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Program Guide
January-April 2017
21225 Lorain Rd • Fairview Park • 440-356-4444
Exciting things happening in 2017!
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
City Hall • 440-333-2200
20777 Lorain Road, Fairview Park, OH 44126
Facebook: City of Fairview Park
Senior Center • 440-356-4437
20769 Lorain Avenue, Fairview Park, OH 44126
(Located directly behind City Hall)
City Offi cials
Eileen Ann Patton ....................................................................Mayor
Michael Kilbane ..................................................Council President
Brian McDonough .................................................................Ward 1
William F. Minek ..................................................................... Ward 2
Paul Wojnar .............................................................................Ward 3
John M. Hinkel ........................................................................ Ward 4
Angelo Russo .......................................................................... Ward 5
Peggy M. Cleary .....................................................Council at Large
Liz Westbrooks....................................................... Clerk of Council
Department of Recreation
Recreation Staff Extensions
Recreation Staff Extensions
Steve Owens, Director of Recreation ..................................... 105
Mary Long, Offi ce Manager ....................................................... 106
Danielle Danburg, Program Coordinator.............................. 102
Bob Benden, Program Coordinator ....................................... 103
Eric Dennis, Pool Manager ........................................................ 104
Group Exercise Coordinator ..................................................... 118
Rental Coordinator ...................................................................... 109
Front Desk ...................................................................................... 101
Fitness Desk .................................................................................. 131
Kids Club ........................................................................................ 128
Weather Line ........................................................................Option 6
Parks & Commission
Parks & Commission
John Roach. ...............................................................Commissioner
Ron Benko .................................................................Vice Chairman
Tom Herman ..................................................................... Chairman
Paul Wojnar ......................................City Council Representative
Joe Shucofsky................................ School Board Representative
The Gemini Center
21225 Lorain Road, Fairview Park, OH 44126
Facebook: @GeminiCenterFP
Twitter: @Gemini_Center
Online registration:
(Additional parking is available in the back
of the building with access off West 213
Hours of Operation:
September 1-May 31
Monday-Friday 5:30am-10pm • Pool closes at 9:30pm
Saturday 8am-7pm • Pool closes at 6:30pm
Sunday 10am-6pm • Pool closes at 5:30pm
June 1-August 31
Monday-Friday 5:30am–9pm • Pool closes at 8:30pm
Saturday 8am-7pm • Pool closes at 6:30pm
Sunday 10am-6pm • Pool closes at 5:30pm
Closed holidays: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day.
Early closing: Evenings before Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.
General Information
Dear R
Welcome to 2017! As we end something old, we will start something new.
Our beautiful Gemini Recreation and Community Center will be nine years old this month and we
have exciting plans for the year ahead. If you are new to the community, please stop in for a tour of the
“Gem of our City.” A special promotion will take place in the month of January 2017 for new members
and former members alike. If you refer a friend, you can receive “Gemini Bucks” to be used for programs
or rental at the center. Information on this promotion can be found at
New programming for our members include Trivia Tuesday, in which teams test their knowledge for
6 weeks on Tuesday nights. Pour and Paint is an instructor-led activity that brings creativity and fun for
moms, family and friends. The Feast of Fairview and the Fairview Flea are events being planned for the
summer and fall seasons. As always, your comments and volunteerism are welcomed and appreciated.
If you are interested in any of these events and would like to volunteer, please contact Recreation
Director Steve Owens at 440-356-4444.
Wellness and fun are all part of our recreational goals of providing fi rst rate activities for our residents.
Thank you for being a member of the Gemini Center. If you are not a member and would like to try it
out for a month, we have a $20.00 per month promotion this year. Try it, we know you will love it!
As you are pushing a stroller, walking, or riding your bike around town, there are a number of changes you will see as the snow
melts. Grannis Park, located off West 202th Street and Lorain Road, will have new playground equipment ready to go for the fi rst
swing of spring. The Minerva Restaurant strip on Center Ridge Road, four homes on West 210th Street, and one on Glenbar Drive will
be demolished in late March and construction will begin on two new restaurants, Red Robin and Panda Express. Also, watch for the
construction of three new homes soon on Thomas Lane, located in the Coffi nberry area. There will be 18 new homes built at the project’s
completion. Thank you to our residents for the passage of Issue 59, a zoning code modifi cation, which will allow a reuse design of the
former NASA buildings on Brookpark Road. This exciting project includes upscale apartments, boutique hotel and more. The project will
refl ect and celebrate the site’s signifi cant historical connection to our nation’s space program.
Thank you for helping Fairview Park remain a vibrant community with great schools, quality housing, strong
businesses and engaged residents.
Mayor Eileen Ann Patton
Our Parks
Bain Park Cabin ............. 21077 North Park Drive
Bain Park Pavillion ..................21680 Eaton Road
Bohlken Park ..................3885 West 210th Street
Morton Park ...................... 22301 Morton Avenue
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
A family (up to 6) membership is defi ned as 2 adults and 4 children
under the age of 18 with the same address or 1 adult and up to 5
children under the age of 18 with the same address. Children 2 and
under are free and must be listed on application form. A maximum
of 6 members permitted. Exceptions to be approved by the Director
of Recreation.
Full-time College Student rate is also available for $25 during
Winter Break (Dec. 1 through Jan. 31) and $50 during Summer Break
(May 1-September 1). Students must show proof of enrollment.
Individual, youth and student memberships (those ages 3-17)
must be completed by parent or legal guardian.
Two current forms of residency or corporate verifi cation must
accompany application for new or renewed memberships.
A copy of birth certifi cate or valid driver’s license must
accompany any age verifi cations for new memberships.
A membership package may be upgraded (add college age student,
upgrade from individual to family, etc.) at any time, however, the
expiration date of the original membership becomes effective for
all members; fees will not be prorated.
Corporate and Partnership packages are available
upon request for options of 10 and 25 employees.
Caregiver and Personal Aid passes can be obtained if
applicable. Please contact the recreation offi ce for more details.
All children under the age of 10 yrs old must be accompanied by
an adult (18 yr or older). Children 7 yrs and under must have direct
Adult supervision. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 15 is permitted
to use the track and fi tness areas (13-14 years old may use the
tness oor upon completion of an orientation class with some
time usage restrictions)
Refund Policy
(For Programs and Activities)
Refunds (or credit, if preferred) will be issued if an activity is full or
cancelled by the Recreation Department. Refund checks will be sent by
the city’s Finance Offi ce four to six weeks from program cancellation.
All other refund requests MUST be submitted to the Recreation
Director, IN WRITING, detailing the reason for the withdrawal, and
must be accompanied by the original receipt. No other requests will
be considered. Refund requests made before the registration deadline
will be considered on a case by case basis.
Refund requests made after the registration deadline will be
approved for MEDICAL REASONS ONLY and a doctor’s written
verifi cation is required. Late registration and nonresident fees are
not refundable.
