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Animal Abilities


By Zarni Win

Dedicated to my teachers and other helpful people.

Dear Deer: Why do you have antlers?


The deer has a big antlers.  To the deer this antler is important.  It helps the deer find it’s mate.

A lot of other animals have strange features.  But all of these features have a reason.  These creatures need those features to survive.

In Animal Abilities we ask the creature why it has it's crazy feature.

What would you like to say deer?

I use my antler to get mate.  I fight other male deer by locking our antlers to see who is stronger.  Whoever wins gets the mate.  The stronger I am the more mates I get.

Dear Smalltooth Sawfish: Why do you have a long saw?



Well, I use this long saw for many reasons.  One way I use my saw is to dig on the ocean floor for food.  Under the sand I find food to eat. Another way I use my freakishly long saw is that I slash prey. This will weaken my prey so it is easier to catch.  Mainly my saw is helpful for catching prey.


I live in the Atlantic Ocean and the only sawfish in Florida.  I am a very big animal.  I grow up to 25 ft in length and weigh 1000 pounds.  I am thought to be a ray and a shark.  The teeth on my saw are not real so don’t be scared.



I have adapted to have a very long tongue, usually 18-21 inches long, for a very good reason.  I eat acacia leaves but with the leaves come a danger, thorns.  My tongue is very useful in this case because it picks out the leaves from the thorns.  Some of the good leaves are at the top where other giraffes can’t reach but my tongue might help me reach them.  My tongue is also purple to keep it from getting sunburned.


I live in open grasslands and live up to 20 years.  To trick predators I sleep while standing up.  To reach acacia leaves I have to be very long.  I am born 6 ft tall (around as tall as a adult human), and grow up to 20 ft.  Being very tall is also a very useful skill that I use to reach high trees.



Dear Giraffe: Why do you have such a long tongue?



Dear Frill Necked Lizard: Why do you have a frilled neck?


My frilled neck is mostly used for survival. This large frill will scare away many animals and even some other frill neck-kind.  When I get scared my frill pops out making me look bigger. This scares away my predators.  I also hiss at the predator to scare even more.  Lastly,  I use my frill to attract mate.


I am a small lizard that lives in Australia.  I eat bugs and grow to 85 centimeters.  Some of my cousins are kept as pets to humans.  My color depends on my location.




Dear Leafy Sea Dragon: Why are you covered in leaves?



I use my leaves to camouflage as seaweed.  This works so well that even when I am swimming, predators don’t notice me because I look like floating seaweed.  To look like my habitat I also change color.  My crazy skin also helps me catch my prey, because I am carnivorous.


I am found near  Australia. I live near coral and seaweed so I can blend in.  this camouflage also helps me eat prey because they won’t see me.  I am born around 20 millimeters and grow to 20-24 centimeters.








In case you want to know, my ear is around 6 feet long and four feet wide.  I live in arid places but unlike you, I don’t sweat.  This means I need another way to lose heat. Warm blood inside my body goes to my ears and cools down.  The heat is then released from the ears.


I have many other features that help me survive.  I have a tusk that helps me get water.  I need 210 liter of water each day. I  can also swim.  I also have a trunk that is made of 100000 muscles but no bones.



Dear Elephant: Why do you have large ears?



Dear Penguin: Why do you have a black back and a white belly?

What I have is called countershading.  I share this feature with many other creatures.  While I am swimming, my predators above me won’t see me because my black back blends into the ocean.  Likewise, my white belly looks like the clear sky.


Mostly my species lives in Antarctica.  Some however can be found North of the equator. My body is shaped like a torpedo for swimming and I have a hook at the end of my beak that helps me catch prey most of my body is designed to swim in water because I spend 75% of my time underwater.




Unlike you may believe, I do not suck up nectar with my beak.  My beak protects my long tongue that goes deep in the flower.  I need to go deep into the flower so my beak is very long.  My beak lets my tongue be safe while roaming in the flower.   

I am a very crazy bird.  My wings flap 200 times per second.  These wings move in circular motions.  These wings are important to me because I can only fly, I can’t walk. I can fly in any direction and even upside down because of my flying skills.


Dear Hummingbird: Why do you have such a long beak?




The light on my  head is a way to reel in fish.To light up I use the help of my bioluminescent bacteria.As I swim in the deep depths of the ocean where there is no light other fish will notice a light.This will make them move toward my killer jaws. If they are hesitant, I would wave my light around to really get them interested.

I am called a common black devil because I am common among the deep depths.  I live 3000 ft under the surface of the water.  I am a very scary fish that is very small.  My jaw helps me eat prey twice my size.



Dear Anglerfish: Why do you have a light on your head?



I use my fancy stripes to blend into my wonderful friend the sea anemone.  Sea anemone is poisonous to most other animals so my colors tell predators to stay away.  We have a symbiotic relationship which means we both help and depend on each other.


I am very territorial and eat meat and plants.  I can be many different colors.  There are 28 clownfish species that live mostly in the Pacific ocean.  In the wild I live up to 10 years thanks to my adaptation.

Dear Clownfish: why do you have stripes? 



And Finally: Dear Hammerhead Shark; Why do you have a hammer shaped head?



My odd shaped head help me be a skilled shark.  This odd head helps me find a nice dinner.  My head contains organs that detect electricity.  Prey give off electricity and I detect it.  This crazy head also helps me with curving and turning a lot faster.  A hammer head makes me a more skilled shark.


I am a very large and agile shark.  I measure 13 ft and weigh about 500-1000 lb.  My head helps me reach up to 25 mph.  I also live up to 20 to 30 years.  My head plays a role in living very long because it help me hunt which is crucial in my life.






























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