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While media outlets are focusing on the Presidential campaigns, you
should also be aware of upcoming legislative action that will impact your
friends, neighbors and community. The federal Solar Investment Tax
Credits (ITC) are set to expire at the end of 2016. This key financial
support credit will be reduced to 10% from 30% of the installed com-
mercial system cost. The residential credit will be eliminated altogether
(from 30%). We expect this would drastically reduce how many solar
systems people will install in the coming years, just when Solar PV is be-
ginning to have an impact on our fossil fuel energy use.
The ITC represents an investment in our future, and has already seen hun-
dreds of thousands of Americans choose renewable energy for their
homes and businesses. Since Congress adopted the ITC in 2006, solar installation costs have
dropped by 73%. Extending the tax credits beyond 2016 will help drive costs even lower, and see
our energy mix continue its shift away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and to renewable en-
ergy sources.
Thirty years ago, I was designing and selling solar systems for a company in Indiana. We had a
thriving business until the federal government took away the solar tax credit. Shortly after that,
our company and many others across the country went out of business, stalling the momentum
that had been building. Just think of how much farther ahead we would be today, if all those
companies had been able to continue reducing our fossil fuel usage.
Let's not repeat that scenario! Please contact your congressperson
and urge them to extend BOTH the commercial and residential In-
vestment Tax Credits.
from Lous desk
Spring 2016
Our growing team Our growing family
Solar happenings
Our solar PV services continue to
grow. In addition to our solar install
services, we provide electrical and
structural design as well as com-
missioning services for PV install-
ers throughout the Northeast.
Taitem provided structural and
electrical design support for a 400
kW ground mount install at Up-
state Door in Warsaw, NY.
We recently completed a 46kW in-
stall for the Ulysses Philomathic
Library in Trumansburg, NY. This
will pave the way for other libraries
in surrounding counties to consider
the benefits of solar for their librar-
We also completed a 41kW install
at the Longhouse Cooperative in
Ithaca, NY. An array that beautifully
follows the contours of the ground
where it was installed.
We moved in to our new ware-
house space in Lansing, NY. Tony
Henderson, our PV coordinator,
organized the space superbly. The
team is happy to have more room
to store incoming solar cells.
Upstate Door Array—Behind the scenes
UPL—We lit up the library!
Our warehouse—
Behind the scenes
Longhouse install in the snow
Idol Ridge Winery
Arnot Ogden
Medical Center
Reduced duct
Arnot Ogden
Medical Center
Reduced duct
Arnot Ogden
Medical Center
Reduced duct
In February, Aeroseal won the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Exposition
(AHR) Product of the Year Award. We sat down with Senior Energy Analyst and Aeroseal Operations Man-
ager, Evan Hallas to learn more about the Aeroseal duct sealing technology.
Q: Can I still receive federal and state rebates when I install solar?
Q: What do we need to know about the VDER Tariff?
Q: Whats the most efficient panel available now?
Q: What are the trade offs between
string inverters and module level power
Sealing the laboratory ductwork has made an enormous
difference. Air flows are now managed and pressurization is
controlled, helping to dramatically reduce static pressures and energy
usage. We are extremely pleased with the results.
- Lanny Joyce, Director of Utilities & Energy Mgmt., Cornell University
Contact Gordon for a no cost solar assessment
607-277-1118 x1XX or
Q&A with solar expert Gordon Woodcock
Want to learn more about our
solar PV projects? Click here or
contact Gordon at
The Aeroseal team will seal this new
building which will be the tallest
Passive House in the world.
Taitem will provide the design and
installation services for the wineries
05kW system.
Transforming energy use in buildings—
Ian second book is on the shelves
Watch this!
Congratulations to Taitem founder, Ian Shapiro on the successful
completion of his second book, Energy
Audits and Improvements for Commer-
cial Buildings.
The book provides a comprehensive guide
to delivering deep and measurable ener-
gy savings and carbon emission reduc-
tions in buildings. Shapiro has prepared,
supervised, and reviewed over 1,000 en-
ergy audits in all types of commercial fa-
cilities, and led energy improvement pro-
jects for many more. This book will help
energy managers and enegy auditors
transform energy use in the buildings
they serve.
Montezuma Winery · Seneca Falls, NY
What Reforming the Ener-
gy Visionmeans
REV is a program led by Governor
Andrew Cuomo that will pursue
transforming the electric utility
business model with the support
of new, clean energy technology.
Taitem is providing the design for
the MEP reconfiguration for the
two 5000 sq. foot floorplates at
409 College Ave that are being
turned into a collaborative busi-
ness environment. We also would
like a separate structural fee for a
new intercommunicating stair.
Student Agencies eHub · Ithaca, NY
Cornell Tech Residences
Roosevelt Island · NY, NY
website is
Check it out...
Want the cliff notes on
You may be working on a project
that qualifies for PACE financing
Energize NY Finance leverages the Prop-
erty Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) struc-
ture to provide access to capital, extend-
ed loan terms, transferability and other
benefits to finance energy efficiency and
renewable energy upgrades in commer-
cial properties.
Join Ian as he leads a work-
shop on Net-Zero design. The
next workshop is May 9-10
2016 at Ecovillage Ithaca.
Want to learn what it takes to
achieve net-zero?