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Winter Guide 21/22

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Our Favorite WINTER KITCHEN ESSENTIALS 781 935 1234 doleandbailey com

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Get your free sample pack today just scan the code with your phone When you serve Villa Dolce you are not only giving your customers the finest quality but a certified sustainable responsibly made product If you would like to order these or other amazing flavors please contact your Dole Bailey sales rep today www villadolcegelato com 2

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Letter From Nancy It s hard to believe the winter season is upon us As cooler weather and a new year roll in we pause to give thanks and I start with thanks to all of you Since 1868 Dole Bailey has been an independently owned and operated purveyor This would not be possible without you Your dedication to our family owned business allows us to continue developing new and exciting sources for the finest ingredients available locally regionally and around the world We are so grateful for your support I also want to thank our loyal and devoted Dole Bailey team Their dedication has allowed us to thrive and expand during these unparalleled times The passion they bring to their work is truly an inspiration fueling innovation that shapes the culture of our industry It is this crew that makes D B so extraordinary and I am blessed and honored to work alongside every one of them As you look through this Winter Guide I hope you find inspiration You ll notice familiar items like our classic butcher shop offerings plus new vegan products and extensive labor saver categories Whether old or new each item has been sourced thoughtfully with you in mind On behalf of the entire Dole Bailey team I thank you for your continued business We are honored to do the work that we do and hope to be a part of your success for many years to come Warm thanks and love to you and your families Nancy Matheson Burns 3

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High on the columns of Boston s historic Faneuil Hall you can still read the Dole Bailey name a reminder of Cyrus Dole a homesteader from Acton Massachusetts and Frank Bailey a farmer from West Burke Vermont who formed a partnership at the Boston Farmers Market inside historic Faneuil Hall Livestock was driven from the Northern and Western New England states into Boston and slaughtered dressed in Brighton then distributed by horse and wagon or train Dole Bailey also featured fancy maple syrup fine creamery butter and artisan farmhouse cheeses as well as locally grown poultry eggs and fresh caught seafood from 4 the Boston Pier As members of the Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange they had access to the freshest fruits and vegetables the market had to offer Mr Bailey s nephew Clyde Smith was the second generation to take over the reins and through his church family in Watertown MA he began to develop the talents of the young Bud Matheson whose parents were immigrants from Prince Edward Island It was under Mr Smith s tutelage that Bud became third generation Dole Bailey and a Master Butcher Shortly after this training Bud would trade his meat cutter s apron for a suit to cultivate and grow new and existing partnerships with chefs farmers fishermen and suppliers of quality ingredients throughout all of New England across the country and around the globe The growth of this business meant moving into and outgrowing three facilities within three years Now in operation for over 150 years the Dole Bailey Food Hub is owned by Nancy Matheson Burns and located in Woburn MA where the fifth and sixth generation purveying teams are being trained up The legacy continues

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Dole Bailey is proud to be your independent butcher and purveyor 1 We have been family owned and operated since 1868 6 We pride ourselves on the ability to source hard to find gourmet products 2 We are a Certified Woman Owned Business and were named one of the 2020 Top 100 Women Led Businesses by the Commonwealth Institute and the Boston Globe 7 Our Sales Team come from a wide variety of backgrounds restaurants hotels bakeries catering and retail and are here to expertly answer all your questions about our incredible products 3 We are proudly Animal Welfare Approved USDA Organic Handling Certified and NonGMO Project Verified 8 Our transportation team are Professional Drivers and Food Experts Delivering on our fleet of 25 State of the Art trucks our drivers are trained on how to handle and deliver food in effort to ensure peak quality into your kitchen 4 Our Master Butchers have four generations of experience and expertise 5 Our fishmongers source the world for the finest local and imported seafood available 9 We love sharing new products beautiful chef creations and insider specials on Instagram Follow us at doleandbailey 10 We LOVE to talk food Call us at 781 935 1234 5

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Master Craft Butchers Our skills are five generations strong When working on wholeanimal butchery dressed carcasses or the finest details of portion control our work is exceptional 6

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Hand Cut Filet Mignon Japanese Wagyu 832 Portions Each steak is aged to perfection expertly trimmed and cut to exacting standards Dole Bailey Bronze Our most affordable option Grain finished cattle Fork tender with delicious mild flavor 4 ounce 40 per case UGH1190B04 6 ounce 24 per case UGH1190B06 8 ounce 20 per case UGH1190B08 The ULTIMATE beef tasting experience Japanese Wagyu A5 BMS10 cut fresh in house by our Master Butchers We buy direct from Japan and take advantage of seasonal availability with regular stock from Kagawa Miyazaki Bushu Gyu and Sanuki prefectures Dole Bailey Chef Signature USDA Choice Cut from USDA Choice Angus type cattle Pasture raised and Grain finished Exceptionally flavorful and perfectly tender 4 ounce 40 per case CHN1190B04 6 ounce 24 per case CHN1190B06 8 ounce 20 per case CHN1190B08 Please reach out to our Team to discuss availability and any special cuts you may desire for your upcoming menus Dole Bailey Chef Signature USDA Prime Cut from USDA Prime Angus type cattle Pasture raised and Grain finished USDA Prime represents less than 3 of all the cattle raised in the USA The finest Filet Mignon that money can buy 6 ounce 24 per case PRN1190B06 8 ounce 20 per case PRN1190B08 Dry Aged Beef Dole Bailey is proud to offer the Northeast s finest Dry Aged Beef program Our state of the art Dry Aged Room is operated under strict USDA monitoring and features modern racking high velocity air circulation electronically controlled humidity UV lighting for the ultimate in bacteria control We start with only the finest hand selected meat that s tagged for complete traceability through the process Over the selected age period the meats will develop flavor from healthy bacteria and fat levels become intensified The result is the most sensational and fully developed flavor profile possible All Dry Age products are curated to order for each customer and we have the ability to dry age Beef Pork and Lamb 7

