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By Michael Masiello

Winter and Her Tail

On the December of 2005,A baby dolphin named winter swam away from her family in the Atlantic Ocean. Winter swam all the way to the United States Of America .But she was getting dangerously close to the shore of   Florida. Moments later, something awful happened .Winter got stuck on the beach with a crab trap tearing into her tail. She was on Honeymoon Island Beach near Cape Canaveral in Florida .Fisherman Jim Savage heard her cry  and was able to free the little dolphin from the rope that was wrapped tightly around her tail and mouth .He called a rescue team to help and she was taken to the Florida Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The team worked night and day to help winter to recover. Her tail was badly damaged. Despite all the efforts she lost her tail.

Winter was only three months old when she was found.

Fun Fact.

The development of a new gel material is benefiting human patients.

Fun Fact.

In 2006, Kevin Carroll, an expert prosthetist heard Winters story and offered to fit her with an artificial tail. It took about 18 months for Carroll and Hanger Clinic in Sarasota, Florida clinic to develop the new tail for Winter. The task was more difficult than anticipated .A dolphin needs to move her full spine. One of the biggest challenges they faced was how to keep the tail on and how to propel a 400 pound dolphin 10 feet into the air .They volunteered their nights and weekends fabricating a series of tails. They also created special liners and developed new materials for her delicate skin .They developed a new gel.Winters new tail sticks to her body using suction. 

Hope was not wounded when she was found.

Fun Fact.

On December 11, 2010, SeaWorld Research Institute received a call that a dolphin had been found in Indian River Lagoon on the East Coast of Florida. A local fisherman spotted her in shallow waters, attempting to nurse from her deceased mother. When help arrived they transported her to Clearwater Marine Aquarium for rehabilitation. When Hope was rescued she was about 2 to 3 months old. She weighed 58 pounds and was dehydrated. She was nursed back to full recovery. During her recovery she was placed with Winter. Winter did not like Hope at first but learned to like her.

Winter is not  only a famous dolphin. She is also a movie star in two famous movies. One is called (Dolphin Tale). It features how Winter was rescued and how her tail was made. The other movie is called ( Dolphin Tale 2 ). It features how Hope was rescued, how Winters secondary tail was made, and how Winter and Hope got used to each other.

Winter is not only the most famous dolphin in the world.She is also a famous movie star in two famous movies.One is called (Dolphin Tale).It features how Winter was rescued and how her tail was made.The other movie is called (Dolphin Tale 2).It features how Hope was rescued,how Winters secondary tail was made,and how Winter and Hope got used to each other.

Dolphin Tale was made in 2011 and Dolphin Tale 2 was made in 2012.

Fun Fact.

Ricky is a brown pelican that loves eating garbage.

Fun Fact.

Winter and Hope aren't the only animals at Clearwater Marine Aquarium .There is also a very sneaky pelican named Ricky who can be very annoying .Mainly because Ricky is known for trying to eat stuff. He will try to eat anything like phones, sunglasses, jewelry  ,rings, balls, and even toys .Ricky is also known for stealing stuff like peoples phones, purses ,and toys as well. One time, Ricky stole a little girls teddy bear. Another animal that lives in clearwater marine aquarium is a sea turtle named Mavis that was rescued in 2012 .Ricky tried to eat Mavis but it was too big for him to eat. Mavis was injured when they brought him into the aquarium. But when he felt better ,Mavis was put in a tank with a cover to keep Ricky out. Even though that went on for months, they became good friends later in life.



Winter is currently living happily at Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida.

Winter without her artificial tail.