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Product Guide 2023

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A wealth of practical pleasureable uses At Wild Nurturer our approach to aromatherapy for health is probably different than what you re used to in the best way possible Many aromatherapy brands out there today tout sustainable sourcing ethical labor practices and organic or pesticide free essential oils and those are integral parts of our business too But what sets Wild Nurturer apart is our commitment to the care and quality of these oils until they get to you THERAPEUTIC POTENCY We maintain strict handling standards to maximize the oils efficacy and reduce oxidation HAND CRAFTED TO ORDER We only product our blends in small batches to ensure freshness often times blending and shipping orders without hours of receiving them PERSONALIZED SERVICE We are committed to addressing your specific needs and blending to a dilution that is most appropriate for your age and health needs

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Meet Jennifer Your Wild Nurturer Aromatherapist Did you know that there is a Master s Degree in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Research Most people don t my past self included But as a holistic health practitioner and certified yoga therapist once I started my journey into the therapeutic power of essential oils I was compelled to learn more This led me on the path to attending an accredited college that specialized in Essential Oil Research and Aromatherapy Science From formulations to emulsions chemistry to pharmokinetics I learned how much technical knowledge is truly needed to use aromatherapy effectively for healing and why so many products on the market today aren t living up to their hype I became committed to creating products that would demonstrate what aromatherapy when used correctly could do for people

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I can t say enough good things about Jennifer and Wild Nurturer Yoga Aromatherapy I have purchased many aromatherapy items worked with her on designing a custom line of products for my small business and recently participated in a full day retreat She is so well educated and professional in both yoga and aromatherapy Truly every experience is a wonderful one Kira Truxall

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Using Essential Oils Safely With essential oils a little goes a long way most of our customers don t know they are using too much Try using 4 6 drops in any diffuser with fresh distilled water Clean your diffuser regularly with a little sprayed rubbing alcohol or vinegar Learn more about how to use essential oils safely in my online course at wildnurturer com 01

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AromaSpirit Collection AROMATHERAPY TO INSPIRE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION MOOD This collection is inspired by the use of essential oils expertly blended to promote a sense of relaxation and grounding and even inspire a connection to spirit Use in your diffuser mist in your sacred spaces bedding or as a refreshing after shower spray or roll onto your wrists chest or hands to breath deep Each blend collection includes MISTER 20 oz 27 each ROLLERBALL 9 ml 24 each DIFFUSER BLEND 10 ml price varies by blend Keep your TIP blends fresh Blends can last 1 2 years with proper storage Keep your blends a cool dark place like your fridge 02

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Bloom CITRUS FRUITY EXOTIC FLORALS Like inhaling the peak of spring and summer with Jasmine Yuzu Sweet Orange Lavender to balance your mind soothe frazzled nerves Divination HERBACEOUS FRESH WOODSY Meditate dream visualize and look beyond the everyday mundane with our best selling meditation blend of bay lavender myrhh H O P E SOFT FLORAL SOOTHING CITRUS Healing Optimism Positivity Envision Created to pull you out of your dark corners in your mind with the healing powers of lavender jasmine sweet orange cardamom Moving Forward REFRESHING HERBACEOUS MINTY Take your time breath and pause with our best selling inspirational blend using fennel lavender ginger spearmint to ground provide clarity Tropical Rain EXOTIC CITRUS SPICE ZESTY Liven up your work home space with this juicy and fun blend to awaken your spirits when you need an exotic break to the islands with ginger lime cardamom Wild Nurturer sisgcnenatture CITRUS GREEN FLORAL SPICY WOOD Like walking into a lush garden covered in morning dew to refresh your senses and reset your mind with this universal blend of tangerine rosemary thyme and lavender

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Therapeutic Collection PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS WITH SIMPLE SAFE CURATIVE EFFECTS FOR THE MIND BODY This collection is inspired by the use of essential oils can making a positive impact on your health and well being when used safely Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts to promote health and well being by inhaling their scent molecules Each blend collection includes MISTER 20 oz 27 each ROLLERBALL 9 ml 24 each DIFFUSER BLEND 10 ml 25 57 each You might not be able TIP to smell your blend once your olfactory senses your sense of smell gets saturated Try inhaling a clean patch of your own skin like your inner arm for 3 inhales to help reset this 04