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Wagyu Wagyu simply means Beef Cattle in Japanese We proudly offer both American and Traditional Japanese Wagyu Akaushi American Wagyu Traditional Japanese Wagyu Although popularized by the Kumamoto region of Japan the breed originated in South Korea The breed was developed to thrive in the heat and challenging terrain of Kumamoto Its ability to tolerate heat and create a tender heart healthy beef was ideal for the Texas climate This beef is tender rich with deep umami characteristics but it is NOT highly marbled wagyu in appearance The ultimate indulgence Much like French wines Wagyu is identified by the region in Japan where it is raised the Prefecture Dole Bailey has the greatest selection of A4 and A5 authentic Japanese Wagyu from multiple Japanese Prefectures Offered FRESH through our pre order Air Program 1 3 days notice Quantities are limited to what is imported weekly Dole Bailey consistently sources boutique Wagyu and heritage breeds Call sales to inquire about this week s offerings 8

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Piedmontese Lean Healthy Humanely Raised All Natural Tender Delicious The prized cattle of Italy originating in Piedmont and now pasture raised here in the United States This breed is cherished for incredible tenderness and deep flavor profile The genetics of this breed result in high inter muscular fat which visually produce modest marbling but greatly enhance the eating experience All Certifed Piedmontese beef is verified all natural and raised without hormones or antibiotics Piedmontese offerings change regularly Contact your sales representative for more information 9

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Case Ready Retail Cuts Order by Sunday at 5pm for a Wednesday through Friday delivery Chef s Signature We are proud to offer case ready packaged steaks chops and roasts for your retail case All items are expertly butchered from USDA Choice or higher meats packed in clear vaccuum pack film with a black back and labeled per USDA requirements Select from our convenient small box selection CSRDY1180A10 CSRDY1180A08 CSRDY1184B08 CSRDY136 CSRDY141208 CSRDY135A CSRDY171C CSRDY412E CSRDY1112A10 CSRDY114004 CSRDY234E CSRDY1116G Strip Steak 10oz Strip Steak 8oz Top Butt Steak 8oz Chef Signature Butcher s Blend Ground Beef 1lb Boneless Pork Chops 8oz Stew Beef 1lb Eye Round Roast 2lbs Pork Loin Roast 2lbs Ribeye Steak 10oz Hanger Steak 4oz Boneless Lamb Leg Roast 1 75lbs Boneless Chuck Short Ribs 8oz 12 per case 12 per case 12 per case 10 per case 5 2 packs per case 10 per case 6 per case 6 per case 12 per case 10 4 packs per case 6 per case 10 2 packs per case Northeast Family Farms Our classic case ready packaged meats but produced from exceptional local steaks and roasts from small family farms We are proud to support the revitalization of farming throughout the Northeast in a healthy sustainable way NFNCR136 NFNCR1184B08 NFNCR135A NFNCR1114D NFNCR1180A10 NFNCR1185A08 NFNCR116932 NFNCR12032 NFNCR116A32 NFNCR171C32 LOCAL Ground Beef 1lb LOCAL Top Sirloin Butt Steaks 8oz LOCAL Stew Beef 1lb LOCAL Chuck Flat Iron Steaks 8oz LOCAL Striploin Steaks 10oz LOCAL Sirloin Bavette Steaks 8oz LOCAL Top Round London Broil 32oz LOCAL Brisket Roast 32oz LOCAL Boneless Chuck Roast 32oz LOCAL Boneless Eye Round Roast 32oz 10 per case 8 per case 10 per case 8 per case 8 per case 8 per case 3 per case 3 per case 3 per case 3 per case Back of product includes Safe Handling Instructions as required by the USDA for retail sales 10

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Chef s Signature Butcher Blend Artisan Patty Our signature beef grind Chef s Signature Butcher Blend is crafted in house by our Master Butchers using the finest beef cuts including whole muscle chuck and cuts from sirloin hanger ribs and tenderloin Bistro Patty Stock Sizes Bulk 2 5lb Tubes Bistro Patties 4oz 6oz 8oz Artisan Patties 6oz 8oz Sliders Ask us about special order sizes Our Signature Grind 11

