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Seth MacFarlane

By Lex Wright

Born in Connecticut in 1973, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane began working in animation in the mid-1990s. He debuted his first animated show Family Guy in 1999. It was canceled in 2002, but brought back in 2005 because of popular demand. Since then, MacFarlane developed other animated series American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. In 2012, he released his first live-action feature film Ted, and was picked to host the 2013 Oscars.  A Star Trek-watching, show tune-singing, entertainment-obsessed fanboy, MacFarlane began drawing cartoons at 2 years old and was publishing his own comic strip in his hometown newspaper by the age of 8. Sure of what he wanted to do for a living, the New England-born animator landed a job with Hanna-Barbera straight out of art school, drawing storyboards and writing scripts for such series as Dexter's Laboratory and Johnny Bravo. Fox soon approached him about creating his own show, and in 1999 the cult favorite Family Guy was born. With offbeat characters (many of whom were voiced by MacFarlane, who won a 2000 Emmy for his voice work), wall-to-wall pop-culture references and outrageous, politically incorrect humor that sparked all kinds of complaints, the cartoon sitcom had a rocky road and was canceled in 2002. But its surprisingly robust DVD sales prompted the network to give it another go in 2005, and MacFarlane continued his domination of Fox's Sunday-night animation block with American Dad that same year and The Cleveland Show in 2009. Off screen, MacFarlane is a talented pianist.  MacFarlane tradanked fart jokes for astronomy with this year's "Cosmos" on Fox. The revival of the famous Carl Sagan show attracted more than 3 million viewers each week. Those aren't huge numbers for a network show but they're certainly respectable for a show that tried to make the vast mysteries of the universe accessible to non scientists. MacFarlane's gross-out cavalcade continued with "A Million Ways To Die In The West." The western failed to live up to MacFarlane's major hit movie, "Ted" but a sequel to the teddy bear comedy is in the works.

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