A $10.00 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds
unless program is cancelled. (The $10.00 administrative fee will be
waived if the option of Department Credit is chosen. A credit remains
in the computer indefi nitely and can be used by anyone in the
family for any future program expense.) The balance of the refund
will be prorated based upon how long after the registration deadline
the refund request is made.
Cancellation of Activities Due to Inclement Weather
Weather and Information Line: 440-356-4444, Option 6
Certain daytime (before 5pm) programs may be cancelled when Fairview Park Schools are closed due to inclement
weather. Cancellation of evening programs (after 5pm) will be determined by 4pm at the discretion of the Recreation
Department. The Aquatics area may be closed in the event of severe weather. Closing will be determined at the discretion
of the Aquatics Director. The Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment.
Other Important Information
Individuals (ages 19-59) ............$120
Youth (ages 3-12) ..........................$60
Student (ages 13-18) .................... $90
College Student (Full Time) ........ $99
Senior (60+) .................................... $85
Toddler (2 and under) ................FREE
Family (4-6 members) ................$335
Resident Per Person Monthly ..... $20
Active Military ......................................$0
Individuals (ages 19-59) .................$220
Youth (ages 3-18) .............................$110
Senior (60+) .......................................$165
Family (4 members) .........................$605
(5 members) .........................$660
(6 members) .........................$715
Corporate Per Person Monthly ........ $20
Legacy Per Person Monthly ............. $20
Membership Prices for the 2017 Calendar Year
All nonresident guests must be accompanied by a current member
of the Recreation Center. Resident, nonmembers will be permitted to
pay a daily guest rate, and will be required to sign a waiver and show
photo ID for those 16 years of age and older prior to using the facility.
One proof of residency is required to enter the building at the resident
rate. Adult members are allowed a maximum of 4 nonresident guests
per visit. Members under 18 are allowed 1 nonresident guest per visit.
Members are required to remain in the building with their guests.
Guest Pass Rates & Policy
Daily Non-member Guest Rates
Resident Non-Resident
Junior (ages 3-6)........................$3.00 .......................$3.00
Youth (ages 7-15) .....................$5.00 .......................$5.00
Adult (ages 16-59) ....................$5.00 .......................$8.00
Senior (60+) ...............................$3.00 .......................$6.00
Facility Rentals 2017
Birthday Party Packages
Wave Room Swim Party
2 hours of fun in the pool and a private room on the pool deck!
Overnight Packages Available Upon Request
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+2/,'$<6$''72$%29(5(17$/)((6 12$/&2+2/,&%(9(5$*(6$//2:('
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Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Gemini Center Wedding Receptions
Gemini Center Wedding Receptions
Our Evergreen Room offers approximately 4400 sq. ft.
with seating for up to 250 guests.
Our Wedding Package saves you hundreds in rental fees, while giving you
the Á exibility to choose your own caterer, linens and bar arrangements. Our
experienced staff will guide you through the details, allowing you to make the
decisions most important to you on this special day.
The Gemini Center can accomodate parties large and small and is becoming
a popular venue for weddings. Call for pricing on smaller events.
For details, call the Rental Coordinator at 440.356.4444 extension 109
Proof of residency or Gemini Center membership required for all rentals to receive
member/resident rate. Member/resident must be present for event.
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
20770 Lorain Road
Skilled Nursing
Rehabilitative Therapies
4800 Clague Road
Skilled Nursing
Rehabilitative Therapies
Assisted Living
Memory Support
other season. As you stay cozy and warm
this winter season,
occur in the months of
s of
Heating equipment
is involved in
1 in
Keep anything
that can burn at
wood stoves, radiators, or
space heaters.
Keep portable generators outside, away from
windows, and
monoxide alarms at least
your chimney and vents
Store cooled ashes in a tightly
covered metal container, and
keep it outside at least
from your home and
any nearby buildings.
Plug only
(such as a space
heater) into an electrical outlet at a
nto an electr
Some winter safety tips
from Fairview Park
Fire Department…
Anthony Raffi n
Fire Chief
Fairview Park Fire Dept.
Offi ce: 440-356-4425
•Probate Administration •Wills •Trusts
•Powers of Attorney •Business •Real Estate
•Advance Directives •General Consultation
Fairview Park Citizen of the Year 2015
21400 Lorain Road,
Fairview Park, Ohio
Call or Email for Appointment Weekdays, Evenings and Weekends
Robert C. Kreps
Since 1975
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Special Events
Friday, February 17 & March 24 – 6-9:30pm
Enjoy a night out while your child is entertained at The Gemini Center!
Children ages 4-10 • $15 First Child, $10 each additional
Pizza and beverage will be provided.
Registration begins January 6
Which will you be?
Come dressed as your favorite!
Children Ages 2-7
Sunday, March 5 • 2-4pm
Join us for an afternoon of
dancing, punch, cookies
and surprises!
Register by March 1
$10 for all guests (under 2 are free)
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
21375 Lorain Road
Fairview Park, Ohio 44126
Alexander P. Kosmidis, M.D.
Carla M. Krebs, M.D.
Theodore E. Loizos, M.D.
Steven R. Meadows, M.D.
Phillip J. Michalos, O.D.
Gwen Giannini Miller, O.D.
Michael A. Novak, M.D.
Adult Leisure Programs
Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to get healthier? Exercise
more? Are you intimidated by the Fitness Center? We are here to
help. We currently offer our youth orientations to train them how
to properly use equipment in the Fitness Center and now it is your
turn. If you have ever wanted to work out on our weight machines,
treadmills but have been unsure how to use them, this is for you. Our
instructors will show you proper usage of select machines during your
hour-long session.
FEE: Members Only $5
DATES: TBD on a monthly basis. Please visit or contact the Front Desk
for available times each month.
Location: Gemini Center Aerobics Studio
Instructor: Mary Harwood
Session I: January 8- February 12
Session II: February 19- March 26
Sundays 4pm-5pm
Fee: M $4; RNM $5; NR $6 PER CLASS
Registration: Drop-In
Tired of the treadmill? Love to dance but have a partner that
doesn’t? Line dancing is fun, easy, and a great form of exercise,
no partner needed! Line dancing is no longer just country …
enjoy dancing to some great golden oldies, Latin melodies, and
of course some country. Great for all ages, shapes & sizes. Visit for more information
(Minimum 10, Max 25)
Gemini Center
Community Rooms
Friday, January 27
Fee: $45
January 2-23
Uncover your inner
Picasso and join us for an
evening of painting your
own masterpiece here at
the Gemini Center. Bring
your own canvas (8x10
to 16x20), your favorite
wine selection (or other
preferred beverage) and learn great painting techniques from local
art instructors Melissa Conrad & Michelle Surrena. All other supplies
will be provided. Bring your spouse, your girlfriends or just come by
yourself to create a one of a kind piece of artwork for your home or
offi ce and have some fun on a Friday night.