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Portioned Luxe Center of the Plate Selection Poultry Misty Knoll Chicken Statler Boneless with Skin 525710 40 per case Chicken Tomahawks 6 8oz 523660 30 per case Jurgielewicz Duck Breast Boneless Double 16oz 523311 12 per case Jurgielewicz Duck Leg Confit 746155 12 per case Semi Boneless Cornish Hen 553220 22 per case Beef Wagyu Loin Reserve 832 BMS 10 Miyazaki Gyu 3 5oz WGRES832 Chateaubriand 16oz UGH1190BC16 10 per case Creekstone Long Bone Tomahawk 32 38oz 3CHA1103B32 7 per case Pork Beeler Long Bone Pork Chops 12 14oz 500905 12 per case Beeler Osso Bucco 2 Frozen 459600 10 per case Lamb Cocktail Rib Chops 2oz 233330 80 per case 12 Hind Shank 18 22oz 233720 2 per bag Veal Pork Beeler 9 Rib Rack Chop Ready 583310 4 per case Frenched Rib Chop Frozen 8 12oz 345349 20 per case Crown Roast 20 Rib 10lbs 499800 1 per case Osso Bucco 2 Frozen 340545 12 per case Iberico Pork Rack 11 Rib 202735 6 per case Carving Family Style Veal Beef USDA Choice Rib Export 2x2 3CHA109ECS 3 per case USDA Choice 9 Frenched Tomahawk Rib 3CHA109ACS 2 per case USDA Prime Rack 6 Rib Frozen 332275 2 per case Lamb Steamship 8lbs 233050 4 per case Leg BRT 8lbs 234000 2 per case USDA Prime Bone In Steamship Round 60 65lbs 105370 1 per case Frenched Rack Frozen From Australia 28oz 233591 10 per case USDA Choice Railroad Roast Tied 180515 2 per case Poultry USDA Choice Steak Ready Center Cut Striploin 180510 1 per case USDA Prime Boneless Striploin 0x1 2PRA180CS 2 per case Akaushi Boneless Ribeye 14lbs CULTAKA112AS 2 per case USDA Prime Rib Export Lip On 109350 3 per case Jurgielewicz Dry Aged Whole Duck Frozen 6 5lbs 5232432 4 per case Jurgielewicz Whole Duck 6 5lbs 523240 6 per case Game Boneless Bison Ribeye 10lbs 202675 Whole Rabbit 3lbs Frozen 202500 6 per case Wild Boar Rack 8 Rib Frozen 202724 4 per case

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Turkeys Hams Misty Knoll Turkeys Locally Raised in New Haven Vermont Great turkey dishes depend on an incredible bird Misty Knoll Farm s birds are exquisite heritagebreed turkeys raised locally in New Haven Vermont Their turkeys are free to roam with access to abundant feed water and fresh air Allowed to grow naturally to size Misty Knoll birds are exceptionally tender and full of flavor Whole Turkeys 12 16lbs 4 16 20lbs 3 20 24lbs 3 24 28lbs 2 28 32lbs 2 per per per per per case case case case case 525720 525721 525722 525723 525725 Turkey Breast Boneless Skin On 4 5 l b s 2 per case 5 2 5 8 7 0 1 Koch Turkey Farm Koch s Turkey Farm is one of very few familyowned turkey farms left Their high growing standards focus on a pure vegetarian diet and humane practices resulting in a stress free life for the turkeys 441456 Turkey Breast Netted BWS 441460 Turkey Breast Statler Boneless Nueske Hams Glazed Spiral Half Ham When warmed this ham gives off a sweet honeyladen fragrance that perfectly complements the unforgettable flavor of moist and tender applewood smoked meats 770730 7lbs each North Country Hams Bone In Steamship Carving Ham Maple cured moist and exceptionally flavorful these lush hams are reminiscent of old style charcuterie that can only come from slow deliberate preparation methods perfected to enhance flavor rather than mask it 430410 13

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EXPERIENCE A FLAVORFUL ESCAPE Consistently Superior Black Angus Beef and Natural Duroc Pork That Deliver Bold Taste and Exceptional Quality Raising Excellence in the U S A We produce only the finest Premium Black Angus Beef and Natural Duroc Pork from animals born and sustainably raised in the U S A Humane Treatment Honors Our Animals From the moment they are born we treat every animal with the compassion they deserve Cultivating Relationships With Our Local Producers We bring out the best in our ranching and farming partners to produce the taste and tenderness consumers expect 2021 Creekstone Farms For more information Contact your Dole Bailey representative or visit CreekstoneFarms com

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Premium and Branded Beef Programs Northeast Family Farms Dole Bailey Bronze The premier branded beef program produced in the Northeast Heritage Breed cattle raised on family owned farms on lush Northeast pastures without the use of Antibiotics or Hormones Animals are harvested at local Abattoir and sold exclusively through New England s oldest farmgate and the country s oldest Certified Woman Owned business Dole Bailey s hand selected USDA Choice Strips and Rib program for those customers looking for carefully curated beef with budget constraints Dole Bailey only selects programs with high quality marbling and smaller eye size to ensure thick portioned steaks for a delicious eating experience All our Dole Bailey Bronze filets are selected from premium ungraded tenderloin programs that offer high quality at an affordable price Creekstone Premium Black Angus The premier Black Angus Program in the USDA Rigorous standards that are verified by the USDA to ensure that every animal meets or exceeds the demands of premium beef The only Certified Black Angus program in the USA to be harvested in a single source harvest facility USDA Certification to ensure ALL Beef produced meets Chef expectations Proprietary Black Angus genetics serve as the benchmark of quality Hand selected Black Angus Cattle from the best Cattle buying staff in the business Humane treatment protocols and systems developed by Temple Grandin High quality corn and grain feed developed to enhance flavor and texture of finished beef State of the Art processing facility Meets all EU Certified standards the highest in the beef industry 15

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Premium and Branded Pork Programs 16

