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BOTTLE ONLY 12 DOLCETTO DI ALBA, Cantina del Pino,Alba…$35 Means “Little sweet one” in Italian, though this wine is fruity, not sweet, with medium body, fresh strawberry and cherry scents. 14 VALPOLICELLA “Ca del Laito”...Tommaso Bussola, Veneto…$49 A ripasso-style Valpolicella, Corvina and Rondinella grapes from a single hillside vineyard. This rich wine is comparable to some Amarone with flavors of chocolate, raisin and dark cherry. 15. CHIANTI CLASSICO, Isole e Olena, Tuscany… $55 Everything you want in a Chianti – a bit of dry acidity and earthiness to match perfectly with red sauce – but with enough plum fruit and silky smoothness to enjoy on its own. 16. BARBARESCO, Tintero, Piedmont…$60 Delicious and approachable, it shows bright notes of cinnamon a nd violets in the nose, with cherry fruit and silky tannins. Pairs well with risottos, braised beef, lamb shank. 17. “ENEO”, Suvereto, Tuscany…$85 This Super Tuscan is aged in French oak, this international style Sangiovese offers flavors of sweet balsamic, mineral and full ripe fruit. An outstanding value for a Super Tuscan. 18. BAROLO, “BRICCO DELLE VIOLE”, GD Vajra, Piedmonte...$120 This Barolo (Italy’s “King of wines”) is a robust wine with flavors of roses and spice. Ideal with meat or pasta. 19. BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, La Gerla, Montalcino, Tuscany...$110 Brunellos are powerful, rich wines. Flowers, tobacco, licorice, and pepper precede rich, black cherry, toasted oak and black currant. 20. AMARONE “BG”, Tommaso Bussola, Negrar, Veneto…$120 A rich, Veneto wine from dried, concentrated grapes, with raisin, leather, spice, and a long, smooth finish. RESERVE BAROLO, Bartolo Mascarello, Barolo, Piedmont…$150 Big, ripe, and rich, with intense plum, chocolate and toasted oak. Full-bodied, with rich, velvety tannins and a long, smoky vanilla finish. BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, "Vigna gli Angeli", La Gerla, Montalcino, Tuscany…$130 A single-vineyard Brunello shows all the depth and power typical of the wine, with richness and intense raisin, spice, chocolate and Amarone-like character. Full-bodied and rich Super Tuscan with a long, fruit finish. MAGNACOSTA, Tenuta di Trinoro, Tuscany...$180 Italy grows a lot of good Cabernet Franc and this is one of the best. It has many layers of dense black fruit and is a great alternative to a Bordeaux or Brunello. Super Tuscan. AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA“TB” Tommaso Bussola, Negrar, Veneto …$195 The high-altitude, low-yielding vineyard for this wine produces an in-credibly concentrated wine that manages to be rich and dry, with great complexity of flavors and aromas and a finish that just won't quit. GLASS / BOTTLE 1. MERLOT, Andretti Winery, Napa…$7.50/28 Medium bodied and easy to drink. It has bright fruit aromas of ripe berries, spice, cracked pepper and cherry. 3. PINOT NOIR, Wilhelm Walch “Prendo”, Alto Adige …$8.50/33 A drinkable, medium weight Pinot with aromas of raspberry and sweet cherry and a hint of smoke. 4. BARBERA D' ASTI, Cascina Castle’t, Costiglione d’ Asti, Piemonte…$10.75/42 Cherry jam, toasted oak, and coffee are present in this hybrid of modern and traditional styles from Piedmonte. 5. MONTEPULCIANO D’ ABRUZZO, “Piane di Maggio” Agriverde, Abruzzo…$8/30 A round, plummy, red with good acidity. Montepulciano is a rich, dark grape, but very juicy and smooth, similar to Merlot or Syrah. 6. NERO D’ AVOLA, Tami, Terre Siciliana, Sicily…$9/35 By wine maker Adriana Occhipinti...Nero d’ Avola is full-bodied like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. It is known for its bold fruit-driven avors that range from black cherry to prune. 7. CHIANTI, “Petroio”, Dreolino, Tuscany…$9/35 From the Petroio estato just outside the Chianti Rufina DOC zone. A serious Chianti of Sangiovese and Cabernet, has depth of fruit and color. Plums and red cherry licorice. 8. ROSSO DI MONTALCINO... Mocali, Montalcino, Tuscany…$10.75/42 This pure Tuscan Sangiovese is the younger sibling to the renowned Brunello di Montacino. As a Rosso, it’s got the same rich cherry fruit, intense concentration, at a fraction of the price. 9. NEBBIOLO, Enzo Boglietti, La Morra, Langhe, Piedmonte…$12/48 The grape of northern Italy’s most noble red wines – Barolo and Barbaresco – which normally require more aging and more money. Nebbiolo can be charming, with earthy notes, and cherry. 10. VALPOLICELLA, CLASSICO SUPERIORE "SEMONTE ALTO", Massimino Venturini, San Floriano, Veneto...$11.50/45 A fantastic food wine – rich dark fruit, earthiness, spice, a balanced acidity bring out the best in most food. 11. MALVASIA DI CASORZO, FERRARIS, Casorzo, Piedmonte …$8/35 (chilled) A Northern Italian family of grapes with soft and rich flavors of peaches, apricot, white currants, slightly sweet. Red Wine