(Min 1 person/Max 6 people per team)
Location: Gemini Center Community Rooms
Gather your trivia buffs together, bring your own beverages and get
ready for various themed trivia nights during each 6-week competi-
tion culminating in a fi nals round for great prizes.
Session I: January 24-February 28
Session II: March 14-April 18
Team Entry: $100
Registration: January 2-23
Location: Gemini Center Main Gym
Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays • 9am-12pm
Fee: M/R: $3 NR: $5
Registration: Drop-In
**Days and times subject to change based
on attendance and gym availability**
This trending sport is a combination of Tennis, Badminton and
Ping Pong, all rolled up in one- designed to be played by all ages.
The Gemini Center is opening its doors to the Pickleball community.
Pickleball is being played in thousands of school P.E. programs,
parks and recreation centers, camps, YMCAs and retirement
communities. This sport is also becoming very popular among active
senior adults at community centers and will now be played at the
Gemini Center in Fairview Park. Pickleball is a great workout, very
social and a friendly competitive game. It is also a great way to
exercise while spending time with friends and family. Grandparents
can play it with their grandchildren. Questions please email
The program will be played in an open gym format. Participants
will form their own teams and set up their own game play. Limited
equipment will be provided so we encourage you to bring your own.
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Kids’ Club Welcomes children
ages 6 months to 9 years
(Appointments MUST be made for children 18 mon. old and younger.)
Kids’ Club Bucks
Available for purchase at the Front Desk
for $30 or $50
Kids Club is dedicated to providing a quality childcare
alternative for Gemini Center patrons while they are
utilizing the facility or participating in a program or
activity located in the Gemini Center. Children 6 months
to 9 years will enjoy a safe and fun environment while
parents/guardians pursue recreational opportunities.
Fees and Time Limits for Kids’ Club Bucks
If you pick up your child in, you pay for:
60 Minutes = 1 Hour • 61-90 Minutes = 1 Hour + ½ Hour • 91-120 Minutes = 2 Hours
Kids’ Club Fees
(Paid at the Front Desk)
$3 per child per hour &
$1 for each additional sibling per hour
Parents/Guardians (18 years and older) must drop off
and pick up children and must remain in the
Gemini Center while children are in Kids’ Club.
Appointments are made at the front desk or by phone.
Must be paid prior to room usage unless
using Kids’ Club Bucks. Segmented hours are
only allowed for usage with Kids’ Club Bucks
Kids’ Club Hours:
8am-12pm & 4:30-8:30pm
Friday 8am-12pm
Saturday 8am-1pm
Sunday 10am-2pm
(December 2017-March 2017)
**Unless you are enrolled and participating
in an organized class which lasts longer,
your child must be picked up within
2 hours of their drop off time**
Kids Club
Adult Sports Leagues
Spring/-Summer 2017
League Size: 8 teams MAX
League begins Tuesday May 9
8 week regular season plus playoffs
$275 entry fee plus $36 to be paid each game
$325 OPTION will include matching team shirts
Registration: February 1-April 9
Game times to be determined
Spring/Summer 2017
League Size: 8 teams MAX
League begins Thursday May 11
8 week regular season plus playoffs
$275 entry fee plus $36 to be paid each game
$325 OPTION will include matching team shirts
Registration: February 1-April 9
Game times to be determined
Spring/Summer 2017
League Size: 8 teams MAX in each Division
Competitive and Recreation Division
Location: Bohlken Park Softball Diamonds
League begins Sunday, May 7
8 week regular season plus playoffs
$250 entry fee plus $22 to be paid each game
Registration: February 1-April 9
MEN’S SOFTBALL (Mon & Wed nights)
Spring/Summer 2017
League Size: 8 teams MAX
Location: Bohlken Park & Tri City Diamonds
League begins Monday, May 15
8 week regular season plus playoffs
$250 entry fee plus $22 to be paid each game
Registration: February 1-April 11
WOMEN’S SOFTBALL (Friday nights)
Spring/Summer 2017
League Size: 6 teams MAX
Location: Bohlken Park Diamonds
League begins Friday, May 12
8 week regular season plus playoffs
$250 entry fee plus $22 to be
paid each game
Registration: February 1-April 11
For all FPRD Adult Sports Leagues:
Team entry fee due in full at time of registration, No Exceptions. Once teams are registered all managers
will be emailed a preseason manager’s packet after registration concludes with important dates such as the
manager’s meeting and general season start and end dates. Game fees to be paid in CASH pay for certifi ed
offi cial and scorekeeper.
Once your team has registered, the manager will receive an email with league information after registra-
tion has concluded on the date noted in the information packet. Registration Packets will be available online
at: under Adult Programs. Packets will be available February 1, 2017.
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
MINI BALLERS BASKETBALL (Kindergarten Age 5-6)
Instructor: John Link
Location: Gemini Center Gymnasiums
Session II: February 17- March 24
Friday Game Days: 5:30/6:15
Fees: M $65; RNM $70; NR $75
Registration Session II: January 3-February 3
The goal of Mini Ballers Basketball is to get kids excited about play-
ing basketball and to teach good basic fundamentals at the same time.
Upon completion, players should have a basic understanding of drib-
bling, passing, shooting, defending, positioning, and court terminol-
ogy. All participants will receive a t-shirt and award. Times will rotate
weekly based on league schedule. Parent volunteers are welcome and
needed to help facilitate weekly activities. Please let our staff know at
time of registration if you can be a volunteer coach.
1-2 Grade Division, 3-4 Grade Division,
5-6 Grade Division
Registration Fees: M $50; RNM $55; NR $60
Late Registration Fees: M $60; RNM $65; NR $70
Registration: January 6-January 31
Games begin March 25
Volunteer coaches manage the teams and practice will be held
once per week throughout the season in addition to games on Satur-
day mornings. Game days on Saturday will consist of 15-20 minutes
of skills and drills and game play immediately following. All leagues
are coed and we will play teams from close surrounding communities.
1-2 Grade Division, 3-4 Grade Division, 5-6 Grade Division
Weekly Practice plus Saturday Games
Registration Fees: M $65; RNM $70; NR $75
Late Registration Fees: M $75; RNM $80; NR $85
Registration: January 10-February 15
Games begin March 25
Youth Athletics September-December 2017
Volunteer coaches manage the teams and practice will be held
once per week throughout the season. Game days will consist of a 40
minute regulation game. All Divisions are coed. We will be competing
with teams from close surrounding communitiess.
Registration Fees: M $45; RNM $50; NR $55
Late Registration Fees: M $55; RNM $60; NR $65
Registration: January 12-February 15
Games begin March 25
FPRD Spring Youth Soccer is for children ages 4-8. Volunteer
coaches manage the teams and practice will be held once per week
throughout the season in addition to games on Saturday mornings.