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Hatfield Beeler Northeast Family Farms Iberico Our most affordable pork Hatfield pledges that all of their hogs are raised without hormones steroids or growth promotants and farmed with care for animal welfare All Hatfield facilities have a full time veterinarian that oversee animal welfare practices and every step of the process from farm to fork has a Certified Animal Caretaker working in that department to ensure animals are cared for Great genetics and outstanding animal husbandry lead to an exceptional eating experience The Lucki 7 Livestock Company was founded by Stephen and Lisa Winkler in 1997 with the goal of providing their family of seven with homegrown produce meat poultry and eggs Along the way Steve helped neighboring farms do the same and developed a network of small family farms that raise 100 vegetarian fed Duroc pigs without the use of crates or cages antibiotics or added hormones Lucki 7 pigs are raised on lush green pastures and in open deeply bedded barns which allow pigs to move about freely socialize and express natural behaviors such as rooting and foraging Raised in Iowa by sixth generation Hog Farmers Beeler Pure Pork is 100 Duroc Pork that is raised free to roam without the use of antibiotics hormones or steroids All Beeler Hogs are raised in a humane environment without gestation crates All hams bacon and sausages produced by Beeler are crafted without the use of Nitrates or artificial ingredients Beeler is also proud to offer a full line of Non GMO verified Pork Iberico Pork is a Spanish culinary treasure amongst the finest pork in the world Raised Campo Iberian Pork a term that requires that animals are raised in open air on an allnatural cereal based diet Pluma Pork Belly Rack Lomo If you re looking for the best selection of premium quality pork to meet the high expectations of you and your customers look no further than Beeler s Pure Pork Talk to your Dole Bailey sales representative to learn more about Beeler s full product offering from primal cuts to sausage bacon hams and more Select products available Non GMO certified BEELERSPUREPORK COM 17

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Taste we d bet the farm on 18 tastyduck com

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Retail Food Service Jurgielewicz Duck Joe Jurgielewicz Son was founded on the core belief that all their ducks must be treated humanely Their ducks are raised free roaming in large temperature controlled barns and are fed only a nutritious diet of corn and soybeans The ducks are never fed any antibiotics or hormones 523240 523160 523182 523170 523311 746155 523237 523026 523243 523286 524375 Whole Duck Fresh 6 5lb each Duck Sausage Links Raw 4oz each Duck Legs Fresh 12 15oz each Duck Wing Drummette Frozen 6 1 Duck Breast Boneless Double 16oz each Duck Leg Confit Frozen 1lb average Whole Duck Head On Gutted 7lb average Cooked Half Duck Roasted 1lb average Dry Aged Whole Duck 5 5lb average Rendered Duck Fat Duck Eggs 6 per case 4 per case 30 per case 4 5lb per case 12 per case 12 per case 6 per case 10 halves per case 4 per case 7 5lb each 20 count 523150 523183 523317 523247 523199 523196 Whole Duck Frozen 6 5lbs Fresh Duck Legs Raw 10oz each Boneless Duck Breast 9oz each Ground Duck Breast Leg 1lb Roasted Duck Half 16oz Duck Leg Confit Frozen 1lb average 6 per case 10 2 pack 10 per case 10 per case 8 per case 12 per case Pre order items Please allow 1 week lead time 19

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Chef s Signature Chicken Dole Bailey has chicken for every menu and every price point Our Chef s Signature Chicken features antibiotic free randoms and meticulously portioned antibiotic free single breasts from Nature s Sensation We also proudly partner with Freebird for free to roam antibiotic free chicken raised in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania For the ultimate local chicken we are proud to partner with Misty Knoll Farm in New Haven Vermont raising free to roam antibiotic free chicken processed in their own USDA facility located right on their farm Antibiotic Free Single Lobe Randoms Exceptional Single Lobe Randoms that are perfect for sandwiches salads and everything in between Antibiotic Free No Added Hormones Humanely Raised Nature s Sensation Portioned Chicken Breast This chicken breast is beautifully hand cut for exact portioning Available in 20 pound cases in 4oz 6oz and 8oz Antibiotic Free No Added Hormones Humanely Raised GAP 2 Local Misty Knoll Poultry One of our Northeast Family Farms partners Misty Knoll offers Vermont naturally raised turkeys and chickens that set the standards for healthy and tasty poultry Antibiotic Free No Added Hormones Pasture Raised Freebird Chicken Freebird is devoted to raising pasture raised poultry that tastes great and is good for the earth We offer statlers thighs wings and broilers Antibiotic Free No Added Hormones Humanely Raised 21

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Fresh Caught Seafood Every day Dole Bailey is on the dock throughout the Northeast sourcing the finest fresh fish We work with partners throughout the world in pursuit of always having the finest selection Reach out to your sales representative to subscribe to our daily fish list to learn more about our availability 22

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Calvisius Caviar Oscietra Imperial A rich nutty creamy flavor so prized that it sets the standard in caviar Golden Imperial is available to the US market in very limited quantities with a seductive round umami flavors of pine nuts fresh pecans light aromas of hazelnuts and a touch of seafoam brine 28g 741366 Tradition Prestige Tradition Prestige has large eggs that are silky and have elegant notes Creamy buttery flavors arrive first as hints of seaweed yield to a long impressive clean finish 28g 741372 Sevruga Sevruga is known to have the strongest flavor profile among all of Calvisius caviar Rich and complex flavors of the sea with a slight touch of hazelnut and iodine Slightly reminiscent of anchovies 28g 741369 Oscietra Classic A rich nutty creamy flavor so prized that it sets the standard in caviar Oscietra Classic has delicate smooth flavors and a nuanced nuttiness with just a hint of lingering saltiness 28g 741373 Maloney Seafood 587825 IQF Haddock Fillet 8 10oz 10lb case 587825 IQF Haddock Fillet 10 12oz 10lb case 645630 IQF Sole Fillet 6oz 10lb case 645635 IQF Sole Fillet 4oz 10lb case 662050 16 20 Shrimp Panko Breaded 4 3lb per case 661220 21 25 Shrimp Shell On 6 4lb per case 660830 21 25 White Shrimp P D Tail Off 5 2lb per case 661600 31 40 White Shrimp P D Tail Off 5 2lb per case 6 6 1 3 1 0 16 20 White Shrimp P D Tail On 5 2lb per case 661700 16 20 Tiger Shrimp P D Tail On 5 2lb 663361 4 6 Tiger Shrimp P D Tail On 5 2lb per case 661365 13 15 Cooked Shrimp Tail On 5 2lb per case 23