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Appetite Relief CITRUS CLEAN JUICEY Take an aroma snack break and reach for relief to cravings Created to curb your cravings with grapefruit mandarin black pepper mint Focus CLARIFYING SUPPORTIVE FRESH Created for enhancing your work or studying environment with oils supportive of building concentration memory enhancement Dreamcatcher RELAXING SEDATIVE SOOTHING Our signature sleep blend is best used at the end of your day to create your bedtime ritual for a good night s sleep using proven aromas that induce the mood for sleep with lavender neroli lemongrass marjoram Find My Center best seller ROUNDING CALM HARMONIZE This best selling blend was created for those needing a quick release of grounding and calm When you feel like life is moving too quick catch your breath and inhale to ground center with tangerine neroli geranium patchouli Just Chillin RELAX PEACEFUL SWEET CITRUS Give yourself permission to create a calming space wherever you go that is not going to put you to sleep a great workspace blend with tangerine patchouli ylang ylang and chamomile Pick Me Up BALANCING UPLIFTING POSITIVITY Got the Blues This blend uses proven aromas that induce a feeling of well being and positivity in emotions and the mind with grapefruit clary sage geranium and cypress

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Single Note Organic Essential Oil Collection SUSTAINABLE FOCUSED PURE OILS We offer a range of 10 ml organic single note oils that offer therapeutic benefits These are 100 Organic Essential Oils purchased from trusted sustainable sources distributers and growers Explore our single note pours CINNAMON 36 EUCALYPTUS 12 GRAPEFRUIT 12 TRUE LAVENDER 36 LEMON 12 LEMONGRASS 17 TEA TREE 12 MARJORAM 12 PATCHOULI 21 PEPPERMINT 38 SWEET ORANGE 12 ROSEMARY 12 BULGARIAN LAVENDAR 12 10ml sizes hold around 200 drops TIP Keep or Toss Most essential oils that are kept in your fridge tightly capped without too much space in the bottle will last 1 2 years citrus oils 6 months a year before you should toss or use as an addition to household cleaners 07

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You only need 3 4 drops to massage into the face and TIP don t forget the neck Facial Serums Our facial products are formulated to reduce signs of aging smooth surface skin reduce fine lines wrinkles protect skin from the elements and refresh areas of dryness moisturize FACIAL SERUMS 1 oz 47 each HYDROSOL 2 oz 24 each FACIAL CARE KIT 1 oz serum 2 oz hydrosol 67 Our 1oz bottle holds a 30 60 day supply and can be used under makeup in the AM or PM

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Ageless Love LOVE ANTI AGING NOURISHING REPAIR PROTECTION PH BALANCING Green Floral Soft Resin Slightly Fruity VITAMINS Vitamin A B1 B2 C E K Polyphenols Squalene Antioxidants UV Protection Omega 3 6 SKIN TYPES Oily Slightly Dry Aging Needing Repair Hyperpigmentation OILS Pomegranate Plum Camellia Argan Face Love SOOTHE LIGHT LUXURIOUS FEEL PH BALANCING ANTI INFLAMMATORY Rose Slightly Fruity Soft Woods VITAMINS Vitamin A B C E Punicic Acid Omega 5 GLA SKIN TYPES Oily Aging Sensitive OILS Pomegranate Camellia Evening Primrose Forever Young FIRMING REGENERATING ANTIINFLAMMATORY REPAIR PROTECT SUPPORT MOISTURIZING Lavender Soft Resin Slightly fruity VITAMINS GLA Vitamin A C E Carotenoids Essential Fatty Acids SKIN TYPES Slightly Oily Dry Aging Sensitive Sun Damaged OILS Borage Blueberry Cranberry Pomegranate

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Hydrosol Skin Toners Produced by distilling fresh leaves fruits flowers and other plant materials these waters are gentle enough to be used regularly on the skin or a refreshing mist to uplift the air ROSE 21 DOUGLAS FIR 21 NEROLI 27 WITCH HAZEL 21 WHITE SAGE 21 CALENDULA 29 CUCUMBER 21 PEPPERMINT 21 FRANKINCENSE 27 GINGER 27 ROSE GERANIUM 21

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Skincare Collection Formulated to ph balance the skin with 100 organic and sustainability harvested butters oils proven to protect hydrate and nourish the skin Ingredients good enough to eat OUR BODY BUTTERS ARE FORMULATED WITH ORGANIC Shea Butter Mango Butter Apricot Kernal Oil Pumpkin Seed Oil Pomegrante Oil Coconut Oil OUR BODY LOTIONS ARE CREATED WITH Apricot Kernal Oil Pumpkin Seed Oil Organic Hydrosols Mango Butter and 100 Organic Essential Oils 11

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Butters have a longer shelf T I P life than lotions since they have no water If your butter softens too much stick it in the fridge in warmer months These are safe for children and great on pregnant bellies Just Chillin PROTECT NOURISH REVITALIZE Shea Mango Sweet Citrus Ylang Ylang Chamomile 27 Kira Butter UPLIFT REPAIR GLOW REFRESH Mango Shea Rosemary Mint 25 Persephone REGENERATE CONDITION SMOOTH Pomegranate Pumpkin Bergamont Lavender 32 Bloom NOURISH SOFTEN PROTECTIVE Raspberry Peach Blackberry Jasmine Yuzu 27 12

