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Bardo Novotny

Nashville Wings Team

Onboarding Booklet

January 2017

Meet the Team:



Annie Nguyen- Nashville, TN - Belmont University

Wings Team Member Since 2014


c: 615-715-1333 @annniewins 


Taylor Long- Malibu, CA - Belmont University

Wings Team Member Since 2015


c: 805-558-2800 @spicyytay @kid_fetus


Estefania Olvera- Nashville, TN - MTSU

Wings Team Member Since 2015


c: 615-569-3551 @pepani


Madi Hearington- Nashville, TN - Belmont University

Wings Team Captain

Wings Team Member Since 2014


c: 615-330-2725 @phadimadi


Meet the Managers:



Kelly Rourke- Toronto, Canada 

Field Marketing Manager - TN, AL, MS, AR


c: 813-233-6278 @

Caroline Foster- Murfreesboro, TN 

Field Marketing Specialist - Nashville


c: 615-410-1836 @clinefoster

Patrick Mackey-

General Manager


c: 919-260-3976

Patrick Dux- 

On Premise Manager


c: 404-273-1277

WTM- Wings Team Member: that's you! 

WTC- Wings Team Captain: the captain on your team appointed by the FMS

WTB- Wings Team Base: The Holy Grail of WT tools. We use WTB everyday to plan and report missions, communicate with our teams and others, and collect data.

FMS- Field Marketing Specialist: Manager of Wings and SBM's - Caroline Foster is the FMS for the Nashville Wings Team

FMM- Field Marketing Manager: Manager of FMS and marketing initiatives in your market- Kelly Rourke is the FMM of Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi

SBM- Student Brand Manager: spread the word about Red Bull on their campuses - We have 7 in Tennessee!! 

RGM- Regional General Manager: Ensure regional quality execution across all marketing channels in the region- This is Patrick Mackey in Nashville!

CCM- Consumer Collecting Manager: Manages consumer collecting for your business unit

Musketeer: The non-traditional sales counterpart

Mission: At Red Bull we call a typical shift a mission. It's a well-thought out planned time to sample the right person, at the right time, with the right product

RBNA- Red Bull North America: One of the many global divisions of Red Bull

HQ- Head Quarters: The US HQ is located in Santa Monica, California

RBED- Red Bull Energy Drink

RBSF- Red Bull Sugar Free

RBTZ- Red Bull Total Zero

RBE- Red Bull Editions: Taste of Cranberry, Blueberry, Tropical Fruits, and Tangerine

Summer- Red Bull Summer Edition: The limited edition taste of Kiwi

Keychain- A detailed keychain given to sampled consumers that explains other consumption occasions to drink Red Bull! Shows you how to "use your wings"

SKU- A way to identify/differentiate between Red Bull products

Red Bull Lingo

All of the unique terms you need to know 

 A wing is... 


Responsible, Charming, an Active Listener, Empowered, Adaptable, Collaborative, and Premium


Not your average promo team:

- high level of training and product knowlege

- careful selection of finding the right consumer

- one-on-one time with consumers

- represents a lifestyle brand in the field


Media Guidelines:

- never take interviews or be quoted

- don't pose in photos for media publications of any kind

- refer all media requests to your FMS 

- If someone inquires about Red Bull's brand or logo being used in their event, refer them to your FMS


Job Description:

- embody the role

- be a credible product expert

- planning and reporting missions

- be a master of the Mini

- give consumers wings

- be the face of the brand 

Wings Team Responsibilities 

Time to learn yours ABCS....


A: amino acids 


Taurine is an Amino Acid, naturally occurring in the human body and present in our daily diet. It is key to many biological processes.  



- There is 1000 mg of taurine in an 8.4 oz can of Red Bull

- Our bodies contain 70X more Taurine than an 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull


 B: B vitamins


Vitamin B3: Niacin

Vitamin B5: Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine

Vitamin B12: Cobalamin



- Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal body functions.

- B-vitamins specifically play an important role in energy metabolism, such as the break-down and build-up of carbohydrates and protein.




Product Knowledge

C: caffeine


One 8.4 fl oz can of Red Bull Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine.



- One of the most common misconceptions when sampling  Red Bull product is that there is too much!

- 80 mg across all products


 S: sugars/sweeteners


One 8.4 fl oz Red Bull Energy Drink contains 27g of sugars.


For people interested in sugar free options we offer Red Bull Sugarfree and Red Bull Total Zero:









- There are 27 mg of sugar in Red Bull Energy Drink &         28 mg in Red Bull Yellow Edition 8.4 oz.