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Kvar y Arctic Salmon Dole Bailey takes pride in sourcing the finest ingredients for chefs Kvar y pronounced kwa ray fish farm is located in the arctic region of Norway in the pristine waters along one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world Like Dole Bailey Kvar y is an independent family owned and operated business 562441 Fresh Salmon Fillet Skin On D Trim Kvar y s sensational salmon jam packed with Omega 3s 562439 Kvaroy Frozen Portions 6oz each Kvar y s sensational salmon frozen at peak freshness and expertly cut into 6oz portions 562488 Classic Salmon Burgers 562487 Cheese Salmon Burgers Grilled to perfection or pan fried these salmon burgers are rich in Omega 3 and combined with a unique blend of spices 562468 Classic Salmon Hot Dogs 562484 Cheese Salmon Hot Dogs These salmon dogs are a step above the rest Made with natural casing these dogs tastefully redefine an all time culinary favorite 562467 Smoked Salmon Kvar y Smoked Salmon is made using old world traditional methods to create an outstanding product that s delicious and heart healthy 24 15lb case 15lb case 35 per case 35 per case 35 per case 35 per case 20 4oz per case

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Faroe Island Salmon The first salmon farm globally to receive Fair Trade USA certification No All sites are certified No Certified No Certified No The only farmed Atlantic Salmon Certified No Family Owned Yes No Fallowed The areas where we farm need a break after farming in order to give the ocean a chance to rest and regenerate Therefore we fallow 3 times more than other farmed salmon of Norway Yes Net Fish Producer

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new inspiration for an old favorite What s not to love about calamari It s seafood s best kept secret naturally low in fat high in protein and with a mild flavor that pairs with every cuisine Of course it s delicious fried but it s also amazing grilled saut ed or roasted For Dole Bailey customers we recommend our Northern Shortfin Squid caught in the cold deep waters of the North Atlantic Our Shortfin is available as rings or tubes with or without tentacles in 1 pound retail boxes 8 per case or 2 5 pound foodservice bags 10 per case For more than 40 years The Town Dock has focused on offering both the highest quality wild caught calamari and the very best service We are family owned vertically integrated and located on the water in Narragansett Rhode Island 26

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Kabobs The Hors d oeuvres Specialists Layered stacked wrapped rolled filled folded stuffed or skewered Kabobs handcrafted hors d oeuvres and entrees are made with imagination creativity and the freshest finest hand selected ingredients readily available The result Dazzling bites of delectable flavor and texture beautifully balanced and glamorously presented Inquire about our full selection of Kabobs Hors d oeuvres 30 40 Bacon Wrapped Scallops 75oz 100ct 713040 Beef Satay 8oz 100ct 714920 Brie Pear Almond Beggar s Purse 85oz 100ct 713410 Chicken Empanada 1oz 100ct 715800 Chicken Satay 8oz 100ct 714720 Coconut Chicken 8oz 100ct 713680 Crab Cakes 75oz 200ct 714760 Frank in a Blanket 5oz 100ct 714120 Thai Peanut Chicken Satay 8oz 100ct 714240 Vegetable Spring Roll 65oz 200ct 715200 Wild Mushroom Truffle Arancini 85oz 180ct 713476 27

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Hale Hearty Soups Soup makes everything better At Hale and Hearty Soups they believe soup makes everything better That s why they make their soups 100 from scratch in their Brooklyn kitchen with homemade stock local ingredients and no added preservatives They start each soup with fresh produce that they cut the day it s cooked and simmer into their chowder chili mac cheese and bisque Hale Hearty believe in making soup that s not only delicious but creates a moment of comfort in the day it s to be savored Hale Hearty soup offerings change monthly visit our website at doleandbailey com hale and hearty or contact your sales representative to see their current offerings Soups come by the 2 110oz bags per case Retail Packs Now Available Contact your sales representative for more information about lead time and current offerings 28

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Sun Noodle Food Service Noodle Packs 788415 788416 788417 788418 788419 788447 788456 Tokyo Wavy Noodle Yakisoba Thick Noodle Temomi Ramen Noodle Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle Yebisu Ramen Noodle Classic Ramen Noodle Udon Noodle 5oz portion 10 5 per case 5oz portion 10 5 per case 5oz portion 10 5 per case 5oz portion 10 5 per case 4 5oz portions 10 5 per case 10 5 per case 6oz portion 40 per case Ramen Noodle Retail Kits Kaedama Ramen Noodle Kit When you re at a ramen restaurant and you re just about to finish up your bowl but want more noodles you ll ask for kaedama which means extra noodles please 12 13 5oz per case 788413 Miso Ramen Noodle Kit A classic favorite Miso Ramen is one of the staples of traditional ramen flavors 12 13 5oz per case 788448 Build a BETTER BOWL Spicy Sesame Noodle Kit Spicy Sesame Ramen is also known as the Tantanmen The Spicy Sesame broth has the perfect balance of spicy heat and creaminess from the sesame paste 12 13 5oz per case 788455 Shoyu Ramen Noodle Kit A classic favorite Shoyu soy sauce Ramen is one of the staples of traditional ramen flavors 12 13 5oz per case 788449 Sun Noodle s artisanal craft ramen noodles are trusted by chefs everywhere SUNNOODLES SUN NOODLE29

