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This booklet is all about William Hanna and his legacy of animation.

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By: Jade Marcum

William Hanna




This is a book all about one legendary man. William Hanna. He created some of the best animations in cartoon history. Even though not everyone believed in him and his partner in the beginning they never gave up, And for that we now have some of the best, funny, legendary cartoons in cartoon history.



    William Hanna first started as an engineer, but through the great depression he found hard time getting work. Then he started his animating carreer by joining Pacific Art And Title. He then moved in 1930 to Harman-Ising studios. Which created the Loony Tunes and the Merrie Melodies cartoons. Then he did his most significant work when in 1937 he started colaborating with Joseph Barbera at MGM Studios. They made cartoon shorts like Barney Bear,  that would be shown before movies in the theatre.

Biography (Continued)


    Hanna and Barbera created the legendary Tom and Jerry. They first apperaed in 1940 in Puss Gets The Boot. Audiences loved it and the short cartoon recived an Academy Award nomination. They made many more Tom and Jerry animations, and recieved many more nominations and wins. The animated characters also got starred on the big screen in movies like Anchors Aweigh and Dangerous When Wet. Later MGM Studios closed their animation unit because more people seemed to be interested in televison more than animation. Hanna figured out how to simplify the animation process to make it easier to do. Hanna and his partner Barbera had their first televison show The Ruff and Reddy Show, it came out in 1957. They later found better sucess with shows like The Huckleberry Hound Show and Yogi Bear. In 1960 they created the first prime time animated televsion series, the show we all loved to watch, The Flinstones.

Biography (Continued)


    The Flinstones was a big success reaching the top 20 in its first season! It showed that adults could enjoy animation as much as chilidren. It helped open the door for future shows like The Simpsons. The Flintones is still very popular today and has earned a lot of television speacials and feature films. The Flinstones was set in the past and their next big hit was set in the future! It was The Jetsons. They also made shows like  The Adventures Of Johnny Quest and The Space Ghost. In the 1960s they made another great hit! It was Scooby Doo, Where Are You? And they created Charlotte's Web in 1973. Some of their later projects were Josie And The Pussycats, In Outer Space and The Smurfs. Hanna recived many Accolades and was nominated and won many Emmys. One was for Outstanding Acheivment In Chilidrens Programming in 1973 for The Last Of The Curlews: The ABC Afterschool Special.



   William Hanna sadly died March 22, 2001. He was a great animator and without him we wouldn't have some of the legendary shows we have today. He never gave up and made great animations. He will be missed.