Game days on Saturday will consist of 15-20 minutes of skills and
drills and a regulation game. **6-8 Division will be COED unless
numbers allow for genders to be split**
Instructor: Jeff Kauffman and Staff
Location: Gemini Center Main Gym
Session: April 5-May 3 (5 Weeks)
Time: Wednesdays 6pm & 7pm
Registration Fees: M $40; RNM $45; NR $50
Late Registration Fees: M $50; RNM $55; NR $60
Registration: March 1-March 25
Little Kickers Soccer is an instructional program for 3 year-old chil-
dren. Each 45 minute session will consist of drills and games focusing
on BASIC fundamentals. Parents are asked to participate in the drills to
ensure each player gets the most out of the instruction. “Teams” will
be formed and all players will participate in both time slots according
to the class schedule.
Registration is open without penalty until the deadline noted for
each specifi c sport/program. Beginning the day after the deadline,
late registrations will be taken IF SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE./A $10 fee
increase will be assessed for each late registration. A wait list will be
started once the league/program is full and/or teams are formed.
Programs may meet their maximums before the registration
deadline. **Subject to change based on registration numbers and
season start dates.**
Refunds will be issued based on the following circumstances:
Full Refund by initial payment method if participant is injured
and can provide a doctor’s note prior to participating in a game
for a sports league or prior to the fi rst day of class for a leisure
Full or Partial Credit in the Gemini Center Sportsman system
for any withdrawals other than injuries to be used towards any
class registration or membership renewal (Must be submitted
prior to league or class start date)
Other refunds issued at the discretion of Gemini Center
Requests, Appeals, and Coaching
• If you volunteer to be a HEAD COACH, you may request to be
placed with ONE parent assistant coach of your choice and
their child
• Siblings will be assigned to the same team or class session,
gender permitting
• Requests of any nature are NOT required to be honored for
any youth sports league or class.
• For leagues in which scores and/or standings are kept,
requests may not be honored in order to form equal and
competitive teams
• Gemini Center Staff reserves the right to assign each
participant to a team/class regardless of requests
Youth Athletics continue page 11
Please review these terms regarding FPRD’s youth program registration process:
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Youth Athletics (continued)
Visit under Youth Sports to see age verifi cation charts
T-BALL (Ages 3-4)
Location: Fairview Park Stadium Fields
Session: June 6-July 11
Time: Tuesday 6pm & 7pm
Registration Fees: M $50; RNM $55; NR $60
Late Registration Fees: M $60; RNM $65; NR $70
Registration: March 17-April 13
FPRD T-Ball is a coed program for children ages 3-4. Volunteer
coaches manage the teams and practice will be held once per week
during the pre-season. Once games begin, there will be NO weekday
practices scheduled.
BASEBALL presents
PROGRAM (Ages 5-8)
Designed to ignite
a passion for baseball,
the Rally Cap program
strives to create a fun, developmental environment while teaching the
basic fundamentals, rules and strategies of the game for kids ages 5-8
years old. The program also works to engage and empower coaches and
parents by providing coach development and training resources. Each
participant in the Rally Cap program will receive a ticket to an Indians
game, an Indians hat, and two Rally Cap wristbands.
More information regarding registration and dates will be posted on
FPRD website and Facebook page.
10U Division, 12U Division,
15U Division, 18U Division
Location: Bohlken Park, North Olmsted
& North Ridgeville Fields
Registration Fees: M $70; RNM $75; NR $80
Late Registration Fees: M $80; RNM $85; NR
Registration: February 1-March 1
Games begin May 13
Volunteer coaches manage the teams and practice will be held 1- 2
days per week in April. Once games begin, there will be NO weekly
scheduled practices. Games will be played during the week in the eve-
nings and on Saturday mornings beginning in May. Fairview Park will
compete with teams from the City of North Olmsted & North Ridgeville
and games will be played all sites.
10U Division, 12U Division,
15U Division, 18U Division
Registration Fees: M $70; RNM $75; NR $80
Late Registration Fees:
M $80; RNM $85; NR $90
Registration: February 1-March 1
Games begin May 13
Volunteer coaches manage the teams and practice will be held 1 to
2 days per week in April & May. Once games begin, there will be NO
weekly scheduled practices. Games will be played during the week in
the evenings and on Saturday mornings beginning in May. Fairview Park
will compete with teams from the City of North Olmsted and Rocky River
and games will be played at each site.
Fairview Park City Schools
Experience the Fairview Advantage
January 2-January 24
Registration Session II:
March 1-March 20
Cliff Novak is a Certifi ed Veteran Teacher with an M.A. Education De-
gree and has a 3rd Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do. The class will teach
to reinforce and learn the necessary skills to implement school’s Anti
–Bullying and Say “No” To Drugs, programs via the 3 Aspects of Tae
Kwon Do: Physical, Mental, and Psychological. Help your child de-
velop the language of Self respect; learn team building skills, learn
not to be a victim, stop bullying before it happens, develop the con-
dence to say “No.”
PONY CAMP (Ages 7-12)
(Maximum 12)
Instructor: Pony Tales Farm Staff
Location: Pony Tales Farm, Columbia Station
Session I: Wednesday,
April 5-April 26 (5pm-6pm)
Session II: Wednesday,
May 3-May 24 (5pm-6pm)
Session III: Wednesday,
June 7-June 28 (5pm-6pm)
Session IV: Wednesday,
July 5-July 26 (10am-11am)
Session V: Tuesday, July 25-August 15 (10am-11am)
Fees: M $80; NR $85
Registration: Begins February 2
(Must register by the Friday before the chosen session)
Children will learn introductory riding basics, general horse care,
grooming, saddling, bridling, safety issues, and stable care. Wear long
loose fi tting pants and fl at shoes, tennis shoes are OK. Bring a bike or
riding helmet to class. Directions will be provided prior to class. Visit for more details.
Instructor: Pony Tales Farm Staff
Location: Pony Tales Farm, Columbia Station
Session I: Saturday, March 18 & March 2
Session II: Saturday, April 8 & April 15
Session III: Saturday, May 6 & May 13
Session IV: Saturday, June 17 & June 24
Session V: Saturday, July 8 & July 15 (11:30am-12:15pm)
Session VI: Saturday, August 5 & August 12 (10am-10:45am)
Fees: M/R $40; NR $45
Registration: Begins February 2
(Must register by the Friday before the chosen session)
Learn to groom ponies, play with then, and ride them. You will
play games and have horse and pony story time. Wear long, loose
tting pants and fl at shoes. Tennis shoes are OK. Bring a bike or
riding helmet to class. Directions will be provided prior to the class.
Visit for more details.
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Location: Gemini Center Main Gym
Monday, January 16 (MLK Day)
Monday, February 13 (President’s Day)
Fees: $40 per team (Team registrations only)
Registration: Begins January 4
Get your friends together and play some hoops in these one-day
3 on 3 basketball tournaments. Separate boys and girls divisions
grouped by grade level. Game schedule and rules posted online Mon-
day January 9, 2017. SPACE IS LIMITED – DON’T WAIT!