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Waning Moon REPAIRING LIGHT STRENGTH Watermelon Papaya Grapefruit Cypress 25 Full Moon RICH SOFT PREVENTATIVE Strawberry Calendula Mandarin Rose 30 Seasonal Recommendations FALL WINTER Joyful Persephone help with cool season dryness ALL YEAR Kira Just Chillin SPRING SUMMER Full Moon Waning Moon Bloom summer scents and total after sun hydration Joyful SOOTHE REPAIR NOURISH Cranberry Shea Tangerine Fir Needle 35 01

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Bath Collection This collection was hallmarked on its clean and simple ingredients Formulated with just 4 organic ingredients so if you are anything like I am when it comes time to relax I dont want to have to think so I wanted a product that was simple aromas with simple base ingredients so the bath oils are just that 100 organic olive sunflower oils to nourish and hydrate the skin plus a blend of 2 choice essential oils to set the mood of your choice 14

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Simply Bath Salts EXFOLIATE MASSAGE REFRESH Created with Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Epsom Salts Essential Oils for a relaxing dip in the tub or blend with your own carrier oil to make a scrub Simply Bath Oils MASSAGE BATHE MOISTURIZE this collection of bath oils came out of the inspiration for quick simple effective moments you can catch in the tub Dress it up with some candles and tunes or just dump and relax Created with only 4 organic ingredients Available Scents CHILL Sweet Orange Patchouli HAPPY Basil Lemongrass RELAX Lavender Cedarwood LIFT Mint Rosemary BATH SALTS 8 oz bottle 25 each BATH OILS 8 oz bottle 32 each 15

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Home Aroma Pharmacy First Aid Just because it is natural does not mean it is always safe For our family safe items we are making sure you can use your products from small children to the elderly family members to keep you stress free during times you just don t feel that good 16

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Head Aid TENSION RELIEF RUB Peppermint Spearmint Cypress Designed for those who suffer from chronic or irregular head tension and aches This product comes in a mint or citrus formula 9 ML ROLLERBALL 24 10 ML DROPPER 42 Stop Buggin Me INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY Palmarosa Cedarwood Geranium Essential oil based outdoor topical spray for clothing and skin for older children and adults 9 ML ROLLERBALL 24 2 OZ MISTER 27 8 OZ MISTER 39 Never ingest avoid eyes keep out of reach of children pets and watch for use of some products in pregnancy Immune Support Collection Aromatics don t have to smell unpleasant to be effective All four blends demonstrate air purification upper respiratory support properties These blends are ideal for home diffusion or if you have a private office space IMMUNE SUPPORT 1 Eucalyptus Lemon Cinnamon Manuka IMMUNE SUPPORT 2 Lavender Thyme Niaouli Lemon Rosemary IMMUNE SUPPORT 3 Tea Tree Lemon Eucalyptus IMMUNE SUPPORT 4 Tea Tree Lemon Pine Eucalyptus Cinnamon prices vary depending on blend

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Salve Collection Create a household pharmacy with our signature ointments to aid with common ailments All salves are created with 100 organic beeswax apricot kernel oils sunflower oil olive oil organic essential oils BREATH RUB Upper Respiratory support for the whole family MAMA GAIA First Aid Heal All Skin Salve best seller MUSCLE RUB Support tired achy muscles JOINT RUB Relief for joint discomfort 2oz tin 25 each Kid s Magic Mists Allow your kids to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy These mists are safely diluted for children 2 15 years FOCUS BLEND A light citrus and minty blend that kids will love The essential oils in this blend are known for stress relief concentration and uplifting the spirits SLEEP BLEND A calming herbaceous citrus blend to help kids get some magic into their bedtime routine 2oz spray 27 each Save 20 and bundle your salves into a gift set 19

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Moon Medicine Collection This collection was formulated to work with the energy you need or the energy of your current moon phase to attract what you need in your life Use for meditation ritual or self care practice or to just enhance the mood Each scent comes in a rollerball room spray Full Moon Rose Jasmine Mandarin Neroli Mystery Birth Manifestation New Moon Cardamon Grapefruit Rosemary Meditation Quietude New Beginnings Waning Moon Grapefruit Cypress Black Pepper Clary Sage Release Introspection Waxing Moon Geranium Lemongrass Ginger Coriander Fertility Growth Create 21

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Let s get connected Have questions or a larger order Email us at hello wildnurturer com We offer Wholesale Custom Products Special events Facility aromatherapy Flexible shipping options anywhere in the US Free arranged local pick up at our home office in Mentor OH Join our Inner Circle Get in on the Inner Circle when you spend 100 or more in our shop get our special 13 code to use ANYTIME as much as you want thewildnurturer The Wild Nurturer

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