- Sugars are well known carbohydrates that are consumed in our daily diet


•Low calorie sweetener
•Used in 5,000+ products worldwide

Ace K & Sucralose:

(RBTZ Only)

•Non caloric sweetener

Product Knowledge

A part of the WT guidelines is a premium and attractive appearance, and what better way to make that happen than with the perfect sampling outfit!

Wings Team Clothing

Always be Premium!

The warehouse, our's being The Nest, is our shared space where we come before and after every mission and for each monthly meeting.


It's a space that we use A LOT, and for that reason we like to keep it clean!


1. ALWAYS lock the door behind you, and set the alarm to away! Whether you're coming in or going out, we want to always know you are safe and that someone without a key couldn't follow you through the door or walk in once you leave!


2. Throw away and and ALL trash. We have ants. Ants love us. We hate ants! 


3. Keep the bathrooms clean and tidy while also replacing the rolls when they are out. The extras can be found in either the mens or womens restrooms.


4. When you load the car with product before mission, be sure to throw away and trash while also recycling out the cardboard and recyclable plastic in the blue bins marked "paper" and "plastic".


5. Always put the mini keys in the same place, on the work table in the garage next to the computer and other keys!


6. If you need to keep anything at the warehouse that is yours, please utilize your "box" under the TV.


7. Once a week there will be a warehouse and mini cleaning hour on a mission. If you are on this mission take out the trash, vacuum, and ACTUALLY clean as if you're cleaning your own home!  

Warehouse Etiquette


Mission Steps

Consumer Contacts:



- Students are anyone about 25 years of age and younger - anyone who could be student age. This is separate from their consumption occassion and is solely based on their age and occupation!



- Anyone older than a student! They do not have to be working when you sample them to be the age of a full-time worker!


Remember: We NEVER sample anyone under the age of 18!

While on mission, we keep tab of the amount of cans we have sampled by reporting the numbers on our mission in WTB. We do this after each consequtive stop on the mission and do so in order. 


You will have an internal drive time and a one-on-one sampling stop for each activity on your mission. For each you will enter the time that you did either activity and then input the number of cans sampled dependent on the SKU and other data collected in the sampling process as follows:



- This is used when a consumer says something about the product. This could be anything from "I hate the  taste" to "Red Bull is just a party drink" or "I just drink water" (no need). 

Past Occasion:

- This is used when a consumer tells you that they have had or been sampled a Red Bull in a different consumption occasion before! 

Special Projects:

You'll know when to utilize this function, but it's used to code different initiatives that we do around the country and world! 

Perception, Past, & Special Projects:

The consumption occasion is the activity that you are sampling the consumer in. There are 8:

Working: Our largest and most common occasion, sampling at work!

Studying: Giving wings for all-nighters! And any other study opportunity!

Stay Fit: Wings for your work out! Sampling at a gym or fitness class! 

Sports: Not to be confused with stay fit, this is only when it's active sports! 

Driving: Wings are the best travel companion, and this is a great exit sampling strategy! 

Commuting: Wings for commutors! They may not be driving, but they still need wings! 

Partying: Our fave! Festival goers, frat parties, any thing that looks like a fun time! 

Leisure: Maybe not partying, but usually the consumer is still enjoying themself for this consumption occasion! 

Gaming: This is solely for those missions in which we target and sample gamers in their time of need! 


We sample these based on goals for the year. The consumption occassion will be obvious to you in the field! 

Consumption Occasions:

Mission Photos:

Mission photos are a tool we use in the field. We take "casual" photos of the sampling interaction and upload them to WTB. We LOVE to take pics so why wouldn't we take pics in the field?! 

Business Priorities:


Wings Team Base, WTB, is our ultimate tool!

On WTB we can make missions, schedule unavailability, post updates to our team, write discussions that involve the whole US sampling program, report numbers, and pull reports from missions anytime in the past! 


Making missions:

- Missions are due every other Sunday and are made for the following 2 weeks. Missions are made based on a prompt given by the FMS, Caroline, and should be well thought out and clear in their focus and purpose. A mission making checklist is on the next page as a guideline to making perfect missions! 



This can be done under the tab with your face on it! Unavailability for all things, including school and dentist appointmets, etc., needs to be place in the schedule at least 2 weeks ahead of time. If your unavailability isn't set and you get placed on a mission that you cannot work it is your responsibility to find someone to cover you! 



The updates you will see on the front page of WTB and are usually posted by HQ staff, but it's also where you will find the mission prompt or any other important notice from either the FMM, FMS, or the Captain of your team! 