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Cheese Looking to build the perfect cheeseboard Dole Bailey is here to help Our in house Certified Cheese Professional sources the finest cheeses from local and international producers for a wide variety of textures and flavors from Putney Vermont Balkan style provolone cheese washed in olive oil early in its aging Not the mouth numbing provolone you buy at the deli 570659 4 5lbs each Von Trapp Farmstead Mad River Blue from Putney Vermont Made in very small amounts this cheese has a bloomy rind with notes of grass moss and rich cultured cream 570919 5lbs each from Waitsfield Vermont Versatile approachable blue that is mild but has enough piquant bite to impress blue lovers 570498 3 5lbs each Von Trapp Farmstead Mt Alice from Waitsfield Vermont Our go to local bloomy rind Easy to portion bake and much more Buttery paste with a light mushroom flavor on the rind 570499 1lb each Jasper Hill Creamery Harbison from Greensboro Bend VT A staple of Vermont cheese This earthy vegetal slightly citrusy selection is an all season cheese Chop off the top and it s a bowl of perfection 570509 10oz each Parish Hill Cornerstone from Putney Vermont A true American original Raw milk from a single herd housemade clabbered milk cultures and traditional animal rennet 570550 9lbs each 30 Parish Hill Kashar Parish Hill Galactic Champlain Valley Triple Cream in Downeast Hard Cider during aging Made in the style of Tallegio bright notes of apple on the rind and a rich savory paste beneath 570230 4 5lbs each Great Hill Blue from Marion Massachusetts A Massachusetts legend Simple raw milk blue that is ideal for kitchens Packs enough punch for dressings pizza and sauces but still an approachable option on a board 965800 6lbs each Arethusa Farm Europa from Middlebury Vermont Buttons of decadent triple cream cow s milk with just enough salt to keep you coming back for more and more 570401 4oz each from Litchfield Connecticut Inspired by younger gouda recipes the flavors of this cheese will transport you back to a childhood bowl of mac and cheese 570529 18lbs each Boggy Meadow Fiddlehead Tomme Old Chatham Ewes Blue from Walpole New Hampshire Raw cow s milk with a natural rind earthy and lactic notes 543642 5lbs each High Lawn Farm Vache from Lee Massachusetts From the Berkshires this 100 Jersey cow s milk button is floral and complex It can range from buttery to fruity to mushroomy 570274 4oz each High Lawn Farm Crema Alpina from Lee Massachusetts Rich Jersey cow milk washed from Chatham New York A rare find domestic made all sheep s milk blue Great for crumbling with a rich mouthfeel and piquant bite 539957 3lbs each Old Chatham Nancy s Camembert from Chatham New York The richest butteriest cheese in the Northeast Made with a blend of creamy sheep and Jersey cow milk plus added Jersey cream Butter in a rind 539964 2lbs each

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Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round Spruce Reserve from North Stonington Connecticut Made in the style of spruce cambium wrapped cheeses of Europe this is a unique goat s milk version Bright white paste and an oozy texture earthy and mineral forward 570908 9oz each Spring Brook Farm Reading from Reading Vermont This raw milk washed rind cheese is technically a domestic raclette Funky and creamy it belongs on every table 967058 5lbs each Vermont Farmstead Alehouse Cheddar from Woodstock Vermont Made with both Harpoon IPA and Munich Dark this cheese is definitely hoppy with a balanced finish 967400 10lbs each Contact your sales representative for current cheese offerings 31

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Cheese Board Accoutrements Looking to build a show stopping cheese board We proudly carry and incredible assortment of unique items that will elevate your cheese board to new heights Charlitos Cured Meats Charlitos is a small producer out of New York City making hand crated cured meats from sustainable raw materials Jacuterie Cured Meats Jacuterie is an artisanal charcuterie company that specializes in Europeanstyle dry cured salami While they take inspiration from across the globe all their products are made locally in the Hudson Valley using ingredients from local sources New England Charcuterie At New England Charcuterie they create an Old World experience through New World techniques and technologies Inspired by European shops with grand displays of chops sausages and salamis they produce cured meats with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and attention to detail All of their products are made in their Boston area production facility and showcase their respect for process and history It s their mission to carry the torch of traditional preservation techniques From the salted and cured to the smoked and roasted their locally made product line honors the charcuterie that has been a staple in global kitchens for hundreds of years 32

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La Brujula Tin Fish From the sea to the table Stopping time preserving the fresh aromas and flavors that brings you back to the ocean Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Oil 116g each 757139 Sardinillas 118g each 757148 Sardinillas Fried in Sauce 119g each 757149 Gill Caught Sardines in Oil 130g each 757155 Razor Shell Clams 115g each 757157 Cockles in Brine 119g each 757158 Losada Olives For over 50 years Losada has been redefining the definition of quality farm to table olives controlling every step of their process from harvest to curing Cornicabra Olives 8 7oz 757115 Manzanilla Olives 8 7oz 757116 3 Olive Mix Pitted 8 7oz 757117 Alorena Olives Pitted 8 7oz 757118 Gordal Olives Pitted 8 7oz 757119 Carmona Olive Mix 8 7oz 757125 Contact us to schedule a 1 on 1 cheese tasting Mustards Honeys Beaufor Dijon Grain Mustard 11 25lbs 752099 Espirit de Paris Dijon Grain Mustard 8 6lbs 752670 Busy Bee Amber Light Honey 5lbs 759250 Mitica Orange Blossom Honey 7oz 759302 Regalis Black Truffle Honeycomb 6oz 757171 Lady Edison Funky salty and oh so buttery this country ham is like the prosciutto of the south Boneless Country Ham Whole 14lb average 757165 Sliced Country Ham 15 3oz per case 757215 Authentic Difference Family owned since 1878 Traditional Process for Authentic Experience Mastery of Artisan Delicacies 33

