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WinShape provides a "summer of a lifetime" through its various camps that promote community, spirituality, and many more skills.

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WinShape Camps For Communities By: Marisa Barrera

Back in Georgia in 1985, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy established the WinShape foundation to provide a unique camp experience that would allow for campers to grow in their Christian faith. Since then WinShape hosts 5 overnight camps in Georgia, an international day camp for children in Brazil, and over 90 day camp experiences all over the United States. In addition to providing a unqiue camp experience, WinShape provides opportunities for college students who have completed their sophomore year to apply to be traveling workers and an opportunity for local volunteers for community camps as well. WinShape ensures that teenagers and children will have "the summer of a lifetime" by attending their camps and growing in their faith as well as community skills. 

WinShape Camps For Communities promotes community growth, faith based learning, skills for children to explore, and many volunteer opportunities as well as community wide events. Kids have the opportunity to participate in skills such as Archery, Basketball, Cheerleading, Crafts, Dance, Flag Football, Fast Food, Girl World, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Leaders In Training, Man Land, Musical Theater, Newsroom, Painting, Under Construction, Secret Ops, Sew Much Fun, Soccer, Yard Games, and Wacky Science. 

WinShape has day camp locations in South Carolina in Anderson, Greenville, Gaffney, Charleston, Elgin, and South Strand. Gaffney has one of the largest WinShape Camps in the country with 472 campers, 100 community partners, 100 churches represented, and $52,000 in funds raised to provide 267 scholarships for campers to attend camps. The main focuses of WinShape Camps are fun and fitness, faith, and family. Through a week long day camp, children grow in all aspects of their life. Campers are divided up into villages based on their grade levels. The Ocean Village is grades 1st-2nd, The Safari Village is grades 3rd-4th, and the Alpine Village is grades 5th-6th, and the Galaxy Village is grades 7th-9th.

After completing 10th grade, high school students are allowed to volunteer at camp. They help the camp counselors from WinShape's staff and are devoted to making sure the work that was done during camp continues on for not just one week. When camp is not in session, there are community events at Chick-fil-A such as family fun nights and events at local schools to encourage everyone to grow in the sense of community. Volunteering and supporting a WinShape Camp is a feeling like no other. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to invest in a great cause.


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