Intelligence is my favorite tool! You can use it to pull reports on where you've sampled and what you've sampled and tons of other things! Play around with this tool, but also know if you have any questions about data or hours or anything it can mostly be found here! 

Wings Team Base

Mission making is a HUGE part of our job as Wings Team Members! That's why we thought it may help to give you a little resource guide to use when you plan missions for different occasions: 


At Work:

Working is the occasion in which we find the most opportunity. Since we are focused on New and Infrequent users we should always research and be finding new "at work" places to plan missions around. I like to use Google Maps to find new at work places in different areas and usually search for things like "innovative businesses [city]" or "office buildings [city]" and look on Google Maps to see if there is an actual building that looks legitimate to sample! This one is really tricky sometimes, but you'll get the hang of it! 


Try to find class schedules for universities or trade schools that tell you when classes begin or end, then capitalize around those times on mission! There are a few places to be wary of: anywhere that has a pepsi or coke contract we usually cannot sample around like Belmont University, MTSU Library, Vol State (unless you call ahead of time), and a few occasions on Vanderbilt's campus. Other than that, be stealthy and find those studiers! 

Stay Fit:

In this occasion it's important to remember times are integral to the success of the mission. Look up gyms in the area you are making a mission for and check out their group fitness classes! Make sure to put that info in the notes of the stop on the mission!!  


5ks, ironmans, bmx events, sports leagues, etc.


anything downtown, frat parties, local business events, festivals, etc.

Mission Making Resources:

Mission Making Resources:

For Local mission planning check out these: 

(reminder this is digitally available to you so you can copy and paste!)

Events Calendars in Nashville:


Marathon and 5K schedule for Nashville and TN:



Lipscomb, Vanderbilt, Belmont University, MTSU, TSU, TTU, UTC, UTK

Hair schools, technical schools, community colleges, and all trade schools


Big Venues:

Bridgestone, Ascend Ampitheather, Nissan Stadium, Marathon Music Works, Zanies, Exit/In, Basement, Basement East (BEAST) 

Requesting Off:

If you need to put in any extra unavailability (ie.- you're going out of town or you have a special occasion) you must fill out the request off form and email it to Caroline! These forms are in the office at the warehouse! Mission switching forms are also in the office at the warehouse for normal switching and must be signed by you and the other wing!


Emergency Switching:

If you are sick or have an emergency and can't make it to mission, call Caroline and the person you are working with in order to attempt to get someone to cover for you ASAP. This happens and we totally understand! Would rather you be healthy than be sampling!! 

Mini Accidents: 

If you get hit or hit someone or something in the mini or if the car breaks down or gets a flate tire, again call Caroline immediately. She will follow up with you on how to contact GE Fleet and get the situation taken care of! Again these things happen!! 


Parking and Traffic Tickets:

This is just a reminder to drive safe and use caution when parking. Although we usually get away with things like parking where we need to park, tickets happen, and when they do the cost of them falls on you! Just an FYI! Be safe!! 



If ever something comes up and you don't know what to do, contact your FMS, Caroline, and she will gladly help you out in any way. Your FMS is here to insure the success of you and the team so never be affraid to ask her for help! 


Other Guidelines: 

The mini is our prized possession on the wings team so let's keep it nice!


Mini cleaning will take place at a car cleaning facility, but never an automatic wash as we must remember we are just over 7 feet tall as a car and we don't fit in most enclosed spaces! We will clean the minis once a week at the warehouse in which we will vacuum them out and throw away any trash left in the minis, but once every couple weeks or month we will take the mini to an auto-washing facility and clean it with the tools they give you! Ask if you don't know where to go, but you'll always have a buddy!



You will receive a comdata gas card that you will use to gas up the minis. If the gas light comes on while you're on mission it's your responsibility to fill up the tank. You will swipe your card, it will ask for the odometer reading on the car and the driver ID which is the last 6 numbers of the mini VIN found on the inside of the driver side door frame! The mini take mid-grade fuel, usually 89! 


To maintain our charming and nice appeal, we never honk or use hand motions in the mini. We don't want to have road rage and that come back on the company or our team and we only use the horn if we are about to be hit or someone doesn't see us! 


NO ONE but you or other WTM's can drive the mini! 

DON'T stand on the mini or the can and don't let anyone else do that either!

We NEVER sample through the windows of the mini or out of the coolers


Always vacuum out the water from the cooler after mission to prevent mold!

Master of the Mini