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Adopt An Alp Thanks to Adopt an Alp American cheese lovers have access to truly rare cheeses made during summers only on Swiss mountains They also get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the animals that contribute the milk and the farmers who craft these unique cheeses This connection leads to a mutual respect and appreciation of collaboration At Dole Bailey we are proud to partner with Adopt an Alp and offer our customers exquisite seasonally made hand crated and small production cheese Reach out to your Sales Representative for our current availability of cheeses from the Adopt an Alp program 34

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Artisan Cheeses Specialty Foods Ermitage Brie Brick 542439 2 1 5k each The Ermitage soft ripened cheese made from this nutrient rich milk is widely recognized and revered for its creamy texture and subtly complex flavor This mountain brie is a natural for any cheese plate on sandwiches or simply enjoyed with fresh fruit and bread Artikaas 3 Year Gouda 1 4 Wheel 967120 5lbs each Produced in the Het Groene Hart area of Northern Holland using a traditional Dutch Gouda recipe The cheeses that make the grade for the Vintage 3 year have undergone a constant and rigorous selection process during their maturation Its color is deep amber and burnt orange and the flavor is an amazing combination of sweet butterscotch with a hint of saltiness Trois Petits Cochons Jambon de Paris 770721 11lbs each Made according to the traditional French recipe this three muscle French style ham is delicately spiced slowly cooked in its own juices and wrapped in its own skin Milano Grated Pecorino Romano 543410 5lbs each In its finest imported Form Pecorino Romano cheese is made of 100 Sheep s Milk is Certified DOP from the Italian Consortium In addition Milano also source the finest quality cow s milk Romano Cheese from Wisconsin Their Cow s Milk Romano cheese is an Extremely Flavorful product used in a multiple array of applications Milano Grated Parmesan 543400 5lbs each Milano Parmesan Cheese is Made from 100 Cow s Milk and aged a minimum of 10 months to ensure its Robust and Nutty flavor 35

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Tribeca Bread For more than 30 years Tribeca Oven has pursued their vision of quality and a passion for excellence Today the dedicated bakers of Tribeca Oven combine fresh baked quality with par baked convenience using modern methods to capture the traditional taste and texture of authentic rustic artisan breads 665910 666110 665850 665890 666102 665920 665700 665950 666150 666153 665991 665751 666023 666025 666021 665740 665800 1 4 Sheet Herb Focaccia Assorted Dinner Rolls Challah Burger Roll Challah Pullman Load Challah Slider Rolls Ciabatta French Baguette Multigrain Cafe Classic Loaf Pane di Casa Boule Pane Italiano Rosemary Cafe Classic Loaf Rustic Batard Sliced Multigrain Pullman Sliced Seeded Rye Pullman Sliced Sourdough Sourdough Baguette Stirato Square Sandwich Roll 14 20oz 180 1 18oz 60 2 5oz 10 22 5oz 192 1 2oz 14 16oz 22 10 9oz 20 14 7oz 10 19 5oz 16 18 1oz 20 12 6oz 20 14 5oz 10 39 7oz 10 37 6oz 6 41oz 20 10 9oz 60 3 75oz New Items 9 Grain Sandwich Loaf Sliced 666031 6 46oz Blend of grains including oats barley quinoa millet whole wheat flour rye and flax seeds to give a rich texture surrounded by a seed strewn crust Artisan Lobster Roll 666157 4 20 count Potato flavor and brown sugar provide a soft texture and tight crumb in these pull apart New England style buns that are great for lobster hot dogs and sausauges Seeded Burger Bun Sliced 665853 80 2 65oz A home style bun speckled with sesame seeds and poppy seeds for a touch of visual appeal 37

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Drake s has been an industry leader and respected name among food industry professionals seeking distinctive premium pasta products nationwide Their pasta is crafted from traditional processes and recipes to create the taste they believe in What sets Drake s apart Their passion for pasta outstanding pasta Drake s has evolved over the years but delivering artisan pasta options using only the finest fresh ingredients and ensuring outstanding performance exceptional flavor food safety and consistency at a solid value has always been their passion and commitment For more information about current availability of Drake s Pasta products at Dole Bailey contact your sales representative or give us a call at 781 935 1234 38 Classics Family owned and operated since 1985 Stuffed Pastas Drake s Fresh Pasta 541180 541188 730101 730100 730110 730440 730441 730450 730500 730530 730570 730690 Lobster Ravioli Small Lobster Ravioli Large Butternut Ravioli Small Butternut Ravioli Large Portobello Agnolotti Cheese Ravioli Truffle Goat Cheese Ravioli Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli Spinach Tortellini Veal Ravioli Jumbo Porcini Mushroom Ravioli Jumbo Pumpkin Ravioli 192 count 130 count 192 count 130 count 172 count 130 count 130 count 730020 730040 730610 730370 Spinach Fettuccini Egg Linguine Lasagna Sheets Potato Gnocchi 8lbs 8lbs 42 count 10lbs 10lbs 96 count 96 count 130 count