YOUTH BALLET (Ages 3 & 4)
(Minimum 4/Maximum 8)
Location: Gemini Center
Aerobics Studio
Instructor: Coleen Dziak
Session 1: Jan 11-Feb 15
Session 2: Feb 22-March 29
Session 3: April 5-May 10
Time: Wednesdays 10-10:30am
Fees: M $37; RNM $42; NR $47
Registration: Begins December 28
MUST be of age by fi rst day of class, no exceptions. This class
combines beginning ballet and creative movement to give students
an introduction to dance. Dancers will be taught basic elements of
ballet, including coordination, self-expression and having fun. What to
wear to class – Girls: Any color of the following, leotard, tights, ballet
shoes, ballet skirt optional. Boys: White T-shirt, dark nylon or cotton
shorts, ballet shoes.
(Ages 4-10)
(Minimum 6/Maximum 10)
Instructor: Margo Massad
Location: Multipurpose Gym
Session I: February 7-March 7
Session II: March 14-April 18
Tuesdays 6:30-7pm (TUMBLE BUGS Ages 4-6)
Tuesdays 7:10-7:40pm (TINY TURNERS Ages 7-10)
Fees: M $50; RNM $55; NR $60
Session I Registration: January 2-February 1
Session II Registration: February 1-March 7
This gymnastics class for children ages 4-10 focuses on gymnastics
fundamentals and age-appropriate skills and terminology. Program
helps build self-esteem, motor skills, and locomotive movements.
(Ages 5-14)
(Minimum 6/Maximum 30)
Instructor: Cliff Novak
Location: Gemini Center
Session I: February 1-March 8
Session II: March 22-April 26
Time: Wednesdays 6-7:15pm
Fees: M $60; RNM $65; NR $70
Registration Session I:
Youth Leisure Programs and Camps
Youth Leisure Programs continue page 13
For children entering Kindergarten in
the Fall of 2017 held at the Gemini Cen-
ter. Safety Town is a one-week course
that focuses on teaching children safe
practices both at school and at home.
The curriculum includes: pedestrian
safety, school bus safety, fi re safety, seat
belt safety, 911 emergency calls, and
stranger danger. The children are instructed and practice how to
cross the street safely. This program is geared to help children
become comfortable around Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters.
Safety Town utilizes a realistic, child-sized town designed to pro-
vide a complete hands-on safety education for children entering
kindergarten in the fall. Working traffi c signals, miniature buildings,
cross walks, and traffi c provided by the children on tricycles help
give the children the experience they need before they take their
nal walk on a real street with real traffi c and signals escorted by
police offi cers. Let’s start early to help our children stay safe now
and in the future! Please visit our website
on April 1 for complete program information.
This program offers all the regular safety town fun along with the
extra help some children with developmental disabilities may need.
This program is specially designed for students, in grades K-6, with
special needs. We will teach children how to make good choices
for safety and how to take action in emergency situations. Using
an actual small-scale “town,” our safety town is a real life learning
environment that provides practice for many important safety les-
sons for children.
WALK RUN EVERYONE - Special Needs 5K Training Program
(Ages 9-17 – Siblings welcome!)
10 weeks, 2x weekly coach-led runs @ Gemini Center
We culminate with running the Gilles-Sweet
Community Derby Dash!
Fees: $30 COST INCLUDES: tech T-shirt & 5K entry
(+ another T-shirt!)
An informational meeting will be held March 2 at 6pm at the
Gemini Center. Registration begins February 2.
We will meet at the Gemini Center on Wednesday evenings and
Saturday mornings for coach-led runs. We will be utilizing intervals to
move from walking to running. W=walk, R=run. Think: JOG. We will
slowly build our endurance, while increasing our distance.
About the coaches: Ken and Felicia Davenport are Fairview Park
Residents and proud parents of two daughters – one with spe-
cial needs. Ken is a Special Education teacher in Strongsville and
Location: Willow Room
Session I: Saturday, February 18
Session II: Saturday, March 25 9am-4pm
Fees: M $60; RNM $65; NR $70
This course is designed to help par-
ticipants develop leadership skills, build
their business, help keep themselves and
others safe, help children learn how to behave, and learn basic child
care and basic fi rst aid. Please bring a drink, a lunch and baby doll.
(Minimum 8/Maximum 15)
Location: Community
Room Kitchen, 5-6:15pm
Session I: Friday, January 27
Session II: Friday, February 24
Session II: Friday, March 24
Session IV: Friday, April 28
Fees: M $15; RNM $20; NR $25
Registration Now; Deadline Friday before
Calling all budding chefs, join local culi-
nary experts each month as they teach kids
tricks of the trade and create selections that are simple and deli-
cious. All supplies will be provided. Dress to mess!
SUMMER DAY CAMP 2017 (Ages 6-12)
Location: The Gemini Center
Community Room
and Recreation Facilities
Session: Monday-Friday:
June 12-August 4
Time: 8am-4pm
(Late Pick Up until 5pm)
Summer Day Camp is a great way for
your children to experience stay active in
the summer months with organized activities at the Gemini Center.
Our Day Camp program is designed to maximize campers time out-
doors playing games and sports, swimming, and doing crafts. Are
you looking for child care while you work this summer? Look no fur-
ther! Our Day Camp program allows you to be confi dent in the care
that your children are getting. Multi-child discounts are available for
Day Camp families with more than one child enrolled in a Day Camp
Session. Emergency medical forms and swim permission forms
must be turned in prior to your child attending. Be sure to pack a
non-perishable lunch and drink, bring a bathing suit, towel, and ten-
nis shoes daily. Fridays will be fi eld trip days each week. **PRICING,
Youth Leisure Programs and Camps (continued)
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Over 20 years in Fairview Park…
Here to stay for many more.
21689 Lorain Road
Fairview Park
Ohio 44126
Hair Waxing
Skin Nails
Hair Extensions
Custom Spray Tan
Keratin Complex
Smoothing Treatment
Youth Leisure Programs continue page 14
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Swim lesson class schedule and registration is available
on our website and
Once a Week for 6 Weeks
Session I: Jan. 4-Feb.8
Session II: Feb. 15-March 22
5:30-6pm Parent/Child
6-6:30pm Preschool
6:30-7pm Level 1
6:15-6:45pm Level 2
6:45-7:15pm Level 3
7:15-8pm Level 4
7:15-8pm Level 5
Once a Week for 6 Weeks
Session I: Jan. 6-Feb. 6
Session II: Feb. 13-March 20
5:30-6pm Parent/Child
6-6:30pm Preschool
6:30-7pm Level 1
6:15-6:45pm Level 2
6:45-7:15pm Level 3
7:15-8pm Level 4
7:15-8pm Level 5
Once a Week for 6 Weeks
Session I: Jan. 7-Feb. 11
Session II: Feb. 18-March 25
9-9:30am Parent/Child
9:45-10:15am Preschoo
10:30-11am Level 1
9:30-10am Level 2
10:15-10:45am Level 3
10:45-11:30am Level 4
11-11:45am Level 5&6
Once a Week for 6 Weeks
Session I: Jan. 3-Feb. 7
Session II: Feb. 14-March 21
9:15-9:45am Parent/Child
10-10:30am Preschool
10:45-11:15am Preschool
Once a Week for 6 Weeks
Session I: Jan. 5-Feb. 9
Session II: Feb. 16-March 23
9:15-9:45am Parent/Child
10-10:30am Preschool
10:45-11:15am Preschool
Private Swim Lessons Available for adults and children. Please stop by the front desk and fi ll
out a private lesson request form to get started. Fees per 30 minute session. M $25; R $30; NR $40
If the instructor feels that the participant is not enrolled in the appropriated
level, he/she will notify the Aquatics Supervisor.
