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Brazil / France 2017

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Whats the project about?

The personal project "Wings to the Imagination" is under development. It's about the life of Alberto Santos Dumont and the places and the countries where he lived and left his ideas. Revising photos from the past and historical data, the objective is to compare these places before and now in the present days, trying to recreate his steps from the child imagination until the sky's conquest, when he changed forever the humanity history.

This is just a small preview about how should be the final work: a travel through the history! Since the Cabangu farm, where he was born in 1873, passing through the coffee farm in Valença city and the Dumont Farm, where today it was changed into a city with the same name in São Paulo region, untill he reaches Paris and the aviation's world, showing, in his last years, how he was involved in important projects trying to protect the world from the wrong use of ideas for the destruction.