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Winter Is Coming

By Mallory Rieth and Maison Erridge

Barb the bird and Dwayne the rock sit happily together, just hanging out like best buds do. Barb looked worried but Dwayne cheered for he knew winter was finally here.

They could roast marshmallows, they could hot chocolate, and they could have so much fun. But alast the day was done.

They decided to go to sleep and save the fun for tomorrow. But waiting left Dwayne with so much sorrow.

The next day, Dwayne skipped to Barb’s house like a kid on Christmas morning, but where was Barb? Dwayne looked high, Dwyane looked low, but were oh where, oh where did Barb go?

through snow,

through night, but Dwayne knew his journey was far from sight.

Dwayne searched through sun,

On his way, he found a small bunny all black and white, but that small bunny put up a fight. He ran and hid all through the night, to the bunny Dwayne was such a fright.

Dwayne found a carrot from a snowman and gave it to the rabbit, and he quickly grabbed it. Dwayne gained the rabbit’s trust and none of them caused a fuss.

The rabbit’s name was Oswald. And they soon were friends and traveled together, they knew they were birds of a feather.

They were walking and talking when they saw through a clear, a lonely looking deer. With no fear, he told the group his name was Domeer.

The group was great friends, but all wanted the journey to end. Then they saw an unusual sight, a Penguin who was peppy and bright.

Ping was his name and he never lacked in cheer, he would say “Barb is so close she’s practically here!” They headed toward a mountain that looked hard to climb at first, but little did they know, it wouldn’t get better, or worse.

A day went into weeks, into months, and the sky wasn’t gray. They all had a jolly old time laughing about, they were happy again. The rock wasn’t lonely any more, he had so many friends to adore.

They searched and searched, till it lead them to a cliffside. They hoped to see Barb flying in the sky. Dwayne took the lead, and headed towards this steep feat.

“Don’t get too close,” Oswald fearfully said, “maybe we should just leave instead" Domeer told Oswald, "Very well spoken lets go, I'm frozen"

Then all of sudden, “SWISH,” the snow fell and took Dwayne the rock with it as well. “OH NO!” The animals cried, with there eyes open impossibly wide.

Then the realization dawned, Dwayne their friend was already gone

Then in a flash a figure appeared. It was Barb the bird, she was really here!

She took Dwayne, Oswald, Domeer, and Ping back to their homes. And they all finally had a nice cup of hot cocoa, no one was alone.

But Barb forgot to tell everyone one thing, why she left and came back the same. Of course, migration was to blame.

Until next winter they will see, how many new friends will come to be.

The End