Parent & Child – Ages 6 mon-3 years – Adult required in the water. Water
acclimation, sing songs, kicking, blowing bubbles.
Preschool – Ages 2-5 – Beginner swim skills include: fl oating, kicking,
submerging head, arm movement.
Level 1 – Ages 4 & up – Beginner swim skills include: fl oating, kicking,
going under water, arm movement.
be comfortable in the water, with some independent swimming skills.
Level 3 – Child must swim independently! Explore deep water, treading,
diving, elementary backstroke, and dolphin kick.
Level 4 – Child must be able to swim front/back crawl 15 yds. Breaststroke,
sidestroke and butterfl y will be defi ned.
Level 5 – Competitive Swim: Child must be able to swim front/back crawl
one length of pool without stopping. *This is an endurance swim class to
prep for swim team readiness, must have passed Level 4.
Please fi ll out a youth registration form located at the
front desk. You can register on line at www.activityreg.
Swim Lessson Rules
Classes may be combined due to insufficient
There will not be any make-ups or credits given for
personal absences.
• Parents/Guardians must be present in the aquatic
center during their child’s swim lesson. Children are
not permitted to enter the water before class begins
and must exit promptly when class ends.
Non members are not permitted to swim before
or after their class.
While class is in session, please do not interrupt the
class or instructor. We do, however, appreciate your
help in disciplining your child if needed.
Supervision and safety is their #1 priority. They utilize a large
number of volunteer running coaches. NO ONE RUNS (or walks)
ALONE! Their goals: feel welcome, have fun and increase running
endurance (which builds confi dence). Together we will cross the
nish line!
Felicia is a GED teacher with Parma City Schools. Both have their
M. Ed. and decades of experience in public, alternative, and resi-
dential school settings. Ken coaches middle school Cross Country
and Track in Strongsville. He has completed marathons, half mara-
thons and triathlons. Felicia prefers 5Ks.
Youth Leisure Programs and Camps (continued)
FEES – 6-Class Sessions: Member $30, Resident $32, Non-Resident $45
4-Class Sessions: Member $20, Resident $25, Non-Resident $35
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
What is a good age for kids to begin swimming lessons?
6 months old is often a good age to begin teaching kids
how to swim. As we continue to work with babies, we
see them learning water-safe skills and they are very well
prepared for classes without a parent by the time they
are 3.
Do you offer swimming lessons for infants and babies?
Yes! We offer infant and toddler classes. The classes
are held with a parent/guardian in the water in a class –
supervised by an instructor. Days and times vary based on
demand and ability level requests.
Can parents stay and watch kid’s swimming lessons?
Absolutely! Parents are welcome to be in the pool area to
watch. You are then handy to:
Assist your swimmer if they need to go to the restroom or
if they would have an accident.
Be extra eyes watching the water.
Applaud new skills achieved. Your applause means so
much to them.
However, it is never appropriate for a parent to become
overly involved in the lesson or to try to instruct. That’s
what you’ve hired us for, after all! We know that having you
close by gives your children a sense of security. Sometimes
for the very young, timid swimmer we will have the parent
come and sit by the edge of the pool with the child near
them. The child can watch the teacher interact with the
other students and see that this is a safe place. They will
quickly join in. Occasionally we will ask a parent to leave
the room if the child refuses to cooperate. This is usually
due to a strong will and only done when nothing else
works. 99% of the time, the child will cooperate when they
realize that they cannot control the situation! The parent
then comes back into the swim area and the child has fun
with their class!
How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?
Every swimmer learns at a different rate. It will
depend on:
The level of fear
The ability to trust the instructor
The child’s individual personality. Some people have a
cautious personality and others jump into everything
without a thought!
The amount of time the family goes swimming together.
The way the body and coordination have matured. Some
can just get it and others need to practice over and over
and over again.
Our advice is to be patient with your swimmer and offer
lots of praise and encouragement.
When is my swimmer considered to be water safe?
Parents are often satisfi ed once their swimmer can jump
off of a diving board and get to the ladder. People need
more developed skills than that, however. There are so
many dangerous water scenarios and a person needs to be
able to swim using their head while conserving energy. This
only comes as they are able to swim with good, controlled
technique. The technique and endurance built through a
good swimming instruction program will accomplish this.
How do I know what level to sign up for?
Each level will have a description. You fi nd the one that
best fi ts what your swimmer is able to do. And if you have
questions, just ask us – we’ll be glad to help you assess
where your child is at. Additionally, if your child has taken
swimming lessons somewhere else, let us know what levels
they have achieved.
What level do I sign up for if I am registering for multiple
This can be tricky … some of it depends on the personality
of the swimmer, the number of times per week that you
are bringing them to lessons, and the age and physical
maturation of the swimmer. Don’t worry though – we can
always make adjustments if your swimmer does not progress
as you guessed. We will never hold a swimmer back from
learning new skills. Sometimes we can adequately challenge
them right in the level in which they are placed.
What is your swimming lesson make-up policy?
Make-up lessons will not be allowed unless classes are
cancelled due to pool breakdown or weather cancellation.
We will try to accommodate make-ups for illness as the
schedule allows.
What if I have concerns about the way the lessons
are going?
We understand that you’re extremely interested in your
child’s success with swimming lessons. We are, too! Should
you ever have concerns, please address those concerns with us
immediately. We can help! In general, this can help, too:
FIRST: Give us 2 lessons to fall into a routine and get the
group used to working together. During this time we will
evaluate each swimmer making sure that they are in the
correct placement. Sometimes we will need to move a
student. Most times we will be able to accommodate the
needs of each swimmer even though they may be in slightly
different levels.
SECOND: Communicate directly with your swimmer’s
instructor. Address them as you would want to be addressed.
The Sandwich Theory: Say something positive. Voice the
concern. Say something positive.
THIRD: If you are not satisfi ed with the results, speak with the
lesson supervisor. They may be able to offer support that will
help your swimmer.
What kinds of supplies or equipment are used in
swim lessons? What is required?
Of course, you’ll want to be sure your swimmer has a
well-fi tted swimsuit and a towel, along with anything you
typically bring along for swimming. Here are some specifi c
notes on other items:
Goggles: We use goggles for several reasons. Swimmers
are able to open their eyes and see. They are not learning
“blind.” They are able to focus on the skills and not have
water dripping in their eyes.