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White Wine GLASS / BOTTLE 21. CHARDONNAY, Andretti Winery, Napa…$7/26 This medium-bodied Napa Valley Chardonnay has bright fruit with notes of pear-vanilla spice, with a lingering finish. 22. ORVIETO CLASSICO, “Vigna Tragugnano”, Mottura, Civitella d’ Agliano, Lazio …$8.75/35 organically certified and hand-harvested from a single-vineyard. The bouquet is of fruit, vanilla and floral notes, with flavors of nuts and apples, and nice acidity on the finish. 22. PINOT GRIGIO, “IL Feudi di Romans”Romans d’ Isonzo, 23.Friuli… $8.75/35 A full-bodied Northern Italian Pinot Grigio loaded with melon, apple, and pear, with a crisp finish. Great on its own or with lighter dishes. 25. FALANGHINA,“Svelato”, Terre Stregate, Campania…$8.75/35 The ancient white grape from Campania, is steely dry with aromas of apricot, nectarine and verbena. Apple and pear flavors pair well with salmon and seafood. BOTTLE ONLY 26. SAUVIGNON BLANC, Kolaus, Pierpaolo Pacorari, Fruili...$60 From a single vineyard on a deep bed of gravel in the north-east of Italy. Nose includes musk melon, gooseberries and fennel. 27. CHARDONNAY , Isole e Olena, Tuscany …$80 A golden Chardonnay of extraordinary depth of flavor, laden with oak and fruit. Rich and buttery, with spices and vanilla. Rose Wine GLASS / BOTTLE 28. ROSA BELLA Rosato, G.D. Vajra, Barolo …$8.75/35 A serious, old-fashioned rose of Lagrein/Merlot/Pinot Nero blend, intense, complex, savory, long finish SPARKLING 29. PROSECCO SPUMANTE...Venezia…$7/30 A softer and gentler bubbly, Prosecco is the quintessential apéritif. Ripe pear and golden apple flavors. Perfect with grilled fish or vegetables. 30. MOSCATO D’ ASTI...Vinchio Vaglio Serra, Piemon-te...$8/25 A softly sweet and smooth, bubbly Spumante-style wine. Pale straw yellow in color, with enticing aromas of honey suckle and peaches. Spritz—Campari or Aperol with prosecco Contessa—Aperol, gin, dry vermouth, lemon garnish Boulevardier—bourbon, Campari. sweet vermouth. Orange garnish Black Manhattan—bourbon, Averna, dash bitters Vertigo—Averna, dash of lemon juice, ginger beer Padrino—Scotch, Amaretto & Aperol Madrina—Vodka, Amaretto, Aperol Negroni Grande Lemoncello Lemon Drop Crimson Cosmo Sicilian Blood Orange Martini Mango Margarita Triple Chocolate Martini Italian Ducati Sidecar Minty Italian Mojito

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VODKA GIN TEQUILA RUM GRAPPA BOURBON WHISKY RYE WHISKY SINGLE MALT SCOTCH HIGHLAND SPEYSIDE ISLAY SCOTCH BLENDS BRANDY COGNAC AMARI Fernet-Branca Amaro bitter amaro infused with myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe, and especially saffron. Nardini Amaro Bassano a bitter-sweet Italian classic flavoured with bitter orange, peppermint and gentian Cynar Amaro bittersweet liqueur based on artichoke and herbs Averna Amaro the most accessible amari, due to its slightly sweeter flavor Amaretto Di Saronno a sweet, almond-flavoured, liqueur from Saronno, Italy Cointreau Noir a blend of orange liqueur & Remy Martin cognac Grappa a uniquely Italian drink made from grape-based pomace brandy since the Middle Ages Frangelico hazelnut liquer from the Langhe in Piedmont Limoncello lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy, especially on the coast of Amalf Romano Sambuca thick, rich and viscous, similairly flavored to anisette, though less sweet and higher in alcohol. Tuaca a lightly sweet, italian liqueur based on cask-aged brandy, with rich vanilla and citrus flavor Vin Santo, Isole e Olena “holy wine,” is a smooth amber-colored, dessert wine Asti Moscato sparkling dessert wine from the Asti region of Piedmont PORT, DESSERT WINES, CHINATO Ferreira 20-yr. Tawny Port Dona Antonia...10-yr. tawny Quinta do Crasto Late Bottled Vintage Port Ferreira Ruby Reserve Port Vin Santo (holy wine) Barolo Chinato, Piemont BEERS Peroni, Euro lager, Italy…6 More Rossa, Doppelbock, Italy…6 Clausthauler NA Lager, Germany …5 Miller Light Pilsner, USA…5 Summit Dakota Soul, Pilsner, MN...6 Summit EPA, MN…6 Bent Paddle, seasonal IPA…6 Libridge Farmgirl Saison Ale, MN…6 Burning Bros. Gluten-free IPA, MN…6 Surly Furious IPA MN…7