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Divina Foods Divina represents the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean The Divina offerings highlight seasonal local specialties that are expertly prepared and preserved 4 25lbs 540820 Basil Pesto Nut Free 750290 Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives 1 gal 32oz 751020 Caperberries 32oz 7 5 1 1 5 0 Capers Non Pereil 4 2lbs 7 5 0 3 5 1 Castelvetrano Pitted 3 5lbs 767080 Fig Spread 750430 Greek Mix Pitted 10lbs 7 5 0 6 7 1 Green Olives with Red Pepper 3lbs 10lbs 750280 Kalamata Olives Pitted 34oz 750370 Kalamata Tapenade 5 75lbs 7 8 9 2 9 1 Roasted Red Peppers Pizza Dough Balls Locally Made in Lewiston ME The first all natural frozen pizza dough Formulated using King Arthur unbleached and unbromated flour Italian 00 flour water fresh yeast sugar salt and oil Simple consistent fresh flavors just as if you made it in your own mixer without the time labor and equipment to maintain Free of all unnecessary chemical conditioners this dough lasts 5 7 days in a cooler Efficient dough management max profits 656571 6 ounce Dough Balls Frozen 656572 8 ounce Dough Balls Frozen 80 per case 46 per case Custom sizing is available Contact us for more information 39

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Jaju Pierogi Local Locally made from scratch by Vanessa and Casey two sisters using their grandfather s handwritten recipe to produce a traditional pierogi since 2015 Dumpling Daughter Locally made comfort food from Nadia Liu Spellman using her L family s legendary ocal recipe Pork Chive Dumplings Cabbage and Mushroom Pierogies 512521 6 12 bags 512511 50 per box Potato and Cheese Pierogies 512520 6 12 bags 512510 50 per box Chicken Cabbage Dumplings Orwashers To make their artisan breads Orwashers team of master bakers blends original starters with the highest quality all natural ingredients including unbleached unbromated flour from upstate NY farmers 666612 666616 666617 666624 666625 Sourdough Baby Boule Spelt Loaf Split Craft Ale Short Pour Sourdough Batard XL Multigrain Batard XL 20 10oz 15 23oz 20 8 5oz 6 46 4oz 6 44oz Inquire about our full selection of Orwashers breads and bagels 40

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Perfect Puree Seeking to infuse your culinary or beverage creations with ultimate fresh fruit flavor No need to peel dice puree and simmer for those just right recipe results Simply stock your kitchen or bar with The Perfect Pur e of Napa Valley s purees concentrates zests and blends Apricot 30oz 762750 Blueberry 30oz 762630 Cherry 30oz 762320 Coconut 30oz 783160 Cranberry 30oz 762392 Kiwi 30oz 762610 Mandarin Tangerine 30oz 762393 Papaya 30oz 762690 Pear 30oz 783020 Villa Dolce Gelato Gelato 620900 620901 620903 620905 620907 620908 620909 620910 620911 620913 620918 620919 Coconut Coffee Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Crunch Mint Chocolate Chip Caramel Sea Salt Stracciatella Strawberry Swirl Vanilla Bean Cookies Cream Maple Butter Pecan Tiramisu Espresso Sorbet 5 Liter Pans 620951 620952 620953 620955 620956 Blood Orange Lemon Mango Raspberry Strawberry Villa Dolce gelato is made true Italian style to deliver an unparalleled texture and taste Their unique batch to batch consistency is a result of rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process This means you can offer your customers the same authentic Italian taste every time they order 41

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Forge to Table Chef Knives Handmade kitchen knives and cutlery designed for professionals crafted for all Kitchen knives developed by industry professionals and handcrafted by thirdgeneration blade smiths Every knife is handcrafted to give you a unique blade at remarkable prices 42 3 Paring Paring knives are perfect for small precise prep and delicate work From peeling vegetables to dicing fruit the 3 5 inch blade gives you tons of control with enough room to work medium tasks With the razor sharp edge of all our knives on this small blade you have laser like control for garnishes 10 Chef s Knife For those who like power The 10 model of the best selling gyuto is heftier and heartier than before Ready to tackle large tasks and power through hours of prep A true workhorse Build wider and thicker too for Chefs with larger hands who prefer more weight 7 Boning From breaking down chickens to butchering sides of beef this boning knife is your specialized go to The octagonal handle that is great in all our knives but it truly shines here allowing the knife to be comfortable in any cutting position The grip holds up for those slippery situations 10 Slicing This 10 inch slicer is perfect for steaks roasts and anything large Flexible enough to fillet large fish yet firm enough to slice and carve large roasts Glide through your cuts without tearing with a sharp slicer 8 Chef s Knife Forge to Table s flagship knife Crafted for perfect balance ease of use and maximum performance Toss out that old dull knife and work with the tool your kitchen deserves The perfect all in one Perfectly balanced along the entire length for comfort and grace in performance The octagonal handle offers supreme grip no matter the situation or ingredients and fits perfectly in large and small hands lefty or righty 7 in 1 Kitchen Shears Balance your knife roll with a kitchen overachiever These shears are utility and simplicity put in motion Anything a knife can t do these shears cover with ease making them the ultimate utilit Made from heavy duty steel with ergonomic handles lined with silicone for sure grip and comfort Dishwasher safe Features include built in bottle opener screwdriver fish scaler nut bone claw cracker peeler and herb stripper The two blades easily separate for cleaning sharpening or dual wielding

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Artisan bread with the convenience of our Frozen and Refresh method allows each chef to make their own decision on how to prepare without compromising quality and prep time From the local sandwich shop to national retailers and restaurant groups we work with business big and small to deliver a diverse portfolio of artisan breads ranging from traditional contemporary table bread to burger buns hand crafted bagels as well as sandwich and dinner rolls for foodservice and retail application Orwashers small batch breads are created by our dedicated team of bakers committed to delivering the right product for each customers needs We take R D seriously and constantly push quality forward Your guests will notice the Orwashers difference

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