Ear Plugs: If you don’t have an ear mold, a putty plug
is available at a pharmacy. To help them stay in, you can
purchase a headband or a swim cap at a swim shop or
sporting goods store. Some swimmers are just sensitive to
water going in the ears, especially during skills done on the
back. Ear plugs will often help with that.
Swim Shirts (Often called rash guards) I recommend these
if your swimmer is easily chilled. Parents have found them at
sporting goods stores, and online at
Nose Plugs We prefer to teach swimmer how to keep
the water out of their nose without the use of these. With
a few tips, it is easy to do. In some instances swimmers will
wear nose plugs.
Neon believes that the swimming experience should develop an
array of characteristics and life skills including leadership, commit-
ment, self-discipline, organization and teamwork. Furthermore, Neon
believes achievement is the product of setting goals and putting the
body, mind and spirit in motion to reach those goals. Neon provides
its athletes with the opportunity to realize their full potential, in and
out of the athletic arena. It does this by offering:
Exceptional integrated dry-land, anaerobic, and
aerobic training
An elite team of  rst class coaching professionals
Speed, agility, quickness, strength and endurance training.
Leadership, communication and life skills development
Preparation for all levels of competition from summer
league to Top level national competition
Multiple training program options
An inspirational environment that fosters individual, team and community success whether your goal is short or long-term
athletic development, our training program proves that skills can be learned and results can be achieved. Training and racing
at the appropriate levels is the single most important change in your training that you can make. Understanding what each of
these terms mean is the  rst step in that transformation. Neon can take you through the steps needed to make the changes you
need to your training to get to the next level. Multiple training sites are o ered:
The Gemini Center: 21225 Lorain Road, Fairview Park, OH 44126 (6 lane 25 yards)
John M. Coyne Recreation Center: 7600 Memphis avenue, Brooklyn, Oh 44144 (8 lane 25 meters)
Head coach Eric Dennis: (440) 221-7670 •
Aquatic Class Fees:
Drop-In: $3 M • $4 NM
10 Punch Pass: $30 M • $40 NM
Monday, Wednesday, Friday • 9-10am
Join a dynamic group exercise class for a medium-high in-
tensity shallow water workout in an environment that allows
you to push yourself in a way most benefi cial to your body
and spirit. Workout includes warm up, cardio with equipment
and cool down.
Drop-In fees will be collected at the front desk.
All participants are required to sign-in for each
class attended.
Tuesday & Thursday 10-11am
This is a SilverSneaker water exercise class designed to help
Other Aquatic Specials
and improve fl exibility, range of motion and overall
movement. Free for SilverSneaker members. Please swipe
card at front desk. Drop-in fee $1 (must be 60+)
Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-2:30
Shallow water, slow moving exercise, stretching and
range of motion exercises
Drop-In fees will be collected at the front desk.
All participants are required to sign-in for each class
FHS Swim/Dive Team/FHS Synchronettes
Practices begin the fi rst week of November. Please check
current pool schedule of practice and meet times.
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Private pool party
Maximum of 200 guests
This rental includes swimming in both
pools and the party room off the pool deck
Fee: $250
Rental Times:
Saturday 7-9pm or 8-10pm;
Sunday 6:30-8:30pm
This package is perfect for corporate parties,
church groups, and family events!!!
Wave Room Swim Party
Includes wave room
and both swimming pools
Time Frame: 2.5 hours
Fees: Members: $85; Residents: $100;
Non-Residents: $150
Rental Times: Fridays 6-8:30pm
Saturdays 12pm-2:30pm, 3-5:30pm
Sundays 12pm-2:30pm, 3-5:30pm
Pool Rental
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Liquid Lifestyles
Premier Swim Instruction
Liquid Lifestyles Swimming is excited to now offer our premier
coaching services at the Fairview Park Rec. Center. Our team of
qualifi ed and passionate swim instructors use a process-driven
approach based on principles of biomechanics to teach swimmers
of all ages how to swim smarter, swim safer and fi nd confi dence
in any body of water. From anxious beginners to elite athletes we
understand that learning styles, needs and goals are truly unique
and we pride ourselves in our and ability to instruct using a wide
range of tools and a
training plan, personalized
to fi t YOUR needs.
Let us help you or your
child on the journey to FASTER and more EFFICIENT swimming!
Visit us at to learn more or contact us at info@ or call 440.935.1097
Liquid Lifestyles is proud to be the exclusive provider of certifi ed
Total Immersion Coaches and instruction – providing the most
updated sequence of skills and the fastest results.
Come join in this low impact, high-energy, fun-À lled class.
Be Cool and Get to the Pool!
Other Aquatic Specials
Wednesdays • 10:30AM
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
DATES: Wednesday evenings in February
Feb. 1, 5 to 8 p.m. “Let’s Measure It!” – Healthy Heart Screenings for Total Cholesterol,
Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index
Feb 8, 6 p.m. “Let’s Learn It!” – esteemed Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Dean Nukta, MD
will present on current heart treatments, and what your heart numbers mean
Feb. 15, 6 p.m. “Let’s Move It!” Presentation and 1:1 sessions with athletic trainers/
Feb. 22, 6 p.m. “Let’s Lose It!” Presentation by a CC registered dietician on how to start
LOCATION: Gemini Recreation Center, 21225 Lorain Rd., Fairview Park, OH 44126
This program is FREE and open to the public. You MUST register for a time slot for the
To register, go to and select Ohio, and Fairview Park Recreation or call
Rosemary Miles at 440.331.0618 for more information
Fit in Fairview
The Healthy
Community Initiative
is a collaborative effort
between Cleveland Clinic
and community partners
to promote optimal
health and wellness.
Based on the community
health needs assessment
resources within our local
communities, Healthy
Community Initiative
programs will be
core areas: education,
nutrition and physical
A Healthy Communities
Initiative sponsored by
the Cleveland Clinic,
Gemini Recreation
Center and local
@ the gemini center
4 Weeks to a Healthy Heart
Always Affordable
Group Exercise Classes
at the Gemini Center
No Membership Required
to take classes at the
Gemini Center!!!
Current class offerings
can be found at
Drop In Rates for Spinning,
Zumba and
Strength Classes:
Member: $5
Pilates $7 or $8 Walk-In
Barre, Yoga $8 or $9 Walk-In
30 Minute Classes: $4
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Dr. Todd W. Smith
21881 Lorain Rd.
in the Fairview Centre Plaza
Fairview Park OH 44126
• Sports Injuries
• Low Back Pain
• Neck Pain
• Leg Pain
• Arm Pain
• Senior Care
“I want to be your Chiropractor.”
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Learn proper strength
training techniques
using free weights,
kettlebells and
• Experience a
cardio workout.
• Individual attention
with group
Taught by Personal
Trainer, Lisa Zane.
$60 per session
$15 drop-in
Strength In Numbers!
