Representativeor call Inside Sales at 781-935-1234 to place yourTribeca Bread order today!French Baguette665700 • 22 per caseDemi Baguette665720 • 60 per caseRustic Batard665751 • 20 per caseStirato Sandwich Roll 665800 • 60 per caseChallah Burger Bun665850 • 60 per caseChallah Pullman Loaf665890 • 10 per caseHerb Focaccia665910 • 14 per caseCiabatta665920 • 14 per caseCafé Classic Multigrain665950 • 20 per caseSourdough666021 • 6 per casePullman Multigrain Loaf666023 • 10 per case9 Grain Loaf666031 • 6 per caseFrench Dinner Roll666050 • 180 per caseChallah Slider666102 • 192 per caseAssorted Dinner Rolls666110 • 180 per casePane Italiano Loaf666153 • 16 per caseSliced Sliced SlicedSlicedSliced

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Winter 2022-2023Salt & TwineFor hundreds of years people have beencoming together around cheese boards andcharcuterie. Salt & Twine passes along thesetraditions and culture through Wholesome,Small Batch Charcuterie with a moderntouch. Classic Bistro SalamiHot Calabrian SalamiUncured Bacon Bourbon SalamiChipotle Mole SalamiSalted Lime Mezcal Salami12/5oz • 32778112/5oz • 32778212/5oz • 32778312/5oz • 32778412/5oz • 327785

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Winter 2022-202339Introducing Blount Soups!Because soup makes everything better.Blount Fine Foods is a privately held, customer driven, leading marketerand manufacturer of prepared foods, dedicated to exceeding consumerexpectations with premium culinary experiences.Clam ChowderBroccoli CheeseMinestroneHarvest ButternutNana Jude's ChickenClam Chowder, GF• 4/64oz • 755609• 4/64oz • 755613• 4/64oz • 755614• 4/64oz • 755616• 4/64oz • 755619• 4/64oz • 755608Garden Vegetable, GFCreamy Tomato, GF• 4/64oz • 755617• 4/64oz • 755618

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Winter 2022-2023

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