Tuesdays 7-8pm
Jan. 10 - Feb. 21
(No class Feb. 14)
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Teen Fitness Orientation Program
This program is designed for young teens 12-14 years of age who wish to use the Fitness Floor and Track.
The program will properly train you on our state of the art equipment so that your workout can be done
correctly and effi ciently. Before accessing the Fitness Floor the following requirements must be completed:
• Participants must have waiver form signed by a parent or guardian
• Code of Conduct must be signed • Restricted hours will be enforced for teen workouts
Monday-Friday ....................3pm-5pm ............... NO parental supervision
Monday-Friday ....................5pm -8pm ............... Parental supervision required
Saturday ...............................8am-7pm ............... Parental supervision required
Sunday ................................ 10am-6pm .............. Parental supervision required
Class schedules are posted monthly. Please visit the Front Desk or website for current schedule.
BABYSITTER TRAINING (Ages 11-15) 2/18/2016 1/2-2/16 $60 M/$65 RNM/$70 NR
BABYSITTER TRAINING (Ages 11-15) 3/25/2016 1/2-3/23 $60 M/$65 RNM/$70 NR
CHEF IN TRAINING (Grades 1-5) 1/27/2016 1/2-1/21 $15 M/$20 RNM/$25 NR
CHEF IN TRAINING (Grades 1-5) 2/24/2016 1/2-2/17 $15 M/$20 RNM/$25 NR
CHEF IN TRAINING (Grades 1-5) 3/24/2016 1/2-3/17 $15 M/$20 RNM/$25 NR
CHEF IN TRAINING (Grades 1-5) 4/28/2016 1/2-4/21 $15 M/$20 RNM/$25 NR
CLEVELAND ADULT LINE DANCING 1/8-2/12 Drop In $4 M/$5 RNM/$6 NR Per class
CLEVELAND ADULT LINE DANCING 2/19-3/26 Drop In $4 M/$5 RNM/$6 NR Per class
COED SOFTBALL BEGINS 5/7 2/1-4/9 See Page 9
DATE NIGHT 2/17/2016 1/6-2/16 $15/first child; $10 additional
DATE NIGHT 3/24/2016 1/6-3/23 $15/first child; $10 additional
KIDSKILLS GYMNASTICS (Ages 4-10) 2/7-3/7 1/2-2/1 $50 M/$55 RNM/$60 NR
KIDSKILLS GYMNASTICS (Ages 4-10) 3/14-4/18 2/1-3/7 $50 M/$55 RNM/$60 NR
MEN'S SOFTBALL BEGINS 5/15 2/1-4/9 See Page 9
MINI BALLERS BASKETBALL (Age 5-6) 2/17-3/24 1/3-2/3 $65 M/$70 RNM/$75 NR
PLAYER PITCH BASEBALL (Ages 9-15) 5/13/2016 2/1-3/1 $70 M/$75 RNM/$80 NR
PLAYER PITCH SOFTBALL (Ages 9-15) 5/13/2016 2/1-3/1 $70 M/$75 RNM/$80 NR
POUR & PAINT NIGHT 1/27/2016 1/2-1/23
SPRING FLAG FOOTBALL (Grades 1-6) BEGINS 3/25 1/10-2/15 $65 M/$70 RNM/$75 NR
SPRING IN-HOUSE SOCCER (Ages 4-8) BEGINS 3/25 1/12-2/15 $45 M/$50 RNM/$55 NR
SPRING LITTLE KICKERS SOCCER (Age 3) 4/5-5/3 3/1-3/25 $40 M/$45 RNM/$50 NR
SPRING VOLLEYBALL (Grades 1-6) BEGINS 3/25 1/6-1/31 $50 M/$55 RNM/$60 NR
SUPERHERO/PRINCESS PARTY 3/5/2016 1/6-3/1 $10 (under 2 free)
T-BALL (Ages 3-4) 6/6-7/11 3/17-4/13 $50 M/$55 RNM/$60 NR
TRIVIA TUESDAYS 1/24-2/28 1/2-1/23 $100/team
TRIVIA TUESDAYS 3/14-4/18 2/14-3/13 $100/team
WALK RUN EVERYONE (Ages 9-17) 3/2/2016 2/2-3/1 $30.00
WOMEN'S SOFTBALL BEGINS 5/12 2/1-4/49 See Page 9
YOUTH BALLET (Ages 3 &4) 1/11-2/15 1/1-1/10 $37 M/$42 RNM/$47 NR
YOUTH BALLET (Ages 3 &4) 2/22-3/29 1/1-2/21 $37 M/$42 RNM/$47 NR
YOUTH BALLET (Ages 3 &4) 4/5-5/10 1/1-4/4 $37 M/$42 RNM/$47 NR
YOUTH MARTIAL ARTS SELF DEFENSE (Ages 5-14) 2/1-3/8 1/2-1/24 $60 M/$65 RNM/$70 NR
YOUTH MARTIAL ARTS SELF DEFENSE (Ages 5-14) 3/22-4/26 3/1-3/20 $60 M/$65 RNM/$70 NR
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
See if youre eligible!
Visit or call
1-888-423-4632 (TTY: 711), Monday through
Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.
Fast Facts
What if I already
have a fitness
If your current membership is at a SilverSneakers location and you’re eligible for
SilverSneakers through your health plan, you should request your membership
to be “frozen. Just talk to the staff at your current location.
What should I wear?
For working out, wear comfortable clothing and well-fitting athletic shoes.
What do I get with
Whether youre a beginner or a seasoned pro ready for the next challenge,
SilverSneakers offers a variety of options for all fitness levels and abilities.
SilverSneakers gives you access to exercise equipment*, classes* and fun
social activities at thousands of locations
How does
SilverSneakers work?
SilverSneakers is offered to Medicare-eligible and group retiree members
of participating health plans. In some plans, it’s offered at little or no
additional cost. Call the number on your health plan ID to learn more.
What is SilverSneakers?
SilverSneakers is an overall wellness program that helps you improve
your health and live the life you want.
Six signature SilverSneakers classes, available in select locations, are geared
toward varying fitness levels and interests. SilverSneakers FLEX
classes offer
additional options, and for more challenging classes, try Healthways BOOM®.
What are the
How do I enroll?
Search for a SilverSneakers location by ZIP code at
Take your SilverSneakers card or personal member ID number to any
location. (Visit if you need to print your card or
write down your member ID number.)
Tell the front desk staff you want to enroll, and ask for a tour.
*Classes and amenites vary by locaton. Classes not offered at all locatons. †At-home kits are offered for members who want to start working out at home or for those
who can’t get to a fitness locaton due to injury, illness or being homebound. Healthways, Healthways BOOM, SilverSneakers and FLEX are registered trademarks or
trademarks of Healthways, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. © 2016 Healthways, Inc. All rights reserved.
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
Fairview Park Recreation at the Gemini Center
* Gemini Bucks good towards classes or programs. New member defined as not active within past 12 months.
Family memberships receive (1) certificate per household. Excludes Silver Sneakers. Rules & regulations apply.